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  1. P

    Thread Rikomagic MK902II TV Box with Rockchip RK3288 processor - Android 5.1 - Firmware issue

    Hi everyone. I got a tip from a friend to try this forum for my issue. We own about 400 MK902II boxes that contain a digital sinage software from a former partner of ours. We no longer have any limitations on the use of the hardware, but the supplier have installed their own firmware and no...
  2. L

    Thread Android TV: HDR10+ not working in Android 9 but does in Android 8

    Hello everybody. I downloaded this movie in HDR10+ format. If I play it in Android 9, HDR does not trigger and the movie looks dimmed with washed out colors. However, if I downgrade the operative system to Android 8, the movie plays perfectly fine. I tried the same MX Player version and...
  3. Kralim19

    Thread Help! Update Android Tv Caixun

    Well hello there people! Well first of all I'll begin my post apologizing: First, I'm not a native English speaker, so excuse me if I make any grammar mistake, second, I don't know if I should post this here, but this is the only forum I found that seems capable in my research for help. Now...
  4. the_arxyn

    Thread Wifi Problem

    Hello my phone and android tv both shows some error "NETWORK SELECTION ASSOCIATION REJECTION" on phone I fix it by forgetting network then connect and turn wifi on and off several times but in tv i can't understand how to fix this hel me..
  5. dinesubedi

    Thread Need Android TV Settings APK 9 version. Package name ''

    I have a Hyundai Wisdom Share Smart Cloud TV. I'm unable to find the Account Manager in the default TV settings. I need the Android TV settings APK for Android 9 version with the package name ''. If anyone has this APK, please kindly share it with me. If anyone has a list...
  6. AlexGWM

    Thread A limited TV Box...Can you help me?

    Hello everyone, thanks for reading my post. I have a TV Box provided by my internet company (Claro Argentina), it is very limited as a TV Box, but install applications by adb with a phone. My problem now is that I want to use it for Xbox Cloud, since the tv box is connected by ethernet and it...
  7. MrAndroidUK

    Thread JVC Lockscreen for the JVC LT-

    As anyone got the lockscreen and pin setttings/password settings app kicking about or they can pull of there tv, it seems the US, and Indian versions of these LT tv's have this but the UK version for some reason removed it. I want to make my TV as safe as I can from little sods whom might one...
  8. Y

    Thread (HELP)I NEED Android GSI for Amlogic S905X2

    I Got an iptv box with amlogic s905x2,ADB tells me it support Treble.Has anyone biult GSI for Amlogic S905X2? Information Name:Skyworth E2900V22C SOC:Amlogic S905X2 Rom+Ram:2GB+8GB Android verson:Android9.0-ARM32 Treble support:A only -none system as root-only allow android9
  9. 5

    Thread My Tv stucked on standby with red power light only

    Please i have a Star-X tv 50 inch with motherboard number LD.M538.A android version 6.0/ google playstore which was refusing to play YouTube asking me to update, when i tried, it says system is old, and not receiving app updates, so i used YouTube on browser, now i turned on tv, it stucked on...
  10. Z

    Thread Tv TLC help me!

    How can i fix it?
  11. M

    Thread [Q] Root an old TCL tv [Android 8][MT85]

    Hi guys. I want to root an old TCL 43UC6406, also know as percee tv or Thomson. It has MT85 chassis, and I've updated yesterday to the last V8-T658T01-LF1V602 firmware (oreo). Looking on the web, I saw that on 4pda (a Russian forum) there was a lot of work around these models, such as pre rooted...
  12. lewxluxe

    Thread I need the rom for rk3128 chipset and esp8089 wifi mxq pro 4k 5g tv box

    This is my 2nd post but I really do need it. A help would be very much appreciated. See the attached images below
  13. JayTheDev98

    Thread [Project] Open Android TV x86 - a free and Open Source Android TV port to the x86 platform

    Hey there XDA, I started to build my own Android TV x86 project, its based off Pie (9) but eventually, I'll get it to be built off of Android 11. Everything is completely free and source code are available on GitHub. The goal of this project is to provide users who want to make there own Android...
  14. ra1n08

    Thread Install Android (or linux if android can’t) to old STB (set-top-box)

    Hi, i have a old stb from ZTE is zxv10 b700 v2a, is impossible to install android (or linux) on this?, i don’t which chip manufacturers on this (allwinner, amlogic, etc… bcus i can’t find anything like zxv10 b700 v2a information on google 😢)
  15. michioxd

    Thread Google TV launcher on normally Android TV?

