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  1. M

    Thread What would happen if i used dd to overwrite bl with samsung?

    I have galaxy j7 prime 2 (SM-G611F) which run with Android 9 with S3 bootloader and I was trying to downgrade to Android 7.1 with U1 bootloader which fail even If bootloader is unlocked because of samsung restrictions, so I was thinking about rooting the device with magisk (or use a custom...
  2. sgam3r09

    Thread IMPORTANT: LG K40 front camera stopped working

    Hey guys, to a friend of mine, owner of the LG K40, the selfie camera does not work, as soon as you open the camera app, pressing "Take a selfie" (because it does not make you switch the camera opening it normally) the message "Camera keeps stopping" comes out. Clearing the cache doesn't solve...
  3. zohaibahmedpk

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (J530F) Binary: 8 Android: Pie (Need help!)

    I recently flashed my device with the latest firmware (Binary: 8) downloaded from sammobiles. The binary it had before flash was 6. Now it is boot looping and would not boot up normally. It goes into recovery but it shows some errors. Please look into the attached images (both download mode and...
  4. Mkami

    Thread witson android 9 pie cropped screen help

    Hello XDA community hope you're all doing well! I recently installed an after market double din deck which is android 9 pie by witson. I decided to update the firmware to a 10 after booting everything on screen is stretched or not even fully showing instead everything looks cropped. I am not...
  5. KIBS2173

    Thread Nokia 6 (2017) march security patch update now released !!

    Hi y'all So kinda happy today, Nokia HMD Global sent out a new security update for the NOKIA 6 (2017) model. Not a big surprise but glad they are sending out patches for the phone. Wish they could fix the bug and the lag on the Android Pie software though. FOR DEVELOPERS, PLEASE CREATE A...
  6. Rush

    Thread [GUIDE] Install Oxygen OS on Moto G5s Montana

    Information: this has been moved into the roms/kernels/recoveries section of the moto G5s, please look for updates there! UPDATE! SEE LATEST POST BELOW! Changelog -Fixed Reboot/shutdown not working thanks to erfanoabdi for creating the fix and the @G5Treble group on Telegram for...
  7. W

    Thread Stuck on Android 8! NEED HELP in selecting firmware to flash.

    Recently bought a used samsung galaxy s9 plus. It is stuck on android 8. When I try to update it it says that I'm already on the latest software. When I tried to search for firmware to flash manually I got confused because CSC is XAA which refers to unlocked version but currently installed...
  8. oneandroidnut

    Thread Downgrade back to Android Pie from Offical Android 10 OTA Possible?

    Is it possible to odin back to android pie from the offical OTA of android 10 from today? Unlocked note 10 plus 975u1 on verizon. Anybody know if bootloader is the same version and flashing the odin files will cause and issue?
  9. T

    Thread [SOLVED] Xiaomi Mi A1 - Video recording broken after updating to 9.0

    Hi, I updated OTA to latest (December 1 security patch). I have magisk to I did the install to the second slot. I had some issues with boot loops, but it all worked out by switching slots back and forth, uninstalling and reinstalling magisk in TWRP. Now I'm on Android 9.0. Yay. But my video...
  10. Sh4rkill3r

    Thread [MDZ-22-AB] Mi Box S get Android 9 PIE Beta 2205 update

    Changelog (Partial): • Reading and writing via USB; • New settings menu interface; • Audio via USB; • S/PDIF option in audio settings; • Special access for apps, such as overlap; Amazon Prime video as system app • New interface when pressing the volume button; • Screenshot while holding on / off...
  11. L

    Thread [ROM] Unofficial LineageOS 16.0 PQ3A.190801.002] for ZTE Blade S6 (P839F30)

    DISCLAIMER Do not mirror my builds! Please post a link to this thread instead. All information and files — both in source and compiled form — are provided on an as is basis. No guarantees or warranties are given or implied. The user assumes all risks of any damages that may occur, including but...
  12. U

    Thread Can somebody make 9 Android ROM from ROG 2?

