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android 7

  1. lucky2712

    Thread [7.1.1] [Stable] OneUI Experience(V1.2) For Samsung J2 (J200G)

    Version-1.2 For SM-J200G UI Customization:- Fully OneUI themed Dolby Atmos Edited in OneUI style My Files Edited in OneUI style Home screen Edited in OneUI style Lockscreen Edited inOneUI style Recents Themed in OneUI style OneUI Stock Wallpaper New Rom Bootanimation New Bootanimation sound...
  2. Kenora_I

    Thread Rooting Android TV with /system partition ro

    Hey, I have a smart android TV running on some cvte board from china and running android 7.1.1 from 2020. The /system partition is mounted ro [remount allowed] and /data rw but trying to edit that gives access denied error. The adb reboot fastboot and adb reboot recovery just reboots the tv. I...
  3. P

    Thread Willing to share Android 7.0 (NPHS25.200-23-1) if you tell me how

    Good morning! :o I currently have on my hands a XT1575 who displays as follows: I was looking for the Stock ROM to download and re-install it. However, in my search found 200-23-1 isn't really available online. Even firmware.center displays his only 7.0 version available as 200-22. So... I'm...
  4. TBM 13

    Thread [DEV] [ROM] AICP 7.1.2 for G532x

    UPDATE: Dot OS 7.1.2 available in a post of the Facebook page GETAKGT1. It's a little bit more stable than this ROM, and it's ported by the same guy than this one (Melekpro). Hello guys! This time GETAKGT1 and melekpro ported AICP 7.1.2 ROM to our J2 Prime. I didn't made it. I'm just sharing...
  5. T

    Thread [help]Unlocking bootloader, what is device critical unlocked?

    Hey i was trying to unlock bootloader of my Lenovo K6 Power running Android 7.0 so this is what i did - enabled oem unlock, rebooted to fastboot and typed this command - fastboot -i 0x17ef oem unlock-go then i get this so is my bootloader unlocked? and can i flash custom roms? or do i...
  6. atifnoor1122

    Thread Debrand Honor 8 on Android 7.0 EMUI 5..0.1

    I want to Debrand Honor 8 on Android 7.0 EMUI 5..0.1 from Chinese version FRD-Al00C00B396 to any other European version like FRD-L09 or any other English version. :confused: My Honor 8 is Dual Sim, 32 GB Internal Memory, 4 GB RAM and Android 7.0. My phone is not rooted. Please help me with...
  7. K

    Thread [Help] How to disable battery optimization for all apps in AospaExtended 7.1.2

    Hi. In Settings -> Battery -> Battery Optimization. Does someone know some other way to disable battery optimizing for all apps, other than just manually going through them all.
  8. D

    Thread Vernee Mars Pro ROMS

    Well, now, you have to be a premium user if you want to download most of the roms in needrom.com, so from now on I will be uploading all versions I have in my hard drive so anyone can download and install. Versions: v414 -NOT VOS (Vernee OS) Known issues: Pure android. [SP...
  9. D

    Thread Android TV - Youtube 60fps

    Hi, My Philips android TV 7502 recently update to Android 7. My YouTube app no longer supports HDR, and never supported 60fps. The TV can play 4k 60fps HDR content from other sources, so it's a software issue. Has anyone run into this issue? If yes did you guys find a fix for it? Thanks, Daniel
  10. R

    Thread Bug on Huawei p9 lite

    Hi , I am having a bug that when I create some contact on sim card and export to phone storage and put some pic on contact the pic will not appear when reciving or make calls or even on sms notifications , but If I create the contact first on phone storage and export it later to sim card the pic...
  11. S

    Thread Port Amiko A4 DTV app to U5PVR - Can someone make it possible???

    Team, We have a huge problem, the lack of support from the manufature for this box, so a group of owner wants to know if is possible to port part of the Amiko A4 user interface into the u5pvr android deluxe box... this link will take you to the folder where the 2 only custome firmware are...
  12. A

    Thread my back button and task manager button doesn't work after update to android 7

    after update back button and task manager button doesn't work i restart device too many then it's work but at this morning this problem is appear how should i do ?! factory reset solve problem ?! i need app data and when it's not root i can't backup them please give me the best solution. thanks
  13. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F No SIM but it shows signal and sometimes reboot by itself.

