1. M

    Thread Firestick 4K Max Will Not Boot

    Earlier today while streaming, the device froze up, and would not respond to any button presses. I unplugged it, and since then it will no longer boot. I tried everything I can troubleshoot the issue: Tried another HDMI port on the TV Tried another TV Changed out the power adapter Tried without...
  2. Julez1337

    Thread Amazon Fire TV Stick OS ( NS6289/4751)

    Hello dear forum, I have a question regarding my Fire TV Stick that I bought a few days ago. Unfortunately I only have Android 7 and cannot install many apps. I wanted to ask if there is a ROOM or a Mood with which I can install all the new apps. Maybe there is also a good Android TV software...
  3. S

    Thread Help pls - Fire TV Stick 4K bricked / not usable

    Hello, I need help to get my Fire Tv Stick 4K working again. The Stick is new and wasn‘t ever set up. Amazon blocked it so it is not possible to log in with amazon account. Thats why I want to Install custom Firmware or Android TV. But this also does not work?? I‘ve unlocked the Bootloader...
  4. B

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11][ARM64] LineageOS 18.1 for Amazon Fire HD 10 (maverick/9th gen)

    Disclaimer /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included * in the products you find here...
  5. blizzardblaise

    Thread OS

    My Fire HD 10 just updated to OS What changes were made with this? The only thing I notice so far is that some books which I purchased that previously didn't show covers in the carousel now show up. But now the books are showing up as blank blue covers again. UGH!
  6. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread [Q] Amazon Dot 5th Gen - Power plug/Extension leads suggestions required

    Firstly, apologise if in wrong thread - cant think where else to post this I've been avoiding getting any 'Smart assistance' device as I personally couldn't see the point - I usually use mobile phone for reminders/notes/ shopping list etc Anyway, this Xmas got one as a present (As mentioned in...
  7. bryan5472

    Thread Amazon Fire Tablet 5th Gen. Wifi networks not showing up. Flashed stock rom through TWRP (Help)

    I flashed the stock rom for the Fire tablet 5th gen and wifi networks do not show up. I tried flashing custom roms but that didn't work either.
  8. bryan5472

    Thread Unbricking 2 devices. Fire Tablet (5th Gen) & LG Volt 2

    For the Fire tablet, it stays on the Amazon logo. Recovery mode does not work (volume down + power) and fastboot (volume up + power) just says "Factory Mode APK" and then nothing happens. With the LG Volt 2, it has the Authentication Failed #9 error I cannot seem to fix. I have tried the LG G...
  9. H

    Thread Not working Network Proxy in Fire Stick

    Good morning, For several days now, I am not able to add a proxy on my Fire TV device. I am following the official guide, but when I hit the save button the window closes and the settings are not saved. I have also tried AndroidProxySetter but it doesn't save either. Has this happened to...
  10. onlykhaz

    Thread Device: 43LF621U19 Problem: stuck on searching for your remote screen.

    Okey, the problem is divided in two parts. The first one, today I notice that the Tv lost network connection over WIFI, when I enter to the networking setting I notice that there where no networks to select at all and that the only option it gives was to restart, and so I did, after the...
  11. Crazycat070

    Thread Is there a way to to delete amazon OTA update files on fire tablet 7 (9th generation) with version

    I want to remove the Fire OS update file off my fire tablet and i don't want to have to factory reset every time i want to remove the update is there a way to remove it without factory resetting?
  12. F

    Thread Amazon and intrusive business practices

    Recently Amazon has increased its retaliation tactics against developers , modders , and really anyone who believes in ownership rights . Recently they have pushed out updates to most Amazon devices that first continuously look out and spy on your device , looking out if you install any...
  13. T

    Thread [ROOT] [Guide] Google Apps Install + Pass Safetynet + Help/Extra Info (Sheldon/p)

    Using TWRP/unlock from [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 3 and Fire TV Stick Lite (sheldon/p) with successfully installed OpenGapps on my Fire Stick Lite. Needed files: Open Gapps (Arm, 9.0, tvstock/tvmini) gapps-config.txt (Attached Below) and edit as needed These are the steps...
  14. R

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Fire TV Stick Lite/3rd gen (sheldon/p)

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android...
  15. Y

    Thread SD card issus on Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

    Hi, As you can see the title said about SD card SD Card Detail - Samsung Evo Plus - 256GB - U3 Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) Undetected Tablet Storage Detected Portable Storage - after I formatted it - It doesn't show list of setting thing SD card Have anyone have got an issue with this? Was...
  16. J

    Thread Viper for Android on Fire HD 10 and Vanced Youtube

    Is this a possibility with Magisk and Vanced via sideloading? This is what is holding me back from getting one. Was thinking of replacing my laptop when I travel with this
  17. U

    Thread TV screen clutter / tearing - Fire Stick 4K

    My problem is that sometimes when I turn on my Fire TV the image in the applications: Netflix, Youtube - it freezes/clutter/tearing heavily. The problem disappears after some time or after restarting the device. How to get rid of this problem, please give me tips. Thank you.
  18. compromyse

    Thread Ubuntu Touch FireHD 8 7th gen

    Can anyone make Ubuntu Touch for fire HD 8 7th gen Douglas? Here are the sources!
  19. Ighor

