1. B

    Thread Question Time difference and/or persistent alarm?!

    Hi, I have noticed an alarm that is constantly 10 mins ahead of the actual time. I have no alarms in the stock clock app and I have uninstalled the only 3rd party alarm app, yet it still shows and just constantly rolls remaining 10 mins ahead of the current time. No alarm ever goes off. I'm...
  2. S

    Thread Moto Z2 Play Ringtones / Alarms / Notification Songs

    Check the link for download
  3. O

    Thread Missing 'Google Assistant Routine' in the Google Clock app alarm tab

    Hello I am from Europe, Switzerland, and i have a Pixel 5 ordered from Germany. While my Pixel 2 XL since a long time shows 'Google Assistant Routine' in the Google Clock app alarm tab, on my Pixel 5 this is missing. I googled about this problem, but it seems nobody has this issue. I set up...
  4. A

    Thread OnePlus clock problems oos 10.x.x

    So I have multiple issues with the clock - timers do not pop up when finished, nor does the notifiy take me to the app. I set a timer (either manually or via hey google) and leave the app, and lock the screen. When the timer finishes, the screen lights up, but doesn't take me to the timer...
  5. wtx1033

    Thread [Q] Alarm volume mutes itself!

    for about a month the goddamn alarm started to mute itself! i don't know what causes this but it already screwed me once. would using another alarm app other than the stock clock solve this issue? or anything else?
  6. french-anonymous

    Thread LineageOS 16, alarm musics changed for default sound

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I have alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  7. A

    Thread Cannot talk on speaker phone, ringtone and alarm are not working

    After updating to Q beta 6, watching YouTube for some time, i have realized that speaker phone, ringtone and alarm not working. Checked Do Not Disturb setting Checked Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone and tap on a new ringtone sound, not hearing a preview of that sound play Cleared cash and...
  8. Jiti

    Thread Battery manager stuff ?

    Hello everyone ! I just bought a Redmi Note 7. This morning my alarm didn't ring for some reason. I use the Google Clock. Also I can't make "OK Google" working when my screen is off. Some notifications take time to be showed. Etc. Is the battery manager thing responsible of all those "bugs" ...
  9. AlexBurnout77

    Thread How to mod the alarm so it always goes off at sunrise?

    Hello, Is there a way that I could modify my alarm so it goes off at exactly sunrise? I really want to wake up at sunrise since it's very healthy and helps me be more productive, but an alarm would help me be more consistent. Is there a mod out there? I found a few apps, but those us the...
  10. K

    Thread Alarm bug

    Today 2 of my alarms didn't sound and showed as missed. The third one sounded 3 minutes later. When I go to alarms menu most of the time it does not show any alarm and don't allow me to create a new one(I can choose the time but it doesn't save it). I have to try many times to make it work. Am...
  11. R

    Thread Persistent Alarm Icon

    I just got my XL and I had a rogue Android Auto icon in my notification bar. I restarted my phone and it went away, but then an alarm icon appeared that was set for 4:34pm the next day (Friday). I checked the Clock app and verified no alarm was set. I tried setting and deleting an alarm, no...
  12. D

    Thread No Alarm

    Hey guys. Sometimes I have a lil problem. My alarm clock isnt ringing. Doesn't matter if I change the settings. (Battery, Power management) It's not in optimization list. BTW it also persists after switching to revolution OS. It's not often but it happens. I never had this on other phones...
  13. MatoXD

    Thread Alarm clock volune turning down

    Hi I have this problem, where my alarm clock volume turns down to about 25% automatically. This started happening about 3 weeks ago, at first it got suspicious, then I checked alarm volume before I went sleep that it's full, at the morning when I missed my school I checked and sound was to...
  14. P

    Thread [FREE][APP][5.1+] Google Home Alarms - Alarms Manager for Google Home Devices

    Home Alarms is a simple app to view and manage alarms and timers on your Google Home devices. Must have app if you are a Google Home Assistant user. Get all the alarms from all Google home smart devices at one place! This app works even when there is no internet connection. You just need the...
  15. S

    Thread Default clock not showing remaining time while setting alarm.

