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  1. O

    Thread Updating a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet

    I recently got a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet, currently running Android 2.2. I went to see the latest update for it, and it's 2.3.6, which is also obsolete. I wonder if there is any custom Rom with Android 4.2 or higher for it.
  2. A

    Thread Searching Android 2.2 phone at very low price

    If it isn't the right section, please move it. I'm searching an old phone with Android 2.2 for testing at very low price (it must work, I don't want broken phones). The only requirements are that there must be a way to root it and it must have a place fo the microSD.
  3. D

    Thread [Q] httpS pages no longer available

    Whenever a webpage calls for a HTTPS, the page is not available. Keep getting the message: "The web page at: H T T P S: // www .xxx .com /xx.html might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new address." This happens on all the HTTPS pages, and I can access the same pages on...
  4. A

    Thread [Q] I want to go back to stock Android 2.2 without root. How?

    Hi guys, I want to go back to Default Stock Android 2.2 ROM [HTC Sense] because I am selling this phone tomorrow. I currently have CM7.1 installed. How to go back in a safe way?
  5. C

    Thread Android 2.2 (HTC Froyo) detected by USB as a CD drive

    Hi, I tried to update my Sony ericsson xperia x8 which was running Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 (by rooting and all). I installed HTC Froyo android 2.2 and since then the phone is stuck in airplane mode. I tried all methods to remove it from airplane mode but futile. I am not able to make even...
  6. C

    Thread [Q] Update Android in Sony Ericsson Xperia x8

    Hi, I am in a real deadlock trying to update my sony ericsson xperia x8 (android 2.1) to android 2.2. I unfortunately installed HTC Froyo version (android 2.2) and the fon is in airplane mode since then. Disaster after disaster when I tried different things. I want my fon to be detected by...
  7. silvergiri

    Thread Corrupt ROM Updation

    Am using Xperia X8(Android 2.1) "Super Click and XRecovery are Installed in my mobile.If i try yo install froyo. During this installation if its crashed. How can i restore the backup file.. Please help me...!:mad:
  8. N

    Thread Search for kernel version: need help

    Hello, can you tell me where can I find the Android version 2.2? Baseband version: root @ ubuntu # 2 Build number: 2.29.405.5 Cl293415 release-keys Software-number: 2.29.405.5 Browser version: WebKit 3.1 I think it is unfortunately not here...
  9. R

    Thread Looking for Android OS

    I have Samsung S 5560 Its pre installed Bada OS. I like to upgrade my OS Bada to Android 2.2 Froyo. can anyone send the OS and install-ion guide for there any themes available for my Mobile.Can anyone send me the rom Update .:)
  10. B

    Thread [Q] Xbox 360 controller on Advent Vega 2.2?

    Is it possible to use a Xbox 360 controller (Wireless or wired) on the Advent Vega 2.2? I heard it can be used on VegaComb.
  11. E

    Thread a $35 tablet running android 2.2 in India

    Ministry of Human Resource Development under Govt. of India had promised in 2010 that they will provide a low cost, android based tablet for the needy mass of the Indian population which can't afford the basic resources such as internet and exactly after an year they have launched "Akash" (in...
  12. S

    Thread [Q] Witstech tablet, wont install certain apps properly.

    Hi Guys, New on here. I have a Witstech A81G 2.2 capacitive tablet. I am finding that increasingly some market applications will not install, or install but will not work correctly. I am sure this is due to Device Certification, the latest to go was Wyse Pocket Cloud after an update, and it...
  13. K

    Thread GPS, Reboot Problem,Hero, 2.2

    Hi all, I have a question concerning the GPS functionality in Hero GSM 2.2 based Custom Roms. Here is the problem I had: When I use my Navigation software (latest CoPilot Live 9) or other GPS based apps (MyTracks) on my HTC Hero (GSM, FroydVillain 1.7.2) it uses to crash and force a reboot...
  14. W

    Thread [Q] how to install .apk themes in htc wildfire??

    hey guyss..!! i have downloaded many themes for htc wildfire and they are in file format of .apk... can anyone tell me the whole process ( step by step ) how to install them?
  15. C

