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  1. KardchCode

    Thread [APP] Google Phone Shortcut (Wear OS)

    So I was recently messing around with some Wear OS internal apps and I noticed that there was no proper way to access the Google Phone app itself, there's no launcher icon or anything similar (not only in my watch but on many others as well I believe). The only way to access part of the app...
  2. amoledwatchfaces

    Thread [APP] Phone Battery Complication

    This simple app just provides phone battery complication for Wear OS devices. APP NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED & LAUNCHED ON BOTH PHONE & WEAR OS DEVICE, Watch needs to have active connection to mobile device. Both SHORT_TEXT & RANGED_VALUE type complications are supported Works best with Bluetooth...
  3. mega6453

    Thread Download Wear OS(Android Wear) Apps

    Hi All, I'm uploading some wear OS apps here which I've installed and tested in my Mi Watch. I thought this may be helpful for some one who is looking for apps to sideload(mostly who don't have google play store access in their watch) in to their watch. I just exported these APKs from my Mi...
  4. mega6453

    Thread Unable to make/receive calls in Xiaomi Mi Watch 4G LTE with Airtel India ESIM

    I got this Mi watch 4G from china to india. I verified that this watch supports the frequency bands of indian mobile networks. I converted my physical Airtel sim to Esim and linked it to the watch using Xiaomi Wear app. I can see the LTE network on my watch and internet , sms working well. But...
  5. 0x4f

    Thread [APP] Wristkey - Google Authenticator alternative for Wear OS

    Wristkey Link to project on GitHub I wrote a completely offline and standalone Google Authenticator alternative for Wear OS because my LG G Watch W100 doesn’t support internet on iOS (and I recently discovered Google pulled their Authenticator app from the Play Store). Wristkey supports...
  6. N

    Thread Nubia Alpha Jailbreak?

    Hello! I've recently got my hands on a brand new Nubia Alpha. This device is based on Snapdragon 2100 and uses modified Android Wear (based on Android 7.1). But global version is a crap - it does not have ability to install apps. That ability is just locked away. That's ridiculous! So I want to...
  7. c3c3

    Thread Finow q3 plus , myria my9506 (android 5.1)

    Warning!!! I am not responsible for bricked devices after Install This ROM! Don't activate and flash preloader ! OS: Android 5.1 Stable ! Feature:Root and busybox instaled make a comment and i will upload the rom later!
  8. xandreasx

    Thread Facebook group for Wear OS (Fossil Sport)

    Hi guys i've just created a new Facebook Group for the Fossil Sport smartwatch with Wear OS that currently is at 99€ on the official store. Feel free to join:
  9. H

    Thread What is the newest version available on the Huawei Watch 1 currently?

    I haven't been receiving system updates for my Huawei Watch 1 for a long time, so I would like to know if my Watch is up to date. My Watch says there are no updates available... My Android Wear version is: 2.20.0 my Android version is : 7.1.1 my security patches are from: Oct. 5 2017 (detailed...
  10. J


    Hi! I own a First Gen Huawei Watch. It's an amazing watch but the stock watch faces are, honestly, pretty ****ty. I found lots of stock watch faces ported in this post. I totally loved the Fossil watch faces, they are available here: FOSSIL Q: DESIGN YOUR DIAL. In that post, the op uploaded the...
  11. J

    Thread [dorado] [DEV] Porting Wear OS upgrades and Google Pay to Wear24

    Wear 24 Development Contributors: JaredTamana, davwheat Current Status: Active Current Kernel Status: Building, NFC driver working but still potentially WIP System ROM Status: Still WIP. Current task: collecting/compiling files, modifying .jars THIS ROM IS NOT YET AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD AS AN...
  12. karliyo

    Thread Moto 360 V2 won't open menu on button press, opens Assistant instead and then crashes

    It was previously just in a bootloop and didn't want to turn on the screen at all. Managed to somehow boot it up today and factory reset (AGAIN) and connected to my less used Google account just to be safe (less data to sync). Previous problem I had is still there however. When I click the...
  13. Hkt

    Thread iPhone and Smartwatch 3 with Wear OS app

    Recently I moved from Android to iOS but my SW3 is simply not as Smart as with an Android phone.. :( I had to install the Wear OS 3 app (Android Wear renamed app) and I noticed several changes.. But I managed to install the older version of Android Wear for iPhone (2.14.7) without the need of...
  14. nikhel

