1. S

    Thread Question Ui moving in slow motion

    Hi guys, the issue occurred out of nowhere, just out of a sudden all ui elements started moving really slowly, and I don't mean laggy or stuttery , it's as if every ui animation is taking 10x time of execution. I've tried restarting the phone a couple of times and the issue stays the same. I've...
  2. S

    Thread Battery Charging: Animation Battery Screen Effects

    The battery charging animation app is a very attractive and useful application that users can use for battery charging animations. The charging play app will display a large number of gorgeous transparent bubbles moving on your device screen. Cool animations app provides you full battery...
  3. P

    Thread Xiaomi redmi note 9 problems

    Hi guys, my girlfriend recently bought a xiaomi redmi note 9 and oh dear, there are so many problems with it. The most annoying problem is the camera quality. It's just really really bad, it's pixelated and you basically can't take pictures with it (it's pixelated, not sharp etc.). The second...
  4. intik.exe

    Thread [App][8.0+] Liquid Teardown V2.0 - Phone internals and battery AOD

    A year has passed since I launched Liquid Teardown, meaning the app has had a lot of improvements and fixes and is no where close to what it was when it launched. I got the time to polish it based on the feedback throughout the year, feel free to check it out in case you missed it! What does...
  5. D


    Hi!!! BOOT ANIMATION is a zip file that you can copy and paste into /system/media When you restart the phone or turn it off and then turn it on instead of having its own boot animation it will have this: *WORKING* **DOWNLOAD**
  6. J

    Thread Replacing boot animation

    It the boot animation a vital part of starting the phone? Can I replace with another one or make my own animation file?
  7. M

    Thread OxygenOS 11/Beta Google assistant edge activation animation

    I wonder if anyone else experiences the same issue as i do, i have HD1910 with OxygenOS 11Beta installed and my google assistant edge animation is "ugly", what i mean is that when i activate it it starts with thick lines and it doesn't touches the edges of the screen itself, "only at the end"...
  8. gj4560

    Thread S20 FE missing AOD transition animation between AOD and lock screen

    Has anyone else noticed this? I'm on the XSA CSC running December security patch (OneUI 2.5) and it does not have the animation. I've also received reports that OneUI 3.0 still doesn't have the animation for some reason (from Reddit), and it seems like a strange omission to me considering the...
  9. funscreens

    Thread New way to personalize phone: a WAW

    New type of wallpaper adds a personalization twist Wallpapers have been around forever, in smartphone terms. There are two tribes to the species: Static and Live wallpapers. The static ones don't do much besides simply being aesthetically pleasing. Live Wallpapers on the other hand tend to...
  10. prithvee

    Thread [App] [5.0+] Freez - Add Freeze Animation Effect on Videos **PROMO CODES**

    ❄️ Add amazing freeze animation effects to your videos, right on your phone! ⭐ ERASE AND FREEZE PARTS OF YOUR VIDEOS Adding a Freeze Animation effect has never been simpler: Just select a frame from your video you want, Erase the subject you wish to freeze in time and select how and where...
  11. llevo3

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] AniWeather

    ☂ AniWeather is a beautiful weather app focused on animations and simplicity Features: ● Actual temperature, feels like, maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and UV index ● Hourly forecast for 48 hours and daily forecast for 7 days ● Location based weather...

    Thread [OFFICIAL THEME] [MOD] Oneplus McLaren Fingerprint Animation And FOD Icon/Animation

    OnePlus McLaren Fingerprint And FOD Animation ;)Hello Guys,This Is Abhishek,After A Very Long Time Again In Xda Community A New Theme Mod By Me,This Time It's For Redmi K20 Pro. A Theme Based McLaren Fingerprint Animation Which Anyone Can Try Without Root Or Something.:fingers-crossed...
  13. M

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [MAGISK] Tesla OnePlus Boot Animation 60FPS [OnePlus 7 Pro]

    I think there are a lot of people who like the original OxygenOS boot animation, but would like to add some small extras to it. For this reason, I created the animation as a combination of OnePlus and Tesla fans! Full 60 FPS support :) Download the file in the download section. You need to be...
  14. asifemon0

    Thread Breating pluse animation untill you delete notification.

