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    Thread [MOD][PERFORMANCE]Watson - Your device's personal, automated butler!

    TO ALL DEVS: Feel free to look at my code, but DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OF IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Asking doesn't hurt and I don't bite. :) UPDATE 05/04/2017: Sorry for taking so long guys, but here is Watson 2.1! Do you own an old device which didn't work out well with the other mods around? Do...
  2. Dante63

    Thread *** MultiPlatform Developer - Open requests - wide phone versions support

    Good day all, I hope that I am posting in the right place and following the rules according to what I understood... I am happy to announce in my spare Time :), I'll be developing MultiPlatform applications (soon games as well) and I'll be happy to make you an application you can't find or...