    Thread Amazon Fire TV Launcher [MOD] [WIP]

    Telemetry disabled. Ads and Promotional channels removed. Alexa is working. Selected channels enabled, on the video it is Netflix and Plex. Selective titles removed, only Home, Apps and Settings kept on the video. It is possible to patch every Fire TV and no root needed. There is no ETA of...
  20. police1

    Thread Email issue

    Samsung S20 Email from Amazon keeps going into the the recycle bin(Trash).It s not going into the Spam folder.This is really annoying.Any suggestions please.?
  21. R

    Thread Fire TV STICK Gen 2 TANK TataSky Binge Edition Without Binge

    Hi I have a Fire TV STICK Gen 2 TANK TataSky Binge Edition which comes with preinstalled Binge app. I wanted to use the device without Binge Subscription Just to watch youtube amazone prime and others just as a normal Firestick But without binge subscription the device will not allow to open...
  22. cooperkid

    Thread Buying Advice - Refurb or New - Amazon or Aliexpress

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a new phone but i dont feel like breaking the bank. I have been looking for a few weeks while limping along on my Nexus 6p. I love the stock android feel and my main asks are for a good camera, screen and battery. Hence here i am looking at a 3 XL. Amazon have...
  23. A

    Thread fire hd8 5gen brick

    Hello My old hd8 was being very slow so I decided to factory reset it. Everything was good until I decided to install Google play services. At this point the tablet went into bootloop. I went into recovery and tried to load the original firmware downloaded from Amazon, it does download but gets...
  24. M

    Thread [APP] Reprice: Amazon Price Tracker

    I wanted an app that would offer a service like the Keepa's one and designed for smartphones. There are other solutions on Google Play but no one satisfied me in features and UI. So I decided to create one by myself. This app is called Reprice and it's a beatiful Amazon price tracker. From a...
  25. K

    Thread **AMAZON SELLERS** FAKE FAKE FAKE REVIEWS!… Offers Money for Reviews, TONS of PROOF!!

    Hey, Hey XDA World!!! As some of you who utilize Amazon may know, there has been a huge problem with companies who pay for fake reviews to elevate their sales. IMHO, Amazon has been fully aware of the problem. My main concern is that when ANY sort of discussion comes up about this on the...
  26. Q

    Thread Unhappy with Mi 9 battery draining and SOT, thinking about changing for mate 20 ...

    Hi all. I have written a comment to another created threat in mi 9 forum, but I would like to read your comments here too. I'm having battery draining and SOT problems with my mi 9, like I said in title (like most people I think). I have tried everything to improve my battery life in my mi 9...
  27. hardy272

    Thread Has any of you successfully installed Leanback Launcher on Fire Stick 2?

    Ive been reading a guide here to google-ize the Firestick 2 (Tank), but I just want to replace the settings and the launcher of my recently rooted Firestick 2, has any of you able to figure out how to replace the stock launcher?
  28. ryevick

    Thread Need Help Disabling OTA & Amazon Launcher on HD 10 7th Gen

    I've tried to get help to resolve this problem on two other threads but apparently I need step by step instructions. Even though I don't know how to code I can follow step-by-step instructions. I mean really, is there ANYTHING you could not do if you had clear STEP-BY-STEP, walkthrough...
  29. A

    Thread Mecool KM9 Pro media box prime video help

    I recently ordered one on aliexpress and it was delivered in around 10 days (unfortunately customs charged me extra for it). The box worked out of the box and appears to be VERY VERY quick, I had to fiddle a bit with the resolution since it was conflicting with my HDMI splitter and not working...
  30. MGREX

    Thread Any chances of a custom ROM for the Fire 10HD 2017?

    I know mtk support for custom ROM sucks but could it be done? FireOS sucks way worse than I expected
  31. papamalo

    Thread 2nd Gen Firebrick is fireSTUCK.

    After a couple of years of happy usage last night, my Firestick 2nd gen, got stuck on the home screen, and is now unresponsive to both the selector button, as well as the restart routine, (Holding down select and Play/Pause at the same time until it restarts). I did a couple of hard restarts...
  32. A

    Thread Location services

    Im trying to get both maps and Pokemon Go running. I have File 7 7th get on 5.4 with amazon apps removed and google installed. I have maps installed and running but it has me several blocks away and pokemon go says authentication error. Anyone else have luck getting these working correctly?
  33. nicknowsky

    Thread Android Pie OTA updates arrived for X4 Prime exclusive models (XT-1900-1)

    Just got the OTA notification for my Amazon Prime X4 last night, seems its starting to roll out to other Prime owners, but there is a good a post on r/motoX4 regarding all the lack of features not included in the Prime Pie update. I was ready to go but with the first GCam apk I installed that is...
  34. Datastream33

    Thread [WINDOWS/LINUX][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V32.2

    Fire Toolbox V32.2 All-In-One Toolbox for Fire Tablets! The Fire Toolbox is a collection of useful ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tweaks that can be applied to Amazon's Fire Tablets. The Toolbox project aims to help users fully customize and unlock the full potential of their tablets by...
  35. M

