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adoptable storage

  1. A

    Thread How to split Partition External SD card for adoptable & Portable without rooting?

    My mobile device have It have option to formatting external card as internal but when I install user apps and move not all apps move to the internal formatted external as card some installs still on internal card. And occupies internal memory. I tried to partition Micro SD card from PC mini...
  2. F

    Thread Rooted A320FL, how to achieve permanently mounted adoptable storage?

    Hello! This is my first post in this forum, please be indulgent if I don't understand some stuff or abbreviations immediately. :) I recently bought a Galaxy A3 2017 (SM-A320FL) to replace my old one with shattered screen and back cover. I tried the new Poco X3 for two weeks, but I wasn't...
  3. A

    Thread Hiding Magisk from apps and Adoptable Storage

    The basic details: The app in question is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.cygames.princessconnectredive And on my phone (Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite), I have adoptable storage enabled. This app uses the "CrackProof" detection that crashes the app with certain error codes. (Root...
  4. N

    Thread Adoptable Storage

    Is there a way to enable adoptable storage on these without having to install Lineage etc? I did it on my Tab S2 but i know this is a different kettle of fish... thanks in advance
  5. A

    Thread How to adopt SD Card as internal storage on Galaxy j6?

    I'd even install a custom mod if that's what it takes. My 256 gigabyte SD card is barely doing anything and there's only so much space Link2SD can save.
  6. N

    Thread Adoptable Storage

    Hi guys... If i buy the 128gb model have Samsung finally allowed the use of an SD card as adoptable storage yet? If not is their a hack to enable this for this phone? thanks in advance
  7. F

    Thread SD Card & Adoptable Storage on G7 Power: Setup info + Questions

    I have the US version G7 power with 3/32 GB memory. I knew I would fill that 32 GB up right away, and did. But no problem--just put a card in the SD card slot, move things over, and all is well. In working through that, I realized there are quite a lot of options and documentation on them is...
  8. A

    Thread Yet another problem... Mi A2 Lite randomly throwing "Missing SD Card" error

    I thought that this phone was great... I also thought that being Android One meant that many bugs won't be there and we would have a robust OS... It's all the opposite, Android Pie here, and it's full of errors and bugs. First battery life decreased from Oreo, then fingerprint doesn't...
  9. H

    Thread Expanding adoptable storage (bigger sdcard) or replacing sdcard without losing data

    Ok so this took me a long time to figure out, and I didn't find this exact procedure anywhere so I thought to post it here for safekeeping. May it be useful to others. Say thanks if you think so. The problem: You use adoptable storage in MM or up, but you're running out of space, OR you don't...
  10. MeatyCoins

    Thread Adoptable Storage Setup

    Hey All, Im trying to make my 128gb SD card part of the adoptable storage. After following the guide it shows my SD card as double the size with half of it being storage, and I am unable to complete the last step to migrate data as settings crashes. Has anyone successfully setup adoptable...
  11. L

    Thread Possible to enable Adoptable Storage

    I've read through Android Central that there's a way to enable adoptable storage over USB Debugging without rooting the devices using sm set-force-adoptable true but when I ran the command I recieved . Does anyone know if there's a way to enable adoptable storage on it without root or understand...
  12. K

    Thread Workarounds for low internal memory

    I bought the XZ1C from USA to India as it is not available at all in Indian markets (and never will be - because no compact devices were launched in India). I love this device except for one thing. Low internal memory - and I bet others might also be annoyed by this. There's two workarounds that...
  13. E-Chan42

    Thread Best way to expand internal storage

    I've been ROM hopping for the last 2 months, my best experience was when using N preview wich included one of my most needed feature, adoptable storage. I've had mixed experiences with adoptable storage, most custom ROMs that feature this as a feature offer bad slowdowns and apps not responding...
  14. jdrch

    Thread Adoptable storage device & ROM support list

    RULES (READ FIRST): 1) Do not reply with an opinion against the feature, as this thread is not about debating the merits of adoptable storage. Those who like and use the feature don't care that you might think negatively or indifferently about it. 2) Devices and ROMs must support the feature...
  15. F

    Thread ok to upgrade to Nougat if SD card is internal / external adb hack adoptable storage?