    Hi. Is it possible to take the WW ROG 2 Rom and make it compatible with ROG 1 device?
  13. eladkarako

    Thread [null]

  14. peconaut

    Thread [Guide] [SM-T350] Root and Update Galaxy Tab A 8.0 to ANDROID PIE

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, or any other hardware malfunctions that come as a result of flashing anything. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it Hey everyone, I am writing this guide because I spend all day trying...
  15. mauriciognr

    Thread Galaxy A10: AnTuTu Benchmark results

    I ran AnTuTu Benchmark v7 on a Samsung Galaxy A10 (SM-A105M). Result: 74705 points Firmware: Stock Video: Maybe you guys can also run the test and post your results.
  16. M

    Thread Android Pie officially announced on the LG V20

    UPDATE: Official Pie now rolling out on Korean variants (F800K/L/S) Good news LG V20 owners, it looks like your handset will receive Android 9.0 Pie in the not too distant future after all. While the South Korean company pushed the roll-out of Pie to its successor from Q2 to Q3, there is...
  17. arco68

    Thread [ROM][GT-I9295][UnOfficial][9.0.0] LineageOS 16.0 for S4 Active

    Replaced with official builds. Go here: LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 9.0 (Pie), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over...
  18. serajr

    Thread [XPOSED] [P] [XPERIA HOME - LAUNCHER 3] Xperia Home X (P) - v1.0.0

    AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Features: General: - Theme Override (Default | Light | Dark) - Icon Pack Override (Icons replecement) - Icon Size (Shortcuts icon size) Workspace: - Grid Rows (Up to 8) - Grid Columns (Up to 8) - Resize All Widgets (Make All widgets resizeable) - Widgets Vertical Padding...

    Thread VTR-L29 C432 - Android Pie DLOAD signed firmware?

    I would like to ask you guys if there is a DLOAD method package somewhere? I cannot find anything, I would like to manually update from VTR-L29 (C432) to the stable Android Pie build. Any help is much appreciated!
  20. flamedrops

    Thread [Treble][9.0] Descendant ThreeDotZero.

    Descendant is a customized Android that aims to add useful tweaks over Android 9. Features: link Device works confirmed: Mate 10 lite. ROM: link Guide: Again flash at your own risk, don't blame others for your action. 1. reboot to recovery wipe dalvik/Art Cache, Cache, Data, Internal...
  21. H

    Thread TWRP flashing problem in Android P

    I successfully unlocked the bootloader and rooted my Mi A2 using the patched boot img method (flashing the patched boot image with Magisk to root). But now I want to install a custom ROM and for that, I need to install TWRP. I tried to find a lot in forums but couldn't find any help with Android...
  22. Z

    Thread P20 lite Emotion UI 9.1 review

    So finally, Huawei has released the new EMUI 9.1 for the P20 lite! In this thread I will be doing a full review of this update. This will include: performance, battery life, UI, bugs & other things. 1) Performance Personally, I feel like the performance is terrible now. The phone boots up...
  23. quicksite

    Thread Seeking Android 9 ROM rec & best practices for Note 4 TMO

    Requirements: • Android 8 or 9 • Pie's "Recent Apps" UI • Pie's Volume Slider • want to use Samsung's GoodLock or SystemUI for enhanced Notifications • want to use ACR Pro (Automatic Call Recording) and I don't understand if Android 9 ROMs all block call recording apps per Google policy, or if...
  24. quicksite

    Thread Returning to Note 4 after Pixel XL on Pie: Q's re rooting, GoodLock, Call Recording

    Help orient me please. I haven't rooted a phone in over a decade, not sure whether to or not. Please help me assess these pros and cons regarding the feature set I want most. (Apologies this is a narrative vs bullet-pointed; please bear with me) 1. IN GENERAL/ NOTE4 RELIABILITY OF MOTHERBOARD...
  25. E

    Thread How to Upgrade to Pie but Keep Oreo Bootloader for Downgradability?