    Hi, I am using realme 2 pro on latest Color OS stable update. This issue/lack of feature had been since day 1. There is no remaining time popup from alarm clock like it is there in default stock google clock or MIUI clock or any other ROM clock. Whenever I set alarm for a particular time, the...
  16. E

    Thread Help me find an alternative to AlarmPad

    I like to use my calendar to set my alarms as I do shift work - and EVERY shift is different. I also like to put my Samsung in do not disturb overnight. The problem with this is, last time I checked, calendar reminders are silenced in DnD, whereas alarms are not. I found the holy grail of...
  17. D

    Thread Alarm issue with do not disturb set to custom (just a setting after all)

    I was gonna ask for help here but I actually found the fix and it might work for other Huawei phones too. I'm still sharing because it might help others. First I thought because I had used phone Clone to import everything from my previous phone and it had messed with the settings and I would...
  18. S

    Thread Does the vibration alert is capable of letting the wearer wake up from sleep?

    I intend to let the sleep tracking trigger the alarm to wake me up at the time when my sleep is lightest. But the question is, is it strong enough to let the wearer wakeup from sleep?
  19. M

    Thread What custom ROM/Kernel automatically powers on the phone for an alarm clock?

    With the stock MIUI ROM, you can turn your phone off at night and still have the alarm sound in the morning. The stock ROM will automatically power on the phone a few minutes before a scheduled alarm clock and then sound the alarm. It sounds like a boring feature, but it is an absolute must...
  20. oF2pks

    Thread [ROM|4.5.15][Lineage14.1] X-Files ufoFFICIAL CVE-2018-Jan. {MicroG/MultiRom/+}

    Download : This Lineage 14.1 (7.1.2) is build from sources with (very) few {ufo}features : -MicroG (post#2 : Playstore and paid apps) *MaR-V-iN -Multirom 2ndSlot support (post#3 : extra needed zip) -DozeSettingsEditor *Omnirom -WakelockBlocker...
  21. G

    Thread Alarm while in a call.

    Wanting to know if there's a way to force standard alarms during phone/voip calls. If you don't know what I'm talking about try calling your voicemail or something and test an alarm tone, you'll get this very low-volume beep instead of the sound you're supposed to. I'm either wanting to know if...
  22. T

    Thread P9 with EMUI 5.0 - Stock Alarm app is suddenly bugged, deleted alarm rings randomly

    This is really pissing me off, I have had this phone for 2 weeks and now all the sudden the stock alarm app has gone crazy. No alarm is shown on the screen or status bar, the sound used was what i have used previously but i have tried deleting all the alarm, deleting the ringtone, clearing the...
  23. M

    Thread [APP][Widget][5.0+] Nap Alarm Clock

    Hi everyone, I'm currently developing a app called "Nap Alarm Clock". This alarm app provide various way to help you wake up and easy to take a nap :) You can use it as an alarm (make noise and wake whole family up) or just play ringtone via headphone and wake up only you. Many color style...
  24. B

    Thread Is it possible to remap the alarm slider to open app?

    Hi guys, I am not a developper, but I just saw a review of the new blackberry phone and it had a button you could map to open any app on the phone. I wandered if it was possible to do it with the oneplus 3 alarm slider. I saw that there was a couple of xposed module that gave you more options...
  25. c0nvict

    Thread Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home

    You can read it HERE And watch the videos here Greek Review English Review
  26. W

    Thread Default Windows Phone or 10 Mobile sounds for alarm, notifications and more

    Hard resetted on my Lumia 950 XL with 10.0.15063 build which seems to be RTM for Creators Update and seems... They changed default alarm (maybe not only) sound again! Where can I find older stock ones and does anyone tracking such changes at all? On Lumia 620 there was one version, on Lumia 640...
  27. G

    Thread Alarm questions (Remove vibration and voice dismiss)

    I have the settings on my Gear S3 set as "Sound mode: Sound", and "Vibrate with sound" is switched OFF. However, whenever my morning alarm beeps to wake me up, it definitely still vibrates making an annoying buzzy sound on my bedside table! Does anyone know if I'm stuck with this vibrate for...
  28. retro83

    Thread What causes missed alarms on Android/CyanogenMod?

