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android app

  1. R

    Thread [APP] Catogram - Experimental Open Source Telegram client

    Catogram Enhanced Telegram Client. Two years ago, when I just started actively using Telegram, I realized how inconvenient and inferior the official client is. We were faced with the task of making a convenient Telegram client that would appeal to everyone. At the moment, the client has a huge...
  2. A

    Thread Mobile Call divert to internet calling app?

    Hey, I have a signal problem in my area and i wondering if there is any android app that can accept call divert action(paid and free) from my service provider :(vodafone and Jio). BothI Itried several apps but too much adverts and fake apps. thanks in advance. ps : signal boosters are banned...
  3. S

    Thread Hide Blue Tick, Unseen Last Read

    No Seen–No last read helps to read the messages, and the sender will not know that you have read the message. It will not let your contacts know that you have read messages. Be like an incognito messenger. This No Seen app provides supports to the following messages: ✔ Text messages ✔ Picture...
  4. dev2900

    Thread [APP][5.0] Manage & Organize Passwords App (PROMOTION CODES)

    Hi XDA developers! EDIT: Version 1.2 released! Password generator added. 06/03/2021 EDIT : New version 1.1 released! Edit option added. 01/03/2021 I have been working for 4 months to develop this app and I am so happy to share it with you : Manage & Organize Passwords . About Manage &...
  5. scoperooy

    Thread Janella here

    Hello, Janella here. I am a new member
  6. E

    Thread {App Cleaner} Whatsapp Status Saver 2021

    Download: http://bit.ly/2YuDGDm New super fast whatsapp status saver, Custom interface Beautiful Design
  7. Jimbotron126

    Thread Noob question about apk

    So this is my first time publishing an Android app. Now I successfully convert my aab into apks and then unzip it into many smaller apk. However, now I am confused about which one should I send to my beta tester? There is so many different apk like standalone-arm64_v8a_hdpi.apk...
  8. A

    Thread [APP][5.0+] unitMeasure - ultimate unit converter app

    unitMeasure the intuitive and powerful unit converter app for Android. You might say that you don't need another unit converter, but this one will make your life easier. unitMeasure is an intuitive and ad-free unit converter app. The app contains more than 100 measurements spread over 17...
  9. S

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Heynote - Write notes on your wallpapers

    Heynote app allows you to write customizable notes on stock home screen and lock screen wallpapers. Heynote's way of displaying notes on wallpaper will get you notified without the need for any widgets or lock screen edit(Heynote writes notes directly on stock wallpaper which also can be reset...
  10. S

    Thread [App][5.0+] Easy Notes - Notepad, Notebook, Free Notes App

    Hi, I am from an Android developer team and here is our new app! It is a note taking app with lock, reminders and handwriting options. View it here in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=easynotes.notes.notepad.notebook.privatenotes.note Here are the main...
  11. AlexanderKrupenkov

    Thread [DEV] [GAME] Brain Over

    Brain Over Get in on Google play! Hi Guys! Let me present to you my new App! A brand new puzzle and riddle game Brain Over! If you like brain games and mind games then you will relax with this puzzle game and play for your brain training. ? This is a fairly challenging game, which is...
  12. tux-kid's

    Thread [APP] Save W.A Status & Send Message (Lazy W.A)

    Hi, i wanna share my Apps. it's called Lazy W.A Save Photos and Videos of your Whatsapp friends status easily. You can also send messages to new numbers without having to save them in contacts first. Download Here : Lazy W.A
  13. V

    Thread Please help me it related to Twitter app

    Two days ago I updated my twitter app and now it lags like hell. Tweets take time to open, scroll is super jittery and stuttery. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data, cache, even dalvik cache from twrp but no help. I even tried 2 to 3 versions of twitter app but no help. Also tried...
  14. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Next note - notepad

    Next note is a simple text notepad for taking notes. Google Play link Youtube link
  15. P

    Thread [APP] [FREE] [NO ADS] 0.99MB QR code Reader & Barcode Scanner: the next generation

    [APP] [FREE] [NO ADS] 0.99MB QR code Reader & Barcode Scanner: the next generation Hello XDA-developers! Due to the Corona virus, I have more time at home than usual :D. It results in this next gen QR code reader & Barcode Scanner app which is super-fast, super-lightweight and no annoying ads...
  16. RtiM0

    Thread [APP] Xedin - TV/Movies Steaming App (Ad-Free)

    XEDIN Browse, Stream, Fetch Torrents, Stream Torrents Xedin fetches data from TMDB and lets you stream content from various Fembed sites with its on customized WebView, or fetch and stream torrents directly. Features: Stream Media from Sources like VidSrc, VideoSpider, 123Files, GDrive...
  17. E

