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  1. hilandon

    Thread Android 2.3 Gingerbread to 4.0 ICS transform pack

    ok so here some apps that i found to make your android 2.3 device look like 4.0 ICS I DID NOT MAKE THESE!
  2. Mik-el

    Thread [2.3.7 and below] Preserve Your Access to Google Apps. By September 2021!

    Ok, quick guide. We don't have so much time left. It seems that as of September 27, 2021, Google will block GApps (Gmail, Maps...) from old devices that use Android 2.3.7 and below. Basically, you won't be able to log in anymore. Source...
  3. O

    Thread Updating a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet

    I recently got a Samsung GT-P1010 tablet, currently running Android 2.2. I went to see the latest update for it, and it's 2.3.6, which is also obsolete. I wonder if there is any custom Rom with Android 4.2 or higher for it.
  4. G

    Thread [THEME][APP][2.3+] Material Google Search Widget

    Just because you have an outdated device with an outdated ROM, it doesn't mean you should have outdated visuals too! :P Today I present you with the new MATERIAL GOOGLE SEARCH WIDGET, made specially for the Galaxy Player 4.2. It may work on ANY HDPI DEVICE featuring android 2.2 or above...
  5. P

    Thread [imcoV6L] Howto replace the standby and shutdown images

    ImCoSys imcoV6L is a new ereader with android 2.3.1 see You need ADB: get the original images: $ adb pull adb pull /system/logo/ logo/ change the png with your favorite painting program. Write them back: $ adb shell "mount -o rw,remount...
  6. P

    Thread [imcoV6L] New E-Ink E-Book Android Device ImCoSys imcoV6L

    The Swiss company ImCoSys released a new E-Ink device using android 2.3.1 It has no "Google Play" but you can install Apps without changing or rooting anything. ImCoSys imcoV6L 6"-EBook-Reader E-Ink-Pearl-Display (HD), Multi-Touch + Hardware Buttons Resolution: 1024 x 758; 16 Grey scale...
  7. Chris s5830i

    Thread [Q] need help with my android 2.3 phone wyncomm g32 inbuild theme app

    hello guys recently i bought the local brand wyncomm g32 which has android 2.3 when i entered the menu i saw a "my theme" inbuild app which has only one theme which is already set as default i installed a Go launcher theme and tried to see if it appeared in the theme app but it didnt so please...
  8. Gambiito

    Thread CUBOT C9 [SC6820] Firmware Error (Help please)

    I followed the instructions to flash the CUBOT C9 (SP6820) since I restarted the phone and off every so often. I got the firmware CUBOT website , is a .pac file called "20130128_C910_JF_H369X_CK_V01.pac". By using the software of Spreadtrum (ResearchDownload) to flash my phone and follow your...
  9. M

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3 Bootloop but not with Android 4.x ?!

    Hi guys, Long time ago i tried to flash cm 7.2, just for interest. but after reboot the phone just showed the Samsung logo with the exclamation mark and the softkeys lighted up. after a while both turned of (the Screen too ) and the phone rebooted ... I thought that this would be a Problem with...
  10. C

    Thread Doubt about unknown tablet 7 inch android 2.3 (looks like aishuo s2 and sirius)

    Hello there I bought an android 2.3 tablet from Buy In Coins and lookd like the "Sirius" model at Light in the Box...
  11. justmoto92

    Thread [Q] Unable to install custom ROM after flashing Gingerbread ROM from Motorola.

    Hey guys, After I flashed the Official Android 2.3 Gingerbread SBF from Motorola for my Motorola Milestone 2, I then realised that I can't downgrade to Froyo, and doesn't have Chinese language support but my parent need Chinese language in order to use the phone. I heard that those upgraded...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] Screen Unresponsive

    I have had my phone sense Nov last year and just updated to the OTA 2.3 Android a few months ago. Sense the update (and to a lesser degree ever sense i got my phone) the screen has becoming more and more unresponsive. It started as just the Lock Screen would do nothing for the first few seconds...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] Install Android 2.3 or 2.4 on Motorola Milestone

    Anyone can guide me, how to install Android 2.3 or 2.4 on my milestone device? Is it possible to install it on milestone? Is it advisable to update it from 2.2? Please reply.:( Thanks, Jeetendra Parekh
  14. J

    Thread [Q] Problems with st15i!!!!HELP!!!

    hi to all i am new to the site..i bought the se st15i with android 2.3 before one week..the last two dates my mobile crashes the sceen is freezing and when i play a game or open a app and close it my mobile lock.when i try to unlock it nothing works even the switch on/off button and i must take...
  15. silvergiri

    Thread [Q] Help me...............! Developers

    Hi........ Android developers, Am using Sony ericsson Xpeia X8(Android 2.1). I wanna update my phone into android 2.3(GingerDx). I had rooted my phone using "SuperClick"..:). Then i don't know what i do? How can i use XRecovery and how can i install it......:( When i switch off my phine...
  16. silvergiri

    Thread [Q] How can i uadate androi 2.1 to android 2.3?

