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  1. Masiade

    Thread Delete 3G from Custom Rom - Lineage OS 13

    Hey guys, since I started again modding my old Tablet (SM-T560) I found a custom Rom (lineage OS 13) for my device. Okay, its not for the SM-T560 (WIFI only) but for the SM-T561 (3G Version). So far the ROM works just fine. There are only a few things, that are not working correctly and thus it...
  2. A

    Thread Cannot get SeekBar to track down lenght of song while playing.

    I cannot get seekbar to track down the length of the audio feed. How can I get mediaplayer to track with the seekbar/scrobbler. package com.example.root.ilanthium; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.SeekBar; public class SeekBarActivity extends MainActivity { override...
  3. M

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Android Programming OnClickListener() usage

    Hi guys. When i am writing code, i wondered something Which OnClickListener type is more CPU and power friendly ? A: Implementing OnClickListener to the Acitivity. for example: cpu_freq_limit.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void...
  4. mhashim6

    Thread [SHARE] - [Books] - [Android programming Learning for beginners ]

    Hello every body , this work isn't mine , i just share it with you :) those books are really great in learning Android developing , for all noobs & beginners like me LOL :D First Book : Hello Android 2 ) : Learn Java For Android Development...
  5. E

    Thread [Q] Road to developing?

    Hey guys, so this is applicable to all devices and its android specific therefore I think this is the best place to ask these question/s. I learned coding with Python for a few months last year and really enjoyed it. Now I am thinking since I have an android phone that is claimed by most...
  6. onebluemidnight

    Thread Share your experience about Android Development

    If you are an Android Developer can you share your experience about android development? How do you start in Android? What is the first application you had done... thanks!
  7. K

    Thread I want to be a developer

    Hi friends !!! I am very happy to see a sub-forum for Galaxy FIt and I am surprised to see many developers like Vishwanathptl, pratyushcreed and many others interested in the phone. Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer :mad: but then I love computers and I am very interested in android...
  8. P

    Thread Android medium level position

    First it all, I apologize for using this forum for this search. But I don't ask for replies or comments in this forum, send an email to [email protected] if you feel you are a good fit. We'll take it from there, I need somebody with experience in Android development: Data entry forms/activities...
  9. M

    Thread [Q] Starting Android Development

    Hi, I am an experienced professional programmer who wants to delve into Android programming. I also wish to investigate cross-platform programming using tools like PhoneGap or Titanium. However, I am a bit in doubt of which learning strategy is best. One approach is to get a good feeling of...