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  1. C

    Thread How To Guide Force Android 13 update with RSA software

    Well, because in my home country (Mexico / Telcel) my phone company has not released the update to Android 13, and as my hands were burning to try the new software that Motorola implemented for this update (Moto secure, secure folder, the new camera application, improvements in software...
  2. S

    Thread Possible to root Android 13 from a Tecno Camon 20 Pro?

    Hello! Just got my hands on a Tecno Camon 20 pro and I was wondering if anyone managed to root or knows how could I go about rooting the phone? It has android 13, Been searching everywhere for the past couple of hours with no success. Would mostly want to change the boot logo but I need to root...
  3. D

    Thread Having problem building and flashing Android 13

    Hello, I'm trying to build Android 13 and flash it to my device, Pixel 6a. I followed the documentation, and 1. mkdir aosp 2. cd aosp 3. git config --global Your Name 4. git config...
  4. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Question Is it just me or is Samsung/Google/T-Mobile (who?) updating the heck out of this free Samsung Galaxy A32-5G (SMA32-6U) phone lately? Who is doing it?

    Is it just me or is Samsung/Google/T-Mobile (who?) updating the heck out of this free Samsung Galaxy A32-5G (SMA32-6U) phone lately? (Mine started with Android 11 way back in April 2021 and now has Android 13 with September 2023 security patches for example.) Who is updating this phone...
  5. Jiiiiimm11

    Thread Blackview Active 8 Pro Root available (DokeOS 3.0_P)?

    Im thinking about buying that tablet but cant find anything about rooting. Seems quite unfriendly even about bootloader unlocking ? Anyone has more info ?
  6. userpascoal

    Thread [ROM][13.1][UNOFFICIAL][Liber] ArrowOS for Motorola One Fusion+

    ArrowOS ABOUT ArrowOS an AOSP based project started with the goal of keeping things simple, clean, and organized. We added features that will be helpful in the long run, while aiming to deliver smooth performance and longer battery life. WEBSITE - GITHUB -...
  7. V

    Thread Question Android 13 Ugly Blink while opening apps

    So while opening notification from lockscreen or basically going to an app from the lockscreen it blinks like hell. The second one is while navigating fast with the back button it flickers the screen like hell as well. So I have seen those issues on multiple phone's on A13 and A12 anyone knows...
  8. ikarus8bliss

    Thread Question Google Map and Assistant problem after upgrade to Android 13.

    Hiya, I bought a Chinese version a year ago. I encountered problem using voice search on Google Map after I upgraded from Android 12 to 13 since May this year. The microphone button has no reponses while I click it. I tried to clear the cache and reinstall the app but still the same. Then I...
  9. H

    Thread [OFFICIAL] [13] CrDroid 9 for Mi439 Devices (olive/olivelite/olivewood/pine)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  10. henricaodopao

    Thread [4.19 KERNEL][ROM][Android 13][X00QD] crDroid 9.8 for Asus Zenfone 5 2018 (X00QD/ZE620KL)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  11. Dandraghas

    Thread Question Magisk stuck at 'Downloading...'

    when i try to install magisk it prompts to download it: so i press 'ok', but then it just infinite download something: i installed magick with twrp by renaming apk to zip and then pressing 'install'
  12. steven_006

    Thread Question Hi, How may I install Kali Nethunter Pro in my device?

    Hello, I'm going to use Linux in my Android 13 device, I researched for it and I found it might be with Kali Nethunter, but it's a litttle dangerous for my device because I must to root my device for it. But I don't want it so I'm going to Install Kali Nethunter Pro on my device. How can I do...
  13. nutellalıborek

    Thread Help to installing GSI rom

    Hi guys! I shared a topic before but I didn't get enough help. I have an Infinix Hot 12 Play device and I want to install Android 13 on this device. When I looked at the GSI rom installation instructions, I saw different methods in each source. Could you please let me know if I can install...
  14. A

