1. sanrobin

    Thread Samsung A70 Camera issues

    So I recently got my hands on my mom's Galaxy A70 which she replaced with another phone (Oppo Reno 8T 5G if anyone wondering). She said that the cameras won't work. 1. Back main camera is blurry as hell, 2. The ultra wide camera won't start - leads to Camera Failed error and 3. Front camera is...
  2. BigLefty

    Thread Question Lots of confusion and my inability to understand why I'm getting shafted!

    Hello all! I've posted on some other forms but never really had much luck. Sorry if this is a bit long. So I've had foreign phones here in the US for over 7 years now. Never had an issue until now. I have a Realme Gt Neo 2 5G which is global and unlocked. So about 8 months ago I purchased this...
  3. Mathimino

    Thread Wireless earbuds for less than 80€

    Hi, do you know any good wireless earbuds for less than 80€? I was planning to buy the nothing ear (stick) because they were at only 59€ but sadly, they raise the price to 80... are they still a good value or is there a better option ?
  4. teodenetto

    Thread Best STABLE ROM advice

    Hello guys, I have a GT-N8000 and I want to know the best stable ROM to install for an everyday use.
  5. M

    Thread Question Is this the right one?

    Hi. Is A52s 5g the right one for me? I have... $526.82 avaiable to buy a new phone. Needs? well... 256gb of storage, good cameras with no drawbacks, good bright screen, nice battery, aceptable to fast charging and having signal everywhere(5g, good quality calling etc. Samsung and apple in the...
  6. Juggaloz6859

    Thread About me

    Hey everyone, my name is Anthony Hrdlicka and I'm from the U.S. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, however I'm currently residing in Hot Springs, Arkansas and I was in the U.S. Army for 2 and a half years learning Field Artillery Communications (my MOS specifically was 13D, Field Artillery...
  7. M

    Thread Question Currently own a Pixel 4a I'm leaning towards an S21 Fe over a Pixel 6 but concerned about smoothness.

    Hi all, Both the Pixel 6 and the S21 FE seem like great devices with pros and cons. I can get both for about the same price. I'm leaning towards the S21 FE mostly because the Pixel has many bugs, and Android 13 seems to have made things worse. People are complaining of battery drain and the...
  8. J

    Thread Why am I unable to flash a custom ROM?

    Hi there, I am using a OnePlus 8 Pro on Oxygen OS 11, Global variant. I have been working on this for at least 10 hours now. I bought the OnePlus 8 Pro orginally running Oxygen OS 12, and when I flashed the recovery (TWRP) for the first time to two slots via this explanation , I bricked the...
  9. G

    Thread Question Should I buy a Pixel 6 or 6a?

    Hey guys, I hope you are having a good day! So I'm planning to buy my first Pixel phone. Super excited. I'm a big sucker for Pixel phones' cameras and their Pixel-exclusive features. So far I've been using a low-tier Samsung phone so I want to take this big step with the correct phone. I'm...
  10. PhotonIce

    Thread Advice please

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my question is simple: Should I buy the Redmi 9 (3/32) USED in late 2022? (Pros/Cons, please describe your experience with it also) If not, recommend me another phone I can buy in the same price which is better, thanks!
  11. Z

    Thread Steering wheels keys not working only on Spotify AA

    Hi all! I've recently got a Seicane HU, specifically this one, with a quad core ARM Cortex-A35. I've used the steering wheel control app to learn all the buttons necessary. They all work work great with stock the radio and the BT music player. The only issue is that the next and previous track...
  12. ManhBauTroi

    Thread What is the best custom rom for Redmi Note 7 that can record calls?