    Hi all, A person i know have Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F and just in a sudden his phone got turn off and when he try to open it it freeze for a second and restart. He gave it to a friend and that friend install Android 7 ROM on it but it still freeze and restart. Then, i download the ROM and...
  14. T

    Thread Android 7 for P2 bought from Three-UK

    Anyone know when this will be released? There are reports on the Lenovo forums that phones in the UK going back for repairs have come back with Android 7 on them. So when is & likely to be rolled out to the rest of the phones in the UK?
  15. S

    Thread ROCO C805 MT8163 Andoird 6 or 7 - No audio on speakers

    Hi all, 8" chinese ROCO 2GB/16GB white 2 speakers on the back. Base rom was android 6 1 - Device was bricked due to bad firmware. No backup, no stock ROM (yes still exist this kind of people). 2- Found rom on needrom for Roco C805 (https://www.needrom.com/download/roco-c805/). V6 doesn't...
  16. Sachin Kumar53

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Always On Display for any samsung device running on Android 7.0+

    This project is discontinued. Please install the new version of this app from playstore. https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6475482614401654947 Head over to our new thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/app-6-0-always-on-screen-aod-app-for-all-android-devices.4274877/ Also Join our...
  17. P

    Thread How to turn on "Always listening" on S7 Edge

    Hello, Im using Google Assistant (Enabled with some xposed module, cant remember wich one) on my S7 Edge running Superman ROM. I turn my lights on with "Oke Google" Followed by "Turn lights on bedroom" The only thing i dont like about it, is that the screen has to be on. Because of trusted...
  18. B

    Thread Doogee bl5000 (after two months) real life experiences review

    Well, I am not a fan of specifications and benchmarks so I thought it will be nice to share my real life experiences with the DOOGEE BL5000 to all who may still be in doubt of what the phone is all about. This is a 3 in One review of the BL 5000. https://youtu.be/AqReMhIe7ZQ The Unboxing...
  19. B

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) qualifies for Android 8.0 Oreo update

    Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) qualifies for Android 8.0 Oreo update since it was released on the market one year ago. Unfortunately, we won't be getting a confirmation from*Samsung, but we'll certainly know before the update hits the*phone*if the South Korean company decides to give the green light...
  20. M

    Thread Automatic call recording on Samsung galaxy note 3

    Hi! Do you know how to set automatic call recording on this ROM? I'm trying to use ACR which worked on the stock ROM and on android 6 Roms, but not on lineage. I understand the base dialer has manual call recording capabilities, but that is less desirable for me. Any ideas? Thanks.
  21. N

    Thread Android 7 ETA?

    Does anyone have any clue when Android 7 will land on the Zoom? It's kinda silly that it didn't launch with it to begin with. But the year older Zenfone's have since received Android 7 and we're still waiting .. :(
  22. F

    Thread [LineageOS] HaoZeke vs Myself5 [What's the difference?]

    Hello! I always wondered what the difference between the following two custom ROMs is: [ROM][7.1.x] LineageOS [sumire] https://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-z5/orig-development/cm-14-1-lineageos-t3536846 [Dual/Single] HaoZeke's LineageOS [17-4-17]...
  23. PaulR11

    Thread Official Android 7 EMUI 5.0 update started in Germany

    Today i got the notification for the ota update.:laugh: Honor also posted that on their official German Twitter page. The Version number is: BLN-L21C432B360 https://twitter.com/HonorGermany/status/858005156734140418
  24. JohnHorus

    Thread Odex file compilation - Android N/7

    I'm playing around with installing apps to the system partition before first boot, using a generic installer zip(by Andybones). All I'm doing is taking the apps from /data/app and renaming their directories to something more readable, then installing them to /system/app using the installer zip...
  25. B

    Thread How do I update to Android 7? (nova plus, MLA-L11)

    hi everyone. i have a huawei nova plus (MLA-L11c185B151). how do i update it to android 7?? please help me.
  26. ArghMonkey

    Thread SD installed as internal storage, internal storage full, SD nearly empty, WTF?

