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  1. ekjafoste

    Thread Sign In with google on modified APK file

    Hi every1, Important threads: - https://www.thecobraden.com/posts/unblocking_firebase_ids/ Explanation: I've been messing, for some time now, with android tampering/reverse engineering. But, there is a problem that I can't seem to overcome, neither find any solution for it on any foruns, that...
  2. Ramamargayna

    Thread SM-A600FN stuck in bootloop [HELP]

    Hi! I recently installed twrp on my samsung a6, but i forgot to uncheck "f.reset time" in ODIN and my phone is stuck in a bootloop and I can't even go to the download and recovery mode. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. I

    Thread Wondefoo PX6 - device doesnt turn on

    I got today my wondefoo px6 which I ordered on aliexpress. The vendor asked me for multiple pictures of the cables in the car before he shipped the unit, so I'm quite sure that it should be fine. He also told me that the unit was tested before shipment. Now I plugged the cable in the car but it...
  4. Schteinbrenner

    Thread My First App for My Website

    Hi all. My name is Vladimir. I recently made an application for my website. This is my first experience. Very much I want to know the opinion of outsiders about my work. The application is a generator of ideas for drawing.
  5. kapupohan2016

    Thread Best Android Version

    Hi, my note 10lite was updated to latest android version..anyone can help what is the best version of android to 10 lite? Thanks
  6. P

    Thread How to reboot and open cloud q11 normally?

    HI i am using intex cloud q11 but it not properly open just screen falsh and nothing happen i cant open my phone normally i dont know how but how i open my phone normally when i connect my phone to my laptop so it not shows my device what i do ?how i open my phone?can anyone help me? i mention...
  7. CFCbazar

    Thread How to add "nomodeset xforcevesa" and fix a not booting virtual machine

    Hi guys, sometimes the machine does not boot to to Virtualbox switching the virtual adapter from VboxVGA to SVGA or other reasons. The virtual adapter is important, other problems that can be found are using the x64bit android instead of the x32 version, sometimes Phoenix OS boots, while...
  8. mariodantas

    Thread [TOOL] - FYT Backup

    Hi fellows, this is a script that help users owning an Android 10 FYT based platform car headunit to take a deep backup of their original APK files before attempt to modify the headunit contents. 1-) Uncompress the contents of the FYTBackup.zip file in an USB pendrive (root folder) 2-) Insert...
  9. Enyer Falcon

    Thread Update Google Play Services on Huawei P40 & EMUI 11!? It's posible?

    Hello! Greetings to all... I have a Huawei P40 (not lite, not PRO, not PRO +), the normal one. The thing is, about a month ago, I managed to install Google Services and everything or almost everything works great. What is not? YouTube & Android Auto. Both applications require me to update...
  10. D

    Thread [MOD] rtl8xxxu driver for 3.x kernels

    Stock rtl8192cu driver had limited monitor mode support(it has monitor mode but it filters out all data packets), could not change tx power and frequency so i decided to search for realtek driver that has these features...after some hours i couldn`t find it...drivers that have them are only on...
  11. P

    Thread Weird storage problems

    I'm facing a file selector issue across every app. lets say I take a screenshot and then try to send it with facebook messenger. I find that messenger's media selector is showing nothing. I can access everything with file explorer app. but I can't from literally every other app. not even...
  12. D

    Thread How to continue using Google Play after September 2021?

    I have an LG Optimus Elite running Android 2.3.7, and support for logging into a Google account has been removed. According to this XDA thread, it should be possible to preserve your login if you backup the data from your Google apps. If this is the case, is there any way to go around the...
  13. nikolayg1

    Thread Update for px5 MXC89L

    Hi all, I'm looking for update for my android car unit I'm have a firmware: px5-userdebug 6.0.1 MXC89L user.hct.20180126.145004 test-keys CPU 8 core 64bit coretex-A53 @ 1.5G Memory 3984GB Kernel Version: 3.10.0 [email protected] #1320 Model Number (800*480 0) Andoird Version: 6.0.1 if someone...
  14. taieb_dev