    Thread Looking for some help in troubleshooting my bluetooth issues in LOS20, logs available

    I've collected logs and have grepd for keywords blue and apollo. Apollo is the app I'm having issues with connecting to their device. It was working in LOS 19.1 (Android 12) but not in Android 13. I'm aware of the Gabeldorsche bluetooth stack is live now in this version. Maybe it's something...
  15. P

    Thread Can I make a complete Android 13 backup (like TWRP's NANDroid)?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create a full backup of my OP7 Pro running various Android 13 Roms (CrDroid, PixelExp, Lineage), for safety and testing purposes. I used to do this very simply using TWRP's backup feature but, correct me if I'm wrong, that isn't available for 13 as of yet. I want to...
  16. nutellalıborek

    Thread How to install Android 13 GSI on Infinix Hot 12 Play?

    Hi Guys! I want to install Android 13 on my Infinix Hot 12 Play, but I know almost nothing about Android development. I did some research and found out about GSI roms. If I am not mistaken, the desired Android version can be installed on the desired device with these Roms. I asked questions...
  17. V

    Thread Question Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, 14.0.4 MIUI Version, Android 13

    Hello Guys, I need please a root guide for my Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, 14.0.4 MIUI Version, Android 13 (V14.0.4.0 TKIEUVF) can someone please help me :/
  18. Z

    Thread Question OEM Unlocking not showing up under developer options

    Hi all, I recently aquired a Galaxy A32 to use for a few projects and need to root the device to do so. I have browsed through the forum and have seen this issue plenty of times but none of the recommended fixes have worked on this model. After unlocking the phone and putting it into developer...
  19. EnderVAD

    Thread Question Discussion of the current state of A13 GSIs

    A bit of back story. Back when I first bought the device I installed the latest ArrowOS GSI by Nazim - A12L at the time - as per previous recommendation of one of forum users. This ROM was 9.5/10 for me. While I had to deal with some annoying bugs (usually graphical ones), otherwise it worked...
  20. H

    Thread [OFFICIAL] [13] CrDroid 9 for Xiaomi Mi 6 (sagit)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  21. Flashh_

    Thread Development [CLOSED][ROM][13] MIUI 14.0.16 CN Repacked ROM by Flashh [Note12Turbo/PocoF5]

    MIUI 14.0.16 CN Repacked ROM by Flashh This is a ROM that repacked from MIUI CN, removed the ads and limitations. Flash and enjoy it!! Device: Note12Turbo / Poco F5 MIUI Version: MIUI CN Android Version: 13 (T) ROM Functions: 1. Delete some of system app and optimize the system...
  22. xyz_sourav

    Thread Development Paranoid Android Topaz - Realme GT 2

    We are very excited to announce Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a multi-disciplinary artist whose...
  23. just4linking1

    Thread Question Screen lock was already changed, try again with the new screen lock

    This is happening since my phone is being updated to Android 13 from Android 11. Even though this was done by the authorized OnePlus Service Centre. Anyone, who is facing the same issue and found a walkaround by any chance. Looking forward to hearing something positive. Thank you,
  24. facetious_dbag

    Thread [CLOSED] Automagic Android updated to work on A13

    Used a popular app "App Cloner" to 1) remove read external storage permission 2) replaced it with manage external storage permission 3) redirected the storage to a subfolder on the SDcard called "automagic" so it accepts non root of sdcard directories as valid. this which frees up the app first...
  25. B

    Thread Question Nothing Phone 1 going to restart and not boot up

    Hi After latest update my nothing phone 1 random moment restart and after that nothing text coming to screen and then it restart again til you have nerves or you just hold on power button and after that phone correctly boot up and works til random moment it happend again. i google it and write...
  26. L

    Thread [Q] The best Custom ROM for gaming

    Which is the best Custom ROM for gaming? I'm on Nameless AOSP (Android 13), and it's nice for standard mobile gaming (PUBG Mobile, Arena Breakout, COD Mobile etc) but I would to know if there is a better ROM for gaming on OnePlus 8T
  27. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][MIUIMod][13.0][xaga][OFFICIAL] RemodedUI [Lynx][09/07/2023]