    I am having a problem not knowing which rom is best to install and it needs to be able to record calls. I need advice from everyone, please help me
  13. PhotonIce

    Thread [Q] Liquid adhesive for display replacement recommendations?

    im looking into replacing the display on one of my phones. im going to have to use an amount of liquid adhesive, as precut adhesive isnt available for my phone. im trying not to spend too much on it, apparently t7000 liquid adhesive is good for display replacements, its really cheap in my...
  14. axtxlp

    Thread Advice in stable rom for RN8T

    So, as the title says, I'm searching for a stable roms, free of bugs. I'm using the MIUI 12.5 and I'm pretty annoyed with the infinity of bugs in dark theme, notifications, random stuttering, etc. Please, give me some help choosing a rom.
  15. S

    Thread [SOLVED] Advice: replace battery or buy new phone

    Hey fellas Today I was videoconferencing with my mom through WhatsApp, when suddenly my Moto G4 Play shutdown whilst around like 9% battery. I've been suspicious its battery has been worn for some time now. My needs are super basic: WhatsApp, Google Maps, bank app, buy cinema tickets, read...
  16. U

    Thread Question Is there a way to fix yellow edges?

    My Moto Edge 20 unit came with yellow edges on the display all around apart from the bottom edge. Not a big issue, but noticeable enough to annoy me on content of a solid color. It's yellow much like how older iPhones used to be shipped with yellow edges, the picture is roughly how it looks on...
  17. D

    Thread Need Advice please, i'm a Beginner.

  18. armdev19

    Thread [Android Game, I want some advice} Bubble Boom Game

    Hello colleagues! I have a Bubble Boom game, it's a classic Bubble Shooter game. But the problem is that my game is exactly the same as thousands of other games on Google Play. I would like to get your advice on what new features you recommend for me to add to the game. At the moment, I've...
  19. L

    Thread Switching firmware for SM-G975U (need advice)

    Hi guys, need some advice on S10+. I'm from an Asia country and last year I bought a new S10+ from a online seller which does grey imports for mobile phones, because I want a Snapdragon version over the Exynos, which is what most Asia countries get. The Model number (SM-975U) and Baseband...
  20. A

    Thread Note 9 custom ROM beginner questions

    Hi everyone :) I have a Galaxy Note 9 and I would love to use Android 11 to make use of the new Ethernet tethering feature. I have decided to try to install a custom ROM allowing me to do this but I have never done this before, or even rooted my device. I have been doing lots of research over...
  21. F

    Thread New Update (52.1.A.3.74) (1 month old)

    I made a downgrade from android 10 to 9 and now I am wondering if I should go back to Android 10 as I found out there is an updaate that came out one month ago according to , have any of you tried it yet? what should I do? is the issue with the voice notes on whatsapp finally...
  22. HelloG3_MotoNoMore

    Thread Fold2 Advice Needed, Post-Purchase. Please Help Me Out. [SOLVED]

    Okay, so here's where I'm at: Purchased Black/Silver F916U1 from Samsung with ALL of the extras, Watch, Buds, Kevlar, etc.: As most of you know, the U1 has no WiFi Calling or Visual Voicemail on AT&T. Neither Samsung nor AT&T will do ANYTHING to put the carrier specific features on the U1...
  23. A

    Thread Hey guys could you help me pick be best phone out for sprint with root development?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm having a hard time finding a phone that is sprint compatible that allows the bootloader to be unlocked and obtain root. I read the new s10 5g from sprint can have bootloader unlocked. I've been out of the rooting game since the s6 I believe and I want...
  24. Cheykenzie

    Thread PC parts noob advice!

    I am wanting to replace parts in my pc to better equip it for gaming without spending $1,000's. However, I'm not really sure where to start because I've never done this before. I've replaced a hard drive in my laptop, but that's it. I know that I want to upgrade to an SSD. Do I need to start...
  25. O

    Thread Water Damage Advice (my 4 year old son dropped my phone down the toilet)

    My 4yo son helpfully dropped my phone down the toilet after he decided to borrow it to watch youtube. it blanked out and was totally dead. i left it in rice for 5 days (pre ordered the Mate 20 Pro) Amazingly when i plug it into a charger it will now power on!!! but it wont charge and soon as i...
  26. Barkuti

    Thread Zuk Z2 Pro ROM recommendation?

