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android auto

  1. Enyer Falcon

    Thread Update Google Play Services on Huawei P40 & EMUI 11!? It's posible?

    Hello! Greetings to all... I have a Huawei P40 (not lite, not PRO, not PRO +), the normal one. The thing is, about a month ago, I managed to install Google Services and everything or almost everything works great. What is not? YouTube & Android Auto. Both applications require me to update...
  2. Feustiminator

    Thread Small OS for my Santoni

    Hello colleagues, I have a Xiaomi Redmi 4X lying around, which I want to connect permanently to my Audi A4 (2016) without a SIM card (via micro USB cable). I want only important apps to work via Android Auto - GPS, GoogleMaps, blitzer.de, TuneIn-Radio. The phone gets internet from my actual...
  3. A

    Thread Question Lag after android auto disconnects

    Hi all, Does anyone else get severe system lag after using android auto with this phone? Android auto works fine however the screen of the phone is incredibly laggy after unplugging from the car and the only way to fix it seems to be a full restart. im hoping it’ll be fixed on 12.5 as EEA is...
  4. rjokela002

    Thread Android tablet as a head unit

    This thread can be moved to right location! I’ve read the topics and none of them seem to answer my question. So. Is there a ROM that would change my tablet (Lenovo 10 inch) to a android auto. So that I could connect my phone to the tablet with BT and listen to music. The tablet would then ve...
  5. Bazeboiee

    Thread Media Error when connecting to Android Auto and Google Assistant weirdness

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else has had these issues? When I connect to my Citroen Berlingo Enterprise van via USB I get both the Android Auto connection in progress notification and another that says that the device is incompatible but charging is available. I also have issues with...
  6. noctilion

    Thread Xiaomi 11T, MIUI 12.5.4

    Hi all, maybe someone can help me. I just change my phone and i bought the new Xiaomi 11T ( it has been release on 13/10/2021, so just one week ago ). Anyway with the new phone Android Auto doesn't run. The bluethoot connection is working properly and i can do calls and send text message, but...
  7. S

    Thread Android auto widescreen speedplay

    Hello does anyone know how go get Android auto to show widescreen on any display using speedplay Ux-999 android ai box 9.0
  8. M

    Thread close thread

  9. B

    Thread Question Android Auto wireless Spotify skipping

    Hello, I have a Samsung A52s 5G with Android 11 and i'm using Android Auto wirelessly on a Kia Infotainment. The problem is that I get random mini skips (like old scratched CD), usually a couple of times for every song. I've tried till now to remove battery optimization for both Spotify and...
  10. Z

    Thread Steering wheel keys not working on Spotify AA

    Hi all! I've recently got a Seicane HU, specifically this one, with a quad core ARM Cortex-A35. I've used the steering wheel control app to learn all the buttons necessary. They all work work great with the radio and the BT music player. The only issue is that the next and previous track...
  11. D

    Thread Android Auto says to Head Unit Bluetooth "This device does not support the Auto Launch feature"

    Hi All, I am a layman in Android Development or coding. Recently I upgraded the Android Stereo in my car that is sold in India in the name of Woodman ( Its the same config of Joying UIS 7862 4GB RAM/64 GB ROM with Android 10). I am using Samsung S21 with Exynos processor in India that has...
  12. L

    Thread Android Auto in Norway

    I have big time trouble connecting my A12 Android Auto to my brand new BMW iX3. My Oneplus Nord connects flawlessly, the A12 does not. On Samsungs website I read that Norway is not among the countries allowing Android Auto...
  13. crazyboy_alias

    Thread MIUI 12.5 doesn't support Androi Auto?

