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  1. pasakhan0987

    Thread Mi box S android 12 update issues

    Hey, I've recently updated my mi box S to the latest firmware (worst decision I've ever made) and boom! Many things are gone or not working. I can't connect to the wifi no matter how hard I try.I even tried changing security from wpa3 to wpa2 but no change.Pre-installed apps(from apks) keep...
  2. Matyas66055

    Thread Infinix HOT 20I Custom Rom

    I don't know where to put this in which topic. Hello, I own an Infinix Hot 20I, a small question, can I get a custom ROM for this phone? I already have root etc. (I'm only missing TWRP, or something to install a custom rom + that custom rom :D)
  3. M

    Thread Realme 7 UI 3.0 RMX2155 - FM radio question

    I'm trying everything here but cant get the FM to turn on ... I got a few apps that are ready to play but they might not be compatible ... The app runs but says that the FM radio is turned off ... and it's not even asking permissions to turn it on ... On my Redmi note 11 there was FM radio...
  4. blox98

    Thread Question ZENFONE 8 Need android 12 firmware to downgrade from android 13

    Android 13 broke my wifi and there is no way to download the android 12 firmware on the official website anymore (or i didn't find it). Please help me with that. 🥺
  5. I

    Thread How to enable LogKit in Oneplus Nord (Ac2003) work Android 12?

    I would like to switch on Vo-Wi-Fi option, as this device is not officiale supported by the operator (WIND3). Now I am not allowed to install LogKit (as it conflicts with another app….) and if I use the magic code (Working on Android 11), just the feedback app opens… May you help? Thanks
  6. S

    Thread after Titanium Backup crash I can't write on SD card

    Hey there. I'm on Motorola Edge 20 lite (should be the same as fusion) with Android 12, rooted with stock rom. Today I was having a backup with Titanium Backup and that app crashed before completing it (actually I killed it cause it was stuck for ages). That backup was saving data on my sd card...
  7. EdFox96

    Thread Tv Box H96 Max v58

    I used it for two weeks, everything was fine, until I turned it on one day, and noticed that it had stayed at the start/boot screen, it does not advance, and it is impossible for me to perform a manual action using the "Reset" hole located on the back, making it completely useless. There's a...
  8. amnabaara287

    Thread [Closed} Realme 7 stuck in android 10

    good day to all, So I bought a Realme 7 a couple of years ago, and I never got an android update nor an update for the UI... How can I update it manually to android 12 " or 13 if it's possible" ...
  9. Kamilhussen

    Thread Needs Help please. Android 12 & Android 13 Custom rom not booting Redmi 5 rosy

    Everyone please help me, I have experience using custom rom for two or three years on other devices. facing a problem on this redmi 5 rosy which I can't solve. Android 12 even android 13 no rom booting just coming to mi logo again auto rebooting, but rom flashing is working . i am doing clean...
  10. thenewguy0233

    Thread Using LSPosed with DenyList (Magisk)

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum as you can see. Anyhow, after 2 days of working non stop I was able to root my galaxy s10 android 12, the only reason I rooted it was to take screenshots of my revolut bank app, which is not allowed. Now I have everything setup, I am using the...
  11. C

    Thread Rooted Android 12 - How to apply patches ?

    Hello, So, NO (Google results...) I don't try to root my phone, update to Android 13 or whatever (Google only gave me those kind of results...). My phone is already rooted with Android 12 (OOS12). But with the "new" (... no comment about "new") feature to allow a phone to simple be patched I...
  12. AhMo744

    Thread Question Data partition backup & restore problem

    I backed up data partition with orangefox on miui 13.0.8 with android 12 on Redmi note 10s and when restored it back then after reboot the device ; booting stucked on miui logo then after search I knew that reason because that recovery didn't backed up or restored "/data/system/users" dir...
  13. N

    Thread Recovery Mode 12.3" Mercedes Headunit

    Dear users, this is my first post since years here and I really need your advice. I recently acquired this headunit here...
  14. KeinName_exe

    Thread Android 10 Rom to Android 12?