    Hello Xda developers, I'm Giri. i bought new xperia x8 mobile. it has working in android 2.3..I'm new user for androi mobile.I dont know How can i upgrade my phone..Please any one tell me How can i upgrade my mobile android 2.1 to android 2.3? Please tell that in step by step. please ;):(
  17. A

    Thread [Q] Trying to uprgade Beetel Magiq

    I am trying to install Android 2.3 in Beetel Magiq. This tablet is basically Huawei Ideos s7 ( not the SLIM one). Currently its on Android 2.2. If anyone can advice which ROM will be good for this upgrade, it will be great. Can Cyanogenmod 7.1 be installed on this? Anyone tried?:rolleyes:
  18. D

    Thread [Q] How to Install app directly to sd on phone running Android 2.3.x

    Hi I have LG Optimus P690 running Android 2.3.4 I wanted to setup my phone installation location to SD by those familiar step... adb devices adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2 all went fine... but When I installed a app , it was installed in primary memory instead of sd memory. That means...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] unrevoked, android 2.3

    Hello, I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.3, i want to root it, but unrevoked does not work with version 2.3 of Android. Some one can help me, thank you
  20. M

    Thread [Q] Sense Issue

    I have a small problem with 'HTC Sense' in my stock ROM, when the phone rings and I try to pull it from my pocket, I always found that whether I mistakenly answered or cancelled. This is due to the slide up to cancel or slide down to answer in 'Sense'. Is there anyway to avoid this? or is there...
  21. E

    Thread [Q] ROM Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Samsung galaxy 551

    I am looking for a custom ROM for the Samsung 551 galaxy android 2.3 gingerbread already searched on google and here in the forum and find nothing, has anyone got it? :confused:
  22. P

    Thread [Q] HD2 w/ android 2.3 locked up

    My HD2 quit working. When I power it up it goes to the magldr screen and beeps 7 times then freezes. I know that if a desktop computer beeps 7 times it means the CPU or mother board may be bad. are the cell phone beep codes the same? If I boot to HSPL it comes up with serial and when I plug in...
  23. G

    Thread Giayee Android tablet2.3 features 8-inch Screen,2G/3G call&SMS, and Rockchip 2918

    Compare with Android phones, It seems like there is the same news about Android tablets that one has released an Android tablet with the newest feature. But, The most perfect function tablets refer to the iPad. However, An unknown Chinese IDH(Giayee) has draw up a project for the Unique Android...
  24. H

    Thread [Q] Need Custom Android 2.3 ROM. Get 50 Google+ Invites

    Hi Folks. In return for helpful suggestions to my questions below, I'm giving away 50 Google+ invites. I'm just getting ready for a trip to Europe and would like to upgrade the default Android 2.3 on my new tablet from China. The existing Android 2.3 on it is designed for mobile phones and is...
  25. C

    Thread [Q] Rooting HTC Desire Android 2.3

    How i can root my HTC Desire with official Gingerbread. AlphaRev18 and unrEVOked (last) dont work. P.S. Excuse me for my English. THANKS
  26. C

    Thread Honeycomb Launcher v1.0.2.0-H for ANDROID:2.1 - 2.3.3

    Hi, was just hovering around the web for some HD games and found this HoneyComb launcher for Android 2.1 and up. Not tried it yet, but seems interesting. Its a clone of the actual Tablet OS, for more details please refer to the link below; Please google this "Honeycomb Launcher v1.0.2.0-H...
  27. O

    Thread HTC Desire Android 2.3 ROM available for Download

    The HTC Desire Android 2.3 Gingerbread updadte is available for download now at Maybe this will help to solve some problems with the Sense GB ROMs out there. Hopefuly the source code for the kernel will be released soon :)
  28. D

    Thread [Q] Will I get flash 10.1 if I upgrade my galaxy S to android 2.3?

    Will I get flash 10.1 if I upgrade my Galaxy S to android 2.3?
  29. T

    Thread [App, root] Clear missed call notification with "NotiGo"

    Since Android 2.3, Google prohibited third party application (i.e. non-system app) to make use of MODIFY_PHONE_STATE permission. One of the consequences is that all 3rd party phone dialer application can no longer clear missed call icon at notification bar. (Even at Android 2.2 or older, we need...
  30. G

    Thread [Q] How about Serial Through USB on COBY MID-7015?

    I have an external serial device that comunicate with PC thru USB. The PC sees the USB port as a SERIAL port (RS-232). I want to connect this device to USB port of my COBY MID-7015, so I can exchange data with this device. There is any driver or app that I can install so it can work? My COBY...
  31. L

    Thread [Q] Task Manager Unexpectedly Stop

    What can I do respect those messages that appears every time I reboot the phone: "The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." and "The application Taks Manager (process com.rhythm.hexise.task) has stopped unexpectedly." Both notifications only give the option...
  32. B

    Thread [Q] How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread?