    RemodedUI for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] What is RemodedUI? RemodedUI is An OpenSource Aftermarket modified Android Operating System based on MIUI. With RUi in hand you can experience pure MIUI but with the customisations. RemodedUi is currently based on MIUI...
  28. 4

    Thread Random apps popped up

    Heyo, randomly today I saw some app that I never installed made online connection and got me curios, upon checking I have a ton of these same icon apps labeled ClockFont and the package is com.bootleggers.shishufied. I'm using Evolution X, Android 13 I also did a virustotal scan on couple of the...
  29. reshimwho

    Thread Unable to unlock bootloader.

    In my Realme 11 Pro, I have been trying to use the Pixel Experience GSI and needed unlock the bootloader. Unfortunately when I try to open the bootloader using “adb reboot bootloader”, shows the bit of usual white text in the slightly bottom left middle side of my phone but then my phone...
  30. R

    Thread Question Android 13 update broke charging

    I updated to android 13 from the retEU branch and now my phone wont charge, it cant connect to a computer to view files either, the battery percentage stops updating entirely. In settings > battery it says charging wirelessly but I have never used a wireless charger before and it again isnt...
  31. Jiiiiimm11

    Thread Question SMS not working after debloating....

    Does any1 know what I might have deleted / disabled ( so which package ) that SMS arent working anymore ? I cant remember what Ive deleted, there were just too many... and ofc didnt write anything down. Can I do sth else than factory reset ? Maybe a way of reinstalling all those services ? Or...
  32. Jiiiiimm11

    Thread Question Android / OOS 13: Quick Settings menu music player position instead of notification bar ! How to change ?

    I hate this sht android 13 desgin completely. It ruins my experience with my new phone and Im kinda still thinking of returning my OnePlus 9 Pro again, it has far too many aspects that fk me off, no real customization and downloadable new customization options + bloat & spyware. I like the old...
  33. amnabaara287

    Thread [Closed} Realme 7 stuck in android 10

    good day to all, So I bought a Realme 7 a couple of years ago, and I never got an android update nor an update for the UI... How can I update it manually to android 12 " or 13 if it's possible" ...
  34. S

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][13][ALPHA] LineageOS 20 for Xperia Z3 D6603

    LineageOS 20 /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  35. kusti420

    Thread any android 13 roms with slim/oreo style horizontal recents?

    vertical recents are cringe AF
  36. eyeone

    Thread [BUG] Sound is not routed to a Bluetooth device

    Sound is not routed to a Bluetooth device Linageos 20. Android 13. Redmi 9. I decided to connect my BT headphones and found this problem: WatsApp and Discord applications do not see the headphones, but if you listen to the voice in discord, you can hear it in the headphones, but if you go into...
  37. A

    Thread Asus ZenPad Z10 (P00I) Manual Upgrade

    I have the Asus ZenPad Z10 (Verizon edition) and I am trying to upgrade it to Android 13. Is this even possible? Am I wasting my time? I don't care if the device needs to be rooted, I just need get it upgraded from Android 7.
  38. FiniteCode

    Thread [DEV][ROM] Help with Building Vanilla Android 13 GSI with 16GB RAM and 24GB Swap!!

    Hey XDA community! (I wasn't sure what tags to type and where to post pardon me. I had read the posting guides...) I'm reaching out to you all for help with building Vanilla Android 13 GSI on a system with limited RAM. Unfortunately, I'm unable to upgrade my RAM due to various constraints...
  39. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Stock to Android 13

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Stock to Android 13 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 (dreamlte Exynos SOC) or S8+ (dream2lte) Stock to Android 13 / LineageOS 20 This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy S8 dreamlte or S8+ dream2lte to a...
  40. SnoopDoge

    Thread Question All incoming calls are "unknown" when VoLTE is enabled.

