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  1. SwayWasTaken

    Thread [TOOL] ATA GUI 1.6.7 - App manager, debloat tool and more (ADB and fastboot commands)

    ATA GUI Tool Only for Windows Release 1.6.7 The list of the bloatware is not tested, please pay attention before disabling ATA GUI is a project to make ATA available to all users. ATA GUI is an Advance Tool for Android™ powered by SDK Platform Tools. This software is fully open-source so...
  2. regou

    Thread Android sharp tool, comparable to IOS Floating ball shortcut

    SoftCircle Make your mobile phone strong enough and more convenient, less than 4m in size, provide you with many shortcut button functions and unique operation mode, let you enjoy the most intelligent system control function...
  3. Z

    Thread All android programs and tools

    Cheers :highfive: This is a list of programs and tools you will need for you android device. They dont work on all devices, but on most of them they do, I hope this list helps you and you give me thanks :) The programs and tools are not mine they are from other android developers. I just put...
  4. evilcopter

    Thread [Free] RAM Maximizer Elite in Google Play Store

    [Free] RAM Maximizer Elite in Google Play Store Ram Maximizer Elite allow your android smart phone or tablet to achieve it's maximum memory. Boost Android Ram and Clean Cache in Single touch Operation. Solve Android Games and Application Low Memory and Hanging Problems. Clear GUI and...
  5. shirwa

    Thread New Simple/Effective Android RSS lIbrary

    Hey All, while working on a new app, I put together a very simple library that reads RSS feeds. I decided to make my own, because the current ones are very outdated and seem impossible to customize. Please check it out and share! Thanks!