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  1. M

    Thread canbus serial port /dev/ttys1 was used Peugeot 308

    Hi I have this problem canbus serial port /dev/ttys1 was used Peugeot 308 Can any one help me
  2. M

    Thread canbus serial port /dev/ttys1 was used Peugeot 308

    Hi i have this problem can any one help me
  3. M Imran Khatri

    Thread 9212 Recovery Mode Method or Firmware for USB Flash Needed

    Hi, I got into a situation where my Car's Head Unit suddenly started asked for pattern lock which I never placed. Now, in this situation I an unable to use it. Can any one tell me how can enter into recovery mode to factory reset or may be link to its firmware so I can download and flash it.
  4. freezeaim

    Thread CarPc dongle trustworthy?

    Hey all! I have recently seen a product on youtube about this USB stick which acts as a phone itself (with a processor, RAM, etc). I'm curious, does anyone here have it and use it? Here's the link: I could really use a product like this for my car, if it works, that is...
  5. S

    Thread Eonon R53 phone screen always on

    Hi everyone. Looking at getting an Eonon r53 but have read somewhere that they don't actually offer a genuine Android auto experience and that the phone screen need to be on as long as Android auto is connected. Is this the case? I don't exactly want to have my screen on the whole time. My...
  6. R

    Thread how to turn old android into android auto wireless adapter

    Good morning Guys, I have a mobile phone in the car only for android auto, but I wanted it to be the wireless adapter, because my car does not have AA Wireless. does anyone know if it's possible? thanks
  7. G

    Thread How emulate Camera with RTSP stream in android.

    Hello. So, I have an unusable 70mai Dashcam pro which able to share stream in RTSP. I would like to use this stream in Sygic app (Navigation) for driving table sign recognition, but it's only allowed in default camera. Can I set somehow RTSP stream to default video device? (Old linux knowledge...
  8. teddyddet

    Thread Ownice Auto Ai Box Firmware Download Links

    Hi Friend. Have you been looking for the new firmware of Ownice Auto Ai Box? I have the firmware from the Ownice official store (alie-express). Now I share with you guys all. As you can see it has a date on the title, all are October versions, very new version. The way to update is very...
  9. M

    Thread Saphe Drive country restriction hack

    I look for a way to integrate Saphe into Android Auto. Its an app which shows traffic speed cameras from a EU wide netword called It works ok with this little display you have to buy, but I also want to see the...
  10. M

    Thread IPTV player on AA

    Hello, I would like to know what IPTV player do you use on AA? Currently I'm using Fermata, but I heard that IPTV pro used to work on AA.. now I cannot install it. Any other options that work well?
  11. Ankeris

    Thread CPC200 A2A - "Android Auto" Dongle? Similar to Motorola MA1?

    Hi all! I looked on the forums here and couldn't find anything about it... have you seen this carlinkit A2A adapter thing? Similar to Motorola MA1? Seems like similar hardware as the Android headunits but on a dongle and then you connect it through USB and it streams via Android Auto. The usb...
  12. merlinacious

    Thread Joying JY-HQ144N4G firmware update not fully updating Carlink

    Hi, I installed the August 15th 2022 firmware from the Joying website here on my JY-HQ144N4G going to the respective section: UIS7862 software update "Here is the firmware for 9 inch 1280*720 model without MIPI screen (As below example)"...
  13. A

    Thread Turn an old smartphone/tablet into Android Auto only

    Is it possible to create a rom similar to that of android auto, to be installed on a smartphone? I know it is possible to use maps and android auto would start automatically, but having a rom based solely on android auto would be better. For example, I get into the car, connect my PERSONAL...
  14. M

    Thread Question Android Auto

    Is Android Auto working for anyone? No matter if I connect it to my car or use wireless AA, it starts and disconnects right away and just keeps doing that over and over. I haven't been able to get it to work with anything I found online with past Samsung phones that had connection issues. Any...
  15. A

    Thread Question Android Auto not connecting with car.

    Hi, Unable to connect android auto with car and my oneplus nord ce 2 5g device. sometime keep connecting/ disconnecting automatically. Service center engineer failed to solve. What I tried : 1 usb debugging enable 2 clear Android auto app data. 3 phone restart in safe mode. 4 reinstall the...
  16. bigbrojake

    Thread New Seicane HU, is there any update/custom firmware/rom etc. for it?

    Hi! Apologies beforehand for potential stupidity, I'm brand-new here and pretty new to Android. I just bought a Seicane Android HU for my BMW E83, and was hoping to find a way to make it more usable than it currently is (in other words, less janky/chinese). I'm also having a problem where the...
  17. D

    Thread Question Android auto not working

    I'm trying to use Android Auto with my toyota yaris and my oneplus 9 pro. But whenever I plug in the usb c cable nothing happens. The phone only starts to charge. I have tried to delete the cache and storage of the app, reinstall android auto, reboot and changing the default usb configuration in...
  18. D

    Thread Android Auto in a toyota yaris

    I'm trying to use Android Auto with my toyota yaris and my oneplus 9 pro. But whenever I plug in the usb c cable nothing happens. The phone only starts to charge. I have tried to delete the cache and storage of the app, reinstall android auto, reboot and changing the default usb configuration in...
  19. metaljr81

    Thread Wireless charging paused when using wireless android auto

    Can't figure this out for the life of me. I can wirelessly charge at any time except for if I'm using wireless android auto. Is this a temperature protection thing or is it a bug? I have a damaged USB port so I'm stuck wireless for now. Samsung S21 Ultra
  20. P

    Thread Developing an Android Auto alternative that doesn't depend on play services?