    Thread Ticwatch E Chinese Version (Ticwear Version) to Android Wear 2.0

    Hello Folks I know there are people out there who have got Ticwatch E with Chinese Version Ticwear OS. Here I am posting a guide to port Android Wear 2.0 OS to Ticwatch E. Lets Go for it !!! (This is not my work, I tried to port it for on my watch as an experiment, and successfully did it...
  15. nikhel

    Thread Provide AW 2.0/Wear OS Official rom for Ticwatch E and steps to flash it.

    Can someone provide a link to Official Android Wear 2.0 or Wear OS for Ticwatch E and I also need to know the procedure to flash it onto the watch.
  16. T

    Thread [APP] [3.0+] ❤️Heart Rate Plus - Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor *Free Promo Codes*

    Heart Rate Plus - Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor Measures heart rate using your camera or heart rate sensor. Support camera & heart rate sensor on the phone and Android Wear's heart rate sensor. Best work on Samsung Galaxy device Note and S from Note 4 and S6 Download...
  17. UKseagull

    Thread [Q] Is anyone using the S3 with a non Samsung phone? How is it?

    I'm trying to decide between getting the Gear S3 and the Hauwei Watch 2, but I'm struggling to come to a decision. I have an LG G6 phone, so I suppose that an Android Wear watch would be more suitable as far as software integration goes. The battery life is OK on the HW2, but it's not quite as...
  18. Styleshman

    Thread Pujie Black Watch Face is not showing up on my LG G Watch W100

    I have encountered with a new bug in my LG G Watch i.e. Pujie Black is not showing up on my LG G Watch and also on Android Wear App. I have reset my watch 7 times but no sucess Reset my phone 1 time (which is the most hard task to do) but no success. Several times i have done re-syncing all apps...
  19. J

    Thread Best Smartwatch software for Pixel

    Hi everyone, I know this question looks like a no-brainer one as Android Wear 2.0 = Stock Android. Currently I am using a 1st gen Huawei Watch which as you all probably already know, runs Android Wear 2.0 and thinking about upgarding to Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which runs Tizen. Anyone here can...
  20. L

    Thread Bluetooth pairing gets intermittently forgotten

    Even after getting Android Wear 2.0 I'm still having this issue. At times (not every time) when I walk out of the phone's range and after I get back, the bluetooth pairing would be lost and I get the pairing request prompts on both the phone and the watch. This issue is also being discussed in...
  21. tosunkaya

    Thread Samsung Gear S3 Classic Android Wear 2 or Tizen 3? (SM-R770)

    I'm using Gear S3 Classic for 1 month. I regret. There is no apps or no update or good watchfaces for this smartwatch. 1) When will Tizen 3 arrive? 2) Is there any developer who is currently porting Android Wear 2 at the moment? 3) What applications do you use? 3) What watchfaces do you use? 4)...
  22. M

    Thread Moto Z and Moto 360 Gen 2 FAIL

    I am trying to connect my Moto 360 Gen 2 to the phone using Android Wear app, but afer i press on the watch name in the list, i can't confirm the pairing because the prompt message dose not apear on the screen, i ahve tried to connect with other phones, and is working, how can i skip the prompt...
  23. drziddo

    Thread Google feed not working

    Hello everyone. Thanks to everyone involved. In my watch (moto 360 sport) google my feed ie not working at all. It shows the loading indicator and then goes back to apps menu. Android wear 2.0. Nexus 6p oreo official not rooted. I've tried unisntalling google updates, disbabling the app, adjust...
  24. F

    Thread Android Wear or Full Android?

