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  1. LD55

    Thread Android head unit + CANBUS shows "Trip computer information" menu in Chinese language

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my Peugeot 206CC to an XY-AUTO android(11) unit (F9211B Model), I also connected it a CANBUS (Model: PA-SS-01/RP5-PA-104) which is working properly. The only problem I got after connecting and configuring the CANBUS decoder with 206 configuration is the following...
  2. D

    Thread Xtrons ix speedometer

    Hi,hope this is the right thread. Has anyone got any experience with the Xtrons UI. Everything works as intended but for some reason the speedometer doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried all options. The gps signal is fine and all other apps show speed but not the speedometer in the ui itself
  3. D

    Thread Question Owner's advice? Best vendor and/or model for speed, reliability, at ~$450 USD

    Except for the longest time I used rock chip for like my last few head units except for the last one which had an auto chips chipset in it which I was not a fan of and subsequently sent back for a return. As I'm waiting on a return I'm debating on whether or not to get a like Tesla style head...
  4. auto256

    Thread Junsun V1 Pro White flash on startup

    (Sorry for bad English) Hello, I recently bought a Junsun V1 Pro 4G 2Gb RAM from Aliexpress, the unit was working fine but recently it started to flash every time I turn the car on. I read on other Threads that it could be the Firmware, when I try to update the unit I always get an error...
  5. max8236

    Thread Android head unit doesn't turn on

    Hey, I have a px5 head unit that was on android 6.0.1, I updated the mcu from version MTCE_HZC_v.75 to v.94 I tried to flash android 8 rom using an image I found online, so I booted the unit into recovery mode and selected update image, and then the unit restarted and never turned back on before...
  6. Peter studio tech

    Thread Brand new UIS8762 qled 6gb 128gb 8core never started, and no support from Witson

    Hi,:) I've been googling and searching here and on Youtube for three weeks and I can't find any help. My brand new head unit doesn't start, and has never started. The touch buttons don't work so after hours and days seaching the web I found out that I could at least get it to the boot logo by...
  7. D

    Thread Need help identifying Android 12 HU

    So I got this thing from Amazon there's like 300 bucks on sale so it's worth a little bit more than that which from my experience with previous PX3 px5 systems usually if you spend a little bit more you get a better quality product. But this one doesn't seem to be an mtcb or an MTC I can't...
  8. I

    Thread What are some useful APK files you can get for your android head unit?

    If anyone has any useful or cool apps they wanna share that has improved their unit or made it look better I would like if you can share it. I haven’t downloaded any apk files but I guess u just download it from a website and uploaded it to your usb and downloaded it from your head unit. Is...
  9. I

    Thread Junsun v1 pro mtk8259 android head unit all saved data gets reset after reboot.

    So I’m currently having issues with my android head unit but just wanted to ask about the problem where any setting gets reset/reverted after reboot. Can someone please help me with this issue? I have tried contacting the seller, in which he showed me to change (for instance) the volume settings...
  10. nbhagat

    Thread Adjusting Screen Color Temperature on Dasaita Vivid11 PX6

    I recently installed a Dasaita Vivid 11 PX6 Android Head Unit in my car. However, I have noticed the screen is quite blue. The things that should look white look completely blue. Does anyone know how to adjust the screen temperature of the screen? I have checked if there is a setting in "Factory...
  11. U

    Thread Some problems on Eonon Q03pro head unit

    Hi guys! Just installed a Eonon Q03pro Android 10 head unit. Right after installation I have the last 1cm at the bottom of the screen which is unresponsive: I also have WiFi automatically turned off and Hotspot automatically turned on after power on: I'm seaching for fixes... Any...
  12. FriedTM

    Thread Ts-10 ahd 720 30fps no color in signal

    I just got my TS-10 Android head unit up and running but my reversing camera remains black and white. I can't figure out why this is and there doesn't seem to be any setting I can find that will fix it.
  13. iamrance.asa

    Thread General FYT Tesla Style Head Units (UIS7682) - Root, Mods, etc.