    VoLTE suddenly got enabled yesterday on my phone, and now all incoming calls whether contacts or not are showing up as "unknown", I contacted my service provider but seems like they can't do anything and it's an issue with the phone itself, i put my SIM in another VoLTE enabled phone and...

    Thread Hello everyone im 1NATELEARN this is my first time here and i am in desperate need of some help with my samsung galaxy a22

    I reacently bought a Samsung Galaxy a22 running on android 13 from facebook market place and well i got ripped off because I didnt realize that the phone was still undergoing payments and 5 days later the device was blocked by the finance organization when i start the phone in download mode It...
  42. missionman

    Thread Question SOLVED: Edit Greyed out APN on Pixel 7 Pro? (No Root)

    UPDATE: FOUND SOLUTION IN 3RD POST BELOW! So im rooted on my Pixel 7 Pro. Im experiencing daily occurances where my phone goes into NO SERVICE. Toggling data on or off doesnt work. Only restarting the phone works. Which brings me to this.. I have Visible wireless which is Verizon based. Problem...
  43. jakere

    Thread Outside US Android 13 V600AM AT&T

    Hey! Guys. I live in Thailand and recently bought an LG V60 V600AM from Aliexpress. Everything was great and I had no problem using my AIS operator. The problem is the phone came with Android 10 and the latest Security patch updated is 2020. The question is can I get an OTA or some way that...
  44. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread [QUESTION] How to upgrade kernel in Huawei P20 Lite?

    I want to upgrade kernel in Huawei P20 Lite from 4.9.111 ---> 4.9.148. I tried to flash kernel 4.9.148 but, after flashing the phone got stuck at bootloop untill I rolled back to kernel 4.9.111. You may say why I need to upgrade kernel to 4.9.148? Because I have Android 12.1 GSI installed with...
  45. A

    Thread Does android 13 break bootanimation?

    hello! i think android 13 has a bug with bootanimation, i will explain better. i found a gif that i liked a lot, and i wanted it as bootanimation, everything went well, except for the fact that android doesn't execute the instructions i write in "desc.txt", 1080 2400 30 c 0 0 part0 c 1 100...
  46. ipgroy

    Thread Question Phone turns off after flashing the phone

    Hello. I recently installed the PixelExperience firmware and my phone started shutting down involuntarily. I have to reboot it. Xiaomi redmi 9t
  47. ShaDisNX255

    Thread [ROM][OTA][OneUI5.1] NcX S21FE ROM [SM-A715F]

    NcX S21FE Port for Samsung Galaxy A71 I've been working on this ROM for quite a while just never shared it on XDA, only on my Telegram groups. Decided to add it now since it'll be dead as soon as Samsung stops support for it anyway. Anyway, enjoy if you decide to use it * Warning, your...
  48. CassanRoz

    Thread Android 13 software stay connected to internet despite wifi and data off

    Hello, I'm a newbie here so I hope I'm not doing mistakes, writting in wring place, etc. And English is not my native language... My phone recently update from android 12 to android 13. I noticed something a bit weird later. Here are the steps: 1- I start a software using internet (firefox...
  49. T

    Thread [ROM][13][OFFICIAL][UNIFIED] Evolution X For Xiaomi Poco F1

    Evolution X 7.9.7 for the Xiaomi POCO F1 [Beryllium] /* * * Being Build Maintainer of This ginkgo project I have just provided you the path to walk as afterall its you who chose the modification to play with. * I am not responsible if this breaks your alarm app and you get kicked by your...
  50. T

    Thread [ROM][13][OFFICIAL][UNIFIED] Evolution X For Redmi Note 8/8T

    Evolution X 7.9.7 for the Redmi Note 8 / Redmi Note 8T [Ginkgo/Willow] /* * * Being Build Maintainer of This ginkgo project I have just provided you the path to walk as afterall its you who chose the modification to play with. * I am not responsible if this breaks your alarm app and you get...