    Ok so I'm looking to get a new watch and decided to give a smart watch a try. I had a Chinese U8 watch from years ago that I hated but things have moved on from that horrible thing. I have been looking and I'm not sure whether to go for something with AW 2.0 (possibly the Hauwei) or whether to...
  25. Digital DJ

    Thread Nixon 'Mission' Smartwatch

    Anyone using the Nixon 'Mission' Smart watch? I really interested in it, but have had awful luck in the past with the Moto 360 Gen 1 and 2. I went through 4 of those watches and all quit, IMO, due to heat. 2 of them were the sport edition and two were just the watch. Anyway, back to the Nixon...
  26. B

    Thread Ticwatch S&E - what is your opinion & More information

    Hi guys, The Ticwatch S&E powered by Android Wear 2.0 will be releasing soon. What do you guys think of these new watches? Link to the Kickstarter page: Personally I have good faith in the watch because it is produced by a company that has been founded by ex-Googlers and...
  27. Ash110

    Thread Moto 360 Help - Urgent

    Hello, I was considering getting a Moto 360 cause it's on sale, i know i'm late to the party. I was really curious to know how much the watch really has to offer. More importantly, do things like alarms, timer, pedometer, heart rate work even when offline and not connected to phone or internet...
  28. Geeks Empire

    Thread [Phone|Watch][GAME] Binary Bytes Puzzle [Android5.+][WearOS2.+]

    Binary Bytes Puzzle Game, No Limit...! Enjoy Classic 1024 Puzzle Game on Phone & Watch Merge 2 Tiles of Same Numbers to Add them Up by Swiping ← ↑↓ → The target Number is 1024 but after that, You can continue to Higher Points... NOTE: App will Save Automatically. So feel free to...
  29. nwg


    Hi, Some time ago I implemented the what3words Global Addressing System API into one of my apps. Later, having nothing better to do, I developed a standalone watch face, which uses the API forward and reverse geocoding.. Features: find users' current 3word address and display in a Toast...
  30. H

    Thread Gear S3 Root and Kernel Source! (Android Wear Port Thread)

    Hey guys! Some of you might know me from the LG G5 scene, but I have since moved on from there and am hoping to make some progress with the Gear S3 :) After doing some digging and paying zero attention in class today, I came across the kernel source files for the Exynos 7270 and the combination...
  31. H

    Thread [ROM] [FACTORY] [FTMA] [R732XXXU2AOI8] [ROOT] Samsung Gear S3 SM-R732

    WARNING!!! ONLY FOR SM-R732 (Gear S2 Classic) TL;DR: This ROM should give root access. It is the internal ROM used in Samsung factories to reset devices, and "su" is included in the rootfs.img in "/bin/su". I don't own this watch, but hopefully this will get you guys started on porting over...
  32. H

    Thread [ROM] [FACTORY] [FTMA] [R770XXU2BQC2] Samsung Gear S3 SM-R770

    WARNING!!! ONLY FOR SM-770 This is the default version!!! Functionality is very limited. It allows you to reset all the settings and lock !!! It is possible to reset the CSC, you must install this version, and then without any CSC file. Flash at your own risk!!! Sewn on the instructions...
  33. P

    Thread [Guide] How to Install TWRP, Busybox and SuperSU to your Asus ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q)

    I made a video on how to to Install TWRP, Busybox and SuperSU to your Asus ZenWatch 2. Let me know what you guys think. :) Edit: This works on 2.0 as well!
  34. A

    Thread Unable to Sync Gionee M5 Plus with Fossil Q Marshal Android watch

    Android Version 5.1 Kernel Version 3.10.65+ Build Number: SW Version System Version: Amigo3.1 Unable to Sync Gionee M5 Plus with Fossil Q Marshal Android watch. Android wear app keeps disconnecting from phone . It does not sync all notifications. Does not sync all contacts. Reinstalled...
  35. cdysthe

    Thread Bluetooth connection disappears after latest update.

    Hi, I recently got a LG Urbane as a gift. It worked fine out of the box with Android 5.x on it. Then there were a bunch of updates, the latest dated Feb 1, 2017. When the watch booted I connected it as normal. I then paired it with the Wear app which worked fine. Then came "updating" and...
  36. K

    Thread [Q] Any device that have a wakeup accelerometer?