    Hello! :) Been considering the acquisition of this smartphone, not really sure yet but at least likely. Right now still using a Moto G Falcon XT1032, with rooted optimized stock Android 5.1 and TWRP recovery. I prefer ROMs with no bloatware and lightweight, though given the amount of storage on...
  27. malimt

    Thread Best Mi Mix ROM Currently Available? (Advice)

    Greetings Forums Members, I thought I'd make a post here and get your opinions about what ROM to use. - I'm currently running Resurrection Remix from here: So far everything seems to be...
  28. J

    Thread Phone Recommendations

    I'm looking to buy a phone - I've narrowed it down to 4 choices, each from B&H Photo Video. Moto G4 Plus - $189.99 LG G4 - $229.99 Moto G5 Plus - $229.99 LG G5 - $299.99 I'm looking for people's opinions and recommendations on which to get - I'm leaning towards the G4 Plus atm. Let the...
  29. D

    Thread Upgrading From 6.0.1 ROM to 7.x via TWRP-Best Nougat ROM for the Axon 7?

    I haven't been following the Android scene lately, and have been thinking about upgrading to Nougat. I'm running an unlocked bootloaded, TWRP, and a "debloatded + root" ROM based off stock (can't remember which one). When I say "best ROM", to me that's the least problematic ROM. I'd like to have...
  30. R

    Thread Stronghold Advice on multiplayer

    Hi, I am from Artha France and we have developp Stronghold. We plan to dev multiplayer for this game. The multiplayer is: You create a level (choose which unit is spawn) if you win your level, you can send it to friends. These level will be realy short (less than a minute) There will a...
  31. Aronuser

    Thread [Advice/Tip's] Unlocking BL/Flashing recovery/1rst custom ROM [Redmi 3S]

    From my hard time unlocking Bootloader and flashing recovery until first custom ROM of 3s, I'll share some advice - If stuck on 50% at BL unlock, >use chinese dev rom (I used this: "land_images_V7.5.1.0.MALCNDE_20160629.0000.25_6.0_cn">MiFlash has different names but it's all the same program...
  32. elmor0

    Thread N9200 Custom ROM request: -⌘- Help -⌘- Support -⌘- Advice

    Self-explanatory thread title! Not much happening for our N9200 (dual-SIM) in terms of ROM support. Any suggestions (by those in the know) if any of the custom ROMs out there will work for the N9200 (including dual-SIM functionality)? Is it possible to flash the N9208 or N920c(d) firmware on...
  33. manuhackzzz

    Thread [Need Advice] need a whatsapp group or a platform to be in contact with other devs

    I am a software engineer, I am thinking of start custom ROM development/cooking , I am going through every help i can get from XDA , other forums and google, but still i need an active group where i can be in touch with developers for further questioning and advice ... so if any dev listening...
  34. S

    Thread Advice on Updating Device

    Hi All, I'm still rocking my 2013 Moto X XT1060 as my daily device. It's currently on 4.4, rooted, unlocked bootloader, stock rom with exposed framework. i disabled the OTA updates on it because at the time, I didn't have an unlocked bootloader and didn't want to loose root (I'm not on the...
  35. P

    Thread Possibility of AOSP MM Lockscreen on LG ROMs? (H815, Unlocked Bootloader)

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to get the AOSP lockscreen on the LG roms. Most of my problems with it stem from the way notifications and the lockscreen works, all of my notification issues are solved with xposed but the lockscreen is something I just can't get past. The layout...
  36. V

    Thread OnePlus X screen broke easily

    Hi there, After using the OnePlus X just a week it fall out of my pocket on the ground. I was not wearing my original silicone case that comes with the phone so that made it very slippery. My original screenprotector is still on the phone but the display is shattered completely and the...
  37. C

    Thread Should I buy S6? Please help me with your experience

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a €470 Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Black Sapphire SM-G920F without simlock for my wife. She is used to her S3 for years. The big negative with the S6 is that it has no sd card slot and dual sim.. The only different phone which she would maybe consider is a chinese...

    Thread What to do if your S6 gets WET.

