1. R

    Thread Adds on top of keyboard (no pop up)

    Hello Recently i have a problem when my keyboard opens on my HTC10. It almost always shows an add. I checked my device for recently installed apps but i didnt install some in over a month. Also it is the default keyboard and i never installed another one before. Pictures added
  2. glumardok

    Thread Fraudulent behaviour from Samsung?

    As from the title visible, I feel cheated by Samsung. I should perhaps state beforehand that the Gear S3 is my first Samsung device (apart from a tablet which my wife uses), so I have not much experience with their practices. I bought the Gear S3 because Samsung in its advertisements made some...
  3. vikraminside

    Thread Why XDA Moderator taking law into hands? What is wrong in this post in G+ community?

  4. wanam

    Thread [APP][2.3+][Xposed][Youtube AdAway]

    This is a simple Xposed module to help you get rid of ads on the official YouTube App, it also supports YouTube TV/Gaming/Kids Requirements: - Xposed Framwork How to Install: - Install Xposed Installer and framework - Install YouTube AdAway App - Open Xposed Installer App and enable the module...
  5. kulisgames

    Thread [OFFER] Your ad in my game for free

    I have released my game to Google Play Store. I am a hobbyist, and this was a great learning experience more than anything else. Among other things, I have included ads in the game. I am using AdMob and I have started House Ad campaign for everyone who is interested to have their game/app...
  6. Bass_Amphetamine

    Thread [Q] Advertisement Notification - Green Smiley Face similar to SMS icon

    Hi, First, I apologize if this is the wrong thread. I am getting a green smiley face advertisement notification on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have no idea what is causing it. I have tried all of the recommended airpush notification detector apps, but none of them detect anything. I get the...
  7. hateem

    Thread Permanent Ad Blocks in computer

    I used a different way to block ads on my laptop using Google Chrome. This works differently from AdBlock. This is a manual way. A bit difficult to grasp hold off though. So basically using Google Chrome's JavaScript console you take off the bits of code that represent the ads and the ads...
  8. C

    Thread About this site and Adblock Plus 2...

    From The Verge, I heard that Adblock Plus 2 would allow what its developers call "non-intrusive" ads to still be enabled. So, liking the idea there could be a way to pressure advertisers to be less annoying, I installed it (I had previous versions totally disabled). It still blocks the ads on...
  9. M

    Thread [Q] Google Warning in Apps? (GoodToKnow?)

    Hey, in some apps i got ads. But not normal ads for a product or service: They are "google ads" by Google. They tell me to be careful with apps and download-files that dont come from good sites When i click on them i land on the google site: Or is this used by...
  10. H

    Thread HTC's False Advertisement and its denying the guilt, refusing to apologize

    As many of you may know, Desire HD has been one of the most sold HTC Android OS based Smartphone in the shortest period since it was launched last year. One of the reasons for that is probably, and mostly because of its humongous 4.3” LCD screen which has been advertised and reviewed as a Super...
  11. H

    Thread [Q] What is "AdService 1.0"?

    On Titanium Backup, I was getting rid of some system apps that I didn't want, and I came upon "AdService 1.0", if I delete this will it get rid of all the advertisements on my phone?
  12. wg5566

    Thread Why this GREAT forum just can not help those GREAT freeware makers a better life?

    Today, when I went to Sakajati's website to check the release of his new WM6.5 ROM, I was totally depressed and completely lost the mood to flash this brand new ROM, after I read this brief intro: It was exactly the same feeling when yesterday I passed by Mirko Schenk's website and read this...