    Hi I am skeptical on Pie but really wanna try it becaues of the dark theme. However I'd like to be able to roll back to Oreo if Pie annoys me. Anyone know how I can install Pie but keep my Oreo bootloader so I can downgrade if I want to? Also how would you prevent your bootloader from...
  26. A

    Thread Google pixel Immersive, constantly shows/hides Nav Bar and Notification Bar

    I recently bought a used google pixel. I tried setting immersive mode with an app i downloaded called fulscrn. However when I initialized and gave permission to draw on top of other apps, it keeps hiding and showing the nav and notification bar. Its almost like taps are being emulated on the...
  27. rroyy

    Thread Samsung S7/S7 Edge to get Official Android 9.0 Pie Update

    Wi-Fi certification shows S7 got Wi-Fi certification today with Android Pie 9.0 that means we'll see official 9.0 update soon. Since these devices has same processor with Note FE it was expected but now we have official proof that it's coming. You can check certificates here. SM-G930S...
  28. D

    Thread On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue?

    On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue? Hello! I've searched far and wide and have read tons of complaints about this issue, but no resolutions. Those complaining posts I found were from several months ago, so I was hoping maybe a resolution came about...
  29. turbolaceup

    Thread Questions with Pie gesture navbar with no hints

    So when you slide right on home line with hints showing, it let's you slide through your recent apps. How do you do this when you hide the lines aka hints?
  30. litening

    Thread Allow <app> to enable Bluetooth? Turn off user confirmation in Android P.

    Since updating to Android Pie, apps need user confirmation when changing system settings like turning on bluetooth. This defeats the purpose of automating processes with apps like tasker. Had been looking for the solution on the web for a while and had not found any posts providing a solution...
  31. Dbzfan

    Thread No Root Hotspot on Pie 9

    I was messing around with the settings on my phone using a old method and somehow got hotspot working. I'm gonna go step by step what I did. Download ADB: Extract At the top of your folder explorer copy the location of...
  32. um009

    Thread Galaxy Note FE Android Pie XXU4CSC4 Direct/Fast Download

    Galaxy Note FE N935F has got the Android Pie update. The update is out in the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have downloaded the XTC and KSA version and uploaded it on the fast mirror. Phillippines Download: N935FXXU4CSC4_N935FOLB4CSC1_XTC.ZIP Saudi Arabia Download...
  33. justmoto92

    Thread Is this Normal SOT? Note 9 EXYNOS SOT drop dramatically after PIE update? UPDATED.

    1st photo - Note 9 Exynos 512GB 2nd photo - Note 9 Exynos 128GB (battery life seems abnormal??) 3rd Photo - Both running the same Android PIE firmware. After updating to Pie, the battery life became really bad. From 9 hours SOT to 1-3 hours SOT... Both phones on power saving method (medium)...
  34. V

    Thread [Share] OFFICIAL Mokee 9.0 (android pie) nightly non treble for Zte Nubia Z11 nx531j

    Until Few Days back i was almost certain that My Z11 will be on android Nougat till its last charge but thanks to our great Devs i was wrong(gladly) Behold... official Mokee 10.0 for our beloved mighty Nubia Z11 I am sharing this link so that more users can experience it. Make sure you are on...
  35. E

    Thread 3d Wallpapers App v 1.0 3d Wallpapers app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types 18.5:9, 19:9 full view...
  36. A

    Thread MI 8 Lite | Global Stable Android Pie Update Released

    Hey guys. Good news miui 10.2.2 Global stable justt released with android 9 base. links: Recovery Fastboot...
  37. fbirraque

    Thread [News][Official Android Pie] Redmi Note 6 Pro Android 9 Rollout Started for MIUI Beta

    Android Pie (9), Beta Closed 9.3.11, Rollout Started Regards,
  38. G

    Thread Themes For Android Pie

    Hi. How can I install these themes on Android Pie?
  39. C

    Thread Android Pie - Google pixel 2 and call recorder help needed

    Hi Dear Google Pixel 2 fellows, I need some help. While there are threads about google disabling the API to allow call records on pie , some of my friends who use Samsung just upgraded to Pie while having same functionality with call record. I am stalling my upgrade for months as I do not want...
  40. nitrounit

    Thread S8+ Android Pie update lost after factory reset?