    Hello! I´am developing an app that tracks my activities and i wonder if there is any device that has an accelerometer with wakeup enabled? Neither my huawei nor moto 360(gen 2) has this enabled. Regards
  37. S

    Thread confuse about install "Android Wear"

  38. TheDerekHarper

    Thread Enter recovery/bootloader on LG Watch Urbane LTE (AW2.0)

    Morning everyone, Thank you for the curiosity in knowing what I require support in and I hope someone out there can help me resolve it. I currently have an LG Watch Urbane LTE with AT&T And a couple of days ago I Installed Android wear 2.0 on the device. Everything was working great until I...
  39. N

    Thread Reply, read, etc. icons not showing up

    Okay. I took a little hiatus from Android Wear. I admit it. I dipped my toe into the waters of Pebble, but now I'm back! (yeah, Pebble died). Anyway. For some reason, my ZW2 (AW Android 6.0.1 - November 1, 2016 security patch) is not displaying the icons to reply to texts, mark...
  40. G

    Thread Unpair/Re-Pair LG Watch Urbane - Google Fit "Challenges" Not Showing On Watch Now

    Unpair/Re-Pair LG Watch Urbane - Google Fit "Challenges" Not Showing On Watch Now I swapped Android Phones over the holiday weekend and I noticed on my LG Watch Urbane, I no longer see my Google Fit Challenges and Google Fit looks to be an older version. I didn't do anything differently as I...
  41. NovaViper

    Thread [PROJECT] Automactically Switch between 12hr/24hr on WatchMaker (Android Wear)

    Hello all XDA users! I created a project that automatically switches the clock format on your WM watchface whenever you switch between the formats on your phone via system settings. ===Prerequisites=== First and foremost, you need to install the Tasker (I used this on full version but it may...
  42. Archtects

    Thread [Watch Face] Watch Face

    Hello! I've had a watch face idea for a while, I'm no pro at Java, in fact my Java knowledge was greenfoot in collage in 2014, so I've been doing my best to code and learn and hopefully... A little money (Got to finance my teas). I have intent to make apps later on for wearables, but at the...
  43. S

    Thread The SoVo SF Android Wear

    I have yet to find a single thread or mention of the SoVo line of smartwatches so starting a thread for future endeavors. First things first. It's like taking a step into the dark ages of android. My friend got the SoVo SF01 model recently for his birthday and I immediately explained the folly...
  44. I

    Thread Extract gapps and apps from the android wear 2.0 technical preview 3

    A friend of me is using a android 5.1 based smartwatch with a circular display and an own gsm-modul. I read a lot about the new android wear 2.0 technical preview 3 for one huawei and lg device with circular/round display too... How it is possible to extract the gapps, the playstore, the apps...
  45. N

    Thread Remote camera launches when removing watch from charger

    My ZenWatch 2 has Marshmallow (6.0.1 - Android Wear installed. I noticed that whenever I remove the watch from the charger that the remote shutter app launches. This may have just started in August (after I switched from a Moto X to the LG G4). I don't want to block the app on the...
  46. D

    Thread Google Pushes Android Wear 2.0 Back To 2017, Issues Third Developer Beta

    Google Pushes Android Wear 2.0 Back To 2017, Issues Third Developer Beta Google announced Android Wear 2.0 alongside what later became Android Nougat at Google I/O a few months ago, but aside from a second Wear 2.0 developer preview build in July, we haven't heard much since. There's good and...
  47. A

    Thread Phone Reboots on "Pair with your Watch" Screen

    Everytime I try to pair my Moto 360 1st Gen to my phone(Oneplus One) - On the "Pair with your watch" screen in the app the phone hangs up (becomes unresponsive to touch and stays on that screen) and reboots after a few seconds. I tried the following - Clearing Data and Cache of Google Play...
  48. U

    Thread Why isn't there a PC app with Wear API support?

    I live in a rural area where my best chance of getting service relies on having my phone shoved in a window. However, I carry a Samsung Gear Live on a daily basis, and it's very convenient and capable. Because of where my phone is placed, I often have no access to it, and I do a lot of things...
  49. S

    Thread Request for Moto360 Sport Watch face

    Hi I'll be great full if anyone could send us watch faces from moto360 sport (FYI, I mean original pre-installed watch faces on moto 360 sport):cool:, that would be nice to have the new original faces on our wrists. Regards
  50. kingwicked

    Thread Apps(not selected) Auto Install Even After A Factory reset

    I am new to androidwear. I have installed latest MM update 6.0.1. for first time I installed a lot of apps to watch. had to factory reset due to low storage problem and android not responding only 100mb was left on watch Couldnot remove apps from watch and phone. my phone was rebooting if I...