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  1. Mathimino

    Thread TamsuiCM11's CyanogenMod 11 rom download links for sony xperia miro(messona) are invalid

    Hello. The problem is in the title. Where can I download this rom? (or any other rom running Android 4.4+)
  2. EggEngineer

    Thread Trio Stealth G5 10 - Android 7+ Custom ROM?

    (Apologies if this is in the wrong area!) Hello all, I'm new to the forums as a member but a visitor for years. Figured I would finally join up and ask around about an old tablet I received recently from a friend. I received a Trio Stealth G5 10 and it seems to be running Android Kit Kat...
  3. S

    Thread upgrade Fujitsu M532

    Yesterday I found the following links but are not sure if the upgrade procedures in these pages are working or not. Anyone can comment? These pages seem to ask for the user to do surveys before the files can be downloaded. So be careful. Fujitsu Stylistic M532 32GB (M53200MPAD3IN) Lollipop 5.1...
  4. Core Memory

    Thread Success! Multirom running unlocked and rooted KK and Lollipop

    Success! I hadn't installed Lollipop on my 2012 Nexus 7 (Grouper) because of all the problems I read about but I decided to try it through using Multiboot and keeping KK 4.4.4 too. I now have Lollipop running, including most of the apps I have running in KK, without any apparent problems. I...
  5. Core Memory

    Thread [Q] Adhoc network connection

    I have a Nokia E73 with JoikuSpot installed which tethers with my iPad Mini Retina perfectly but my Nexus 7, which is updated to Android 4.4.4 won't. What is the most recent version of Android, which will run on the Nexus 7, that will tether with an adhoc WiFi connection? Is there another...
  6. N

    Thread [Q] Official Android 4.x update for GT-i9000

    Is there any chance for Samsung Galaxy s i9000 to get official android 4.x update one day? I read some forums and I heard that some new phones with just 512 MB RAM and 1 Ghz CPU get their KitKat update.
  7. M

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3 Bootloop but not with Android 4.x ?!

    Hi guys, Long time ago i tried to flash cm 7.2, just for interest. but after reboot the phone just showed the Samsung logo with the exclamation mark and the softkeys lighted up. after a while both turned of (the Screen too ) and the phone rebooted ... I thought that this would be a Problem with...
  8. khamikaze

    Thread [Petition] LG and T-Mobile: Update the T-Mobile G2x (LG P999) to Android 4.x

    [Petition] LG and T-Mobile: Update the T-Mobile G2x (LG P999) to Android 4.x Dear Friends and G2x Owners, If you not aware and following the, we started a petition to help our voices get heard to have an Android 4.x update to the G2x: Here is the petition...
  9. D

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for DSP? Distortion in Cyanogen?

    Hello I've been going back and forth between ROMs to find one with good sound. I've found Cyanogen either has muddy bass with no "felt" bass, and heaps of distortion over headphones more than capable of handling it. I was wondering what were the best sounding ROMs and DSP packages for the...
  10. T

    Thread [Q] Android 4 ROMs for S5830i?

    Hi, I have been searching high and low for a custom ROM based on Android 4, which will run on my Galaxy Ace S5830i but can't find any. All the ROMs I've come accross so far are based on Gingerbread, and simply themed to look like Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. For example, JellyBlast 3.0.5...
  11. Tataarujin

    Thread [Q] About webkit in Android 4.0+

    I don't know if this is ARMv6 problem or not, but webkit is VERY laggy in ICS and JB ROMs for our device. For example, in youtube, video should play in frame, but it's not, you've got to switch to fullscreen mode to watch it. Another problem, with css and js animations, they are just slow and...
  12. S

    Thread [Q] Remove Original HTC Android 4.0 RUU-Update

    Hey Guys! Does anybody know if / how i can remove the HTC-RUU Update and root/S-off the Phone again to change to a Custom Rom or to Stock Gingerbread Rom?
  13. J

    Thread How to upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

    Hello Guys, How are you? Long time no see. Recently, I have just upgraded to Android 4.0 and it runs smoothly. It's GREAT!. Below are the EASY STEPS to upgrade to Android 4.0 for your beloved LG Optimus 2x SU660. I am using Windows 7 in upgrading to ICS. 1. Download the latest ICS ROM -...
  14. KaktusHater

    Thread Creating Service in 4.0.3

    Hi. A while ago (2 years ago) I created a service-only app and targeting 2.2 But now when I use the same method to create a similar service targeting up to 4.0.3 it does not start. I searched and I have read very blurry answers that after 3.1 the service must have an activity to even launch...
  15. M

    Thread google play

    Hi after updating to Android 4.04, I still cannot download apps for those later versions. Any workaround or other site links etc.? Thanks
  16. F

    Thread [LIST] Ultimate ICS Thread For Xperia X8 - 2012-06-28

    Welcome! To the ultimate ICS thread for your XPERIA X8. To start of with: Having an ICS-update thought in your mind? Then this is the place to start. It was several months ago since the first ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich - Android 4.0.x) ROM was created. It was buggy and wasn't suitable for...
  17. D

