1. JakeCherry97

    Thread The official Surface Duo's ringtones ?

    Hi! I'm wondering of someone reading my post is having Surface Duo emulator installed and running. Can anyone extract the ringtones out of it's OS image and put them here ?
  2. french-anonymous

    Thread Personal musics change for default sound in Alarms

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I've set alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  3. Capt. John Yossarian

    Thread Accidental alarms Google home mini

    My son sometimes sets alarms by accident (Google misunderstanding him). When I am around I can cancel the alarm, but sometimes I am woken in the middle of the night by alarms I missed. How can I see what alarms are set on the mini?
  4. nastypup

    Thread Multiple sound issues

    1. Custom ringtones disappear every 1 to 2 days and have to be re-associated. I keep my phone holstered when I'm not at my desk. I like to know who's calling before I answer. Yesterday, was the 3rd time in a week that my ringtones all went to default. 2. Sound on alarms disappears on a...
  5. C

    Thread Alarms does not trigger

    Hello, I have Alarm Clock Xtreme for wake up in the morning. I configured it to a protected app in battery settings, but this morning the alarm did not sound. Only when I turned on the phone the alarm started to sound. Does anybody has a similar problem? how can I solve this situation? thanks.
  6. N

    Thread Alarms and Ringtones from LG G5

    Hi all Here are the alarms and ringtones from the LG G5
  7. Millenium Apps

    Thread [APP][4.0+][FREE] Tasks & To-Do List by Millenium Apps 3.0

    [APP][4.3+][FREE] Tasks & To-Do List by Millenium Apps 4.4 Tasks Millenium FREE Did you get stressed trying to remember all the things that you have to do? Did you miss an appointment? Did you forget to do something important? This will never happen with Tasks Millenium, It allows you to keep...
  8. N

    Thread No Bass with the Alarm Sound?

    Hey, i just finished setting up my 2.1 system around my bed. my plan was to plug in the cable to the speakers when i go to bed, so my alarm in the morning will make my bed shake. but the problem is when i set it up like this there is no bass.. can anyone help me?
  9. K

    Thread [Q] Notifications, Alarms and Ringtones

    I'm trying to set up custom notifications (e.g., in Gmail, Hangouts, etc.) and alarm tones (i.e., for my morning wake up call). In the root of the internal sd, there are the following folders: /Alarms /Notifications /Ringtones No matter which of these folders I put the mp3 files into, they...
  10. thegearhead

    Thread [Q] just curious: alarms

    hi, i've had many phones over the years, and with every one of them, if i had my alarms set, they worked even if i had the phone turned off, but yesterday i realized that this doesn't happen with my x10 mini, anyone knows why is this? is it an android issue? or an app issue? just curious ;)
  11. BealeStBluesBoy

    Thread [MOD][SOUNDS] Ringtones, UI Sounds, Alarms from Xperia GO Update

    Xperia GO Sounds Hi, I'm just sharing this .zip what I've made, It will delete your /system/media/audio which contain Ringtones, UI Sounds (like camera sounds), and will replace with the new sound files. :) Flash this FILE with CWM :good: Download clicking on File/Download :victory:
  12. D

    Thread Sounds on i9100

    Hello fellow SGS2 user, Normally, after installing another custom ROM, I adjust the ringtone, alarm sound and also whatsapp and sms notifications. I tend to use the same sounds all the time, and do not require all other beautiful sounds that my device contains. Today I decided to see if I...
  13. J

    Thread [APP+WIDGET][2.2+]GT Voice Notes & Alarms

    Record an audio memo with your voice and set a schedule for it! GT Voice Notes and Alarms is an audio & voice recorder that lets you record anything you want and set this recording as an alarm or a one-time scheduled note. Features: record from microphone as a simple note, a note scheduled...
  14. M

    Thread Can't set calender reminder/alarms with Google Voice Actions

    I have tried a few different ROM's and all result in the same issue: If I try to ask the phone to set an alarm or reminder, it give me an error message saying "Sorry, Alarms and reminders only support times of day, but not dates." If i ask to set alarm for a time during the day, works fine; if...
  15. J

    Thread [Q] Cyanogen Mod ROMS: notifications/alarms and A2DP

    I am finding that no matter which version of Cyanogen's mod I use, either the official release, or one of the variants, they all have a similar issue: When using my A2DP head set, all notifications and alarms will only play over the headset as long as it is connected. I have selected in the...
  16. chamonix

    Thread [APP][2.2+][11 Dec. 2022 - V3.1] BetterBatteryStats

    I started BetterBatteryStats because I was missing the great battery history that Spare Parts allowed to call on Froyo. It has been a long journey since the first version. BetterBatteryStats provides an insight in following categories: - General "other stats "overview: Awake, Deep Sleep, Screen...
  17. B

    Thread Vegantab gingeredition Alarms problem

    Hi guys, I upgraded to gingeredition recently and it's awesome! (thank you) If I set an alarm for 2 minutes away, it works fine. On the other hand, my morning alarm never goes off. Does the gtab go into some sleep mode that would prevent alarms in the distant future from going off?
  18. S

    Thread [Q] My Alarm goes off without any sound or vibration

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, I'm having trouble with my alarm, i set it with sound and vibration and it goes off silently without vibrating or sounding. I check all my settings of course, went to my Today menu, clock and alarms all seem to be set ok.... Can anyone PLEASE help! I woke up...
  19. phatestcat

    Thread Random ringtones and other sounds

    After benefiting from a recent post, I decided to share some of the ringtones and other sounds I've collected. Hope you enjoy, please leave comments! :D I separated them into several files, and the filenames should be self-explanatory. most are in MP3 format, and some are in WAV and ready to...
  20. ihtfp69

    Thread [THEME] Vanilla Lockscreen NON-Transparent Background [UPDATED: 07/05/2010]

    [THEME] Vanilla Lockscreen NON-Transparent Background This has been discussed on other threads. It's simple to remove or delete the HtcLockScreen.apk to revert to the stock lock screen. The problem with most ROMs is that the stock lock screen has a transparent background and a clock. Most...
  21. cignu

    Thread Reminders editing

    Hi everyone. I use appointments on the calendar quite often, as much as the alarms. As you already know, when any reminder pops up you can postpone it just with default times: 5 minutes, 10, 15, 1 hour, 1 day. Is there any way, probably reg editing, to change those? having a 30 minutes...
  22. X

    Thread G-Alarm: Alarm Clock - Nice App!

    Check this cool app for Alarms ;) G-Alarm Clock; found at:
  23. U

    Thread Alarm rings even though its deactivated

    My alarm rings everyday at this specific time that i had set it to ring for a month. But now I have deactivated all alarms, but it still rings. Please tell me how to solve this error, cause its really frustrating since it rings everyday even though deactivated
  24. J

    Thread Problems wit the Window Alarms.

    Hello all, I hope somebody know how to fix this. I have a HTC TyTN II (Kaizer) and I have some bizar behaviour with the alarms. I have seensimilar though less ramatic behaviour on my p^revious device a Qtek 9000, so I think this is not erally device specific. I use the WM built in alarms all...