    I have a 16GB T580 I purchased at BJs. I bought a 128 GB mSD card and used the adb hack to set it up split 40/60 internal/external memory. Doing this brought the device from unusable to awesome. I can now install pretty much everything I need, and can still upload download music and pics as...
  16. M

    Thread [SHARE][PATCH]**Adoptable storage enabler** MARSHMALLOW

    Hello, lately I've been looking for ways to enable the Adoptable storage on my S5 Mini, I tried the S7 hack but it did not work .... Today I found in an Galaxy Tab S forum this patch created by ashyx and worked perfectly, so I decided to share the great patch made by the same:o I advise making...
  17. S

    Thread [MODULE][UNIVERSAL] Adobtable Storage Enabler v1.0 - Systemless Adoptable Storage!

    Background: - Magisk allows us to get systemless root access, also to add modules to our setup to enhance the Android experience overall. - Samsung and many other smartphone vendors disabled adoptable storage in their ROMs. To work around this the inbuilt sm command was used to manually adopt...
  18. VR25

    Thread [Magisk][/system][2019.1.23] fbind

    # fbind ## Copyright (C) 2017-2019, VR25 @ xda-developers ### License: GPL V3+ #### README.md --- #### DISCLAIMER This software is provided as is, in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. Always read/reread this reference prior to installing/upgrading. While no...
  19. danibus

    Thread How to extend storage using SD card space

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKE NOTE I don't have this phone anymore, I can't help you as you deserve, I'm sorry...
  20. Vispen74

    Thread Enable adoptable storage, non-root.

    Enable USB Debugging under developer settings. In ADB, execute: $ adb shell user:/ $ sm list-disks disk:179,x user:/ $ sm partition disk:179,x private user:/ $ Go to settings > storage and migrate data to SD-card.
  21. S

    Thread Micro SD card for adoptable storage: advice needed

    Hi, internal storage on my Moto G4 (16gb) is full, so I need to buy a micro sd card. What model is best suitable for my smartphone? I've read some great reviews about Samsung Evo Plus 64gb but it is not available on Amazon in my country right now. In my phone at the moment I have a Samsung Evo...
  22. L

    Thread External, Adopted HDD's *enclosure* died, replaced enclosure, can't access drive

    Summary is this, I have the 2017 model (changed from the 2015 which had gotten the green flash of death), I had to rebuild all the data I had available from the SD card on my 2015. I had backed up the encryption key and was able to save all my app settings. Both that one and this one were/are...
  23. B

    Thread Do any roms support adoptable storage?

    I have a Tab 4 T530 with 16GB internal storage. Do any of the roms available support adoptable storage? I saw that BlissPop is based off Marshmallow. Or could try a version of CyanogenMod?
  24. A

    Thread Partition Mirco SD and Enable Unified/Adoptable storage

    Hi All, I have a 64GB class 10 Micro SD card in my s5 running 6.0.1. Is it possible for me to partition the Micro SD card and then enable Unified/Adoptable storage on one partition? Thanks
  25. _LLJY

    Thread [TUTORIAL][6.0+] Enable Adoptable Storage on ANY MM Device!! [Simple][NO ADB]

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR DEVICE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND DO NOT SHOUT AT ME FOR DAMAGING YOUR DEVICE thanks to androplus for figuring this out in the first place Prerequisites 1. APKtool 2.1.1 https://ibotpeaches.github.io/Apktool/ 1.1. Java 2. Framework files 3...
  26. T

    Thread [Completed] Cannot install (Error 492) or open apps on SD card

    I am using a LG Stylo 2 running android 6.0.1, out of the box it did not support adoptable storage so I enabled it through ADB. But recently I cannot open some apps that are on the SD Card and when i try to install apps i get an error 492. When I eject my SD Card I can install apps. When SD Card...
  27. J

    Thread Problems clearing Dalvik when using adoptable-storage

    I'm running Marshmallow and have a 64GB internal microSD card mounted as "adopted storage". When I tell TWRP (3.0.2-0) to clear the Dalvik cache, only a few apps (about 9) get regenerated ("optimized") on the next reboot. The remaining 100+ apps are not optimized on the next reboot. I've tried...
  28. J