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if there's a way to add feature via magisk. That when a notification comes we set breating edge effect and from aod. And set the timer for 5 min. Ex: show breathing effect untill i view message or notification and we set that timer for 5 min. Or 10 min. Is...
  15. VortexHD

    Thread Custom boot animation?

    Hello, I'm trying turn a gif file into a Samsung boot animation but can't seem to find a guide that makes sense. I have had a go at Samsung Theme Designer but its very difficult to understand. Has anyone got a tutorial or a creator that can help? I have linked the gif and the extracted frames in...
  16. Hamza417

    Thread [MOD][Magisk] Realme 3 Pro Framework Port

    The System Launcher is good enough for daily use. I don't always lean towards the heavy customization and most often live with something that just works and requires little to no maintenance over time. Although the System Launcher is such that launcher but I realized that it is not providing...
  17. Hamza417

    Thread [Bootanimation][TWRP] Redesigned original RealMe bootanimation

    Hey RealMe users, as we know that the original RealMe bootanimation is quite weird in quality both animation and smoothness. It's set to run on 18 fps and also doesn't offer much of elegance to actually sum up the time it takes to boot. So, I took the liberty to redesign and remake the whole...
  18. M

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Screener animation effects

    Screener animation Download: The unique idea to make your phone beauty. Try screener animation right now. It works like magic on top of all other apps. There are thousands of beauty screener effects and you don't want to...
  19. Immanuelwijaya

    Thread Need Stock Boot Animation

    Please help me to share the stock boot animation zip i use revolution os and i want to use the original boot animation Hope anyone can help me
  20. DeadlyGhost088

    Thread [SUBSTRATUM]DeadlyGhost Fingerprint Theme //Mi 9, 7 Pro, 9 PV, 8 Pro Animations Port

    OnePlus 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9, Nokia 9 PureView Animations Ported for 6T devices! Hi there, I made a fingerprint theme for 6T devices that contains animations from OnePlus 7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Nokia 9 PureView! There are a lot of cool colors to choose from and a few custom icons that you can...
  21. M

    Thread [SUBSTRATUM][28/05] MGx One Animation and FingerPrint Changer!

    With this theme you can change the fingerprint icon, and the color of the FP Animation, Warp Charge Animation, Dash Charge Animation, popup cam animation, and Ambient display notification! You need root and substratum for this! Colors included: -MGx -Blue -Red -Purple -Orange -White...
  22. T

    Thread turn off fingerprint animation?

    How can I turn off the animation when using fingerprint to unlock the device? It's just looks ugly to me.
  23. A

    Thread [LIVE WALLPAPER][Android 6.0+] Lasagna - Live Wallpaper (Ad-free)

    A Live Wallpaper based on the PewDiePie Artwork! No Ads and No Extra Permissions! Fully Offline! Feedback appreciated! Youtube Link Play Store Link
  24. Pollocedrone

    Thread [AMAZFIT][BIP] change unlock animation of the smartwatch

    Hi, i have Amazfit Bip (with modded fw and italian translation); when i press the side button to unlock the smartwatch i see an animation (in the stock fw is like a "trasparent swiping"): someone can help me to restore the stock animation? I have fw version! Thanks EDIT: solved! i...
  25. M

    Thread [SUBSTRATUM][28/05] MGx One Animation and FingerPrint Changer!

    With this theme you can change the fingerprint icon, and the color of the FP Animation, Warp Charge Animation, And Dash Charge Animation! You need root and substratum for this! WARNING: OB11 AND 7 Pro 9.5 Port only! Colors included: -MGx -Blue -Red -Purple -Orange -White -Transparent...
  26. N

    Thread How to Change the "Battery Charging Animation when device is powered off" ?

    Is there a way to change the Charging animation seen when the device is turned off?
  27. TheCleaner

    Thread Copy joying "logo" animation from old head unit to new?

