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  1. Y

    Thread Netflix VPN on Android TV

    My son speaks Spanish, and I want to get Spanish Netflix. I want to know if I can use a cheap Android box and Express VPN to get Netflix the way I do on my phone and tablet. I just went through the article and there were many vpns were suggest despite features comparison example surfshark...
  2. nitinsawant

    Thread Android TV box - Not allow running an app - no root

    I have a android TV box This box is not rooted There is an app which auto runs after sometime even if I force stop it How do I kill this app as soon as it opens? is there any apk or way to disable auto running of this app?
  3. J

    Thread Control monitor?

    Hello, I'm looking for some help or information thanks :) Problem: I am unable to control volume / brightness / power on my monitor (LG 32UK580) with my android TV box (Tivo stream 4k) From what I've read this is done with HDMI-CEC, but I don't know how to proceed These controls neither...
  4. Mr. Pewpy But-Whole

    Thread Question [Question] Android as Host Controller

    Hey All, 5+ years experience 3D printing. Some rooting / ROM android experience. Okay so first of all I am going to explain the situation then ask the question. Raspberry Pi and other SBCs are hard to come by or very expensive as of currently posting. I have serveral RPi that I use, one being...
  5. spocky12

    Thread [APP][ANDROID TV] Projectivy Launcher

    Introduction ProjecTivy Launcher is a launcher dedicated to Android Tv, offering special features for Xiaomi family projectors/TVs. With the new major version that extends the use to all Android TV devices, and for better understanding, the original thread has been split : The original thread...
  6. Double_A_92

    Thread [GUIDE] Remapping Android TV remote buttons

    Remapping Android TV remote buttons In this guide I will explain a way to remap to the shortcut buttons on the remotes of Android TV devices which cannot simply be remapped by e.g. Button Mapper. I will use the Walmart Onn Box as example for this guide, but it should also work for devices like...
  7. Cedmartin

    Thread How to fix tx6s android tv box dead android logo

    I recently buyed a tanix tx6s and i want to uninstall the youtube so i uninstalled it using system app remover then i restart my box then the dead android logo comes up now icant open it i really want to fix it can somebody help me reset it
  8. schizo.98

    Thread Tcl p725 43inch middle east (Iraq) Firmware required

    Hi guys! I have a TCL P725 43inch Android 11 Smart Tv, all of a sudden it showed me the Android Recovery Mode, I tried to restart it but it never restart, tried wipe data and cache too n foramt it then I tried to reboot it again but it never boot up or restart, it's just stuck on this screen in...
  9. G

    Thread Android TV JVC with ui very big

    Hello Everbody. I have a JVC LT-50MB708(maybe that model just in Brazil) android tv and I did a mistake trying to change the density by adb shell. Instead of minimizing the density, I maximized it. Do someone know how to reset to factory settings or something to reset all? Thanks.
  10. 93boba

    Thread Android TV OS on i686 Atom CPU

    I want to try and use my ancient EEE-BOX B202 as android TV box. It's super small and have ideal size for such purpose. I tried this custom ISO but I was without success. Any help is much...
  11. S

    Thread Any ROMs for X96 PRO X4 (S905X4)?

    Hello guys, I have just acquired a new X96 Pro X4 (S905X4) tv box which is great but the standard android tv system (android 11) is not ideal. I was searching foe some ROM options but it seems there's nothing out yet, am I missing something or still there's no options available? PS: When I...
  12. andsat

    Thread Funai Philips 4K TV 55PFL5604/F7 - anyone work on these?

    The cheap "4K Android TV" series from Walmart, built by Funai but branded as Philips, is extremely affordable and seems to be unlocked. Has anyone had any luck getting these to run alternative firmware (Lineage?) or even stock Android TV? Mine is extremely buggy (forgets the date/time, causing...
  13. A

    Thread TCL L55C6US To hear the sound, it requires restarting with every turn-on

    Hello, I have TCL L55C6US, Chassis MT58CU-AP, and Firmware version V8-T658T01-LF1V820 With every turn-on, it requires a restart to activate the voice! There is no sound after the first start, and after restarting it works normally. Tried a factory reset, and firmware update but to no avail...
  14. doanga2007

    Thread How to manually download Xiaomi Mi TV Stick latest official Android TV ROM?

    I have link to manually download Xiaomi Mi TV Stick latest official Android TV ROM becuase Xiaomi Mi TV Stick present ROM to PI.832 ROM and I have newest ROM (with link -...
  15. O

    Thread Change resolution via ADB

    Hi! I'm looking for a tv stick/box to hook up to my 1440p montior. Since that resolution is unsupported on all of the devices out there, is it possible to force it via adb on the fire tv sticks? I was looking to buy the 4k max since it's on sale right now, but I have no strong opinion on any of...
  16. bobpiesz

    Thread Modded Peacock TV (Android TV ROOTED FIX) - seeking someone to test

    So I finally spent a few moments trying to find a workaround for using peacock on my rooted Nvidia shield. On rooted devices, Peacock will pretty much instantly force close.. Even if you're passing safety net and using magisk hide. To workaround this I simply disabled three...
  17. xDrMosx