    Thread [APP][THEMES][WALLPAPERS] Wallpapers for OnePlus7 Pro v1.0 Apk

    A collection of best wallpapers in this app, features quality resolution and branded stock wallpapers collection, give you a wide choice to select your favorite wallpaper from this collection. Wallpapers for Vivo S1 app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen...
  18. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] VR checker

    VR checker is free and simple app that check compatibility of your device with vr technology. VR is now widely used when watching videos, in various games and applications, as well as for controlling drone. This application is very useful when you buy a new phone or tablet and are not aware of...
  19. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Stopwatch

    Stopwatch is free and simple time clock, that will help you to measure the time of any situation, such as: cooking, home workout, meditation, sports, running, gym workout, work tasks, etc. Chronometer have clean and simple interface is easy to operate with basic functions, start, stop, resume...
  20. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] NFC Checker

    NFC test tell you whether your device has NFC module. Check if Host card emulation (hce) available. Features: ★ Easy to use NFC test ★ Smart, minimalistic and intuitive user interface ★ NFC test quickly shows if Host card emulation (hce) available ★ 100% free Google Play link
  21. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] OS 13 Wallpapers Apk

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.os13wallpapers OS 13 Wallpapers app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types 18.5:9, 19:9 full view...
  22. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Wallpapers for Realme 3 v1.0 Apk

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.realme3.wallpapers Latest new collection of high resolution wallpapers for realme 3 ?Wallpapers for Realme 3? app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy...
  23. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Wallpapers for Oppo ASeries APP

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallapps.wallpapers.oppo.aseries ?Wallpapers for Oppo ASeries 4K HD? app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen...
  24. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Compass

    Compass is free app for navigation and orientation. Compass shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions. It's an easy way to determine direction of a true magnetic north. Compass can be used for most of your outdoor activities such as travel, camping, hiking or boating. Unlike...
  25. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] BMI calculator - ideal weight calculator

    BMI calculator is free app that allows you to calculate Body Mass Index and body fat percentage. With BMI calculator you can easily to determine underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. Knowing Body Mass Index and body fat percentage can help adult men and women understand their overall...
  26. nextappsgen

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.2+] Light Meter - Lux Meter

    Light Meter is a tool for measure lighting by using the light sensor of your device. It’s an easy way to check and compare the level of lighting for different sources. Every second, the application recalculates and updates min, max, avg value based on previously acquired values. Also with this...
  27. flamedrops

    Thread [huawei camera][custom rom]android 8

    Hey guys, it is another great work of our developer sir "askuccio" give to him the credit because he is the one who made it, i just wanted to share because of this great Huawei Camera app., Im also using Dot OS 2.4 rom made by him and it works fine. :D HW Camera Link
  28. J

    Thread Websites.co.in - Instant Website Builder App

    GET YOUR 'BUSINESS WEBSITE' DONE IN 15 MINUTES How often have you been asked, “Whats your web address/Can I see your products online?”. Its time you answer those questions with your website. Through our app you can take your business online in minutes. What's more, you can change the content...
  29. gmp009

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Barometer with Air Quality Index

    It's not just simple Altitude and Pressure Barometer App it's more than that . With our app now you can be free and call yourself a EARTHOKNOWLEDGE a person who knows all about his environment . APP UNIQUE FEATURES: Barometer: Measure Atmosphere Pressure and Altitude around you with just one...
  30. bartito

    Thread [APP] [BETA] Phone Usage Monitor

    Hello, I want present my new app. that is in beta stage but fully functional: Phone usage monitor. With this app you will be able to know when and how much you use your device and the apps that you have in it. Please, report issues, if any, and suggest more events to monitorize. Thanks Play...
  31. gmp009

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Roll The Dice 1.1

    Most of the times we get bored in our class room or even at home, always thinking about what we do to get rid of bored life :/ now don't worry this app will make your life more fun and interactive ;) Not just that it even can help you to decide your life decisions easily with magic ball ;) APP...
  32. gmp009

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Skin Care

    Tips and Remedies for your skin to make it beautiful and young. App Unique Features: * Beautiful Design * Skin Care where you will get amazing skin care tips(Oily Skin,Dry Skin,Acne tips and so on) * Tips for Men * Tips for Glowing skin * Wrinkles Tips * Nail Tips * Healthy Hairs Tips *...
  33. iQiQi

    Thread [APP][4.0+]Mideoshow-Free Video Editor

    Mideoshow is a powerful free video editor. Mideoshow is also a powerful video movie&slideshow maker for Android. With Mideoshow, you can easily create&edit your video stories and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want. NSZFcFISFs0 Download...
  34. iQiQi

    Thread Mideoshow-Free Video Editor

    Mideoshow is a powerful free video editor. Mideoshow is also a powerful video movie&slideshow maker for Android. With Mideoshow, you can easily create&edit your video stories and share with your friends & family, transforming everyday moments into works of art as you want. NSZFcFISFs0 Download...
  35. iQiQi

    Thread GooglePlay In-purchase Problem!!!

