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  1. Brendanp01

    Thread I'm working on FireFixer!

    So, Fire tablet are kind of trash (except for the price). FireFixer will pretty much do everything Fire Toolbox does, except you just press one button (the only button, actually) to completely fix most problem people have with Fire tablets. It removes ads from the lockscreen (optional, can...
  2. Y

    Thread Why can't we just download and sideload Play Services, etc from APKMirror

    I apologize in advance for asking what's probably a stupid question. I searched the Mate 30 forums and could not find an answer. Like the Mate 30, Amazon Fire Tablets run an Android fork without Play Services, Play Store, Google Services Framework and Google Account Manager. For years, Fire...
  3. ibphantom

    Thread Amazon Fire HD 10(2017) Kernel Source and Firmware

    Any Devs want a take a shot at this? I'm willing to test and also buy a device for a dev if we can get a custom recovery and ROM. (Kernel-Source) (Firmware)...
  4. TechNash

    Thread Turn your Amazon Fire or Fire TV into an Android TV like experience (No root)

    Hello everybody, I've been inactive on this forum for a while, but I'm back. Today I'll be showing you how to use your Amazon Fire (Any fire 3.0.0 up), or Fire TV with a stock Android TV like experience. Please note, this is not a custom ROM, Kernel, nor firmware, I just put together a bunch of...
  5. F

    Thread sound mod for HD 10?

    has anybody experience with sound mods for the Fire HD 10 running Fire OS rooted?
  6. nyln

    Thread Change Amazon Fire TV's Default Launcher (NO ROOT)!

    Hello everyone! In the Amazon Fire tablet community a member (BaronKiko) made a program called Launcher Hijack. It works really good on the Amazon Fire TVs. If you do not like ads and bloatware, it hides them pretty well. I installed a TVLauncher3.1.0 apk and Launcher Hijack v3 and it does the...
  7. sgirard1991

    Thread Fire TV Stick 2 (2016 w/Alexa Voice Remote).... ROOT?

    My mother in law just picked up a second generation Fire TV Stick and was asking me if it's rootable. She said she knows someone who rooted their 1st generation and had a bunch of stuff sideloaded onto it, but from what I have researched online, the second generation is not yet rootable at this...
  8. viccrack

    Thread A Question Before I Buy Amazon Fire Phone

    i have a question, i am planning to buy this phone but i am very much relying on google stuff these days , i made a back up of almost everything on google , this phone does not have google store but i heard i can install google store in it and it works like a charm .. i don't know if i would be...
  9. nyln

    Thread [Tool] Python Auto-Remove Bloatware (all os's)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to work on my Python skills a little bit, and decided to build this tool that removes all bloatware from amazon, rooted or unrooted. I also included a root script if you wanted to root as well. This is untested, and incomplete. I would like to hear your feedback whether...
  10. O

    Thread Searching Help for Amazon Fire Phone

    Hello folks, first off sorry for cross posting. I started development of an kexec-module for the Amazon Fire Fone. It looks promising to me. The module gets loaded and actually executes. I am currently stuck at kernel boot (at least that is my guess). I am searching for help because I am new...
  11. nyln

    Thread [WORKING ROOT] How to root Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10! (NOT 5th Gen / 2016 model)

    Hello everyone, A fellow XDA member found that KingRoot now supports Kindle Fire HD 8 and Kindle Fire HD 10 on 5.1.1 as of 02/07/16! It is very easy, go to on your device, install the latest version (ignore any security warnings) and click root! You may want to install SuperSU...
  12. sd_shadow

    Thread [Help Thread][Amazon Fire] 7" - 5th Gen 2015 ONLY! Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    [Help Thread][Amazon Fire] 7" - 5th Gen 2015 ONLY! Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to Amazon Fire (7') 5th Gen | 2015 Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help. Noob questions are welcomed. It is...
  13. EwanG

    Thread [Q] Any guesses to how long it will take to root the Amazon Fire?

    As the subject implies, I am wondering whether a Fire will be rootable, and if so how long it will take after release. Also interested if it will have GPS, but that's not really an Android question :-)
  14. G

    Thread Second version Fire coming soon?

    Rumor: Amazon may be releasing the current Fire to try and get in on the holiday sales. A new version may already be in the works: Personally, I am waiting to see if CM7 or other...