    I've got this message since i updated my K30 Ultra from MIUI 12.0.xx to 12.5.5, in 12.5.3 it showed that No install app work with this USB accessory. Even when i touch OK, my phone was always freeze and lag, no way to connect Android Auto in my car. Everything worked fine with MIUI 12.0.xx but...
  14. tresillocrack

    Thread Android auto on toyota auris 2018 with toyota touch 2

    Hey, does anyone know how to install android auto to toyota auris 2018. I had my samsung s3 with drive link but stopped working ans my s4 the app crashes when I open it. Traducido al español Oye, ¿alguien sabe cómo instalar android auto en toyota auris 2018? Tenía mi samsung s3 con drive link...
  15. C

    Thread Android Auto has never worked on Rog Phone 3 Tencent

    Hi all Since I got my Rog Phone 3 Tencent edition I have never been able to get Android Auto to work on my car. Firstly, my car has Android Auto, it works with every other brand of phone so I know its not the car. When I connect phone to car by cable (tried many many cables) it says failed to...
  16. B

    Thread Mi 10 Lite + Android Auto + Skoda Octavia 5E Columbus Head Unit (MIB2) - Microphone won't work

    Hello all, First of all: My Mi 10 Lite used to work properly on an Audi Head Unit and a china Android HU with an AA box. With the china HU the phone ran with MIUI 12.1 und 12.5 I guess? I did got an update to MIUI 12.5.1 this week. I have the Skoda since 02. july, so Android Auto worked with...
  17. F

    Thread "Cancel Android Restrictions" isn't showing up

    Hey everybody, First of all I'm sorry for my english, because it's not my native language, But I really need your help and I'll try to formulate the best. So I've got a brand new Honda Civic (Hatchback 5D 1.5L 2021) and I did know about all the functions with Android Auto app, And basically I'm...
  18. I

    Thread Question Android Auto problem

    Hello, very good day. I have a Mi 11 ultra Global but since I bought it I have not been able to connect it to android auto, it seems to be a problem with the cable or with the usb input of my xiaomi (video attached) but I tried with another device with the same cable and it works , I tried the...
  19. L

    Thread Android auto without Google app?

    Hi all, I use a Moto E smartphone in which I uninstalled the Google app and all it's ok. Now I just got a new car that support Android auto, so I downloaded it on my smartphone but, when launched, it says me that I've to install Google app to proceed. Is there any way to have the Android auto...
  20. Kuniyo

    Thread Firmware Update for YT5760B

    Hi everyone, would love to seek your advice here! Recently got a head-unit running YT5760B firmware from AlieExpress for my car, and would love to update it in the hopes that Android Auto works better. :ROFLMAO: Would anyone know where I can find the firmware for this particular model please...
  21. M

    Thread [LineageOS 17.1] Android Auto

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I followed this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-unofficial-lineageos-17-1-for-asus-zenfone-4-max-q-zc520kl-zc554kl.4089735/ and I am very happy with this ROM, my Asus Zenfone 4 Max (ZC520KL, X00H) has become newer and very fast ^^ I am just...
  22. A

    Thread [PX6][MTCE] Is there a way to replace Music app, listen to whatsapp voice notes without going to a2dp app & performance issue at Android Auto ?

    Hello , I just got an Android Head unit and it is really great so far , but I have some minor issues that will be great if it can be solved. My Head unit version is : Model : Px6 (1024x600) Android Version: 10 MCU Version: MTCE_MX_v3.73_1 1. My main issue is that the default Music app is not...
  23. Glazolf

    Thread Android Auto doesn't work on Umidigi Bison GT

    Hi everybody, i'm experiencing an issue with my new BISON GT android smartphone : I previously got a Google Pixel 3a which was perfectly working with Android Auto on my Audi A3 car. Actually, when i plug the BISON GT on my car, the phone seems to start charging less than one second then the...
  24. A

    Thread Microphone noise problem with Dasaita Android Radio

    Hello! I've got a 2018 Toyota Auris (yes, i know, in the USA is named Corolla). I changed the radio for a Dasaita PX6 radio with DSP and Android 10. [**Link to the radio**](https://es.aliexpress.com/item/33011976959.html) It came with an external Microphone but they don't allow you to use the...
  25. Shandroid_94