    I installed a 128gb MicroSD card in my Shield tablet and thought everything was setup, it formatted and encrypted the card to my tablet and when using a file manager app it shows one big honking storage drive, however when I go through settings I can see that my microSD card is barely touched...
  27. obscurant1st

    Thread Z2 Nougat update coming soon

    So finally there is some information about Nougat update for Z2 Plus in India. The upgrade matrix says its coming on May this year: https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/ht501098?cid=in:social:839317388:839317384:FBPAGE:Lenovo%20Mobile%20India:BRAND&linkId=35726463 Also the beta sign ups...
  28. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL] Asus Transformer Pad TF300T Any version to Android 7.1 Nougat

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Asus Transformer Pad TF300T Any version to Android 7.1 Nougat This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Asus Transformer Pad TF300T with Android 4.2.1 to a powerful one with Android 7.1 Nougat. Don't expect Android 8 or 9 on this tab, but 7.1 is already...
  29. H

    Thread What is the TWRP version and SU version to successfully root Mate8 with Android 7

    Hello After I got the OTA update of my rooted Chinese Mate 8 AL10, I obviously lost root access, but luckily the update didn't wipe my data. I also had TWRP Now I have Android 7 and EMUI 5. I recall there were different TWRP versions depending on the version of EMUI, whether it was 4.0 or...
  30. Z

    Thread Screwed up phone while rolling back Android 7 - help?

    So for some background, I was on EMUI 4.1 and successfully flashed to EMUI 5. Then, I wanted to rollback so I flashed recovery again and stock firmware. I tried flashing with fastboot and didn't work. I tried using Huawei recovery 3-button method, no luck either. Errors using fastboot...
  31. |||||

    Thread For those who have Nougat on their S7 - how is it so far? What do you like? What not?

    Hey Guys, So This is the thread about your opinion/feedback to Android 7 "Nougat", also of modded nougat versions. Here is the structure you can copy to awnser: How is Android Nougat for you so far? What Nougat Mod do you use? What do you like? What not? We all would like to hear...
  32. F

    Thread [ROM-Port][WIP][ODYS Slade X55] AICP Android 7.1

    Hi guys, I ported a ROM for the MT6735-powered ODYS Slade X55 and now I am confronted with some issues, like no IMEI and my camera shows too dark photos. WiFi and BT seem to work (I am connected to my wifi network at home) but it does not recognize any SIM-cards I put in.. So I have to play...
  33. juliospinoza

    Thread Android 7 update NPL25.86-30

    Hi guys, here is the latest update for the Moto Z, I have the RETMX version, you can try pushing the OTA via adb sideload and see if it works, you don't need root or TWRP. Here is the ZIP https://mega.nz/#!QANWXBiD!o_7BdD3MWKzaltNqoa5dxgePfeHflyWkU_O6LVE4B4E Please, if you have any...
  34. FleX246

    Thread [Q] Root without unlocking Bootloader

    Hello Guys, has anybody rooted the Xperia X Compact without unlocking the Bootloader? I had the Xperia Z3 Compact before and there were very good Guides to have root with a locked Bootloader. So has anybody tested a Way to use root with a locked BL? Or is someone working on that Thing? (Best...
  35. R

    Thread AOSP android 7.0 for Lenovo A536 (kernal 3.10+)

    AOSP android 7.0 for Lenovo A536 by yurapanyuk "I am not responsible for your bricks and please backup first" Instructions: Important :please follow this instruction warning: don't proceed without reading above instruction Language:multilanguage (including english) screeshot...
  36. jan177

    Thread AGM A8 /5' /IP68 Rugged /Snapdragon 410/ 3GB 32GB /Android 7 /149USD

    7caTsaUYwhE AGM A8 unit from AGM manufacturer. A budget device with IP68 and Android 7 out of the box 5.0” HD 1280x720pixels, Gorilla Glass 3 Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 1.2 Ghz Adreno 306 4050mAh battery 3GB and 32GB IP68 Android 7 more info coming soon. Website...
  37. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings] [Samsung Galaxy S7] QuickTile

    Nougat fresh on your Galaxy S7? Want to try one of the Android 7 exclusive new features? Have a look at QuickTile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widgapp.quicktile :D I do have some promo codes reserved for Galaxy S7 users, so send me a PM and I will give you a promo code...
  38. F

    Thread [CLOSED]

    Did not work properly Mod edit: Thread closed as requested
  39. dodo2244

    Thread Galaxy A5 (2016) and Galaxy A3 (2016) Nougat update being tested !!