    Thread Need help with this android tablet/tv

    Hello everyone, I have found this awsome android tablet/tv in one of a friends work he was gona throw it away. I thougt it was cool to take it and check it out. It runs and its a clean install i think. It runs android 7. But i want to install a higher version of android on it and use it as a...
  18. N

    Thread Apk apple tv android tv 7.1

    Bonjour, j'ai une tv philips android tv qui n'est plus mise à jour donc sous Android tv 7.1 , j'aimerais utiliser l'apk Apple tv mais elle fonctionne sous Android 8 minimum. Existe t'il l'apk Apple tv modifier permettant de fonctionner sous Android tv 7.1 ? Cordialement In english Google...
  19. L

    Thread Need suggestion for which ROM should be used to upgrade the android for LYF android tv.

    Hello, I am new to this group. I am having a LYF android tv with android version 4.4.3 and Kernal version 3.10.27. I want to upgrade it to android version 5 is it possible? if possible please suggest me which ROM i need to use. Tools to flash. Please find the attached image for more...
  20. CypherDR

    Thread AvA ROM - Android TV for Tinkerboard

    Hello XDA Community, I invested over a year on this project and spent many frustrating hours getting a tablet based OS to perform like a version made for TV's. This is not a finished product, but I thought some of you may find it useful. I am not a developer and therefore cannot guarantee an...
  21. N

    Thread flash android tv 8 sur philips 32pfs6402

    bonjour, est-ce qu'il existe une possibilité de flasher android tv 8.0 ou ultérieur pour la TV Philips 32PFS6402/12 ? car Philips ne la met plus à jour depuis android TV 7.1.1 et donc toutes les dernières applications tournant au minimum sur android 8 ne peuvent fonctionner sur 7.1.1 . Cordialement
  22. RealEngineer

    Thread [JIO STB] Guide to Enable ADB and Sideload apps on the updated version of JIO STB

    Disclaimer :- We are not responsible for any type of damage,we are not responsible for literally anything, follow this guide at your own risk. This is only for educational purposes. We need help from a developer for porting twrp and making the mi box firmware stable for the Jio STB, Anyone...
  23. N

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices

    Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices - Your warranty is now void. - You have been warned. - Use at your own risk. Introduction: This is the Unofficial Lineage OS 19.1 thread for the Amlogic G12*/SM1 SoC family of devices. Downloads: Please follow the install instructions in your device's Wiki...
  24. C

    Thread Telefunken 55inch Android TV

    Hello everyone, My TV cant seem to play from DSTVNow, everytime I try to log in it gets stuck on the dstv now screen. Is it the firmware, if so, where is the android bootloader located and can I load any newer version?
  25. T

    Thread TOSHIBA - 55UA3A63DG (produced by VESTEL)

    Hello, I have a few questions about my Android TV TOSHIBA - 55UA3A63DG (produced by VESTEL): - Is there a Stock Firmware / ROM for this TV (Android Pie 9)? - Whether it is possible to root and by which method? - How can I go into recovery mode? Thanks!
  26. Kenora_I

    Thread Rooting Android TV with /system partition ro

    Hey, I have a smart android TV running on some cvte board from china and running android 7.1.1 from 2020. The /system partition is mounted ro [remount allowed] and /data rw but trying to edit that gives access denied error. The adb reboot fastboot and adb reboot recovery just reboots the tv. I...
  27. jinskjoy

    Thread Android TV App Development - Change system settings with Kotlin/Java

    Hi, I am trying to create an Android TV app to change Picture Settings from my App. Like adjust brightness, contrast etc. I am not able to find any relevant documentation about how to change these settings. Please let me know if its possible.
  28. Kenora_I


    It is running android 7.0 And specs posted below
  29. B

    Thread Brightness on Android TV

    Hello everybody. When watching movies on Xiaomi TV 4S, the picture is very dark. I could not add brightness in any way. Help with advice.
  30. electroman@

    Thread boot animation in recovery.img how to?

    Good day! For my TV box on RK3228A I decided to modify recovery.img and make a small shell script which formats the partitions as I want. Unpacked img using RK3xxx Firmware Tools by SergioPoverony (version.5.x) ( All...
  31. electroman@

    Thread boot animation in recovery.img how to?

