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  1. Alihero123

    Thread Downgrade android 10 to 9

    Hello everyone Is there any solution to downgrade my a750fn under android 10 and bootloader u5 to android 9 Found a problem in Android 10 I need Android 9 Please help me . I searched a lot, I did not find I'm starting to lose hope
  2. KeinName_exe

    Thread Android 10 Rom to Android 12?

    Hi, i just installed the only rom ( I can find for my tablet (SM-T580) Wifi. It’s pixel experience with Android 10… can I upgrade this Rom from Andoid 10 to 12 or 13? thanks
  3. Amadeus_0

    Thread TECNO Pouvoir 4 [LC7]

    DEVICE INFORMATION ================================== Device Name : TECNO Pouvoir 4 Model : TECNO LC7 Chipset : Mediatek MT6761 Processor : 4x 2.0 GHz ARM Cores : Quad core RAM : 3 GB ROM ...
  4. A

    Thread Help! Essential PH-1 no longer powers on?

    Essential PH-1 has continued to be my daily driver for almost 5 years now. I haven't backed up the data, not even to GDrive. Yes, quite dumb. I finally found time to start to look into backing up recently, with the ADB route. For the past 2 or 3 years, rebooting was problematic where it'd...
  5. F

    Thread [CLOSED] Is there an Android Auto CarPlay Ai Box in the market that has no audio lag/desync?

    Hello, I bought an Android Auto CarPlay Ai Box in AliExpress: Unfortunately, it is a disaster: it presents audio lag when doing calls via Android Auto, playing Spotify or watching YouTube/Netflix. My hopes were crushed because it was expensive and thought it was the definitive solution for my...
  6. F

    Thread Is there an Android Auto CarPlay Ai Box in the market that has no audio lag/desync?

    Hello, I bought an Android CarPlay Ai Box in AliExpress: Unfortunately, it is a disaster: it presents audio lag when doing calls via Android Auto, playing Spotify or watching YouTube/Netflix. My hopes were crushed because it was expensive and thought it was the definitive solution for my car...
  7. V

    Thread Install TWRP via official app after you have root with magisk?

    Hello there, back in the day (2019 in March or April the phone shipped with Android 9) I rooted my galaxy S10+ Exynos with Magisk and stock recovery (because TWRP method did not exist yet or did but non twrp method looked safer, I forgot the reason) Then I forgot about TWRP and even upgraded...
  8. J

    Thread Android 10 stuck in startup animation with Magisk 25.2 patched boot.img, but starts up with stock boot.img.

    I've been trying to root itel L6006S for the past three days, initially, simply unlocking the bootloader required the usage of bootloader unlock for speedtrum. After flashing the magisk_patched-*.img, the device is stuck at the startup animation where it warms me that the bootloader is unlocked...
  9. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Huawei Honor 5X from Stock to Android 10

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Huawei Honor 5X from Stock to Android 10 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Huawei Honor 5X (kiwi) from Stock to Android 10 / LineageOS 17.1 in 2023 Complete guide to install Android 10 on your Huawei Honor 5X. This tutorial only applies to this model, to check the correct version...
  10. F

    Thread Bluetooth preloads media apps

    So I know the phone I'm using is relatively slow and old by today's standards (1Gb RAM, Quad core CPU, etc.), but this is an issue that's been bugging me for a while. So whenever I enable bluetooth, the devices slows to a crawl. Sometimes it won't even enable properly for a couple minutes. When...
  11. Supermario995

    Thread FRP bypass solution for Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F

    Good evening, I have the urgency to publish this thread for a "simple" reason... I found after a couple of years, among my "computer remains" a Samsung Galaxy M11 (SM-M115F) that I had completely removed from having. In summary, I turned it back on and currently my smartphone is blocked by FRP...
  12. _tmplt

    Thread can't update my s9

    So i wanted to update my device from Android 9(pie) to Android 10. But i couldn't find the right firmware and I searched for SM-G960U "XAA" firmware but that one doesn't exist at all! And it's like my phone is a mutant or something. I also tried possibly every firmware i could find. Model...
  13. J