    The specific unit that I have is by Navitech and for 2004-2008 Acura TL models. The Unit is shown here. However, this will work for other units as well and not only for this unit. Now there is a lot of debate to if you really need root on these UniSoc/Spreadtrum FYT units. There is also a good...
  14. Sound777

    Thread Bypassing audio DSP in android head unit

    Hello everyone, I’m and audio engineer and not a developer, but I thought you guys might be able to help me with something. I purchased a android unit for my car (2016 Range Rover), it uses the cars factory audio system, it can mirror the stock screen to the new android screen (for access to...
  15. madgstik

    Thread Help Identifying My Head Unit

    Hi guys, Can someone please help me identify this device ? I been struggling for months now ... the unit went in bootloop and no way to get in recovery mode with the reset button ... I'm looking for a firmware to flash but this is really difficult to find a suitable one when I don't know what...
  16. ziyan771

    Thread Old Andriod Head Unit Software Update available

    Hi.. I have old Andriod Head Unit .. Is there any software updates available for this model. ( Toyota Aurion 2008 Model)
  17. M

    Thread Kiwi Browser keeps crashing on Android Head Unit PX6

    Kiwi Browser keeps no longer work after last updates on my Android Head Unit, Android 10, PX6 . I have already done: -Close the app, -Clear cache, -Delete data, -Uninstall the app, But it still doesn't work Anyone who had a similar problem who was able to fix it? MCU: MTCE_OLS_V3.62_1...
  18. reaL3ty

    Thread Ford Fiesta 2010 Android unit caused some problems

    Hello there all, I recently installed an android head unit from AliExpress, and everything went well until I first noticed that non of the buttons on the wheel worked. I saw many posts about this, but I didn't mind as I really didn't use it much. However, I got a professional to install the...
  19. B

    Thread Reverse camera no image.

    Hi There, I have installed a generic android 10.1 - 2GB (RAM)+32GB (ROM) unit and have an issue with the reverse camera. When in reverse, screen blanks out but no image. I have had the unit and the camera replaced and have had 2 experienced installers look at the problem but no fix. Does...
  20. aRaychan

    Thread New Car launcher Infinite (iLauncher) last update version V7.5.0 - Fix TS18 head unit can't read image problem

    last update version V7.5.0, Fix TS18 head unit can't read image problem. download link: New Car Launcher infinite(iLauncher) last update version V7.3.6, fix theme download alway loading problem, download link: When encountering use problems...
  21. J

    Thread Android App That Automatically Starts Phone Hotspot When Bluetooth Connects?

    Hi, All. A few years ago I used an Android app that would automatically start my phone hotspot when I got in my car and the Bluetooth connected. I don't remember exactly which app it was but I have tried almost everything on the Play Store without success. Does anyone know of a working app that...
  22. bigbrojake

    Thread New Seicane HU, is there any update/custom firmware/rom etc. for it?

    Hi! Apologies beforehand for potential stupidity, I'm brand-new here and pretty new to Android. I just bought a Seicane Android HU for my BMW E83, and was hoping to find a way to make it more usable than it currently is (in other words, less janky/chinese). I'm also having a problem where the...
  23. L

    Thread XY Auto head unit bootloop

    Hi! I would like to ask for a factory or new firmware, because my Ossuret head unit make bootloop. 2GB+32GB, Quad core, 8", Android 10, bough from Ossuret Factory store. The RST button reset not working. Model number(?): ADQVW8004 Details: On the motherboard: R9216-VER0.5 XY AUTO 2020-05-21 XY...
  24. L

    Thread All new to this!! So please be patient with me. HELP!!!