    Hi, i just installed the only rom ( I can find for my tablet (SM-T580) Wifi. It’s pixel experience with Android 10… can I upgrade this Rom from Andoid 10 to 12 or 13? thanks
  15. FiniteCode

    Thread Issues with finding device tree blob (.dtb) file on Moto G72 running Android 12.1

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having trouble finding the device tree blob (.dtb) file on my Motorola phone running Android 12. I've tried unpacking the boot image file using various tools, but I haven't been able to locate the .dtb file. Here are the steps I've taken so far: I've rooted my...
  16. LesterDMolester

    Thread Need help to build TWRP for the RK3318 SOC running Android 11-12.

    I really need help to build TWRP for the RK3318 SOC running Android 11-12, I'm new to this so I need some help with it, please if possible let me know.
  17. H

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to install Android 13 Google gsi (Dual booted) on Samsung M31 (M315F)

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for damage to property, software, data or person. Do not whine if you made a mistake Requirements: PC (Running Windows. Virtual Machine will not work) , Internet, Knowing How to run adb commands. This guide won't work if your device has parental controls (family...
  18. Q

    Thread Question Delete default contacts permanently?

    Hello, XDA! (This is my first time posting here, so please excuse me for being a noob) My phone comes with some default contacts, like emergency numbers and customer service. I tried deleting them, but they just reappear after every reboot. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the SIM, cus...
  19. Zyian Ali


    I restarted my phone and it automatically downloaded the android 12 update now its saying that System Update Is Ready. I cant update my phone beacuse my phone's IMEI is patched through SPID method.How can i avoid this update? beacuse if i installed this update I'll lose my data and the IMEI...
  20. nutellalıborek

    Thread AOSP Rom for Infinix Hot 12 Play

    Hi there, I bought a Infinix Hot 12 Play but It uses Android 11. Infinix announced that the Android 12 update would be released in December 2022, but it was not released. I did some research and I found this: I have some questions. There are...
  21. Hafted

    Thread Google play store deleted

    Hey so, I had just rooted my onePlus nord ColorOS / OxygenOS 12, and everything wa as fine, but once I restarted the phone, it unrooted :/ restarted again, rioted again but NO PLAY STORE, I checked disabled apps, files apps and couldn’t find any trace of it, tried to install an apk from apk...
  22. Nimakya

    Thread General Better Idle Battety on Oneui 4.1

    When i bought my phone i flashed oneui 5 on it and use the phone for 1 month but in overnight i lose battery like 3-5% i though maybe its normal. But now i flashed the Oneui 4.1 And now i lose like 1-2% and its awesome . I am not sure about screen on time but screen off time get so much better...
  23. ponyoponyo950

    Thread Best Custom ROM for LG G7 ThinQ Verizon Variant ?(LMG710VM)

    Hello there, everyone I'm newbie here and i wanna ask which CUSTOM ROM should i use for my LG G7 Verizon, i wanna use it for emulation (Skyline for sure, but its minimum requirements is Android 10) G7 Verizon's Android 9 really sucks, i mean the US variant of G7 got Android 10 update but mine's...
  24. S

    Thread Geolocating App is Detecting "Dual Space" or "work profile"

    I am attempting to defeat the geolocation feature of a popular sports betting app. Even after running a huge list of apps to hide root, hide apps list, pass SafetyNet, mock location, hide mock locations, hide developer options,.... The sports betting app rejects me and says: The app is...
  25. D

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 cannot update from 2113_11_C.60

    Hi all, I have a weird issue - I have updated my OnePlus 9 EU last year over Oxygen Updater, but managed to install India-only update on EU phone and now in settings it shows 2113_11_C.60. After scouring internet I found that C.60 was India only update. Now, I haven't received a single auto...
  26. ZugTheDragon