    Anybody know what causes the alarm to fail to go off? I didn't ignore it, it simply did not sound. Nothing on the screen, no alarm noise. Several hours later, I get this popup: I have searched the thread for the ROM (Sultan's Marshmallow) and forum for the phone (OnePlus One) and it just...
  29. K

    Thread [Help] Actions in notificartion doesn't work

    Hi, i'm really new to tasker, so i really need your help. I'm trying to set up and alarms profiles that do the following: - Change madia volumen to 5 - Reproduce a musica file. - Add a notifications with two actions: clear notification and stop music. When i try the task, everything is...
  30. J

    Thread Does Samsung account save alarms or wipe process failed?

    I wiped my phone last night to config all the apps again because of some problems... all the apps installed again but i noticed that the clock app still has all my alarms from before the wipe procces... So, is google syncing alarms on google account or the wipe process somehow failed? thanks
  31. [Sent]

    Thread Android N Alarm Tones Request

    Morning, everyone! I'm on stock running Android N. I noticed that the Google clock app has some new alarm tones in there, but obviously I can't fish them out of the root media folder because I'm stock and I really don't feel like rooting just to get those new tones, particularly "Rise", which...
  32. oF2pks

    Thread Wakelock+Alarm _Blocker & DozeEditor patch: Official2017 CM14(Lineage), CM13/12/11

    Wakelock+Alarm _Blocker & DozeEditor patch: Official2017 CM14(Lineage), CM13/12/11 Wakelock Blocker for Official 2016, Nightly CM11 All thanks to faust93 : BASE.diff SETTINGS.diff (official rejections for...
  33. S

    Thread Alarm issue

    Hi Mi5 64gb, recently purchased and just upgraded to the miui7 latest update that prevents Android Pay from working ( bah!)5. Everything fine with it apart from the clock alarm in the morning. It wakes me up on time, but does not show the clear/snooze option and I can't turn it off. My guess is...
  34. A

    Thread Timely not working well after 6.0

    anybody using Timely as alarm ? I notice after upgrading to 6.0, timely is no longer reliable .. if I sleep really well (no checking the phone in the middle of the night), timely sleeps with me as well :p tried to exclude it from dozing, but still not working as expected. ideas ?
  35. f2bacon

    Thread Music player / alarm / ipod replacement

    So I'm looking to replace my ipod with an app on my phone and the catch is that I use my ipod as my alarm clock. The little dock basically presses play as an alarm, so it plays the last thing I was listening to, to wake me up. I'm desperately searching for an alarm app with that functionality...
  36. MishaalRahman

    Thread [GUIDE][Difficulty: Advanced] Custom Sleep Timer for any Audio App

    Sleep timers are a pretty crucial feature for anybody who likes to listen to music, podcasts, or other audio at night. Using Tasker, we can make our own custom sleep timer. Disclaimer: this was created by Rachet_Guy over on /r/Tasker. Credits to him for putting this together! Instructions...
  37. P

    Thread MM not waking properly on my D855

    My phone has some kind of deep sleep issue, where it seems to "sleep" so hard that not even alarms wake it up. This happens quite often and I don't receive WhatsApp messages during this time. (I appear offline) I have not tested yet if standard phone features work during this period. I can...
  38. -BoneZ-

    Thread For those on Android 6 Marshmallow and having Alarm Clock issues...

    *** UPDATE *** Alarm Clock Xtreme has finally been updated. So try it at your own risk. As some of you may or may not be aware, Android 6 Marshmallow now includes the "Doze" feature which puts the phone into deep sleep when not being used and unplugged. Right now at this point, the alarm app I...
  39. C

    Thread Alarms Broken?