    Yessss! Allooosh98 are you reading this... ;) :cyclops: :angel: Excerpt from https://www.sammobile.com/2017/01/09/galaxy-a5-2016-and-galaxy-a3-2016-nougat-update-being-tested/[/B]"]full article on Sammobile We exclusively reported about a month ago that Samsung has started working on the...
  40. M

    Thread Moto Z RETEU update to Android 7

    I just got the update for Moto Z RETEU. The update has 1465.6MB. I hope for battery improvement. I have test the phone with Antutu. With Android 7 Moto Z scores 133928 points, with Android 6.0.1 the phone scores 121511 points.
  41. Cocolopes

    Thread Wich rom do you want me to build for G8?

    Hi.....Im new to this device...and I want to build roms based on surdu_petru (great) work. I want to try to make roms like Omnirom, SlimRom and DirtyUnicorns but I dont have a lot of HDD space, so...I have to choose 2 roms. Please vote for the rom you want to see in G8. Im not a dev...I build...
  42. M

    Thread Best rom for Bell network

    Hey guys and girls. What would be a recommended HTC 10 custom rom with 7.x OS available for Bell network. My phone is S-OFF and unlocked and running stock 1.90.666.4 with twrp recovery. No official OTA has come out yet and i'm getting tired of waiting. :crying: I need it be stable (no beta or...
  43. TFDRA

    Thread [7.0] Enable google daydream (root needed)

    I've managed to get daydream VR up and running on my LG G5. I'm just gonna jump straight to the point and explain how I've managed to do this. To set this up, you're gonna have to be on Android 7.0, and have root access. First of all, enable ADB Debugging in your developer settings and test if...
  44. V

    Thread Call recording on Mate9

    Hello chaps, Anyone had any success with call recording on Mate9? As far as I can see, most of the play store apps can't do it. I was happily using ACR (most downloaded app on Play store) on my old samsung phone but no joy on this phone. I think it could be because of Android 7 but worth...
  45. M

    Thread Android 7 (Nougat) update for the Mediapad M3?

    Does anybody know or is there an official announcement if the Mediapad M3 will get the Nougat update? If yes, when:confused:
  46. nzzane

    Thread Z5C concept firmware?

    So the Xperia X has gotten its concept firmware... I know when the Z3 concept came out, there was a port to samsung devices How easy would it be for someone to port the latest Xperia X concept's to the Z5?
  47. SciFiSurfer

    Thread Android 7, Bluetooth headset, and auto-resume of media player when phone call ends...

    So, I posted a thread about this in the off-topic area, which may not have been the most appropriate place, and I apologize; however, getting to this area of the board is not an obvious thing when you're sitting on the initial page of the board and looking at phone devices as categories as one's...
  48. Karthik_pm

    Thread Downgraded to MM via TWRP backup, need to upgrade with root.

    Here is my story, I recently updated my moto g4 plus XT1643 Indian version to android 7. Then i tried to root with some guide from google, it softbricked my device. Fortunately i had a MM nandroid backup, i backed up and everything is alright. I tried to upgrade to android N again, but i got an...
  49. SciFiSurfer

    Thread Phone randomly plays music/videos when call is disconnected and BT headset is connect

    Hey Folks: I have googled this issue and the best I could find were out-of-date questions about only partially-similar problems, and all these posts (to the very limited extent I found them) were generally between 3 and 6 years old. Please note that I have experienced this on two different...
  50. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings][Pixel XL] QuickTile

    Want to try out QuickTile with your new and shiny Pixel/ Pixel XL? :good: Send me a PM and I will give you a promo code (while supplies last) for pro. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widgapp.quicktile Feedback always welcome ....