    Thread Kaming Z2 - Carplay 7 Android Dongle - Information and Questions

    I recently purchased a device to allow my iPhone to stream it's Carplay to my Car's head end unit. I know this may not be considered an Android Head Unit, but it acts like one so I figured I would post my details here. A few questions. I was able to put this little device into development mode...
  14. Paolo07700

    Thread [PX5] Power on by itself, no steering wheel controls, Renault Mégane 3 2009 with Android 10 MTCH

    Good morning ! I recently installed my Android car radio for my Mégane 3 2009 with an original Carminat TomTom. I chose this model, being similar to the tutorial on the forum However, having made all the connections correctly, on the TomTom version, it is recommended to...
  15. S

    Thread [solution] Mount large sdxc tf card with fat32 file system on android 10

    MicroSDXC card(tf card) usually starts from 64GB memory and it is formatted with exfat file system. It is fine in most cases but maybe does not play around with IP cameras. Some IP cameras format SDXC cards with fat32 file system and on this phone (moto g 5g plus with stock android 10) it is...
  16. TheNicholasNick

    Thread 2022-12: ArrowOS works - go use that

    FYI for anyone that hasn't been around for a while (last time I checked in and bothered installing something new was 2020-04 so...) Been away for a while cause got stuck in the pin /pattern unlock bootloop easy fix (i knew it was this easy just couldn't find it for a while) twrp > terminal > rm...
  17. G

    Thread Android 10 Ossuret GPS Radio With AC8227L

    Dear sirs, I bought an android GPS Radio for Rneault/Dacia Sandero on Aliexpress But I have problems with this radio : 1/ Radio recognize only One of the 3 USB outputs : the 4 pins USB. The 6 pins USB is not recognzed 2/ system emulates an USB Key vith 48 Go. If I connect an USB cable on 6...
  18. W

    Thread Usb debugging mode is not shown in radio rockchip px30 android 10

    Good everyone, friends I need your help, I have a ROCKCHIP PX30 with android 10, there is an app to use and yet it tells me that I have to disable "usb debugging" I have searched the forums and the only thing I have found is that yes I enter the word ADBON or ADBOFF, "usb debugging mode" is...
  19. blegend25

    Thread I need firmware of the unnamed 9 inch DW H MTK8227

    I have 9" DW H MTK8227 1+16GB IPS auto android ,and it stuck in boot logo . I want to hard reset it using sp flash tool . But my problem I can identify my firmware. I tried to find it in xyauto website but am confuse. Please help. My android version is 10
  20. migoreo

    Thread Samsung A10s Download Mode Error

    My Samsung A10s, is currently running on Android 11, and I was planning to downgrade to Android 10. Thus when I encounter the problem, that whenever I tried to boot into Download Mode, by holding the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) at the same time and plugging the USB cable connected to my...
  21. newolf11

    Thread notch area of the screen is unresponsive at lower screen resolutions on android 10

    I can't tap on the status bar area only swipe to it or while holding my finger at any other area of the screen. me swiping down at the end of this video shows approximately where the affected area is.
  22. BrunoLiraTM

    Thread [ROM][10][J600X][ARM64] HAVOC OS

    HAVOC OS 3.12 Android 10 Before you get started, i am not responsible for bricking device, dead SD cards, muted alarm, or even thermonuclear war. YOU have chosen to do this modification, IF you point your finger to me for bricking your device, I will laugh at you. DEVICE: All J6 variants, so...
  23. _lama195

    Thread Unzip error - Magic Mask Repo/Magisk

    I rooted my Motorola One Macro today, I unlocked bootloader and installed Magisk. I don't have custom recovery beacuse i had problem with installing it. Root Checker says root is properly installed on my device, but I have somme issues with getting things to work. I downloaded Magic Mask Repo...
  24. droidmanuser

    Thread Question Winca S310+ (UIS7862) Android 10 hardware and firmware support, Q&A

    Hi guys, I'm urgently looking for support for the Winca S310+ on FYT platform (UIS7862). Maybe someone can help with the following information or has similar problems. I will work on the S310 issues over time and post updates as appropriate. Perhaps one or the other contribution will prove to be...
  25. Zakaria9292