    Good day! For my TV box on RK3228A I decided to modify recovery.img and make a small shell script which formats the partitions as I want. Unpacked img using RK3xxx Firmware Tools by SergioPoverony (version.5.x) ( All...
  32. C


    According to an article from Sony, Dualshock 4 controllers are no longer supported by Android TV... Has someone on here figured out a way to get them to work? FYI - I can still pair the controller to my TV and it shows as a connected wireless controller but it doesn't respond to anything...
  33. D

    Thread Question Screen cast, P40 pro on android TV

    Hi I have a P40 pro running on normal HMS. I tried to screen cast it on my Philips TV running on android with inbuild chromecast. My phone could not find my TV. I have checked all the settings and it is as it should be. It works normal with my old P20 pro (of course on a GMS). So I couldnot use...
  34. yossSP

    Thread New Chromecast with Google TV ads full support of HDR and Dolby Vision single track dual layer (FEL/MEL)

    Hi everybody, surprisingly last february update of Chromecast with Google TV has brought full compatibility of this device to every Dolby Vision single track dual layer profiles, before it can only decode Profile 5 and some Profile 4 files (not everyone). It also plays every HDR format: HDR...
  35. Elim1121

    Thread Need Help Identifying my Android Box

    Hi there, I have an android box from a few years ago seems like its an unbranded HD-5301.. Exactly like this: . Can anyone tell me what the CPU is and the chipset? The box was working flawlessly until there was an update pushed to it...
  36. S

    Thread SONY TV Back button not working on Keyboard after update to Android 9.0

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this and share the trouble I have had and workaround I found after an Android upgrade from 8 to 9 on my SONY TV. Right after the upgrade my 2 wireless Keyboards (1 x USB and 1 x Bluetooth) stopped responding to the Backspace or ESC buttons as "Back"...
  37. Q

    Thread How to root Panasonic Android TV?

    Hello! I think this is out of topic but how can i find recovery and root my Panasonic Android TV (On the box says model TX-49GXR600 but on screen shows GX655) I can't find anything to root this TV. Please, help me. i need to root in order to connect my DualShock 3 to TV wirelessly
  38. M

    Thread At&T DirecTV Box root

    Hi Guys! I was wondering if someone managed to root AT&T DirecTV boxes?
  39. M

    Thread Picture setting

    What is the Best picture setting for tcl c6us tv.
  40. CrustmanGodBoi

    Thread Help with finding wifi card

    I'm trying to flash a custom room onto my box (dragon box db5) but I can't find the wifi module anywhere. Can someone pls tell me if I'm looking at the wrong component Reads: 0119G2 BA02A2
  41. burcbuluklu

    Thread [Guide] [ROM] (mantis) Fire TV Stick 4K Prerooted Android TV Rom (

    After so many trial and error, I've finally saved the latest version of my system with TWRP backup. I want to share this personal setup with you guys since it required a lot of work to debloat, install add-ons, apps, kernels and tweaks. This is a single package that contains many modifications...
  42. Danilo Pantelić

    Thread We need an option to put subtitle under the video

    @MXPlayer @USBhost @CDB-Man @Thirumalai.K This bug is still present, even when we put the bottom margin on 0! On nPlayer with these settings: Movie from pictures: Exactly! We need more options for the bottom margin - value: -10 or -20
  43. XRed_CubeX

    Thread Tim Technicolor Android TV root methods?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a TIM TV Box, the precise model is uzw4010tim, the manufacturer is technicolor, it has android 8.0 and a Marvell BG4-CT as a processor. I would like to try to root it but unfortunately I can't because there are various problems: There is no TWRP for this device...
  44. Kaushik0893

    Thread Latest NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO Stuck on boot loop

    Hi All, My latest Nvidia Shield TV pro is stuck on boot loop after the software update. I tried factory reset/ Wipe data according to NVIDA's FAQ's but it did not work. I guess USB debugging is disabled on my shield TV. Please help me out. Thankyou in Advance.
  45. rafzinn

    Thread How i change the "BOOT LOGO" of my T95Q and remove default logo?

    I personalize my own system, and now i want remove T95Q default logo. The cpu is a Amogic S905x2 with 4gb ddr4 and 64gb.
  46. easyjoin

    Thread [APP] SideApps - App launcher for Android TV

    Update 1.4 You can see the information of an application by long clicking on it. You can hide an application by long clicking on it. You can delete an application from the list of recent applications by long clicking on it. You can select not to see hidden applications. You can protect this...
  47. M

    Thread Web browser streaming on Android TV

    Is it possible to stream videos on a web browser on Android TV 9.0? Tried different side loaded browsers still unable to stream. Other than YouTube couldn't play any other streaming videos.
  48. Bl4ckX

    Thread Philips 40PUK6400/12 - Unable to sign into Google Account

    Hi XDA-Developers, my brother gave me his Philips 40PUK6400/12 to replace my old bedroom tv. It's an older modell from around 2015 that runs Android 5.1.1. After factory resetting the tv I am unable to sign in with my Google account. I always receive an error stating my username/password...
  49. markshane

    Thread exFAT support for TCL C715/C815 TV's

    Hi, I'm not able to use by exFAT formatted HDD (4TB Seagate Backup Plus) on TCL C715, it says it is corrupted even though it works perfectly fine on my 7 years old Samsung F6400. I'm not sure if it will read NTFS as well because I don't have it on hand right now. I also have an Android TV box...
  50. xlm13x

    Thread Hack Broken Android TV (Mi TV 49)

    I have broken Mi 49 inch LED TV (Android). The screen is completely broken, nothing is visible except white light bleeding from cracks. The TV is completely working and audio can be heard when turned on. As this is a fully functional Android device with rich connectivity options (WiFi...