    I wanna install Google TV Launcher into ATV but the launcher is works fine but after i click Setup Google TV, it's immediately crashed, i tried to install TV Setup ( but still none. Which apk i need to install to have a full Google TV experience? Thanks...
  16. P

    Thread [SOLVED]Rpi4 lineage OS 13 cant make spoofing work with microg

    so i have downloaded this for my rpi lineageOS20-ATV and i want to make youtube work so i can login, i firstly tried mindthegapps TV build, and it got stuck at the setup the remote step, my keyboard was unresponsive, i even tried wireless one, airmouse, eveyrthing i got stuck, got also stuck...
  17. N

    Thread Flashing TV OS?

    Hey folks i have Hisense 55A63H tv. It came with Vidaa OS, and most apps that i need are for Android TV's. Its A6H series and has ARM based CPU, so technically it should work with android tv... Any pointers, threads tutorials?
  18. R

    Thread EC6108V8 Android TV ROM?

    Does anyone have a custom or related ROM for EC6108V8? I would like to turn it into an Android TV or other OS. Dive into numerous of threads but it won't help....
  19. M

    Thread Want Standard Android LineageOS (non AndroidTV) on Dynalink TV Box (Wade Amlogic G12*/SM1)

    I have managed to Flash the LineageOS official ROM to my Dynalink TV box I thought how it might be interesting to turn this into a small Android PC of sorts running standard phone / tablet Android with a mouse and a keyboard over USB. (although OTG doesn't appear to work on the Official Lineage...
  20. T

    Thread TCL Android Tv 32A325

    Hi guys! My neighbor have a TCL tv but its firmware brokendown so I'm looking for some help because I can't find a flash imagen to install in the TV. I've heard that the TV is an old model, but I think maybe someone has access to an flash imagen o something similar. Thanks.
  21. TASReeeJ

    Thread Philips 6700 series - Model# 55PUT6784/56 - with Ambilight 3-sided - 2015 edition

    Hey guys, New here, expanding my horizon trying to learn new things. I'm stuck with this TV, not sure if i should sell or try my luck and change this idiocy of an Android Platform Parody? Not sure how to describe it!! Even though its a 2015, but it really is a great TV, minus the smart part...
  22. 4r44444

    Thread Xiaomi TV Stick 4k / Custom ROM?

    Hi, is there any custom ROM with newest Android Version for the stick? I did not find anything. It is possible to unlock Bootloader
  23. NassibSaliba

    Thread Android TV Unlock

    Hello, I was in Turkey and I had an android TV Box which is android TV+ superonline (Product Cde HP4031), I left Turkey and I take it with me. but unfortunately I have many problems: 1- the box will never work without the Turkish network. 2- it is locked I think by the provider. my questions...
  24. styleprince923

    Thread How can I root an Android TV? Mine is JVC LT-40CA790. Android version 9.0.

    I have turned on USB debugging in dev. options. I believe it is possible to root android TV with Magisk and with or without a custom recovery, depending on the method. Please see the tutorials linked below for reference: On my PC connected to the android TV using ADB appcontrol, I can type: adb...
  25. Simvic

    Thread Please I need help on Wisdom Smart TV

    I mistakenly imported a very large logo.bmp on my Wisdom Smart TV and now my TV won't boot, it keep showing green and red light and won't display on the screen. My board name is LP ATM30 PB802 (N). it has only one key on the TV which is the power button. I will honestly appreciate your help...
  26. Braxo

    Thread Android TV not recognized as android TV

    Hello guys, I have problem that I bought cheap android TV box ( model X98H PRO) and dont get me wrong, it is pretty good considering price... but I found one major problem... my main IPTV app i want to run on this TV box doesnt recognize this box as TV but as phone... this comes with few...
  27. F

    Thread [DELETE] Remap Xiaomi Patchwall-Button?