    Okay first off thank you for letting me join the site I do appreciate it. So I have a head unit I have ordered off of Amazon. It’s from china how ever…. I hate the way it is and every thing about it so I need help with changing the firmware, rooting and or what ever I need to do to be able to...
  25. J

    Thread Help in identifying my Android Head Unit

    Hi All, first post, 1. I did a search on google and XDA for key info I obtained from the unit, no luck. 2. The unit resembles this unit - but mine is 10.1 Inch but the interface and apps are basically identical to this unit. -...
  26. KEDARK95

    Thread Can we change CAN Type and will it affect anything

    I have a chinese headunit (Allwinner with T3 processor not rooted), there are many things that I am confused about. 1. Says android 10 in settings, but doesn't feel like it as it gives very few setting options. *Thinking to update the android version, how to do it & will it be safe to do so...
  27. Shersman82

    Thread Question Android Head Unit with no Advanced Settings

    Hi, I purchased an android head unit with CarPlay for my Toyota Camry 2016. Everything works fine but steering wheel controls and everything relating to car settings. I figured it was compatibility issues and headed to the canbus settings. To my surprise the head unit has basic device settings...
  28. A

    Thread Head-Unit recommendation

    Im looking to upgrade my actual head-unit (unbranded 9" ac8227l with 1g/16g), i really only care on the sound (decent) and wireless carplay, any unit you can recommend with a $170 usd budget, i already look on some units on aliexpress but the shipping is usually more expensive than the head-unit...
  29. milestone89

    Thread android stereo head freeze in logo

    hi guys good day, can somebody help me I bought an Chinese android head stereo now it freeze on logo I tried reset button, tried 5 fingers tricks but still no luck. this happen when I tried to access the settings and restart. thank in advance
  30. Chris Laymon

    Thread Question Calling All JOYING Snapdragon and Android 10 Head Unit Users! Seeking Experience Stories and Answers to Questions! Prospective Buyer!

    Hey everyone! I am brand new to this forum and joined because I saw the most quality forum threads on the Joying head unit line of products here than any other forum I could find. I have a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette that I am hoping to install an 8" Joying Snapdragon radio in and could use some...
  31. pepeillo2136

    Thread Help to update Firmware YT9216C

    This is the System Info: System: Android 8.1 kernel: 3,18,22 YT9216C_AHD_00005_V004_20190426_HIFI CAN Pro: RAISE-MAZDA6/CX-7-V4.6-connect DDR 1G FLASH 16G cpu A7 1.3Ghz x 4 Capacitance: 10000 uF DISPLAY 1024x600 MCU1: HW8227L-3.3-SWD-2.8
  32. E

    Thread Unbrick Android Head Unit YT9216BJ

    Hi Guy's I tried to install the new version of my head unit, which i got from xygala. After the update finished i got stuck on a bootloop. Unfortunately i did not make a backup... Accidently i formated the device incl. the bootloader - now i am stuck with a device which isn't doing anything...
  33. SullykG

    Thread Philips CID-6680 Android Unit Help

    Hey guys, i recently purchased and installed a Philips CID-6680 in my little brothers 2010 Mazda 3. All is working well including steering wheel controls. My issue is that I am unable to find much information on this unit. It was advertised as a 10.1" screen however a 9" frame fit perfectly...
  34. A

    Thread YT9216C 8227L Disable security warning screen on boot

    How can I disable the security warning screen that shows up upon boot? Please find the attached screenshot
  35. S

    Thread Android Headunit Radio App Not Appearing in Other Launchers

    I really like the headunit and the default launcher is good tbf but I love tinkering with things and not leave anything stock, (a reason enough for me to never be an apple product user 😅) so this problem is kinda frustrating because it doesn't allow me to use other launchers like carwebguru and...
  36. R

    Thread Android Head Unit issues with AUDI A3

    Hi, I recently upgraded my AUDI A3 2015 with Android Head Unit and external camera purchased through AliExpress, my reverse camera is showing black screen, although it detects the reverse mode but no image. Please help.
  37. Ahsandon00788

    Thread YT9218C Firmware upgrade help

    Hi, I have YT9218C (8227L) android head unit running on Android 8.1Go (2018) with 2GB ram. Screenshot attached. I want to know that can I update my device to XY auto android 9.1 or android 8.1 (latest build) ? Is there any chance I brick my device? If I can install it then which version...
  38. justinP.