    Thread Evolution X ROM started bootlooping months after first install

    I've installed the Evolution X ROM (A12) on my Redmi Note 5 a while ago. The ROM worked well, it would only start bootlooping when the storage is full, which I always was able to fix by deleting Telegram cache (it grows to 1GB in a single day) and moving my photos to the PC This morning I've...
  27. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Motorola Moto G3 from Stock to Android 12

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Motorola Moto G3 from Stock to Android 12 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Motorola Moto G3 (2015 osprey or merlin) from Stock Android 12.1/LineageOS 19.1 Complete guide to install Android 12.1 on your Motorola Moto G3. This tutorial only applies to this model, to check the correct...
  28. T

    Thread Why the monet (material you) theme not applying to phone app

    Ive recently installed spark os gsi on my device with nikgapps basic, i faced some bugs and tried to fix and fixed some by searching, but then i opened phone app and saw theme is not applying to tha app. I tried clearing cache, uninstall update, clear data, reboot, even get device certified...
  29. aarrooww1

    Thread Android 12, 13 - Galaxy A8 2018

    Hi all, has anyone been able to install Android 12 or 13 on this phone? I've only been able to install Android 11. That's already cool, but can anyone have more? :unsure:
  30. duckdown

    Thread Android 12 - How do I stop this bar from appearing?

    Hi folks, Orange Pi OS (Android 12) working great but some apps are opening windowed instead of full screen. And now on TiviMate I can't make this dumb bar disappear and it's cutting off the word Settings along with a large portion of my screen. It is ths big bar at the top with a Window icon...
  31. Mohitash

    Thread [APP][MAGISK ROOT] Android Tweaks App for Android 11/12/13

    NOTE: Requires Magisk Root [Important] Features: - Advance Power Menu - Display Refresh Rate - Custom Window Animations Scales - QS Background Blur - Disable/Enable GMS Trackers - Dexopt-Job - Disable/Enable HeadsUp Notifications Features Details: 1. Advance Power Menu: Provides Options to...
  32. T

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Pro TB-J616F - Unable to Update Fix

    I recently purchased this tablet and was unable to update to Android 12 until I factory reset the device using the Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant utility. I'm just going to document the basic steps so far but will try and circle back with a more detailed guide. I just wanted to put this out...
  33. ryukkj

    Thread Some troubles finding a TWRP image.

    Hello XDA Forums community, I'm having trouble finding a TWRP image for my Motorola Edge Plus running Android 12. I've searched through various sources, including the official TWRP website, XDA Forums, and other Android development forums, but I haven't been able to find a compatible image. I...
  34. D

    Thread More info on new "AneQu" Android head unit

    Hi All, I've bought a new Android Head-Unit for my car, it is an Android 12 based device but I'm not able to understand if it is an MTCD, MTCB or anything else. Attached are two screens with the device details, any hints on what it is or what I should look for? PS: the unit is available on...
  35. B

    Thread SELinux not switching to permissive OOS 12

    Hello, I just updated from OOS 11 to 12, Magisk and root working. As in the title I am unable to switch the SELinux from enforcing to permissive. ADB command doesn't seem to do anything, when trying to do it with SELinuxModeChanger app a notification popsup that the app was unable to switch the...
  36. SudoJanast

    Thread [SOLVED] Downgrade from an Android 13 Custom ROM to MIUI 13 ( With Android 12 )

    Hello everyone ! Please excuse me if I don't know/misused the tags. I am new to the forum I explain my problem to you. I own a Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G phone that I put under a custom ROM some time ago. Yesterday I tried to switch back to MIUI 12.5 without success as well as to MIUI 13 without...
  37. ????.??

