1. sbr5136014

    Thread Question Apk for android automotive AAOS

    Hi I'm looking for the MapsCarPrebuilt apk that is installed on AAOS I find this attached but its too big on the screen if anyone has a batter apk please post it here
  2. N

    Thread Modify apk

    Is theres a way to modify and run this apks without unlocking secrecy or auth token? i pulled it from my oppo and when i run the app it'll update the existing app
  3. Iceer

    Thread How to give an App a permission that doesn't appear?

    I'm using an xposed module that spoofs my system camera, but in order for it to work, I need to grant Apps access to view my internal files, since the camera spoofs the feed from a local .mp4 file. This works on apps like Firefox, where I can go to the permissions tab and select the "Photos and...
  4. riva!

    Thread Question Any tweak tools/oxygen os toolkits or anything for OOS 13? And is there a way to enable userdebug mode?

    Im trying to find tools that can enable more customization and tweaks than what comes with stock OOS. I have a global converted tmobile LE2117. If anyone knows of any APKs or magisk/lsposed modules that are similar to gravitybox or firefds kit but for oneplus/OOS 13 any links/help would be...
  5. D

    Thread Need step by step instructions how to automatically add files to the APK in Android Studio

    I am trying to do this very trivial task, but I cannot find any complete instructions on how to do it. So far, I gathered that APK is just an archive that files can be added to using aapt add MyApp.apk file1 file2 ... Or the files must be added to the assets folder The APK must be less than...
  6. pedrovusk

    Thread [APP] [MOD] I can't activate developer mode

    how can i enable instagram developer mode? I used to sign to enable developer mode, now it doesn't work anymore
  7. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Need help installing app to Fire HD 10 (7th Generation)

    I found a bit of info on XDA but nothing worked that I've tried. I am getting a message on Google Playstore "Your device is not compatible" so I tried the apk route using apkmirror & 2 other similar tools but got a message saying parsing error. Can anyone recommend something that might work...
  8. P

    Thread Question Install apk from local storage

    Hey guy's, I hope somebody can help me out here. I can't find any explanation on internet. I want to install an apk from the local storage on my Rog phone 5 ( android 12,un rooted) . In the old days it was pretty simple, just a slide to activate the "allow unknown sources", click on the apk...
  9. Golden_Melky

    Thread INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_INSTALL_LOCATION when sideloading an apk

    I have a video projector based on android tv 9, but it's very closed, there isn't a file explorer, app store ecc. Wifi adb it's enabled by default. i want to install an file explorer (or any other app) but when i try to install the apk it gives me this error the apk it's android tv...
  10. Clayton630

    Thread How could I update system apps ?

    Hello, I am currently making a few software modifications on my rooted Galaxy S9 on which I installed Noble ROM from AlexisXDA to be able to use one ui 4.1 with android 12. Now I’m trying to install One UI 5 apps on it, so I already installed Samsung Messages, Contacts, Phone dialer and Gallery...
  11. V

    Thread How do I install the Samsung Keyboard on my custom ROM?

    I have installed the /e/ OS custom ROM and rooted it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte/GM-930F). I'd like to install the default Samsung Keyboard, as I've gotten used to it over the years. I tried multiple versions from apkmirror and similar websites, some won't install, some install but don't...
  12. I

    Thread What are some useful APK files you can get for your android head unit?

    If anyone has any useful or cool apps they wanna share that has improved their unit or made it look better I would like if you can share it. I haven’t downloaded any apk files but I guess u just download it from a website and uploaded it to your usb and downloaded it from your head unit. Is...
  13. J

    Thread Can there be malware files other than apk?

    Can there be malware files other than apk ? I mean in phone, only apk can do hacking like taking video without user knowing. But would there be other exe files that can run and hack?? What if i install custom ROM not based on android linux? Then other files can run and hack? if malware is...
  14. oakwooda

    Thread garmin streetpilot apk for android?

    Hello! This is a weird question, but does anyone have the Garmin streetpilot apk for android phones because i really need it and all of the forums i've seen all have expired links and i really need the apk. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Retrial

    Thread [App][8.0+][Guides]▶️ReVanced & ReVanced Extended📚

    ▶️ReVanced & ReVanced Extended📚 (Apks, Guides & Useful Links) This thread is "Unofficial" ReVanced is the successor of the legacy Vanced app. It's a tool which can build a modded version of YouTube with AdBlock+SponsorBlock and has almost all the Premium YouTube features plus more. Here you can...
  16. K

    Thread How to fully uninstall this Android app with ADB?

    Several months ago, I installed an InShot apk mod. I know, I know... Well recently I decided to uninstall it, and well... it didn't seem to fully uninstall. I am no longer able to install any other Inshot app (authentic or otherwise) in its place, because for some reason the OS still sees that...
  17. M

    Thread Easy way to include Android data files inside apk?