    Hello. What to download and use if I want to install the Android 2.3 Gingerbread rom on my Desire?
  33. V

    Thread [Q] Market crash android 2.3 nFinityGB v1.05

    I have android 2.3 installed on my htc tattoo with nFinityGB v1.05 custom rom.How to install market??
  34. z3r0d3vil

    Thread [Q] Gingerbread, custom kernels and Rom Manager

    I'm having an issue with ROM Manager. I've contacted Koush and RA and we're are in the midst of working it out. I am curious if any one else has had the same, or similar issues. I run CM7031 on my Evo. I recently flashed SavagedZen202 kernel from ROM Manager. I used it for about a week and I...
  35. B

    Thread [Q] tun.ko for samsung galaxy S android 2.3

    Hi All, i have upgraded my samsung glaxy S to the latest firmware version 2.3.3 kernel On android 2.2 i could use vpnc and tun.ko to connect to a cisco ASA, using insmod tun.ko but the that i have doesnt work for android 2.3.3, i get the below error insmod: can't...
  36. G

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 not loading after installing adroid 2.3. Fix a brick

    I installed the following ROM on my HTC HD2 [04.JUN.11][MAG/cLK]TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 Nightly v3.3.4[2.3.4][A2SD][tytung r10]. After doing this my phone will not load up or anything, even after removing the battery for 24 hours. I'm guessing its become a brick. Does anyone have any solutions as...
  37. X

    Thread [Q] Update to HD2 to Android 2.3

    I just got the HD2 from a friend of mine, it is running Android 2.2. When i turn it on it starts up with Android 2.2 and i have been fine with that. I don't know how to do anything with this, just start and use A2.3. I have been reading about radios and Cyanogenmod and other related topics but i...
  38. N

    Thread [Q] Which sony ericson xperia model is best?

    plz tell which sony ericson xperia model is best? I want 5 mp cam,android 2.3,good speed,wi fi gps,good browser.
  39. T

    Thread Galaxy S: update Gingerbread through Kies AVAILABLE in UK/FR/Any via Kies spoofing

    I saw there are a lot of questions (and various answers) about how to upgrade to Gingerbread using kies in UK, France, etc.... while Kies is not showing us the pop-up to upgrade yet. The Spooffw application of LuffarJoh allows us to do it anyway but it is a bit tricky. So for newbies or for...
  40. AtomicPlayboy

    Thread EF02.rdf Found this just now. I'm surprised nobody else broke this before me. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href=""?> <!--...
  41. K

    Thread [Q] No Mobile Web Connection on Android 2.3

    Hi all, First Post :) I've done a search but can't seem to find an answer. I guess they are pretty common keywords though. Last week I put CoreDroid Android 2.3 on my HTC HD2. I've had a few issues but have been able to find solutions apart from this one. I'm not getting any web connection...
  42. TheRomMistress

    Thread [APP] Snapbucket by The Photobucket Team

    The Photobucket Team has just released Snapshot to the market. Description Snapbucket is the fastest, easiest way to edit & share your photos! Editing your photos just got more fun and way easier! With Snapbucket by Photobucket, you can take a picture, edit it using cool effects, and share it...
  43. P

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3 problem with install

    Hello, i have clockworkmod orange installed on my phone, but i have removed the rom but I have still the image, so when i try to install the Android version 2.3 it stands: E:Can't open /sdcard/ Installation aborted, and when i try to install a new stock, it stands...
  44. kennethpenn

    Thread [INFO] Atrix Gingerbread Preview [Update #4 - More Information & Screenshots]

    Update #4: I previously thought Motorola would OTA to 2.3.4 instead of 2.3.3 now that I'm seeing 2.3.4 builds. But, it looks like my initial projections were probably right. We'll be looking at 2.3.3 for the Atrix on OTA. Then, there will be a separate update to 2.3.4. I was recently updated to...
  45. Z

    Thread [Q] Xperia X10 Root

    If I rooted My Xperia X10 can i still get the official sony ericsson 2.3 update ?
  46. D

    Thread Its official, gingerbread coming soon!!! the part that applies to us in that article is that the north american versions will get gingerbread after mid-may update for europe:D
  47. P

    Thread [q] android 2.3 official

    IS there ant android 2.3 blurred official sbf available out for defy???
  48. mvmpy

    Thread Gingerbread Rom Leaked

    Hi, can someone please confirm this:
  49. tzacapaca

    Thread Porting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

    Hey devs, Recently HTC released HTC Wildfire S which has same processor as Mini,same resolution,etc OS Kernel version is 2.6.35 Will it be possible to port it to Mini? Details here: I uploaded the ROM(...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3 sync .vcs buggy or mod or something other?

    Hi! Someone day I was jumped to android 2.3 with HyperDroidGBX from Win. Migrate was very easy =) I want a sync all my contacts... And I was did it, but I have a next Q: I was tested to sync some contacts, by default - from gmail. Its was done. Next, I was try to sync phone contacts from Win...