    Thread Huawei Honor 6x update to Android 10

    I would like to update my Huawei Honor 6x to Android 10 but from the updates I don't have any recent available just the current version which is Android 7 that is not compatible with many apps
  26. O

    Thread Forgot device password PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I recently found my old oppo reno z cph1979 and I cant remember the password. Its running android 10 and i tried reseting via recovery mode but it asks for a password, any workarounds. I already tried adb it doesnt show up unless in recovery mode where it shows as unauthorised. Thank you.
  27. ticha22608

    Thread phone stuck in bootloop

    good evening, i have a problem with my phone. i have an exynos7870 j7 2016 with a modded galaxy s20 ultra oneui 2 android 10 rom with root (magisk). it's kinda buggy sometimes but i've had it for a year and a half. not too often, my OS would randomly go from being powered on to showing the...
  28. L

    Thread XY Auto head unit bootloop

    Hi! I would like to ask for a factory or new firmware, because my Ossuret head unit make bootloop. 2GB+32GB, Quad core, 8", Android 10, bough from Ossuret Factory store. The RST button reset not working. Model number(?): ADQVW8004 Details: On the motherboard: R9216-VER0.5 XY AUTO 2020-05-21 XY...
  29. CheapPlayz

    Thread [Guide] [SCV40] [Any Japan Varient] [Android 10] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Root

  30. T

    Thread Vastking Kingpad K10 - No default system EQ, stand-alone EQ apps have no effect on audio (Android 10)

    Hello. I got a new tablet and the audio is outright painful without an EQ. ( In some music apps, there is a built-in EQ which can make the audio decent. But I need a system-wide EQ and I can not get free options on the Play...
  31. S

    Thread Please Help. SM-N960U Factory Unlocked - No MMS - APN won't stick

    **Reset Network Settings leaves the APS Settings blank** I have an SM-N960U (factory unlocked) running Android 10. I am using a Red Pocket CDMA-V sim card. At first, the phone wouldn't register Verizon. It was stuck in T-Mobile. Replaced the Sim card and it registered to Verizon, but still no...
  32. koarc lkas

    Thread RMX2030 C75 and C69 no wifi, am I missing something?

    I have recently unbricked my phone. I installed ColorOs 6 on it and it was laggy af so I thought maybe it's because it's too outdated so I tried updating to RMX2030EX C75, it installed but I cannot TURN ON WiFi nor can I turn on hotspot. I can turn on bluetooth, data and many more, just not...
  33. A

    Thread Backup and update to version 10?

    I have an S8 active and it's not rooted but developer options are unlocked (because I knew how to do stuff at some point). I've hit a wall with my banking app of all things and I have to update to Android 9.0 or higher. Is this possible? Also, what's the best way to backup my phone to a Linux...
  34. M

    Thread (modding) alcatel 1se 5030f_eea jakarta android 10 kernel version 4. 14. 133 stock recovery

    hi, i'm a noob and i want to mod my device but i haven't find nothing about this model and i don't know where is specified the ROM😅. (device actually unmodded). I'm searcing for how to root + flash twrp + custom rom degoogled) thanks in advance
  35. S

    Thread PLZ HELP: Android System keeps stopping.

    I have a Magisk Rooted, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F), stock ROM running Android 10. When I am booted in Root mode I try to open a file in the "My Files" app and I keep getting the error "Android System keeps stopping" but when I try in un-Rooted mode it works perfectly fine. Is there a way...
  36. miracozaydin

    Thread J400f

    ı have samsung galaxy j4 android 10 how ı root i searched a lot but couldnt find it please hel*
  37. G

    Thread HELP, Fingerprint setting doesn't appear in Lockscreen settings (LineageOS 17.1 Unofficial)

    Please help, everything works fine but i really need the fingerprint unlock option. ROM: lineage-17.1-20200318-UNOFFICIAL-j6primelte (installed from here) Model: Samsung Galaxy J6+ (SM-J610G) [Latest firmware (Android Q/10) installed from here (external to XDA) and flashed with Odin] TWRP: TWRP...
  38. Q

    Thread How do I downgrade to 10 and prevent all future updates to 11 onwards?