    Thread AA disconnecting while unlocking phone problem

    Hi everyone, when I'm using AA and I unlock the phone, AA immediately goes down and few seconds later come back; it's the same of removing the USB-cable and put it back. I'm sure it's not a cable problem, but a software one.. This problem started after the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 update...
  26. Z

    Thread Malfunction with Xiaomi

    Dear XDA users! I have a problem with my android auto system in my car and unfortunately i don't know what should i do for proper operation. So in my car I have an Eonon Headunit with android 10. My phone is a Xiaomi Note 8T with Miui 12 - android 10. I bought recently an Android Dongle from...
  27. S

    Thread Android Auto

    Hi guys. Android Auto is installed on my phone but I can't open it as it is not supported in my country. I tried to use VPN but no luck. Is there a way to make it work :)
  28. E

    Thread Any way to stream hdmi source to android auto ?

    Hi, I want to connect my android tv box (XIAOMI MI BOX) to android auto car. For this purpose, I'm looking for some way to stream video from hdmi, may be using some "HDMI TO USB ADAPTER" or similar device. Any ideas? Thanks
  29. lagos911

    Thread apk and launchers

    I am starting this topic to find out some basics information's about apk files and how modify launchers apks before install them. I use ClassyKitchen to export apk from some roms which have different deisign. When I try install that apks to my rom (PX6 RK3399 with Android 10) I get an error that...
  30. L

    Thread Connect emulated device on Linux to a car (Android Auto)

    Hi! I'm trying to establish a connection between an Android Virtual Device and a car. The goal is to run the AVD on a Linux laptop and connect it to the car via USB. Ideally the AVD would recognize the car's HU (and also the other way around) which should make it possible to use Android Auto. I...
  31. C

    Thread CarTube

  32. D

    Thread Question How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I've posted this question several times in the Galaxy S8 forums but I've never got any replies, so I thought I'd try here. I have been wanting to upgrade my Exynos Galaxy S8+ to newer versions of Android, such as 10 or 11, for some time now but neither Android Auto nor Google Assistant hot...
  33. D

    Thread How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on any Android 10 or 11 ROMs. I use these 2 features every day and their lack of functionality is the only thing holding me back from upgrading from Pie. I've tried all the Android 10 and 11 ROMs posted...
  34. M

    Thread Oneplus 8T Cyberpunk Edition Android Auto

    I have a Oneplus 8T Cyberpunk with Hydrogen os, I installed all the google applications but Android Auto does not work,it just says there are no compatible apps. (connected to the vehicle). Has anyone managed to make it work?
  35. A

    Thread Alternative back up power supply for car mounted phone/ tablet?

    Hey, new to the forum and retrofitting in general in the tech world. Just recent taught myself how to solder and bought a nice Hakko soldering station and have had great success with replacing some old electronic components so it's safe to say that the DIY bug has latched on. I am a long time...
  36. TEYESAustralia

    Thread Hardware Development TEYES Australia

    Hello all, TEYES Australia is now online. The audience is not just Australia but a more western audience. XDA members are thorough in their questions and suggestions. Any value adding advice for the site would be greatly appreciated. We are working on expanding the accessory range - what do...
  37. W

    Thread Which unit is actually problem free?

    Hi forum, I'm looking for a head unit to replace the stock unit in my Mazda 6 2008. There's plenty of choice when it comes to Android head units, and they're usually very complete and affordable. Reading around the forums here though, it looks like pretty much all these units have issues. My...
  38. aKaotic7

    Thread Android Auto issues on ColourOS11

    Ever since updating to ColourOS11, android auto has been freezing on me when the screen is off however activating the screen will unfreeze it. Is anyone else experiencing this or if anyone knows a fix besides 30m screen timeout.
  39. D

    Thread Lineage_dream2lte & Android Auto

    I instale the Android 10 (lineage.. and Gapps) on my S8+ . All ok ,Thanks to the developer . The only problem is with Android Auto and the usb connection in Lineage software... maybe authorities usb choice is not to file tranfer... In S8+ with original samsung os "android 9" the application...
  40. shmykelsa