    So I have been using Timely for quite a while on my HTC One m7 and Nexus 5, but ever since I started using my Nexus 6P as my daily phone, I have noticed that the alarm is hit or miss. I tried the suggestions from here, but that does not seem to have made much of a difference. I have also tried...
  40. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Lockeye - Wrong password alarm

    Lockeye Lockeye is an Anti-theft alarm that secures your phone by monitoring the attempts of screen unlock. When someone tries to unlock your phone, and after a certain number of failed attempts, the app will start an alarm, or silently take a picture and send it to you by Email...
  41. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Moved- Anti theft motion alarm

    Moved Current Version: 1.0.x MOVED is an anti-theft app that works as a motion alarm and prevents people from touching your phone and from stealing it. You simply put your phone on the table, then turn off the screen, and once someone touches and displaces your phone, the app will start...
  42. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Opened - Get notified when someone opens your drawer or closet

    Opened Current Version: 1.0.x Now you can know if someone has opened your drawer, or your closet, or your room or any other container. You simply turn off the screen then put your phone inside your drawer , then close it and make sure it's dark inside, and once someone opens the drawer...
  43. billybag

    Thread Alarm Screen Too Dark

    It has been doing it for a loooong time. In both KitKat and Lollipop. Can't remember if it did it in JB. When i am outside, i cannot see my screen when my alarm is going off. The screen is too dark, nearly black. i know the spots where to slide my finger, but sometimes i like to know why my...
  44. B

    Thread Dismissing alarm disables current day from alarm settings

    Not sure if this is specific to my ROM, but probably not, as it's a TouchWiz ROM, so I'm guessing someone could see this issue with the stock ROM as well. I've got a T-Mobile S5 (SM-G900T), running XtreSoLite 2.1 Lollipop XXU1BOC7. When I dismiss my alarm in the morning as it's going off, it...
  45. J

    Thread [APP][Beta] Neon Alarm Clock

    Hey everyone! I want to invite you to beta testing of my alarm clock app. Last few months i completely rewrote it. And now i'm completing it. Neon Alarm Clock is targeting on easy to use and cool design with smart function. I Am glad if you join to beta tester and send me your report. Features...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Auto turn on, by alarm clock

    Hello! I bought Moto E 2015 last week and I'm very happy BUT i can't turn OFF mobile while I sleep because it dont start up automatically when I set up a wake up alarm. Can this mobile "auto start"? My Jiayu G4S, chinese, and others Android phones can... Why Moto E cant do this?
  47. D

    Thread [APP++] CamAlarm-Alarm Clock/intervals

    CamAlarm CamAlarm is a fresh, new and very easy to use application, nothing like the ordinary alarm clock. It features motion control technology, which makes your morning awaking a much more pleasant experience. A simple gesture and CamAlarm will silence your alarm tune. CamAlarm isn't only a...
  48. MaximilianPs

    Thread Looking for something like "Gentle Alarm"

    Hello there, I'm coming from Android, 'cause my S4 died and my parents gifted to me a Nokia 830 :silly: I'm looking for an Alarm software which should be at most like Gentle Alarm, which as main feature have the chance to play music at random, so every day you'll get a different mp3. I've...
  49. S

    Thread Snooze

    Does anyone else find it absolutely the alarm's snooze function to be completely ridiculous that the you have to: 1) Enable an option just to be able to snooze an alarm 2) Can then only snooze a preset, non-configurable, three times in five minute intervals 3) Once the alarm goes off the actual...
  50. C

    Thread [App][3.0] AlertMe application for you....

    AlertMe is an application to remind you off any appointment before you miss it. It's good to use for: - Medicine time. - Appointment with a doctor, - To renew a subscription. - and more..... Download from Here For any suggestions email me (It's in the app). Install, use, rate and share with...