    My old Joying unit from 2016 had a default car logo for "Saab". The old unit is an MTCB unit. My new Joying unit doesn't have that logo, it's an octa core PX5 unit. I figure there's a way to copy the existing animation file(s) from the old to the new, I just don't know how or where to find...
  28. nandakumar12

    Thread BOOTANIMATIONS [best collection]

    BOOTANIMATIONS Hi Guys, In this thread i will post some of the cool boot animations which was made by me. This thread will be updated everyday with new bootanimations. By default all the bootanimations was made to work with 1080P(full HD) devices. If you want me to resize according to you the...
  29. C

    Thread Trouble about Burst Shot and SD Card

    Hey guys! I've looked everywhere but couldn't find an answer, so i decided to open a thread. Whenever I take burst shots, the order of the bursts get mixed when I look at them in the gallery. And because of this, when I hit "create animation" on Google Photos, the GIF doesn't become a...
  30. blakegriplingph

    Thread Nabi SE Custom Boot Animations

    I know there's already a similar thread, but this one's made with the SE in mind, particularly the "Powered by Nabi" special editions, i.e. the American Girl, Barbie and Hot Wheels tablets, mostly as the generic boot screen that came with these special editions wasn't entirely cutting it and...
  31. BenSow

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Not an Apple

    Hey guys, it's been awhile but here's another original boot animation by me. It's not a typical "Anti Apple" animation but more of "Hey this isn't an iPhone" animation. Made with the modern Android logo and also material design animations in 1080x600px. There are two color variants in both 30...
  32. BEC0MM

    Thread Charging animation (Mate10Pro)

    Got the Mate10pro a couple of weeks ago (BLA-L09 (C109)) and so far so good. One neat little feature is the charging animation (kinda useless, I know) , but in my case it only appears for a few seconds never to be seen again...unless I unplug/plug in. Is there any way to have the...
  33. D

    Thread Fake lockscreen blocks lockscreen animation and OOD

    Google just restored about 200 apps, and one of them is creating a very simple, unmarked lockscreen, blocks the lockscreen animation and always on display. Does anyone know of a way to find that damn application that creates the lockscreen? As i said there is nothing distinctive on that fake...
  34. alukarulz

    Thread [MAGISK][BOOTANIMATION] H2OS Boot Animation works for any Android phone.

    I managed to grab the boot animation from H2OS system files and I love it. Looks better than the old plain OnePlus animation. I have created a magisk zip file to download. Also the for manual installation. GIF (BLACK/AMOLED): Magisk Installation (Recommended): Before...
  35. gkillershots

    Thread [ICS - 10][Xposed] ScreenOffAnimation v2.0.0 [2021]

    firstly, I don't like to ask, but... you know... I like a lot when I get thanks in my threads hahahaha continuing... ScreenOffAnimation - LATEST 2.0.0 Newer versions (2.0.0+) require Xposed version 93 or higher (tested on EdXposed only) Also, it's required to uninstall and reinstall the app...
  36. M

    Thread [Guide] How to Port Pixel Navigation Bar With Animation to Android 7.1.2

    Before starting let me clear that this is not my work ! I'm here to share the knowledge and information to much wider audience. :angel: Thanks to the Charles' Guide of porting till 7.1.1 HERE Thanks to ginger_evil , he helped me porting this on Android 7.1.2 Lets Get Started Note :- This...
  37. T

    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION] Watch dogs S7 edge .qmg bootanimation G935F

    Hey i created a watchdogs bootanimation for our beloved s7 edge. Source: How i did it: (dont forget to rename...
  38. M

    Thread [APP][4.1+] On-screen animation effect (FREE coupon cost $1.99 in short time)

    Screen Animation Effect Color your phone with beautiful effects Hi guys, I just want to show my app call Screen animation effect This is an animation app like live wallpaper but it can show on-screen (run on top of other apps) Here is the introduce video: 3rm38NVOWas There are many effects...
  39. R