    Thread Setting up Adhoc mode Redmi 9

    How to install netlink library in android ? I'm trying to set up an adhoc network with two or more redmi 9 rooted phones with lineageOs 18 custom rom. I'm trying to use the wpa_supplicant conf file method but this error keeps haunting me. If anyone have tried doing smthing like this is there...
  15. L

    Thread Android Studio hexagon shaped keyboard keys

    Hi, I am trying to make a keyboard with hexagon shaped keys. I made hexagon shaped Drawable. Can I change the shape of the keyboard key to a hexagon shape or make a keyboard where keys are ImageViewws? I am using Keyboard class. Best regards, Leo
  16. Tonygan GSM

    Thread 2 file managers on MIUI Global. Anything better than them?

    Hello, people. I'm currently with MIUI Global on my Ginkgo. It's clearly bloated, since I notice simple things like having TWO FILE MANAGERS on this ROM. - Files (unaccessible at Home Screen) - Mi File Manager (default on MIUI) Would be fine if I remove both apps? Since this isn't...
  17. C

    Thread HP Slatebook 14 Android laptop boot issues.

    I was given an HP Slatebook 14 (14-p091nr) Android laptop, that doesn't boot. It powers on, and gets to the "HP Powered by Android" screen, then sits there for as long as I leave it. A factory reset through the boot loader menu doesn't change anything, so I need to get in to debug mode using...
  18. Kimbaroth

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Post your setup/screenshot thread! =D

    I'm currently rocking this setup, the whole description can be found on my deviantart: I'm in love with this device!!! =D <3
  19. simowL

    Thread Droni Proxy app Alternative

    Hello, I would like to find out how to tunnel all my apps via my Proxy on Android, I tried Droni app from google play but it gives me a lot of packet loss. is there any App I can use to run all the apps on my private proxy with Username and Password? android 11 Nubia Red magic 6 Pro...
  20. Mike-mei

    Thread How to achieve Place Search and Marker Clustering Implementation in Map App

    Background Lots of apps these days include an in-app map feature and the ability to mark places of interest on the map. HMS Core Map Kit enables you to implement such capabilities for your apps. With Map Kit, you can first draw a map and then add markers to the map, as well as configure the map...
  21. Jck0day

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Matrix Rain (Add a matrix rain in notifications panel !)

    MATRIX RAIN THANKS TO @Hyper.Alvi FOR HIS HELP ! Hey ! This module allow you to add a customisable matrix rain in notifications panel ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED/LSPOSED SETTINGS/!\ Changelog : V1.0 : Initial version : Added main color Added gradient colors...
  22. avinab19

    Thread Android VideoView Resize Algorithm - Bilinear or Bicubic?

    Hi, community, I was trying to resize a video to be played on Google Pixel 5 to fit the screen. I am able to achieve the required but I need to dig a bit deeper to understand the functioning under the hood. I want to understand if the resizing is happening on hardware or software? Also, what is...
  23. MiniLightGames

    Thread [Game][Arcade] Space Shadow Run

    The thrilling game Space Shadow Run has now been released for Android! You're a blob of matter, and now you have to run, escaping from the shadow that devours everything in its path that comes at your heels. Test your reflexes by dodging dark walls. Swipe or tap the screen to get around...
  24. K

    Thread Android auto device problem

    Hi guys ! I have this question for you. I have an Android car radio that can be seen in the pictures. It has the rk3066-eng 4.4.4 23022016 rom installed on it. I don't know what manufacturer the radio is, but I suspect it's Chinese. Its specification is as follows: Kernel version : 3.0.36+...
  25. N1XonXDA

    Thread Sony Xperia X Compact won't turn on (Red & green light blinking when connected to charger or pc).

    So I have an old Sony Xperia X Compact and I remember that it just died all of a sudden and it didn't turn on (That was a long time ago). Basically it wasn't working, it had an unlocked bootloader and TWRP because I wanted to root the phone. but I ran out of battery and after charging it for a...
  26. N

    Thread How to apply Android Security Patches to a Custom Rom?