    Thread Problems clearing Dalvik when using adoptable-storage

    I'm running Marshmallow and have a 64GB internal microSD card mounted as "adopted storage". When I tell TWRP (3.0.2-0) to clear the Dalvik cache, only a few apps (about 9) get regenerated ("optimized") on the next reboot. The remaining 100+ apps are not optimized on the next reboot. I've...
  29. G

    Thread adoptable storage on LG G4

    Hi, I am running on low storage. I play a lot games so I wish to use android 6.0 feature(adoptable storage). I wish to enquire few things regarding that 1) Doesn't it harm my device(I have rooted LG G4 Indian variant thrice and got it repairing by LG after successfully rooting it and using it...
  30. A

    Thread Keep adopted storage data after moving to another ROM

    Hello, I have Android 6.0.1 on my Moto G2 with an 128GB sdcard with mixed partition formated. Is there a way to keep the partition readable after moving to another rom(android 6 of course)(with a clean flash)?
  31. T

    Thread Adoptable storage: Is it possible to move apps to porable storage using a root mod?

    I've just updated my Motorola Moto E 2015 to Android 6 and tested the adoptable storage. Sadly it is only possible to move apps to the sd card if the card is formatted as an internal storage device. In this mode the sd card cannot be read from another computer and the twrp recovery cannot use...
  32. G

    Thread Mixed adoptable storage

    Hi, Anyone knows how to mount an sd card on the HTC 10 with one partition formatted as "internal" and the other one as "portable"? I've followed the instructions publicly available for the S7 using the adb commands and "sm partition mixed", but as soon as I run the command the storage shows as...
  33. POQDavid

    Thread How to decrypt and split adopted storage?

    How to partition and to have adopted storage at same time. You don't need to root your device but the device i done this with is rooted You need to enabled Developer Options. Enable the USB Debugging option. Make sure your SD card is formatted as portable, then get the adb executable from...
  34. golokipok

    Thread Change SD card formatted as adoptable storage

    Is it possible to clone/change the SD card formatted as adoptable storage? I recently purchased a 200 gb sd card and planning to migrate the data from my 64 gb sd card. Any ideas how to do it? I tried plugging the 64 gb on my laptop but it was encrypted and it would be impossible to clone it.
  35. D

    Thread The Nexus, the microSD card and the adoptable storage

    Dear all, The debate over the lack or expandable storage in the Nexus line of devices has been long and many times controversial. Some users learned to live with the situation, some jumped ship, but most are still not happy with the explanations that Google gave over time. But Android 6 came...
  36. H

    Thread Revert back from Adoptable Storage?

    I hated using my microSD as is since lot of apps can't write on them, and also camera app will store in two places, especially in Pro mode. So I went ahead and took the plunge doing adb commands and now I have the Adoptable Storage enabled on my S7 Edge, and performed the "Migrate Data" to the...
  37. F

    Thread Adoptable Storage & Micro SD Cards

    I'm going to try one of the AOSP Marshmallow roms and I'm quite eager to try out the Adoptable Storage as I'm sick to death of running out of storage space. The old moving apps to SD is limited. I was wondering what is the fastest Micro SD read/write speeds supported by the S5? I don't want to...
  38. Kyuubi10

    Thread [Quick Solution] Adoptable Storage inaccessible to Recovery

    Hey guys, Kyuubi10 back again! :P I was suffering with an issue lately after flashing MM on my M8. I loved the idea of using the SD Card as internal memory...but (There's always a "but"), I was unable to flash anything I downloaded since Recovery was unable to access the new adopted storage. So...
  39. Agent_fabulous

    Thread [Q] Mounting to Adoptable Storage

    So, I installed CM13 Alpha4 and Enabled Adoptable storage for my card. I downloaded Minion Rush to understand what data it stores on the actual sdcard (sdcard1) vs on the internal storage (sdcard0). The app instead of being on /data is on the external sdcard. All the data the game downloads goes...