    These directions work for slight to mild water damaged phones. Being QUICK is key to getting it working properly again. ~Turn the POWER off ~Take all protective coverings, otterboxes, bedazzled cases;), etcetera off and set aside. ~Wipe off as much liquid you can with a...
  39. singhsinghy

    Thread [Q] VS985 screen and Digitiser on a D855??

    Guys! I have become a member of the smashed screen club and I am totally heart broken as my phone screen is totally unresponsive after the horrible attack from gravity. No I did have insurance cover on my phone which I totally regret now and I'm currently back on Nexus 4 :(. After shopping...
  40. LeifAlbor

    Thread [Q] ROMs/flashing advice for T805

    Hi guys, I recently bought the LTE T805 variant of Tab S - which I've already rooted and loaded TWRP onto. I'm traditionally a Nexus/HTC owner and I'm really struggling to enjoy TouchWiz, only made worse by my carriers bloatware. I'd like to flash an AOSP based ROM to achieve a stock...
  41. C

    Thread What Should I do with my S3?

    Hello all. It is almost two years since I brought home my beloved GS3. After Christmas I will be using my new One Plus One, but I want to keep the S3 doing something useful. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with it?
  42. R

    Thread [Q] Buying question

    HI all, I'm thinking of buying a new phone. Currently I own the Samsung Galaxe Ace 2. I feel this phone was overpriced at the time I bought it and never was really happy about it. From what I hear the Moto G (2nd gen) seems like a very good buy and I wanted to hear from the users (you guys)...
  43. KodieG

    Thread [Q] cm11 theme, icons don't work unless there is a styles (overlays) folder

    So as the title says. I'm working on a cm11 theme. I basically want to theme everything except for the "styles" itself because this is an addon theme to another theme. However, if I remove the "overlays" folder, the icons quit working. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong or is this a bug in the...
  44. axxx007xxxz

    Thread [Q] Lock screen

    Hi XDA members! :) I have a background downloaded from Backgrounds and when I try to set the lock screen background it doen't ask me if I want select it from Backgrounds, it isn't a problem but I'm using TheBrainCandyS with transparent UI and therefore I see a piece of desktop background...
  45. D

    Thread [Q] Xperia Z3 - Thinking of coming from a OnePlus One

    Hi Guys, So as the title suggest I have the OnePlus One 64gb. I am thinking of swapping it for an Xperia Z3, I haven't seen a lot of comparison videos, well none actually, so just wondering what you users of the Z3 think? One thing that i am concerned about is development, it seems quite...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Couple of Questions [Battery Life/Rom/Apps]

    I have a couple of questions. When it comes to roms, what is a good rom/kernel combo for battery life? I generally use my phone to read and send texts off to people, so I use a lot of screen time. I am using Task's latest firmware but it dies at 7% (?) and it generally discharges pretty hard...
  47. K

    Thread [Q] Buy Nexus 5 or wait for 6?

    I am planning to buy a new android phone and shortlisted Nexus 5 and Xperia ZR. I think Nexus 5 would be a better choice because of its large development support but question in my mind is "Is it worth waiting for Nexus 6?". There is no fixed date for Nexus 6 but hopefully it will be announced...
  48. C

    Thread [Q] What to look for in a Tab Pro

    Hi guys/gals, I'm looking at picking up a Tab Pro 8.4 tomorrow, and was hoping to get some current/past owner insight. I'm no newcomer to the Android game, and, like every other device I own or have previously owned, I will be rooting this pretty much as soon as I get it. I've taken a gander at...
  49. G

    Thread [Q] weird ringtone behaviuor

    My Samsung Galaxy SII with CyanogenMod 10.1.3-i9100 (stable) has the weirdest ringtone problem: if my wife calls the ringtone is the one I've assigned for her, if the next caller is unknown, it rings with my wife's ringtone, not with the default one... This happens with any of my specific...
  50. W

    Thread New app from Wimmmr - Fatherly Advice

    Wimmmr is once again excited to announce a new Android app! The name is Fatherly Advice. Fatherly Advice is an app about advice you can give to your son or daughter to enlighten them, guide them, comfort them, cheer them up, bring them back down, confuse them or just plain old mess with them...