    Here are functions that I want to add it on my APP,but I don't know if it comply with the GooglePlay In-App purchase policy: 1.User can get cash reward with some vitual tasks(ex:login,publish photos...),and user can withdraw the cash 2.User can buy some gifts and materials(ex:stickers) with the...
  36. S

    Thread [FREE][NEW][GAME] Speed, Memory and Brain Android Game

    Hello Friends, this is my new Android Game please try it and give your valuable feedback. Need a simple game to kill the time? we present you TapMe, a simple addictive and a challenging game. The aim of this game is to tap the right tile among a group of colored tiles. As simple as it sounds...
  37. M

    Thread All-In-One Toolbox - A Powerful Toolbox to Maximize your Android Performance

    All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) is a an amazing Android app to optimize, manage, secure mobile device with dozens of handy tools. It helps to swipe junk files, clean up cache, free up space, kill background tasks, boost memory, speed up phone, manage apps & files, read system info, extend battery...
  38. kamalshah

    Thread How Your App Can Make Money?

    Mobile games are a huge hit amongst people from all ages. The most common problem faced by mobile game app developers is that there is very little provision to make profit and this is the reason why most of the newbie end up running out of the competition. Making a strong provision for...
  39. V

    Thread [App][2.1] YAKSOK - appointment scheduler

    [App][2.1] YAKSOK - appointment scheduler Check your upcoming appointments at a glance and add an new appointment quickly. If you have an appointment, just add in 'YAKSOK' You can add in simple ways, and check your appointments at glance in timeline. You would never miss the upcoming...
  40. M

    Thread [APP][2.2+] FlightTime Calc

    Are you a pilot and you want an easy way to calculate your log hours? Are you a pilot flying in a simulator? No problem! We have the solution for you. You are not a pilot but you would like an easy way to just add and subtract times? No problem again! FlightTime Calc is here for you. It supports...
  41. V

    Thread Explore a new mobile app everyday

    There are millions of applications and a new application launched every hour. Our usage of smartphones is growing and finding an effective app is always a challenge. We make effort to highlight new mobile apps which are brand new and serve your purpose. Join us in the conversation by...
  42. Dj Kavas

    Thread Candy Crush Jelly Saga v1.6.5 (Mod v1.0.0_)

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga v1.6.5 (Mod v1.0.0_) [CENTER] Screenshots Candy Crush Jelly Saga features: • Over 100 Jellylicious Levels • New Jelly Queen Boss Modes • Marvelous game modes including: Spread the Jelly & Release the Pufflers • Tasty new Color Bomb Lollipop booster...
  43. E

    Thread A New Social App for Android

    Hi Friends, We would like to introduce a brand-new and exciting Social shopping application to *this community. BuyAi - Let’s go shopping together! Website - http://www.buyai.com Google Play Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buyai.ss Facebook -...
  44. SteelDragonX

    Thread [new app][free] guns masters: Battlefield edition

    Hello everybody, I release today my new weapon based app: GUNS MASTERS: BATTLEFIELD. In this edition i collect higher quality of sounds from the original game and build with de best design possible. Google Play: Download The app features: 55 weapons Wav format sounds Two Selected modes...
  45. mr-evil1

    Thread Need help. Programming a new app! (File Remover)

    Hello! I desperately needed someone to write me a small app for Android! The app should be easy to move only files automatically from a selected folder to other folders when a new file is stored in the folder! Request for Answers. Thank you for your help. (Translated with Google translator)
  46. albertoa97

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Material Apps Showcase - The biggest database with Material Apps

    Ciao! I'm 17 years old italian developer and this is my first app, i did this app in my spare time, i'm still learning development. So, let's go to the app, Material Apps Showcase ,i've built an app that list all the apps that follow Material Design guidelines. I think that this is the biggest...
  47. J

    Thread [FREE] Easy Writing Free 2.3

    Easy writing help the kids to learn and write alphabets. FREE VERSION: Features: * It has 'Trace Board'. * The ‘Trace Board’ help the kids to practice to write alphabet. * This has 10 colour shades and has both the upper and lower cases. * The ‘Sound’ option gives the pronunciation of the...
  48. KaterinaDekha

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Turn your smartphone into cloud safe for your sensitive data

    Guys! Welcome new Android tool that turns your smartphone into secure cloud safe ;) Please try it (it's free) and share your feedback in comments! Hope you'll enjoy it :) Here is the link to Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudifilepro. Cloudifile Pro – turn...
  49. cyberboy_sj

    Thread [CM Themes , Android apps][All under one app]

  50. kimcy929

    Thread [APP 4.0+] Material Design Easy Touch

    Hi! I want introduction new my app. Assistive Touch is tool help you quick access app and useful tool on your phone similar Easy Touch on Iphone with Material Design [Main Features] Add app into Assistive Touch(Actions app Or Other application) Custom Panel change Panel Color or Background...