    Thread [ROOT ONLY] AA AIO TWEAKER - The ultimate Android Auto Utility

    Good morning, Thank you very much for a great job. These apps are amazing. I use AA AIO Tweaker, AA Extras, AA Wallpapers, Icons Specjal. Android Auto finally looks great and I am waiting impatiently for new solutions. Unfortunately, I have a problem. My phone is xperia z5 compact A 7.1.2...
  41. S

    Thread Wireless Charging Android Auto Compatible Battery Case

    Picked up a Newdery battery case for the Note 20 Ultra. It gives full coverage protection and can be charged wirelessly. It also works great with android auto as well. It is screen protector friendly and when you lay on a table it is stable because it lifts up the entire phone. Video HERE...
  42. Geekser

    Thread Improved ANDROID AUTO Connection

    I have a Kenwood Head Unit (Aftermarket) installed in my BMW X1 and I use Android Auto everytime I am in the car. I have used both Wireless and USB Connection but find that the USB Connection is a better experience. However, up until recently, even using USB (my original Samsung USB C cable) I...
  43. R

    Thread phone (Miui 112.0.1 QGGEUXM ) not charging in car medianav evolution v2

    Hello all, i have a renault. Last year with miui 11 somewhere in december my phone charged just fine wehn it was connected to the car. Android auto worked fine as well. Now with Miui 12 it stopped chargin. THe charging indicator on my phone goes of and on every second. Tried all the tricks...
  44. spikedtea

    Thread Call for Help. 2020 Toyota Corolla Entune 3.0

    I have a 2020 Toyota Corolla. I know that some versions of Toyota's infotainment system exist where android auto is supported. I was wondering if anyone has tried to replace the OS with the one from the Corolla hatch that I hear does support AA? Or does anyone know of another solution?
  45. L

    Thread Connecting Essential Phone to Skoda / VAG via Android Auto or MirrorLink interface

    Howdy, Does anyone have a clue how to connect PH-1 to Skoda via either Android Auto or MirrorLink interfaces? I've tried connecting the devices to my Skoda '17, and it failed 99 trials out of a hundred. In most of attempts made to connect the phone to the headunit the were no reactions on the...
  46. un.droid

    Thread Android Auto stopped working and now can't even install from APK

    Hi guys I had AA working perfectly on my p30 pro (android 10) and suddenly my car does not react to the phone. The weird stuff styarted to happen when I tried differect AA versions I had downloaded from APK mirror. initially the app installed but did not appear in the apps drawer, and under the...
  47. shmykelsa

    Thread [THEME][SUBSTRATUM][7.0+] Extras For AA Collection - Personalize look of AA

    Are you bored of Android Auto UI? You can't stand the fact that on your car you have two clocks on the screen? Do you want to personalize your look of Android Auto tweaking the UI to your likings? If yes is the answer to any of the questions above, you are in the right place! Meet Extras...
  48. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread Android Auto on the Asus ROG Phone II - does it work? Considering buying

    Hi all, I'm considering the Asus ROG Phone II for my next phone, but I wanted to find out if anyone has used Android Auto (with a car's built-in touchscreen) without any issues? For example, My Pixel OG works perfectly with Android Auto, the HTC 10 and Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra both work although...
  49. R

    Thread Android auto

    Is anyone else having issues using Android Auto with this phone? Came from a Pixel 3 and never had an issue. When I connect to my receiver, AA says it is connected but doesn't start in my phone or on the receiver. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks.
  50. N

    Thread Latest Android Auto Interface when using Seicane Headunit?

    I'm currently looking to purchase a Seicane headunit for my 2008 Accord, but really just want to connect my phone via USB to use Android Auto on it. I've read up on the Autokit app, I'm guessing I need the Carplay/Android Auto USB Dongle as well...