    Thread 8227l audio bug

    Good day! I have 8227l head unit Y9218_00002_V004_20200610 android 8.1 go 1gb ram 16gb rom Latest firmware version installed, I just encountered a bug when I closing the car setting recent app the audio suddenly boosts to loud and when I turned off the engine and turned on again simply the...
  39. Harjeev13

    Thread Update for K2001N_XZ

    Hello, i have a Android head unit and I'm looking for updates for it. I searched but nothing came up in this forum , so i wanted help to find new Android update for my unit. It has 2gb ram and 16gm rom. I have also attached the pic of unit information. Please help.
  40. J

    Thread CarPlay Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hi! My car came with an android head unit pre-installed. Apparently it comes with a CarPlay module as it pops up in my phone settings but whenever I try to connect it never manages to connect the phone just quits (it doesn’t even shows an error). I have tried to to install Zlink but the only...
  41. J

    Thread Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hi! My car came with an android head unit pre-installed. Apparently it comes with a CarPlay module as it pops up in my phone settings but whenever I try to connect it never manages to connect the phone just quits (it doesn’t even shows an error). I have tried to to install Zlink but the only...
  42. ExtremeMOD

    Thread Delete this thread please

    Delete this thread please
  43. L

    Thread Battery drain after Android head unit installation | PX5 | 4GB | 64GB | MCTE_MX2

    Hello All, I recently installed a new Android Head Unit on my Peugeot 407 (PX5 | 4GB | 64GB | MTCE_MX2). Detailed specs below. Ever since the installation of Head Unit, my battery has been going flat. I tried trickle charging my battery few times but it keeps going flat in few days / weeks...
  44. ExtremeMOD

    Thread [Guide] Speed Hacks for Android Head Units

    Hi all, This is a very short guide on how to vastly improve the speed of your Android Head Unit, particularly if you only have 1 Gb RAM. It's important you understand what you are doing as any of these hacks can cause your unit to stop functioning properly. If unsure, post your questions here...
  45. L

    Thread Flashing a custom ROM on a ZED AN817DK?

    Hey fellas, I've done some flashing on android before, but only on smartphones, instead of a car multimedia. My model is ZED AN817DK. It looks like this: The launcher it came with is kinda disgusting, so I installed Nova Launcher instead. Regardless, the system barely works, even on the...
  46. ExtremeMOD

    Thread [GUIDE] Android 8 API27 SUPERMOD for YT9216BF YT9216CFJ YT9216BJ YT9216BFJ YT9216CJ - root, Viper4Android, TWRP, Custom UI, brick recovery and more

    Hi all, If you want to greatly improve the way your head unit works, sounds and looks like - you've come to the right place! Why install this? With this package you will greatly improve: Stability Speed User Interface Sound tweaking options Customisation options ON PHYSICAL...
  47. D

    Thread Android Head Unit Update

    Hi, so i have bought before 2 years D-Noble 10,2 " head unit .It has become buggy lately. I searched on internet but can't find any info about update and unit has no option for OTA. Seller does not respond to questions . I would like to update it to higher Android version if that's possible...
  48. Xenocea

    Thread Which Android Headunit out of these?

    I'm looking at purchasing an Android for my 2012 Toyota Aurion ZR6. So far these two stands out for me in terms of specs and feature wise. Both are Octa cores with 4gb ram with a storage capacity of 64GB & offer near identical features as well in regards to wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto...
  49. ExtremeMOD

    Thread [GUIDE] Android 6 SUPER MOD for YT9216BJ - root, Viper4Android, TWRP, custom UI, brick recovery and more

    Hi all, If you want to greatly improve the way your head unit works, sounds and looks like - you've come to the right place! Why install this? With this package you will greatly improve: Stability Speed User Interface Sound tweaking options Customization options Following our previous Super...
  50. tsjose

    Thread Help needed with Bootloop

    Hi everyone! My name is Tiago and I'm new here. Recently I decided to upgrade my Peugeot 307 cc (2004) with an Android head unit and everything worked fine for 2 days after I got stuck in a boot loop :/ Does anyone knows how to solve this? If even possible... I've been in contact with the...