    Hey guys! So I recently got the option to update to android pie, now since I have the phone for 1.5 years unrooted and it started to be a little slow i decided to factory reset it before updating, now after actually doing the reset it does not show the update anymore and keeps showing me the...
  41. K

    Thread Only 8GB (out of 32) after installing any Pie ROM, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi, yesterday I decided to give Pie a try coming from the current MIUI beta release. So I booted into TWRP (the official one, and it's not installed into the device either), cleaned everything save for the microSD card and flashed one of them. It could have been Syberia, Bliss, Bootleggers or...
  42. J

    Thread [UMIDIGI F1] Android P customizations, dark theme, gesture navigation

    The Umidigi F1 is supposed to come with stock Android P; however, it seems that some features have been removed or disabled. I can't find how to enable the Android P Dark Theme. I can't figure out how to enable full screen gesture navigation or how to swap the back and recents buttons in the...
  43. A

    Thread unable to install App using adb after update to Android Pie

    Hi, i am unable to install any app using adb after updating to android pie on my galaxy s8. I get below error, Please help! E:\adb\platform-tools>adb shell pm install -r -g /sdcard/Download/t.apk Error: Unable to open file: /sdcard/Download/t.apk Consider using a file under /data/local/tmp/...
  44. P

    Thread Android Pie Keyboard mapper

    I used to use External Keyboard Helper to map shortcut keys of my external/bluetooth keyboard to launch/switch applications. This used to work absolutely great up until Nougat. I recently upgraded to Pie and I haven't been able to map keyboard shortcuts using External Keyboard Helper. Anyone...
  45. V

    Thread VMOne One UI Theme for Samsung Galaxy devices Light/Dark [Nougat/Oreo ]

    VMOne is a theme for Samsung Galaxy devices running Android Nougat or Oreo. From the Creator of VMBlack and VMi Themes for Galaxy Devices, VMOne Theme brings the sweetness of One UI to those Galaxy devices that have been dumped by Samsung or are yet to be updated to One UI Android Pie. Want to...
  46. um009

    Thread [Direct/FAST Download] Official Android Pie G950F DBT - G950FXXU4DSBA

    Galaxy S8 G950F SBA Firmware is here. It's the official stock Android Pie. This is the German Firmware. Can be flashed on any Galaxy S8 with the model number G950F/FD regardless of region. Flash it via Odin. Load the AP, BL, CP, CSC or HOME_CSC file in Odin to flash. CSC will wipe the phone...
  47. um009

    Thread Official Android Pie G955F DBT ROM - G955FXXU4DSBA - Direct/FAST Download

    Galaxy S8 Plus G955F SBA Firmware is here. It's the official stock Android Pie. This is the German Firmware. Can be flashed on any Galaxy S8 Plus with the model number G955F/FD regardless of region. Flash it via Odin. Load the AP, BL, CP, CSC or HOME_CSC file in Odin to flash. CSC will wipe the...
  48. D

    Thread Decryption Unsuccessful after Flash

    Today I tried something new, and that was to flash a GSI image onto my Moto Z2 Play 01 variant. Everything flashed fine without errors, but the issue came up when trying to boot... Steps I took: 1) Flash Treble TWRP Recovery 2) Advanced Wipe (Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage...
  49. H

    Thread Android Pie problems?

    So, I bought the mi a2 lite as a gift for someone - it looks like a nice phone and it comes with android one which is a bonus. However, when testing the phone to see if it worked - it did a 'security' update but then upgraded it from android 8.1 to android pie (9.0). I have seen many threads...
  50. TheGlitchh

    Thread [ROM][9.0.0][AOSP][UN-OFFICIAL] [AospExtended ROM] V6.2 [STABLE]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...