    Thread [Q] [q] moto defy eclair to froyo update-asia

    Just bought a brand new Defy with Android 2.1 on eBay, I desperately want an update but I am new to this and I am not techy at all. I don't know anyone who owns a Defy here in our country, atleast not personally so if my phone ever breaks, I'm dead. Any advice/suggestions? :( Would greatly...
  16. B

    Thread [Q] Bricked SAWEE10

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. I have a problem with my chinese tablet that I bought some months ago. First of all I've seen everywhere on the net and I've understood that people in some forums are more confused than me. Anyway these are the specifications of my tablet: CPU: Infotm X210, 1 Ghz...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Android 2.2 en SE Xperia X8

    Amigos: Me recomendaron esta web, para algo que ando buscando. Antes que todo le pido mil disculpas si es que este tema ya esta repetido. Quisiera que me ayudacen por favor. Yo tengo el Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, con Android 2.1 y quiero Actualizarlo a Android 2.2, lo cual, por lo que se, es...
  18. W

    Thread [Q] what is the latest android version for htc wildfire (neither modded nor fake)??

    hii guyss..!! i just want 2 know that which is the latest android version for htc wildfire (buzz). I want the original version nor the modded version or fake version. Plz tell me the latest update. Are there any gingerbread ( 2.3 ) or honeycomb (3.0) for htc wildfire buzz??? plzz rplyyyy....:D:D
  19. B

    Thread [Q] Help with this new tablet, any hacks, roms, ? Impression 10 from leaders

    This is a new ipad2 imitation, i'm interested but need community support please: it is on HSN, these are the specs : Specs Model #: i10-h Operating System: Google Android 2.2 Processor: Samsung A8 Cortex 1GHz Display: 9.7"; 1024 x 768 resolution; 4:3 aspect ratio Dynamic RAM: 512MB DDR...
  20. prakash1421

    Thread [Q] (REQUEST) DSP Manager for LG P500 Stock Rom (Android 2.2.1 froyo)

    Hey guys, is there any way to install DSP Manager in LG Optimus One stock rom?
  21. D

    Thread [Q] Strange behavior from transformer 1st post ventana

    I am going to cut and paste the content from the transformer forums since the site won't let me link yet Please by kind to me as I am not a developer or hacker. Hi, I realize this problem has been posted several times. I CANT find a direct answer to my problems though. #1. The battery...
  22. M

    Thread [Q] Rooting Problem

    problem rooting my android 2.2 Universal_Androot_1.6.2_beta_5 installed, but said: "I can not root this device." z4root.1.3.0 can at least finish the temporary rooting process and put a Superuser in the drawer, but if I run root apps like AutoStarts, the app is demanding I have root access...
  23. G

    Thread ANDROID 2.2 contacts problems on HD2 LEO

    Hi. A few days ago, flashed my HD2 with android 2.2. After FINALLY finding out how to sync it with my laptop, and discovering how to transfer my contact list from a WINDOWS environment to ANDROID, I found out that I cannot add any contacts to my existing list: each time I try to I get the...
  24. Bytecode

    Thread [WIP][ROM][DEV][UNOFFICIAL] ThunderSense [Current:[email protected]/07/01 14:06 GMT+1]

    WARNING: Highly experimental stuff. If you want a fully-functional P500 Phone DO NOT flash this ROM! If you are willing to test and want to try something new,then this ROM is for you. We all know sense ROM,that beautiful Stock ROM that comes with HTC phones. It has a beautiful UI and it's...
  25. Rico ANDROID

    Thread [Q] Dell Streak 2.2 List of Build Versions

    Is there a chronologically compiled list of Build Number available online? I am looking for the history of 2.2 , their build Number and a summary of what each build contain. thanks. Found it: A history of builds can be found here
  26. TheRomMistress

    Thread [APP] Snapbucket by The Photobucket Team

    The Photobucket Team has just released Snapshot to the market. Description Snapbucket is the fastest, easiest way to edit & share your photos! Editing your photos just got more fun and way easier! With Snapbucket by Photobucket, you can take a picture, edit it using cool effects, and share it...
  27. S

    Thread android and energy rom

    i try to use android with energy rom for htc diamond2 with all possiple ways but i cant i use the latest manila ver max sensity ??
  28. W

    Thread When Android 2.2 isn't really 2.2, and is there any way to fix it?