    Hi there I'm using RetroArch (a frontend for emulators), and there are settings stored on: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch/files /storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/ It's open source but I don't have the knowledge to be able to compile it, anyway, I've been able to made some little...
  18. curical93

    Thread Reverse engineering of apk called Process Manager

    Can someone help me to understand how to build the server of this apk https://lab52.io/blog/complete-dissection-of-an-apk-with-a-suspicious-c2-server/ ? I tried to disassemble the apk but it is obfuscated and I don’t know how can proceed.
  19. T

    Thread 🕹️ apk.sh - makes reverse engineering Android apps easier.

    Hi all folks, I just want to introduce 🕹️ apk.sh (https://github.com/ax/apk.sh). It is a Bash script that makes reverse engineering Android apps easier, automating some repetitive tasks like pulling, decoding, rebuilding and patching an APK. Features apk.sh basically uses apktool to...
  20. M

    Thread app installed via apk keeps crashing

    Hello. I'm "slightly" out of my depth here, unfortunately. The aforementioned app (Chess Tactics Pro) suddenly became "incompatible with my device" and so unavailable in play store, I therefore had to extract the apk file from another phone. In fact, I tried 3 different versions of this app. It...
  21. D

    Thread Question "adapt" android apk for android wear

    Hello, is it possible to adapt an apk from smarthphone to android wear? I have some problems with spotify and other apps. Spotify never makes me start playback from watch, it always sends me back to the bluetooth connection screen. (The devices are already connected, in fact I can control...
  22. Byzehirx

    Thread [CLOSED] Android X-Spy build app apk Byzehirx

    X-Spy Apk Build Project Application will be constantly updated and shared. Github: {Mod edit} BETA application In New Version Trojan APK in scenerio APK name Text Label Background Colors Icon Hiding and hiding and many more features may come Android X-Spy Apk Build No data is requested by the...
  23. K

    Thread Attempting to pull assets, images, and resources from an APK

    I am attempting to extract the images from the game Summoners War to use for wallpapers and such. I am able to get the APK file and have the image files in question in the assets folder, however they are not able to be opened in any image editor or photo viewer, I believe that they are...
  24. Shumafuk

    Thread Stock Samsung camera apk?

    Please, where I can get stock Samsung camera apk for Galaxy S10e? I have LineageOS/iodéOS and I would like to use stock app for video, since no other app is able to record 10bit video without paying ridiculous amount of money. Thanks. I found few apk's from untrusted sites. Aurora Store has...
  25. S

    Thread File Manger App With Samba Support, Remote Thumbnailing, Sort By Date, Folders-First, AND Screenshot Prevention/Protection?

    Does this already exist, even as a source repo?
  26. GalaxyA325G

    Thread How does an OLDER version of an app know to ask for a NEWER version? (Cellular-Z)

    1. I noticed the latest versions of Cellular-Z seems to have ads even though the Google Play Store page for it says it doesn't have ads. Cellular-Z by JerseyHo Free, no ads, requires GSF, rated 3.9, 1.77K reviews, 100K+ Downloads...
  27. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread You should try this Huawei music player

    For a long time I had been looking for a music player that was simple, universal, lightweight, elegant, practical and ad-free, a music player that you could actually put in your custom ROM or just install it to replace the ugly Android stock music player that your phone manufacturer keeps...
  28. J

    Thread adb: failed to install config.armeabi_v7a.apk: Error: Unable to open file: 25758178Consider using a file under /data/local/tmp/

    Hello, I would like to install my local vendor app for television on my smart tv (Android 11) I downloaded with evozi. When I run it with adb, I got this : D:\adb>adb shell BeyondTV:/ $ monkey -p be.belgacom.mobile.adeleeverywhere -v 500 bash arg: -p bash arg...
  29. GalaxyA325G

    Thread Is your device Android ID embedded permanently into your installed APKs or not? What happens when you change your Android ID?

    Is your device Android ID embedded permanently into your installed APKs or not? What happens when you change your Android ID? Given a unique Android11 to Android12 migration screwup: Did Google screw up on your upgrade of Android 11 to Android 12? As a possibly directly-related datapoint, I...
  30. MiniFreeza

    Thread [Apk + Data = Apk] How-to ?

    Hello, I've been searching everywhere for this, but couldn't find a good answer.. I've found Titanium Backup Pro that does that, but doesn't work anymore (keeps crashing). I've found Migrate, Neo Backup, Swift Backup, ZBackup.. but they all backup each individually (apk / data). The only one...
  31. Reicoler

    Thread Question Help me google pixel 6 users

    Can you send me the sound amplifier apk?
  32. B

    Thread nook color running software version 1.4.4 unable to install .apk files

    I'm having issues installing .apk file's on my nook color device running software version 1.4.4, so I have been using a simple HTTP server from my phone to transfer files to the nook color but trying to install downloaded .apk files from my phone does not work and yes the app i am trying to...
  33. GalaxyA325G

    Thread For how long are the over two dozen Android core modules updated over the "Google Play System Update" mechanism (aka "Google System Updates")?