    Is it possible to create an app or something for a custom rom which can display on a cars Android auto head unit without depending on google services?
  21. F

    Thread Question Nokia G21 Android Auto

    I recently got this phone and am having trouble getting "Android auto" to work with my car. I can assure you that my car is compatible, and the cables used work with every other Android phone I've tried. Is there some issue with the Nokia G21? Does android auto work for any of you?
  22. D

    Thread Junsun M810D 1G+16G - reset and firmware

    Hello, I have Junsun M810D 1G+16G for skoda. Even I have a problem, the boot is stuck and I can't solve it and no reset leaves. Can anyone help me to format the files for the flash drive and also have the latest firmware version. Thank you in advance for this situation
  23. Kaan Tonyali

    Thread Android Auto Error 22

    Hi all, I have Android Auto issue when I install some of custom ROMs, especially without GAPPS or has not built-in Android Auto app. Since I have faced this problem many times, I think it may be a common problem for other users. After I connect my phone to car visa USB cable, it gives this...
  24. SloPoke23

    Thread Question S22 Ultra Android Auto Battery Drain

    I'm wondering if anyone has run into the S22 Ultra problem where the battery drains faster than it can be charged. I'm using Android Auto on my car's screen, so AA is active while I am driving and navigating. The S22U's screen is off. It doesn't matter if I am using wireless AA with a phone...
  25. mrpeewi

    Thread HF S8 Series h209 (1024x600)

    I bought a mazda with this radio and the radio have android 8 and i want if is possible to update to android 10, i want to do this because i think this system is very old and i have problem when i want to do screen mirror with iphone, i connected my phone and dont show anything is onyl a black...
  26. diogotc

    Thread How To Guide [GSI] Fix 'Communication error 22' on Android Auto

    If you've installed a custom ROM that doesn't come with Android Auto pre-installed, you'll get the following error when connecting your phone to your car (the Android Auto app opens correctly, the error is only shown when you connect to the car): This error happens because Android Auto is not...
  27. D

    Thread AASpeechToText: an app for entering voice commands in languages not officially supported by Android Auto

    Hi all, We created a free open source application that allows you to enter voice commands for navigation and contacts on Android Auto, for languages that are currently not supported by Android Auto. The problem is that the google assistant in android auto is only supported in the following...
  28. zaid.oj

    Thread CarPlay AI box running android 11 from AliExpress

    Hello everyone, I am planning to get an android carplay ai box in my car, after searching online i saw this item which runs android 11 among other cool features like HDMI port and a remote control which make it versatile to use in places other than the car, like TV box for example! it also has...
  29. tindev

    Thread Looking for a way to turn my Samsung s7 into a Carplay device

    So I have a Samsung s7 that is just sitting in the closet collecting dust, and my car doesn't have Carplay or Android Auto. So I thought, why don't I just turn the s7 into one. Does anyone know what should I do to achieve this? What I want is basically when I turn on the device it will just show...
  30. A

    Thread UIS7862 Display/GPIO(?) pinout

    Since I've purchased the Joying JY-UQD11N6G (aka JY-UQD11N4G but with 6GB RAM/128GB) I have had nothing but problems with it. Such as: The device will not power off or sleep when the ignition is switched off no matter the configuration. The connected amp constantly remains on. 4G does not...
  31. O

    Thread Jeep Renegade - Android Auto works only first connection

    Hello every one. First of all, sorry for my bad English. In my Jeep Renegade Android Auto doesn't work anymore. Or better, it's just work only on first connection of new Android Phone. I try to explain: I plug usb cable on my new phone (Realme GT 2 Pro) and it works. When I unplug and stop the...
  32. A

    Thread UIS7862 Display/GPIO(?) pinout

    Since I've purchased the Joying JY-UQD11N6G I have had nothing but problems with it. Such as: The device will not power off or sleep when the ignition is switched off no matter the configuration. The connected amp constantly remains on. 4G does not work with one of the suggested provider's SIM...
  33. S

    Thread Question One Plus 9 Pro Anddroid 11 Wireless Android Auto Problems

    Hello to everyone! I drive a Hyundai bayon 22. my phone is one plus 9 Pro android 11. when i press the command key from the car it says oops something went wrong please try again later. but when I unlock the phone and press the command key again, it executes the command and it works perfectly. I...
  34. T

    Thread Detect Andoid Auto running on head unit with Tasker

    Is there a way to detect whether AA is running on the car head unit? I need a reminder to take my phone from the hidden wireless charger when I leave my car. So far I have made a profile which checks for wireless power + BT connection in car to trigger a message when the conditions are not...
  35. CodyFranky