    Hi, I recently bought a MID Vogue Android 7" tablet machine to experiment with. One of the reasons I bought this particular model was that it was advertised as having Android 2.2 installed, and when I go to About Device it does indeed show that v2.2 is installed (kernel v2.6.25). However, it...
  29. D

    Thread Should I install Android 2.3 on Desire ?

    Hey guys ! I am currently using the un-rooted factory made Android 2.2 on my HTC Desire. Although I have no problem with the platform, the factory OS installs the filesystem (particularly /data) on the phone memory and hence fills up the entire internal memory of the Desire - which isn't much...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] Android 2.2.1 update: Which version is more stable with pt_BR support

    Hi all! I already try many version, but the version 2.1 was more stable of the ones I tested. Thanks
  31. C

    Thread [Q] 3e Recovery - temp root fail

    Needing some help with 3eRecovery. I understand every thread I've read on how to do these things, but it doesn't work the way everyone says. Explanation below. ____________________________________________ I'm definitely rooted... have superuser and test with Terminal Emulator. su works fine...
  32. nickelghandi

    Thread [Q] Froyo with Sense for Rhodium?

    Okay so this may be a useless post and it is my first one so don't beat me up too badly. I have been searching all over the place to find a Froyo build with HTC Sense. It seems as though development has been halted because apparently Sense is too large for the Rhodium CPU and the screen...
  33. airbus360

    Thread [ROM] GingerBread Optimum&Froyo Optimum&SuperFast Froyo | Cyanogenmod 6&7

    Download is at the Bottom of this Post ~ Gingerbread & Froyo ~ **** ANNOUNCEMENT **** Changelogs: Changelog SuperFast Froyo 2.0 is Out! Froyo Optimum, SuperFast Froyo and Gingerbread Optimum News: Now in 3 Flavours! Gingerbread Optimum Froyo Optimum and Superfast Froyo...
  34. E

    Thread Upgrade Preparation - Virgin Mobile USA - Samsung Intercept Froyo Android 2.2 Sprint

    :) Here are few steps for Samsung Intercept Froyo / Android 2.2 upgrade. These are based on Sprint Samsung Intercept Android 2.2 / Froyo release. Sprint was too good to their customers to post release notes in advance. From Sprint Samsung Intercept Important Notes: - Ensure your battery is...
  35. K

    Thread [Q] Mobile discharging while charging and being turned on

    Hey everybody, I've got a quite strange phenomena since one week. When I try to charge (with my always used charger, but also with others) my phone it discharges completely to 0% and turns off. Have to turn it off and charge it. It works with mobile off but that takes about 5h to complete a...
  36. U

    Thread Downgrading Android 2.2.1 to 2.2 for root- dead links!

    Hi there Q & A Team, I've been reading up on rooting my shiny new LG Optimus One P500h this entire weekend and came across this thread that was generously put together by the_ERROR. One issue- as helpful as the thread was all of the links in the OP appear to be dead! Any alternatives for...
  37. V

    Thread [Q] Garmin asus A10 update to android 2.2 or higher?

    Greetings. I did a fair share of searching but I end with more questions. I'll try list them as clear as I can. First thing to note: I don't have experience with all of the below. 1. I am an avid flash user/developer and would like to develop apps for android. Which apparently is running...
  38. R

    Thread [Q] some games are can't work on lg optimus one p500

    pew pew game is not work on my optimus one p500 i open it it is hang my phone tis problem with some another game like cut the rope and more games force to close error so please replay me what can i do for play this games on my phone
  39. J

    Thread [Q] Droid 2 recovery mode sends me back to os

    ok. I have a Droid 2 running Android 2.2, and i rooted it manually last night. Took a while to get it working, but i got it. And now i bought the premium version of Rom Manager to make good use of my rooted phone. i ran into two problems, and only solved one. Rom Manager wouldn't reboot in...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] Toshiba AC100: how to enter PIN code on Android 2.2 + AZERTY?