    EDIT: Problem solved (Reset ADB Connection several times) - Pls close/ delete Thread
  28. rangok997

    Thread Looking for firmware MXQ PRO 5g 4k STB

    Hello, this is my first post here, so if I posted this in the wrong forum, I'm sorry. I can't seem to find the exact firmware for this STB. Dad kept tinkering with it and bricked/installed a terrible firmware (wifi doesn't work, crashes, etc.) On the plastic casing it's labeled as "MXQ Pro 5g...
  29. F

    Thread TCL C635 any way to set app to startup at boot? Or map buttons to open an app?

    Hi xda community, I've been enjoying my TCL C635 for quite some time now and love the thing. My question is the following: Can i set an app to open automatically at boot? and/or is it possible to map a button on the remote to open an app? I've tried several apps (button mapper, launch at...
  30. nlyt

    Thread Android TV 13, blue screen after flashing GApps

    Hey there! Today I decided to turn an old Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB I had lying around into an Android TV box. I used this guide to install it, and it installed smoothly. There were no apps on it whatsoever, so I wanted to download the Play Store to download at least YouTube. After a bit of searching...
  31. the_arxyn

    Thread (MOD) Root Redmi Smart TV

    Hello Everyone, i want to know how to root and mod redmi smart tv android 11
  32. Golden_Melky

    Thread INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_INSTALL_LOCATION when sideloading an apk

    I have a video projector based on android tv 9, but it's very closed, there isn't a file explorer, app store ecc. Wifi adb it's enabled by default. i want to install an file explorer (or any other app) but when i try to install the apk it gives me this error the apk it's android tv...
  33. J

    Thread Available roms for S905 - Sunvell T95m 4k ?

    Hello, I took out my TV box that was released at the time in Android 5.1 and I would like to be able to upgrade it to a newer Android version. The model of this tv box is a T95M 4K. Chip: Armlogic S905 Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance
  34. B

    Thread NEOS 32N6000

    Hello,I have bought a NEOS 32N6000 Android Smart Tv,it’s not a famous brand,but it’s very cheap.Not a very good quality,but worked well.Something happened to it few days ago.Now when it starts,I see NEOS logo,and then android logo,that is stuck and system does not boot.Can’t tell you exactly...
  35. M

    Thread Some App will allow 60fps record on ATV?

    Hi there I'm using a Nvidia Shield TV, it comes with a built-in option that allows record the screen. I'm playing NES games lately and recording some gameplays, the problem is those games runs at 60fps (yes, 60 fps), and when the character gets damage it blinks so fast, the problem is the...
  36. tejys

    Thread [HELP] Is their any way to convert poco f1 to android tv

    Is their any way to convert poco f1 to android tv? it is more powerful than amlogics processor and also i want to install lineage os tv like of konstakangg SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO DEVELOP THE ROM IT WILL BE BENIFICIAL FOR THE OLD POCO USERS TO USE POCO F1 AS ANDROID TV BOX
  37. C

    Thread Android TV Home Recommendations aka Ads

    I know some devices allow you to disable the banner ad on the home screen by using an apps-only mode. My TV does not. I know you can roll back the version... which I did to the final v1 after wasting a bunch of time this afternoon. Has anyone managed to mod a current version of Android TV Home...
  38. O

    Thread Reset button (hole) location on Amlogic S905X2 board?

