1. xxxmadraxxx

    Thread Is Greenify Malware?... or Spyware?

    I originally posted a summary of these thoughts on my Play Store review of Greenify. But, since comments there soon get lost in the traffic, I thought I'd rewrite here. Greenify seems to get a free pass from pretty much every Android-focussed site as a "must have app". I even saw an article on...
  2. Z

    Thread Give an app su permissions?

    I installed the su addon from Lineage extras. Root Permissions are set to 'Apps & ADB' "Manage root accesses" is greyed out. How can I assign root permission to AFWall?
  3. ukanth

    Thread [5.0+][ROOT][3.6.0] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [28 AUG 2023]

    Welcome to official support page for AFWall+ Introduction Features Changelog - See third Post AFWall+ BETA Program Source Code/Wiki/FAQ Translations Thanks To/Credits Cheers, ukanth XDA:DevDB Information AFWall+ [ IPTables Firewall ], App for the Android General...