    I didn't find a separate forum for the Toshiba AC100 (feel free to move), but as I understand it, this is essentially the same hardware as the Toshiba Folio 100, except that it has no touchscreen but a keyboard. Is this correct? A couple of days ago there was an update from Toshiba: Android...
  41. 4

    Thread [GUIDE] Android 2.1 to Custom ROM 2.2 on X10 - for newbies

    I was excited about the rollout of Android 2.1 on X10 last November (it finally arrived...), then I was able to install more apps and experience more fun with upgraded os. However, here also comes the problem, I only had 40MB left in my internal memory, and App2sd can only be done with millions...
  42. E

    Thread [Q] please i need help!!!

    HI! i was trying to update my phone from DI18 to EB13, i was following this link: everything was fine, i put the to my sdcard. i booted to CLOCKWORK(i did backup ) i clear cache and Data as the link says, then i apply...
  43. W

    Thread [Q] Custom Rom with proxy on ZT-180+

    Hi Everyone, i am looking for a fast reliable rom for the Zenithink 2 ZT-180+ device, i am currently testing the very few roms i could find and none of them seem to work proprely, and i need a working one as this device is for a school, we have 100 of these and they will need flashing one by...
  44. R

    Thread [Q] How to Unlock Viewpad 7 for any network/sim

    Hey there, This Viewsonic Viewpad 7 (Android 2.2) was purchased from Singapore duty free shop. After getting it back to India, I figured out that it has been network locked by one of the carrier operators. I rooted the device and tried some few apps from the market to unlock. Those doesnt seem...
  45. J

    Thread Beautiful Widgets Settings File Bug In Froyo

    I upgraded my Captivate to Froyo and now Beautiful Widgets loses all it's settings and skins everytime I reboot my phone. The developer is aware of this and says there's a way for root users to fix the problem. He said the fix is posted somewhere here on XDA but I can't find it. Can anyone...
  46. F

    Thread 3G Data turning on when set to off

    In one of my other post in General, I found that 3G data is turning on when it is set to disable in the settings on the Dell Streak 5,(Android 2.2 AT&T Locked US version) using 3G watchdog, I noticed I was using 3G data when I was supposed to be using only a WiFi connection. This occurs when on...
  47. I

    Thread [Q] Bought a G1 already unlocked. Now what?

    I'd like to install the Android 2.2 hack, but my information doesn't match with the guide. When I hold the camera button during boot, this is what I see (the phone came this way so part of the work seems to have been done already): DREA100 PVT 32B HBOOT 0.95.0000 radio - According...
  48. N

    Thread [Q] How do I get Android 2.2 (froyo) back on device

    Hi, I recently installed Android 2.3.2 on my device but inadvertently erased the factory settings in the process. Now I can't restore my Galaxy Tab back to the original OS. Is there a way I can flash the original software (Android 2.2 Froyo) back on to my Tab? Or has anyone figured out how to...
  49. Z

    Thread [Q]Android 2.2 and 2.2.1?

    Recently I've tried a few ROMs, including the Cool Z ROM, the ReflexTSenseHD ROM and the Starburst Lite ROM. I've noticed that the Cool Z ROM and ReflexTSense ROM are all based on Android 2.2.1, while the Starburst Lite ROM is based on Android 2.2 FroYo. For all 3 ROMs I flashed Richard Trip's...
  50. ahmgsk

    Thread [Rom] MiUi Rom 1.2.11 [Feb 24th] [RFS] [Ext4] [v1] [OC kernel] [EPIC]

    Hello Everyone After a Long Silence, I & jamezelle bring you all MIUI 1.2.11 v1 This is a port of MiUi 1.2.11 You can Join on IRC -> SGS Phone MIUI PORTING IRC MIUI is highest Customization Rom, and i m Proud to bring Port of MIUI 1.2.11 Change Log 1. SMS receiving Fixed 2. Bluetooth Still...