    Thread Amazon Alexa on Samsung Gear/Galaxy Watch (Alexa Gear) - issues/crashes

    hi, I am the author of Alexa Gear app for Samsung Gear/Galaxy watches. The main thread (also used as a beta thread) is at : Recently, there were many crash reports and feedback with issues, reported...
  36. R

    Thread Cant Install Amazon Shoppin App

    Hello, i just cant install the Amazon Shopping App, i cant from Play Store, I cant from APK, I cant from Xiaomi App Store, it gives me an error from 3 ways... I think it has to do with a week ago I saw two Amazon apps installed, I guess it was a fake one, and I uninstalled them both. After...
  37. M

    Thread Amazon Alexa on Samsung Gear/Galaxy Watch (Alexa Gear) - Beta thread

    *** IMPORTANT *** Beta is over; final product is available in the galaxy store. *** IMPORTANT *** Hello everyone, This is the announcement of our new Gear (Galaxy) watch app. It is basically a full-featured voice assistant using Amazon Alexa voice service running on your watch. Today, we will...
  38. B

    Thread [ROOT] Hardmod Root Your Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Gen)

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Gen) Hardmod Root Guide I have successfully rooted the Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Gen), and I want to help you do it too! This is not an easy root, but it's as easy as it can be. The aim for this root was to get at least one working method in order to help aid the development...
  39. DKXC

    Thread Fire HD 8, 2018 (8th gen.)

    So the new Fire HD 8 came out and I bought it yesterday, came today. Interestingly it runs now Android 7 (FireOS 6) which is cool. Would be nice to see root or something for this some day but maybe they patched the rest of the stuff from what I saw on the Fire 7, 5th gen. (ADB commands to...
  40. JonnyTrulove

    Thread (Helpful Device First Run / Pre-Rooting Tip) Avoid Auto Update on first Power Up

    As many of you know, the FireSticks and Fire Tvs immediately search for updates the first time you turn them on. This can be a catastrophe for anyone who was hoping to gain root access via an earlier firmware exploit. I discovered a little potential workaround that I am going to share here, but...
  41. D

    Thread I've Gotten Nova Launcher Working; How Do I Get My Widgets To Work?

    I've successfully gotten Nova Launcher on my device, however, I cannot get the widgets to work. I've seen something about an ADB Shell, but I don't have a clue what that is or what to do. Can someone please tell me how to get widgets working?
  42. iSlaker

    Thread NVSTV 2017 Android 7 and yet some weird 5.1 surround sound issues.

    I received my Shield TV to replace my Amazon Fire TV 4K a couple days ago and have been reading and reading about surround sound issues online. Nothing I found relates to the 2017 model running Android 7. A lot of those who offered help were quick to jump to the cabling situation. HDMI...
  43. J

    Thread Amazon Price Tracker and Monitor

    Hi everybody I'm sharing this application I developed. This is for monitoring products in Amazon and get notifications when the price changes... I usually find a good price when I wait a short period before buying :) It's easy to use. Once you're in the Amazon page for the product you want...
  44. W

    Thread Amazon show browser

    Is nobody able to write a custom skill that shows a browser, so that i redirect infos from my homeautomation system? i dont mean the 30s crap.
  45. StarSage

    Thread BLU Vivo X (Availability)

    According to GSM Arena the BLU Vivo X (8 core processor, 4gb RAM, 64gb internal storage) was just launched on Feb. 28th For those of you whom aren't familiar, the BLU brand is typically an exclusive of Amazon. However, the BLUE Vivo X does not appear...
  46. Datastream33

    Thread Remove Amazon Lockscreen Ads w/ ADB & Automate (No Root Required!)

    To start off I just want to let you all know that the second you are done completing the steps in this tutorial you will be the happy owner of a clean lockscreen without cluttered ads. In my previous post, I shared a method with you that momentarily removed the ads from your lockscreen without a...
  47. S

    Thread Why did Amazon compile for 32-bit instead of 64-bit?

    I have a Amazon Fire HD 8 2016 Tablet; after trying to install the Dolphin Emulator which requires a 64-bit OS I found out this tablet was running a 32-bit OS. Does anyone have an idea of why Amazon might have gone for a 32-bit instead of a 64-bit OS? My research seems to show that the...
  48. B

    Thread Extremely slow performance on Amazon App

    I received this phone as a Christmas present and I'm generally happy with it except the Amazon Shopping app crawls. It takes ages to load and will often bring up a couple of crash warnings before finally loading and moving between pages seems to take forever. This seems to happen regardless of...
  49. B

    Thread [GUIDE] Sideloading Google Apps - 100% WORKING! (ROOT)

    I've finally managed to destroy all of the Google glitches on Fire OS after much troubleshooting and many factory resets. This guide will show you how to permanently fix the following issues: Gmail closing after right after opening Google Contacts not pulling your contacts Google Calendar not...
  50. J

    Thread How to change the language of my amazon appstore?

    I found the default language of my amazon appstore is English. Does this result from that my Amazon ID is for amazon global website? Now the language of my mobile phone is not English. Is it possible to change the language of my amazon appstore? I failed to find any options to change...