    Thread Droid4 Stock ICS Bugs

    All, We don't have an ICS Bugs thread going on. I wanted to check with some of the people here on XDA to see if they are experiencing what I am. Currently on .213, but most of these bugs I've seen since the begining. Oh, I'm also in Canada running on 3G HSPA+. I'm stock, but rooted with...
  18. AspenMan

    Thread 7" Android 4 (ICS) tablet/16GB/capacative IPS screen/case/USB host cable - $139

    I've bought a few tablets from this company and they're great. Cheap, work well, and the support is very good. The most recent tablet I got is the basically the same as this one: review here. But when I went to buy another for my brother they now include a case (neoprene), 8GB SanDisk microSD...
  19. goutamniwas

    Thread [WIP]Cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y - WORKING ON THE SOURCE COME BACK LATER

    cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y(based on cm9 beta 7 for mini(android 4-ics)) need testers and devs , if you can help me just pm me, the test versions are released through pm's development team: *Goutamniwas *Dreamboxuser *Dranzer006 *Hcdfroyd247 *Feras.rehman *DQiB *Thatgrass *Sgy.creed...
  20. goutamniwas

    Thread Cyanogenmod 9 beta 7 android 4-icecream sandwich for galaxy ace

    cyanogen mod 9 beta 7 based on android 4 ics is released and is stable with good performance. click here to install cyanogenmod 9 beta 7 on your ace. galaxyics is the team that developed it you can go to its forum and click here to thank galaxyics team
  21. goutamniwas

    Thread Icecream sandwich(cm 9) for galaxy fit beta 4

    cyanogenmod 9 beta 4 is the latest version for galaxy fit,and the developers galaxyics team have done an exceptional job in making this rom good for day to day use .you can get the rom and install procedure here dont forget to click thanks
  22. shnizlon

    Thread [ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

    Features: - Based on HTC Ville C2 latest RUU (1.11.401.110). - Multi-language. - Deodexed. - Zipaligned. - SuperSU, Busybox. - Bricked Kernel. - Option to remove HTC apps (AROMA installer). - Option to install additional mods (AROMA installer). - Fast, clean and stable. Bugs and Errors...
  23. onlyankush_s

    Thread HTC SENSE 4 Video Preview and Screenshots

    Video from HTC Ville & Screenshots from HTC Endeavor
  24. dzo

    Thread [ROM] Aurora ICS 4.0.4 for u8800 - Version 5.0 update 20

    About This is a clean ICS ROM built from from the Qualcomm Code Aurora source. Everything is functional including the camera, video recording, bluetooth and GPU acceleration. This is based on the ics_chocolate branch and a new version is released regularly...
  25. A

    Thread [Q] Installing Android 4 on HTC Desire

    I hate asking a question which has probably been asked before, but I could not find this information. Is there any thread explaining how to install Android 4 on the HTC Desire? Thanks, Adrien
  26. D

    Thread [Q] Call barring/blocking on GSM Galaxy Nexus?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way to auto block a call on the GSM Galaxy Nexus? I was able to do this from the call settings on my SGS II but can't seem to find a way to do it with ICS on the GN. Looked through the forums but was unable to find anything. :o Yes I do know there are 3rd...
  27. BPaul

    Thread [X8/W8][ROM] CyanogenMod 9 - V02 KANG

    Now here no supported
  28. C

    Thread [Q] Georgian (KA) on ICS

    Could anyone confirm that Georgian (KA) keyboard or at least font is supported on ICS? :confused:
  29. B

    Thread [Q] Show only contacts with phone number in ics

    Does anyone knows how to make ics show only contacts with phone number? I really miss this feature, i hate seeing my contact list as an endless list with email adresses
  30. tytung

    Thread [3.Jan.2012] (Android 4.0.3) (AOSP ICS ROM for HD2) NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Beta10

    NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich is a HD2 ROM built from the modified AOSP ICS source code from the Evervolv team since beta 9. Include Android 4.0.3. Include tytung's ICS kernel beta 8. Include tytung's ICS ramdisk (initrd.gz). Include the required proprietary binaries files and the...
  31. E

    Thread ICS Source Code available

    Hi Guys, Some News: Ice Cream Sandwich source code now being pushed to git servers Will the devs here start work on implementing ICS on the 10.1v when a build for tablets is released? :) Regards
  32. I

    Thread New Nexus S - Should i wait ?

    Hello Just got my new Google Nexus S : ) I wanted to know if It would be better to wait till google releases the new ICS 4.0 Andriod and get it updated and then go with New Roms or Should i install a new ROM now for better speed and stability ? If yes, which ROM should i start off with as...
  33. A

    Thread Android 4.0 - Your opinions? I'm in love. Want a Galaxy Nexus, but also would love to see it running on our MS2 to give it a better life. Ice Cream Sandwich is gorgeous, fast, and awesome. All I ever wanted from android ( maybe just...