android auto wifi

  1. magicdidac

    Thread Zlink 5 | Music pauses after notification on Android Auto

    Hello everyone, A month ago, I bought a stereo with Android 11 that has Zlink 5.2.2 installed, and I used it so far with an iPhone 8 until I get the Android phone I had just bought. Everything was fine with Carplay, I used Waze and Youtube Music simultaneously and had no problems. Once I...
  2. E

    Thread [Android 4.1+]Proxy/GateWay for Android Auto

    Background - Couple of years ago Google have launched Android Auto, but up till recently the only way to connect your device to the car/head unit was to plug in a USB cable. As of 2018 this starts to change, BUT it looks like you will need to get new hardware for this and older cars/head units...