    Thread Question Can't connect to android auto

    I just bought a red magic 7. I tried to connect my red magic 7 to android auto of my car but it keeps pop up the options of "connect new device for charging only or connect for media or connect for transferring file". However, no matter what option I selected it doesn't show up the android...
  36. P

    Thread Android auto giving error 22 - how to fix

    hi i have a rooted Qin F21 pro with gapps installed via magisk however when trying to use android auto it says error 22, does anyone know how to make it work and fix the error? Thanks
  37. Z

    Thread Steering wheels keys not working only on Spotify AA

    Hi all! I've recently got a Seicane HU, specifically this one, with a quad core ARM Cortex-A35. I've used the steering wheel control app to learn all the buttons necessary. They all work work great with stock the radio and the BT music player. The only issue is that the next and previous track...
  38. Agrajag27

    Thread Question Android Auto Refusing to Load

    I had a Note 9 that worked with both my cars and my son's car (all of which have different Android Auto head units) and I just upgraded to an S22 Ultra (Verizon). I just tried using my phone in my car and Android Auto starts to load and then insists I put the car in Park, but it IS in park. I...
  39. J

    Thread Eonon R03 10.1" android 11 2GB ram quadcore a55 possible root via magdisk? (RK3566) + Latest update from eonon

    Hi guys i was wondering if anyone has messed around with eonons new headunits the R03 (RK3566) i just bought it and really coming to the conclusion it needs a better audio eq the original dsp really does not cut it for a 2000w skar audio setup/ any audio setup really. i have emailed eonon...
  40. F

    Thread Question Anyone run into issues with Wireless Android Auto not connecting, "WiFi Disconnected"?

    I got my S22 a couple of days ago. Previously, I had a Pixel 5. I bought a Motorola MA1 dongle to use Wireless AA on my car. It worked perfectly with my Pixel 5. I setup my S22, and while it does connect to the dongle and recognize it as Wireless AA and all, it drops the WiFi connection after a...
  41. magicdidac

    Thread Zlink 5 | Music pauses after notification on Android Auto

    Hello everyone, A month ago, I bought a stereo with Android 11 that has Zlink 5.2.2 installed, and I used it so far with an iPhone 8 until I get the Android phone I had just bought. Everything was fine with Carplay, I used Waze and Youtube Music simultaneously and had no problems. Once I...
  42. Y

    Thread Install Google Play Services without root.

    Hi! I have LG VN220, and I would like to install google play services on it so that I can run android auto, I've found a site that made an installer for android to install google play services, store, and framework. In order to install an app on the VN220, the package name has to be renamed to...
  43. I

    Thread 2015 Toyota camry Hybrid- Energy Monitor screen on Android Auto

    Hi All, I have installed android auto+apple car play in my 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid. This is a screen short of the factory fitted screen . Just wondering how I can get this Energy monitor on the android Auto.
  44. bringbeer31

    Thread Got Scammed by Hyundai Dealership!

    Recently bought Hyundai i10 Grand NIOS (Indian Spec) and I was told that we can get an upgraded (touchscreen) head unit for an additional cost! Little did I know, after a month, its google map is still not working. The Model number is YT9216CJ_AHD_00012_V009. Today I lost my cool, went into the...
  45. Dobri24

    Thread Teyes cc3 not working after car battery was changed.

    Hello! I bought a Teyes CC3 in June 2021 for a VW Scirocco R 2012. I managed to install the product and everthing worked fine until this week when i hat to change the battery of the car. After the battery was changed the teyes stopped working. It only works when the car is in reverse mode. When...
  46. G

    Thread Question Pixel 6 Pro and Android Auto issues

    I tried to see if anyone posted a similar question but haven't found anything. Is anyone else having issues with their Pixel 6 Pro while connected to Android Auto? I have 3 issues that are bugging the crap out of me. 1. Every time I connect my phone to the car, it always pops up asking...
  47. jovianjm

    Thread The option "Preview Incoming Messages" is always turned off every time I exit Android Auto menu

    I can turn it back on, but it will turn off by itself when I exit and return to Android Auto menu. Issues with messages: Error message: NA Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display? Car's display Car / head unit make & model: KIA Sonet Phone make & model: Google Pixel...
  48. Enyer Falcon

    Thread Update Google Play Services on Huawei P40 & EMUI 11!? It's posible?

    Hello! Greetings to all... I have a Huawei P40 (not lite, not PRO, not PRO +), the normal one. The thing is, about a month ago, I managed to install Google Services and everything or almost everything works great. What is not? YouTube & Android Auto. Both applications require me to update...
  49. Feustiminator

    Thread Small OS for my Santoni

    Hello colleagues, I have a Xiaomi Redmi 4X lying around, which I want to connect permanently to my Audi A4 (2016) without a SIM card (via micro USB cable). I want only important apps to work via Android Auto - GPS, GoogleMaps,, TuneIn-Radio. The phone gets internet from my actual...
  50. A

    Thread Question Lag after android auto disconnects

    Hi all, Does anyone else get severe system lag after using android auto with this phone? Android auto works fine however the screen of the phone is incredibly laggy after unplugging from the car and the only way to fix it seems to be a full restart. im hoping it’ll be fixed on 12.5 as EEA is...