    Hi everyone, I've used Android-based custom roms for years on many of my devices. Now, I am only able to find one old Lineage OS 14 build for a rare, old tablet that I have. The Android version is not a huge issue, as many Apps still support 7 and lower and the system itself runs reasonably...
  27. FezanButt

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A515W black screen with talkback

    I recently took out my bricked Samsung Galaxy A51. When it boot, after Samsung logo, it goes black, only talkback enables or disables with side buttons. I hard reseted it, and even reinstalled stock firmware but no difference. Kindly help me out. I will be grateful. My phone: Samsung Galaxy...
  28. dirafinadias

    Thread Shortcut to any setting for Android 11

    Hello guys. I want to create a specialized shortcut to a specific settings option (USB Tethering) on a Redmi Note 9S running Android 11 with MIUI12.5.1. I searched online and only found old tricks that don't work for me. Would there be a solution, for example: an app or something similar? If...
  29. L

    Thread Looking for someone to create custom Android ROM for me

    As the title say, I'm looking for someone to build a custom Android ROM for me. Where would the best place be to look for someone who could do that for me? Or are there any freelancers on here that build custom ROMS?
  30. M

    Thread Android 11 update by Magisk 23 ?

    Hello. I am under android 10 from December 2020. With Magisk 23 + TWRP. Can Android 11 update without losing everything (I heard "yes" with HOME_CSC)? Is it still necessary to use a USB cable in addition to the "Vol + / BixBy / Power" manipulation under Android 11? Thank you very much for all...
  31. H

    Thread HELPP! Can´t open my deivce firmware.zip file to extract boot.img.

    Hi, so i got a simple tablet, Multilaser M7S Lite, and i want to root it, my main goal is to be able to edit System folder, i want to change the boot animation, mainly. So , since there is no TWRP recovery for this brand, i decided that the only way, was with magisk patching boot.img. So i...
  32. A

    Thread [ROM][onclite][12.0] VoltageOS [OFFICIAL]

    VoltageOS 12.0 for Redmi 7/Y3 ABOUT Greetings, interested users! You have reached the gateway of a simplistic, no frills pure AOSP experience that will not let you down in getting through every day uninterrupted by inconveniences, with just the right dab of customizations. Be it requiring...
  33. segfaulto

    Thread Flash recovery partition through the init.rc script (Android)

    Hello everyone, a year ago a I had installed a custom recovery on my Lenovo S5000-F and it caused a bootloop and I lost the recovery, fastboot is working fine but it only allow me flash boot, system, userdata and cache partitions. I already tried do: 1-Unpack boot.img 2-Edit default.prop to...
  34. Sajeevkaif

    Thread Connect to WIFI Phone Restart Automatically, HOW TO FIX

    When i connect to wifi my phone(Redmi k20 pro) Restarting!😌😌😌 how to fix
  35. J

    Thread CarPlay Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hi! My car came with an android head unit pre-installed. Apparently it comes with a CarPlay module as it pops up in my phone settings but whenever I try to connect it never manages to connect the phone just quits (it doesn’t even shows an error). I have tried to to install Zlink but the only...
  36. Jean20037

    Thread About Android 12 Update - Are we running out of Android 12? 😐

    ⭐ The thread was created and thinking that they share and add all the information they find about the update to MIUI 13 or Android 12 on the Xiaomi Mi 9, thinking to make a request if this does NOT change. ⭐Why do I think Xiaomi does not plan to update the Xiaomi Mi 9? Browsing in different...
  37. R

    Thread I broke the ENTIRE OS

    As a joke, I ran "rm -rf /" in Terminal Emulator with superuser rights, after a few seconds the app crashed and the phone froze and I had to press the power button for 15s to cut the power. The biggest suprise was that partitions like /system and even /sdcard were not completely erased, as I...
  38. alesimula

