1. J

    Thread Android Auto Volume

    Hello! I got a HU for my car, the spec are this. HMI: TSKJ.D.Q.F.3.DZ02.2021. MCU: TS907.190518(H) MEDIA: HC_v2.0.0_190516_1500(v1.84) I have the factory bose system, volume was too loud, but i manage to access the factory setting in the HU and adjust the volume, i can´t change the...
  2. Domukum

    Thread Android Auto with a terrible sound

    Hello I am yet another affected with the problem of poor audio quality through Android Auto. Has anyone managed to fix it in any way? I have changed the cable, restarted the mobile, deactivated the Bluetooth and nothing, it continues to be heard without bass and with a quality as if the song...
  3. chikkugadu

    Thread How do I customize Android auto

    I have a Honda city 2020 and I want to customize small stuffs like wallpapers and themes.
  4. V

    Thread How to read data from available on network port 5151

    While performing a vulnerability scan for open ports of an Android Automotive Infotainment system, I found out that port 5151 is open. Doing a netcat on the open port, reveals a continuous stream of unreadable data. kali:~$ nc 192.168.x.x 5151 //IP of infotainment system 7ò”°R...
  5. Kanjar2020

    Thread Grom V-line

    Hi All. I am new to XDA so please be gentle and I need some help. I have a GROM V-Line system installed and it has been giving me hell these last 11 months and I am unable to get a refund from the buyer. It is android powered and uses a custom rom etc. I was wondering if anyone out there has...
  6. E

    Thread Android Auto issue

    Hi all, I'm experiencing some major issue with OP Nord and Android Auto. I connected the device with its original cable, but my car's infotainment (specifically : Opellink, Mokka X) doesn't reconize my device, charging only. I tried other cable, and other device(U11, OP7t) too. Only Nord has...
  7. N

    Thread Question about Xiaomi note 8 pro and Android Auto

    Hi, I have the 8 pro v11.0.2 and when I connect the cell phone to the car it tells me an unsupported device. relic and android auto starts working. if you disconnected it and reconnect it starts all over again. I always have to do the same to grab. I don't have dual apps. thanks!
  8. M

    Thread Android Auto + Android 10 = broken ?

    Hi guys, my android auto (in a certified compatible car AA) it's fully broken from Oneplus Android 10 versions. Tried the beta3, beta4, and "official" android 10, always same problems. Connections in not stable, sometimes audio glitch and interface (of my car) forced to reboot. Almost always...
  9. avishekrc

    Thread Android auto crashing with new OS update

    Hi All I am seeing Android Auto crashing frequently in the new version of Vivo v11 pro rom after connection to car head unit. Anyone else faced same issue. This issue started after phone updated to version version had no issues.
  10. M

    Thread Toyota Yaris and Android Auto

    Hello, does anyone know if Android Auto is finally available on the new models of Toyota? I'm interested in Toyota Yaris (which models exaclty?) available in Italy. I've read a lot of articles about Toyota agreeing on adding Android Auto support, but haven't found anywhere more details about...
  11. E

    Thread [APP][5.0+]AndroidAuto carNotifier (Multi-language and Email support)

    Beta 1.0 released I will like to start saying a very big thank you to bggold who asked me to consider this in the first place :) While there isn't any way to use the nice Google Assistant voice, and it's still rough around the edges, this demonstrates how we can use Android Auto in a...
  12. toufiq47

    Thread Allwinner t3_p3

    Hi All, this is my head unit from allwinner t3 series. it has 1.6ghz and has a 4x ARM Cortex-A7 CPU running 7.1.1 I have managed to install android auto via apk file, but while run, it gave me this error [ that i have no clue on this :( is there any...
  13. F

    Thread [Release] OpenAuto - open source AndroidAuto(tm) headunit emulator

    Hello, I would like to announce my newest project called OpenAuto. Donate What is OpenAuto? OpenAuto is an open source AndroidAuto(tm) headunit emulator application based on aasdk library and Qt libraries. Main goal is to run AndroidAuto(tm) on the RaspberryPI 3 board computer smoothly. Demo...
  14. E

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Youtube Player for Android Auto - Pre app fieldwork

    Hi guys. As I have mentioned it before I have started working on a YouTube Player for Android Auto, but since I'm not a big youtuber myself I will like to get some input from you guys on how this should app work. My thought till now are: 1) When you are outside Android Auto, you will need to...
  15. E

    Thread [APP][5.0+]OBD2 Plugin for Android Auto - Use Torque with AndroidAuto

    App Requirement Torque Pro OBD2 Reader Android Auto compatible headunit or at least a copy of the Headunit Reloaded App (see signature). This app will have limited functionality if you are using Android Auto on a your phone, the only functions you will be able to use is to see are...
  16. N

    Thread Waze Beta on Android Auto for Everyone

    Hi Guys, I am not an official Waze Beta tester, but I was able to find all the Waze beta versions on apkmirror. I found out that the only beta version that works with Android Auto is the I did try the versions which came afterwards ( and but they do not seem to...
  17. E

    Thread Android Auto on your tablet

    Want to turn you dash mounted tablet into an Android Auto receiver, or just run Android Auto on your phone? Read this thread:
  18. garpunkal

    Thread Android N and Android Auto

    Now that Android N final has been released, I'm getting random stutters and cutouts using Android Auto and Google Play Music. I've a Skoda Fabia 2015. Is anyone else experience this issue? If you are, please can you comment on this issue or star it. Hopefully this...
  19. E

    Thread [Android 4.1+] HeadUnit Reloaded for Android Auto with Wifi

    This Threader is a Spin-off of the original: [Android 4.1+] Headunit for Android Auto - 160117 - Self Mode+ other fixes, x86, 720p by the late :crying: @mikereidis. App links: PlayStore: Previous XDA...
  20. staticx1

    Thread Recommended Apps for your Car Android System thread

    Hello This thread will include all the recommended apps for your head units. I'll update it constantly. so lets get started: ---Launchers--- - Car Launcher Pro (A great dashboard highly recommended) - Android Auto A launcher from Google that is working on some systems. - Car Dashdroid -...