    Thread Boot Animation's For Note 3 SM-N900

    Walking Fingers Boot Animation By Rohan Download Zip From The Link And Flash With CWM Recovery More Boot Animation Soon ;)
  40. E

    Thread Charging animation

    Is there any animation for plugging in your phone and it shows a nice quick animation? Like Samsung with the wireless animation in the middle or lg plugging in your USB and it shows a animation on a USB being plugged into the bottom.
  41. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to create a Flip Coin Application on Android

    Hello, When you start to learn Android Development, it can be interesting to make some little and fun applications. It’s good to motivate yourself and it is also a great way to discover some specific part of the Android SDK. Today, I propose you to create a Flip Coin Application on Android to...
  42. skulltus

    Thread CM13 Port animation lags

    Hi! Yesterday I ported a CM13 rom to my Elephone S1. Everything is ok, but the animations (like open, close, status bar pulldown) is very laggy. And the youtube in 720p freezing and I don't know why.. Somebody know how can I fix this problems? Thanks!
  43. S

    Thread [Guide] How to get the new Hello Moto boot animation on nougat soak test versions

    [Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your actions with your device. You are doing this at your own risk..] The new Hello Moto boot animation with sound is attatched to this post.It works for me on the soak test version NPJ25.75-2. Prerequisites: 1. Rooted g4 plus on soak test. 2.Any type of...
  44. L

    Thread help soft bricked stuck on animation tried many things no luck

    as the tittle says... i am soft-bricked, stuck on google animation.. I did a install of the full android rom 1.4 from zulu99 and everything worked like a champ but i wanted to go back to stock for the kids and now i am stuck I can access fastboot and recovery on the device and compute...
  45. alesimula

    Thread [Boot Animation][Zip/CM12.x/CM13] QUEEN (band) Boot Animation

    The QUEEN Boot Animation A boot animation for all QUEEN fans. AVAILABLE VERSIONS: CM theme (cyanogenmod) MEDIAFIRE - XDALabs 720p Zip (all roms) MEDIAFIRE 1080p Zip (all roms) MEDIAFIRE SCREENSHOTS:
  46. -Duir-

    Thread [BOOTANIM][12 MAY 2016] New HTC Boot/Down Animations & Splash [AIO]

    This is for all variants of the Desire 601 You flash these at your own risk Preview: Not exactly sure when HTC finally changed up their animations, but they did! I only just noticed a few days ago while watching a video of the new HTC 10, but subsequently found that the Desire 825 also uses...
  47. E

    Thread [App] [Android 4.1+] Water Balance drink for health

    Description: Water is essential for human body, since it occupies the major volume of each organ, nourishes all cells, takes part in all chemical reactions. However, it’s very important to consume as much water every day, as your organism requires. Water balance tracker will calculate your...
  48. xpmule

    Thread MotoBlack Marshmallow Stitches BootAnimation Theme by xpmule 2016

    MotoBlack Stitches Boot Theme / Animation by xpmule 2016 This is the default Motorola Marshmallow "Stitches" Boot Logo + Animation converted to Black. What you get here ? - Flashable ZIP for the BootLogo - Properly packed - A new simple dark / wide Wallpaper 1080x960 based on...
  49. coolbud012

    Thread Animating Marker on Google Map

    Hey guys, I'm trying to animate a marker on google maps. Followed this gist This is my code and the marker is not getting animated. Can anyone help me with the same please? CODE Basically I'm trying to move the marker / cab on the marker like Uber does.
  50. IND_TechNetiUm

    Thread [Aroma][Boot Animation Pack] Android Boot Animation Installer | Pack of 15 Animations

    15 Android Boot Animations with Aroma Installer. Things you will need: 1. A rooted phone. 2. Custom Recovery (TWRP, CWM) How to use: 1. Boot to recovery (TWRP OR CWM) 2. Select Install. 3. Choose IND_TechNitiUm Boot Animation Pack. 4. The Aroma Installer will start, so just choose the...