    Thread WSA-pacman: Windows Subsystem for Android package installer

    Greetings my fellow geeks I would like to share my small part-time project I've been working on on the last few weeks. I would've liked to post it in the Windows 11 dedicated thread, but well... there isn't any at the time of writing this :p That said, this project is still in a very early...
  39. itsdrnoob

    Thread [APP][v1.0][6.0+] Data Monitor: Track all your data usage - at one place

    Data Monitor allows you to track your data usage, providing easy access to the amount of mobile/wifi data used in the form of widgets and notification. You can view the amount of data consumed by all apps and for different time period. Currently supports viewing data usage history of 'Today'...
  40. pixie_laluna

    Thread Help for a decent & clear tutorial on how to use Heimdall for flashing in Linux ?

    I own a Samsung Galaxy A50s, I don't own a Windows (and can't get access to any Windows machine) so I guess Heimdall is my only way to go with my Ubuntu 20.04 (I tried Jodin, but didn't work and always stuck at "running"). Everyone who has been suggesting Heimdall didn't even even reply when I...
  41. A

    Thread Android: How can i create files in Android/data/com.xiomi.hm.health/ folder

    I am developing a custom Watchfaces App in Which i have to Create Watchface .bin files in Android/data/com.xiomi.hm.health/files/watch_skin_file/59/ into these directory without this my custom watchface app will not be able to apply custom watchfaces. I am new to android file storage development...
  42. N

    Thread Copying Apps AND Data AND Settings AND Passwords

    What is the easiest way for me to transfer all of my apps, data, settings and passwords from an old phone to a new phone or just have that information available for backup purposes? This would be for a Verizon Android phone
  43. LotusMidnight

    Thread Is this a safe app to download from XDA?

    Hello! I'm new to rooting and the XDA community, and I have a two questions. The first question Is this App safe to use? It's called EmojiReplacer (Link to XDA Thread) The second question would be how can I determine for myself if apps are secure?
  44. Dawfuk

    Thread Development [KERNEL] [ALIOTH] DawFuk Kernel v2.0 [30-10]

    Dawfuk Kernel for Pocof3 / Redmi k40 and Mi 11x Be careful if you have any damage to your device i would not be the cause because it is your choise to install my kernel on your device. For you reassure, each release of this kernel is verified and tested for be the most stable possible Features...
  45. S

    Thread Squirrel Android Tweak App

    Squirrel Android Tweak App *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any side effects (if any) or damages (if any) caused by this application. This is a 100% systemless app. If you are having problems, please just uninstall it then reboot. Introduction Squirrel Android Tweak is an application...
  46. VR25

    Thread zRAM Swap Manager for Android and GNU/Linux Systems

    Upstream Repository Official Kernel Documentation (zRAM) Swap Performance (ArchWIki) This project targets mainly gamers, heavy multitaskers and those with low RAM systems.
  47. <Macka>

    Thread Galaxy Tab 2 hard bricked, cannot download debrick.img

    I bought Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5110 16gb for like a 20$, but with failed firmware upgrade. I tried to repair it with 1 file, then 4 file firmware, but when flashing bootloader(yes, download mode wasn't coming out) i was stuck on param.lfs, so i was stupid, I unplugged the cable and try again...
  48. Dhruv_s

    Thread How to process telecom operator messages before being played

    Hi Guys, Came up with a different problem statement, I hope anyone will be able to save me. Say there is a telephone/ VOIP call established and the downlink and uplink of audio is taking place via Audiomanager.Stream_VOICE_CALL like any normal phone call would do but what I want to achieve is...
  49. ByteSeb

    Thread Is there any Android 12 Stable GSI?

    I got a Motorola G8 Power, and as far as I know, it will not get Android 12, so I was wondering if there is already any Android 12 stable GSI (because I doubt that there are any ROMS, and even less likely for this device). Also, if I installed it, would I get any OTA updates? What about...
  50. ParitoshTripathi

    Thread How to port Google recorder app for a specific device.

    I want to know how developers port Google's pixel exclusive apps to other devices and I myself want to try it out. Especially the Google camera and Google recorder app.