    Given that Android 8+ is comprised of multiple disjoint components.... This thread is asking about the over two dozen (and counting) Android core modules encompassed in Project Mainline/Treble/Google Play system updates/etc., now mostly simply referred to as "Google System updates"... I have...
  34. A

    Thread Netflix FHD fix

    This is a quick guide on how to fix the Netflix FHD problem. The problem is actually that even if the device is Widevine L1 certified but is not Neftlix certified then HD content wont play. There are a few dirty ways to bypass this. I will write three ways Some things before we start: I am not...
  35. I

    Thread Sideloaded apps not starting propperly [DYON Smart 50 AD]

    Hello Everyone. I got the Issue, that i cant start my sideloaded apps ( like telegram or firefox) propperly. The screen kinda breaks and i cant click or do anyting until i go back to the homescreen. Any Ideas? Best regards IRIE
  36. T

    Thread [APP] [5.1+] PixaPencil - feature-rich, open-source Android pixel art editor

    Hello guys, My name is Tom and I am the maintainer of PixaPencil, an open-source, feature-rich pixel art editor for Android. It is written 100% in Kotlin, is entirely open-source, and can be downloaded as an apk file. I have worked very hard over the last 7 months to make the app as good as...
  37. M

    Thread what's wrong with this apk? I can't install it on a specific device but it can be installed on any other device

    Hi, I have an apk that I would like to install on my smart tv, but when installing it I get the following error "An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed" but I am 100% sure that there are no packages installed with the same name since I wiped my...
  38. D

    Thread Question Trying to install APK from APKMirror, getting "The parser did not find any certificates in the .apk"

    Hi everyone, I'm using LineageOS with a OnePlus 9 Pro. I'm trying to install the OnePlus camera app downloaded from here: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/oneplus-ltd/oneplus-camera/oneplus-camera-6-2-117-release/oneplus-camera-6-2-117-android-apk-download/ When I try to install it with the...
  39. B

    Thread How To Guide Remove Microsoft Bloat

    In the spirit of removing stubborn pre-installed APKs from freshly unpacked Android devices, I would like to share the apps I removed using adb and the commands used to do so. I personally do not use Office or Bing so these were my primary targets, but I also removed OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook...
  40. kremboss22

    Thread Hide an APK without having access to the source code.

    I had an APK that I installed on my phone that I did not want anybody seeing so I used the method in the following post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-make-an-apk-hidden-when-it-installs.1501053 Essentially what I did was I replaced : <category...
  41. jauhari

    Thread Question S22 Ultra Samsung Camera APK Apk?

    Can anybody share and Sideload Samsung Camera APK that already Installed on Samsung S22 Ultra? Thanks
  42. ThePieMonster

    Thread Is There A Android Application For Testing / Viewing Location Data?

    Currently on the hunt for a android application that can display the devices location information on screen. Ideally the application will be able to display all the different location methods at once as there are several methods and API's available. Google Location Services API...
  43. PresFox

    Thread Why does this apk only work when installed from the play store?

    Hello, I am playing around with an .apk, an existing program where I have no control over. Planning to try my hand at reverse engineering for fun. However, I run into the following problem: When I download the app from the google play store, it works. No issues. When I download the app from...
  44. G

    Thread An alternative way to distribute apps

    Hello, what other options are there apart from Google Play Console? My app might not get accepted as it uses permissions that help the app run "forever". I've tried the "send APK" approach, but it's not the best. I've implemented an in-app pop-up, but there are still users that don't update the app.
  45. W

    Thread [NEW] Installing apps on a Gabb Phone Z2?

    YOU CAN NOW ACCESS THE INTERNET ON YOUR GABB PHONE. However, you still can't mod or get apps on it. Here's a tutorial on how to access the internet. Video Tutorial made by Hezy: Tutorial may not be current, so check the text tutorial. Text tutorial Open settings Go to networks The wifi Tap on...
  46. ekjafoste

    Thread Sign In with google on modified APK file

    Hi every1, Important threads: - https://www.thecobraden.com/posts/unblocking_firebase_ids/ Explanation: I've been messing, for some time now, with android tampering/reverse engineering. But, there is a problem that I can't seem to overcome, neither find any solution for it on any foruns, that...
  47. A

    Thread I want to create a personal smartwatch app for my hobby project without uploading it to Google Play store

    Perhaps it is a stupid question but I don't own a smartwatch but I am planning to buy one soon. But right now I really don't know how the building process and uploading final release without the debug info works in new Wear OS smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy 4 Active I plan to buy. So, is it...
  48. Chantico

    Thread View Network Traffic Android App with restricted CA list and no code

    Disclaimer: I've a software developer but new to Android - I don't think is obvious though, hence my choice of place to post. I'm trying to view the network traffic of an android app for which I'm in no way associated. Here's what I've done: 1. Install app from google play store. Running `adb...
  49. alesimula

    Thread Development WSA-pacman: Windows Subsystem for Android package installer

    Greetings my fellow geeks I would like to share my small part-time project I've been working on on the last few weeks. I would've liked to post it in the Windows 11 dedicated thread, but well... there isn't any at the time of writing this :p That said, this project is still in a very early...
  50. S

    Thread [ROOTED] Android 11; how to install older version of google maps?

    rooted/magisk samsung S21+ ...stock rom stock version of google maps removed with titanium backup. trying to install many different old versions (in the 9.x and 10.x range) just says 'app not installed' ...what the hell is going on here?