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  1. C

    Thread [APP] Device ID Changer for Oreo (16/Apr)(v0.9.3-stable)

    A simple and elegant App that help you monitor Android IDs on Oreo devices. Looking for a Command Line Tool? see The Original Thread Screenshots Notice Root privilege is required Works only on Oreo(+) (Target 8.1 API27/Min 8.0 API26) Please be advised that any modification...
  2. B

    Thread Wechat crazy security hack titanium backup [Root]

    Well, wechat has always been a problem for me since I change ROM, device many times, sometimes even with a clean flash of the same ROM, or just a reset. I always have a nandroid backup and a titanium backup, unless I am faced with a bootloop issue and lose system partition. ( I still recover my...
  3. piit79

    Thread How to Restore/Change Android ID in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    I haven't found this posted anywhere so figured it might be useful to others as well. When you reinstall Android it is set up as a new device with a new unique Android ID. This ID is often used by apps to identify the device - for example all my internet banking apps use it to register the...
  4. W

    Thread [Q] Copy JB android ID to KitKat?

    Does anyone know a way to copy the android ID from stock to an installed CM11 KitKat ROM? I have a registered app on my stock ROM that wants to see the same ID in my installed CM11. Titanium backup does not seem to support copying the ID to the new KK version.
  5. grubby0

    Thread [Q&A] Task650's AOKP(FAQ) (AT&T)(SGH-I747)(3-12-14)

    This thread has been created strictly for Questions and Answers Dealing with AOKP KK Follow Task on G+ This thread has been created for people to share issues and question they may encounter while using this version of AOKP Please do not clutter the Development...
  6. Ravaged Pheonix

    Thread [Q] Need to reset Android ID (resolved)

    After flashing a new rom, ran into a problem I have never seen before. I could not restore my apps from Titanium Backup. It won't even list them. I know I have the directory set correctly. Even had TB search for the right directory, and it shows files there, but when I go to do anything in Batch...
  7. rosenbj

    Thread [Q] Elocity A7 and Android ID

    I owned an Archos and returned it. Aside from the 256MB of RAM really bothering me about the potential upgrades, the deal breaker was on the Froyo update, the "Android_ID" field was left blank (NULL). There are several apps. that require the Android_ID to be set and one of them is the...
  8. K

    Thread Where is the android ID stored?

    Closest I've come to an answer is that it is stored in a database, but I'm having a hard time finding which one, and it makes it even harder when the search term is only two letters long... id
  9. Endoran

    Thread [Q] Android ID

    Hi everyone, I searched a lot on this forum and others and I couldn't find an answer to my problem (or even if my problem is a big deal). I flashed Assonance with the include kernel, my first ROM flash =-) and I did a lot of research before I did it and decided to backup my Android ID...which I...
  10. G

    Thread [Solved] Tried to change Android ID, not rom is not booting

    Hi Everyone, I'm running a rooted HTC Evo with Fresh Evo on it. I understood that the reason AppBrain's fast web installer does not work is because the "Android ID" on the device is the same, and it needs to be unique... I changed the Android ID, and now the phone only get's up to what...
  11. A

    Thread [Q] android id on the Droid X

    Hi guys, I wrote the Android ID Changer (see the market) and it appears not to work with the Droid X 2.2. I wrote using the Galaxy S as a development/testing platform and apparently things are different enough. Can anyone point me to the procedure for manually updating the android id on the...