    I have a Android TV box with a Amlogic S905X2 board. I want to toothpick it, but couldn't find the hole with the button so I popped open the case. I'm not that good with boards, so can anyone find me the button? Appreciate it.
  39. B

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Tv Stick: Boot loop

    Morning all. I'm trying to debug and restore a Mi TV stick that is stuck in a boot loop. It happened after I switched it on, its video got stuck in xiaomi logo, and after power cycling it never worked again. The LED doesn't switch on and have no video signal on the hdmi, so I disassembled it...
  40. G

    Thread Disable PERMANENTLY bluetooth discovery

    [RANT / Question] I simply can't believe that there is no PERMANENT SETTING to disable bluetooth discovery in my TCL Android TV (with version 11 right now). If there is already a solution in the forums, I didn't find it, so sorry in advance and point me to the thread, please. Do anyone know a...
  41. Yusuf tammam

    Thread I need "TP.SK506S.PB802" 1366×768 firmware

    I want firmware for tp.sk506s.pb802 1366×768 but not akai cause it doesn't work (When it works, the screen disappears and becomes faint). pls anyone help me and send the file or find a solution for akai firmware **If anyone has Nordmende firmware 1366x768 I am very grateful to him.**
  42. kamazok

    Thread Android 7/8/9 TV x86 (for Intel & AMD)

    MOD by tok78 Android TV for older computers. 1. Android 7 x86 (+TV MOD) 2. Android 8 TV x86 (+Google fix) 3. Android 9 TV x86 (+Google fix) (updated the link to build ATV9) Builds based on ATV8/9 from TOSantoni (bought) "Google fix" reboot when entering a login/pass "TV MOD" UI from Android TV...
  43. 0x2f0713

    Thread Firmware for Hi3798mv100

    Hi, I have an Android TV based set-top box using Hi3798mv100 chip. Does anyone have Android TV AOSP firmware for this chip? I found repo have part of AOSP source code, but it miss some important files. P/s: I am new to AOSP as long as Android TV build...
  44. rahaaatul

    Thread How to open an app with init.d?

    Hey there guys! I was looking for a way to open a launcher app on my Android TV. It is rooted, version 5.1. I've enable init.d but don't know how to write a script to open app automatically after boot. You see, my tv doesn't let me change default launcher. If I disable and keep a third party...
  45. J

    Thread adb: failed to install config.armeabi_v7a.apk: Error: Unable to open file: 25758178Consider using a file under /data/local/tmp/

    Hello, I would like to install my local vendor app for television on my smart tv (Android 11) I downloaded with evozi. When I run it with adb, I got this : D:\adb>adb shell BeyondTV:/ $ monkey -p -v 500 bash arg: -p bash arg...
  46. R

    Thread How to create a new remote.conf?

    I have flashed my device with a ROM (I didn't find exactly my one). Before I flashed, my TV remote was fully functional. But now, 1 of them isn't working which was supposed to be "PROG_YELLOW". And 2 pair of buttons are identical code is 400 and 465. All buttons were messed up, I fixed them by...
  47. nitinsawant

    Thread Android TV box - Not allow running an app - no root

    I have a android TV box This box is not rooted There is an app which auto runs after sometime even if I force stop it How do I kill this app as soon as it opens? is there any apk or way to disable auto running of this app?
  48. J

    Thread Control monitor?

    Hello, I'm looking for some help or information thanks :) Problem: I am unable to control volume / brightness / power on my monitor (LG 32UK580) with my android TV box (Tivo stream 4k) From what I've read this is done with HDMI-CEC, but I don't know how to proceed These controls neither...
  49. Mr. Pewpy But-Whole

    Thread Question [Question] Android as Host Controller

    Hey All, 5+ years experience 3D printing. Some rooting / ROM android experience. Okay so first of all I am going to explain the situation then ask the question. Raspberry Pi and other SBCs are hard to come by or very expensive as of currently posting. I have serveral RPi that I use, one being...
  50. spocky12

    Thread [APP][ANDROID TV] Projectivy Launcher

    Introduction Projectivy Launcher is a launcher dedicated to Android Tv, offering special features for Xiaomi family projectors/TVs. With the new major version that extends the use to all Android TV devices, and for better understanding, the original thread has been split : The original thread...