    I downgraded to 9, which automatically updated to 10, even though I turned off automatic updates, with developer-mode on. Then I found another "Update" setting within developer mode and turned it off, too, but then two weeks ago it updated to 11 and then messed up a bunch of apps that use the...
  39. L

    Thread [TOOL] Android R/11 Tool Beta

    Requires: Net Framework 6.0 Copy all your frameworks to System/Framework, including: core-oj.jar core-junit.jar conscrypt.jar okhttp.jar org.apache.http.legacy.boot.jar. How to use: Example if you want to deodex system apps folder, just click on load and select the folder, and the tool will do...
  40. A

    Thread How to root my S9+ in 2022?

    Hi guys. I was wondering how could I root my device, been trying on my own for days and couldnt get it done. Im on Android 10 and my version is SM-G9650. Ive never flashed any rom or recovery to it, what I could do was to unlock? the bootloader of my device by going to dev setting and activating...
  41. S

    Thread Work'n on Blade ADV. 2 Z3153V HELP!

    How to?Upgrade Z3153V BLADE ADVANTAGE 2 ,ANDROID 10 TO 11. Havn't or can't get OTA upgrade. No computer to use adb. HELP?? 1ST TIME USER BE GENTEL PLZ , LOL.
  42. ZefonDecker376

    Thread Google FRP lock: LGL322DL, Android 10

    i have an older (2020) LG phone that has been out of service for a couple of years now. I forget the temporary Gmail account i used to sign into it with, and NONE of the "dozens" of (often contradictory) solutions have worked. Main problem: device will NOT download anything. So, the apps created...
  43. F

    Thread Simplify interface for people with arthritis

    I am trying to configure a phone for an elderly person who has severe arthritis. Thus far, I have implemented BaldPhone, which provides a simplified interface with large icons that responds only to long touches. Responding only to long touches is critical, as it prevents accidental touches...
  44. E

    Thread Manually Install Android 12 on Note 20 Ultra Live Demo Unit running Android 10

    Hi, so I have a Note 20 ultra Live demo unit N985F/DS. I make calls, everything is working. However it's on android 10 and not getting any prompts for updates. I want to manually install android 12 and would like to know how to go about it and if it being an LDU has any complications to it...
  45. BozKurt_CcC

    Thread PX5 RK3368 Android 10 (Mini Cooper)

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a Mini Cooper S from 2011 and I have an Android 10 PX5 RK3368 radio. I'm new in this world and I have a few questions/problems. Problems: I have a problem with the Wifi. I can't connect it. If I try to connect to the house's internet it connects, but I can't...
  46. thomassn

    Thread What is the best phone in terms of battery and screen size?

    What is the best phone in terms of battery and screen size?
  47. M

    Thread Issue with android 10 awesafe carplay ai box

    Hi everybody, i recently bought an awesafe carplay ai box for my Ford Focus mk IV (2020). The First Time i connected It It worked out of the box, however since then It didn't work anymore. What happens Is that It's not recognized anymore by the car ( tried other 3 Cars and had the same problems)...
  48. danteh11

    Thread Just bought a new head unit and installed tlink for wireless carplay but apparently it needs root to work, how do i root android 10?

    i tried using kingoroot and it gets stuck at 90% and then does nothing. Im hearing a lot about magisk but have no idea how to do it so if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  49. M

    Thread how to modify system.img and apply EXT4_FEATURE_RO_COMPACT_SHARED_BLOCKS to boot modded system partition?

    Hello, i have a Redmi note 9S which shipped with Android 10 out of box.. i'm using Dynamic System Updates (DSU) with unlocked bootloader to try custom roms and decided to modify some custom GSI to manually root it and customize some apps (modifications directly to system partition) but noticed...
  50. kavirz

    Thread Android 10 K2001Q T3 head unit update

    I started this thread specifically for the K2001Q T3 models. The T3/T3L has quite a few different firmwares and I am not sure if they can be exchanged and will work properly so I suggest to only load this only models that show K2001Q. The Q stands for Android 10. If you have any other K2001...