    Thread Samsung A11 got android 12 and I want to flash it (help)

    So I first bought my Samsung a11 as an android 10 model, I then flashed it after I bought it with an open-line android 11 version and got twrp and root. This was a year ago I think. Now they released the final update for this Samsung phone model, and I want to at least get the latest and last...
  38. M

    Thread Android 12 - How To Remove Analogue Clock From 'Lock Screen'

    Since yesterday I have a weird problem with my phone, a Chinese Motorola X30 Pro. When I touch the screen to unlock the phone, I see an analogue clock. This is not the screen that displays when the power button is pressed - the digital clock displays as normal. How do I get rid of the analogue...
  39. HellGoNet

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT][FIX] Re-enable disabled card when no sim card is detected. (may work for all sim cards)

    So. This seem to be a rare but still unresolved problem effecting users on all brands of phones using sim cards. Google does not turn up much other than the typical 5-9 steps including re-seating your card, restarting your phone and eventually the last resort... resetting your phone. One...
  40. Minionguyjpro

    Thread How To Guide [MOVED] How to Fix No Update Available While New One Logged on Website with SM-A127F

    [MOVED] How to Fix No Update Available While New One Logged on Website with SM-A127F This guide has been moved here.
  41. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  42. W

    Thread Alldocube iPlay 50 Tablet (Android 12): Display output has greenish tint + artificial sharpening artifacts – How to fix?

    Note that the described tinting effect is IMO, and based on my eagle eye and 30+ years experience in the field neither caused by the color of the backlight LEDs (as one would immediately think from seeing the snapshots; I know backlight color variations ... this clearly isn’t one), nor as...
  43. W

    Thread How To Guide How to root Realme GT NEO 2 (RMX3370) RUI 3.0

    IMPORTANT This guide works for RealMe GT Neo 2 on Android 12 with RealMe UI 3.0. Do it at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. Requirements Bootloader unlocked RealMe GT Neo 2...
  44. thardy00

    Thread OxygenOS 12, OnePlus 7t screen brightness goes up after unlocking the screen

    Hi guys. Recently I've updated my phone to OxygenOS 12 and I've encountered a strange bug. Every time I'm unlocking my screen no matter what unlocking method I would choose my screen brightness goes up (dot on the screen brightness bar stays in the same spot) no matter if I have auto adjustment...
  45. the_arxyn

    Thread (Port) Build Kali Nethunter and Kernel For Unsupported Device

    Hello Everyone, I am Researching for Porting/Building Kali Nethunter Image and Kernel for My Unsupported Device (Redmi 9A-Dandelion,Android 12 on Nusantara Rom) for a long time I can Build the Kernel but I dont know what to do with the Rom is it OK to Flash Nethunter GSI zip or We can Port the...
  46. J

    Thread TWRP can't decrypt + Fastboot loop

    Unsure if this is the place since its also related to TWRP 3.7, any help is appreicated Got stuck in a weird situation and wondering if anyone has ideas. Current State: Slot_A on OOS 11, can boot TWRP via Fastboot Slot_B on OOS 12, can only boot into Fastboot Originally on OOS 11, booted TWRP...
  47. G

    Thread Help to identify me new Android car head unit

    Hi, can someone please help me trying to understand which brand/model is my new Android small tablet for car? I specifically bought it to use as radio, phone hands-free, gps navigation without using gsm internet access. It came with Android 12 installed and iGo Primo navigation App, but it gives...
  48. A

    Thread how to install huawei apps on motorola

    Hi, for the past 6 years I was using Huawei phones and I love the simplicity and functionality of their apps - calendar, files and gallery. Unfortunately, I crashed my phone and had to buy Motorola instead (g72) with android 12. Is it possible to install those apps on motorola? I've tried...
  49. DecimoEons

    Thread I have hit a wall

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! Although I say that, I bring not so merry news. My OnePlus 7T is bricked and after trying everything I don't know where to go from here. Currently I am stuck at the: The current image (boot/recovery) has been destroyed phase of things and all I can do is boot...
  50. C

    Thread after android 12 update screen keeps flashing

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me. after installing oos12 on my oneplus 7 pro my screen started to randomly flash. i cant find anyone else that has this issue anywhere else on google. Attached video's are from the CrDroid rom but the same thing happens when I was with the OTA oos12update...