1. T

    Thread Gboard will not delete certain learned words and names

    I type in Arabic (phonetically though) and have certain phrases and names that I tried to delete by: 1- Deleting all learned words in advanced settings 2- Deleting app cache and data 3- Uninstalling the app The only way to get rid of them is by manually removing them and deleting them...
  2. cruzidax

    Thread Noob looking for help with modding an app (rescaling)

    Hello, I'm a new user here and I saw some of you guys' great work. I've recently gotten an oppo watch 41mm and I learned how to sideload apps with adb. Now I'm trying to use the Wearmodder.jar by the user Moneytoo. I did follow his guide on how to mod it and I managed to do all the steps except...
  3. Viaali

    Thread Viaali's workout app 1.0

    did anyone try it ? Viaali Workout app
  4. dev2900

    Thread [APP][5.0] Manage & Organize Passwords App (PROMOTION CODES)

    Hi XDA developers! EDIT : New version 1.1 released! Edit option added. 01/03/2021 I have been working for 4 months to develop this app and I am so happy to share it with you : Manage & Organize Passwords . About Manage & Organize Password: Simple, clear, effective. We have divided the...
  5. Satyam Mobile

    Thread [APP] [FREE] [SECURE] The Most "Secure, Fast and Free" QR Barcode Scanner Pro - QR Code Generator Reader 2021

    Hello XDA developers! Today I'm so happy to announce that the first version of my new app: QR Barcode Scanner Pro - QR Code Generator Reader has been rolled out. This is some awesome info about QR Barcode Scanner Pro - QR Code Generator Reader QR Barcode Scanner Pro - QR Generator app is...
  6. scoperooy

    Thread Janella here

    Hello, Janella here. I am a new member
  7. Mirko ddd

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Sh-ort -- URL Shortener

    Sh-ort is a how I reimagined a URL Shortener app using Material Design to build a branded experience, through UI and Motion. There are several apps that take care of shortening urls, and they are great at what they do but they all have more or less the same design and are a little boring. Also...
  8. T

    Thread Is it possible to automate multiple Google Play app install?

    I think this is basically general(not device specific) question so I am posting my question here. I have Galaxy Note 10 Plus which got OS upgrade recently. I havn't upgraded my phone so currently my phone is at Android Q(10). I don't have much time to do OS upgrade. More specific, I don't have...
  9. H

    Thread [APP] Security button - revolutionary panic button!

    Hi xda, i`m noob in this forum but i think, i made an useful tool for all privacy lovers! I made a new panic button - Security Button! What it can do: -Specify which numbers to respond to: You can write at least a thousand, comma separated, a space, or even 100 spaces, it doesn't matter. (Write...
  10. mayker05

    Thread Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) :

    Pixel Master Port (UN-OFFICIAL) DISCLAIMER: I wont be held responsible for bricked devices or dead MicroSD and USBs. Modifications comes with no warranty, by installing this you agree doing it at your own risk. TESTED ON ZENFONE 5z EVOLUTION X 5.3 !!! TESTED ON ZENFONE 3 SUPERIOR OS ...
  11. Kshitiz NP

    Thread Multiple pins to unlock a phone and sequentially follow a command via the pin provided to unlock the phone/computer?

    I was wondering if it was possible to add multiple pins to unlock the same device, about 500 or more. And for each pin provided, a separate task should be performed on the device, like changing a wallpaper to the desired image, turning flash on, opening an app, etc. I am new in this field, is...
  12. I

    Thread Need EMUI 10.0.0 Contacts App for Honor 8X

    Hi Folks, Last month I was playing around with my Honor 8X, removing Stock Bloatware apps. and I ended up removing Stock Dailer app (which is itself a Part of Stock Contacts app). Can anyone provide the Stock Contacts App file? I miss the default UI and built-in Call recording feature with my...
  13. O

    Thread Call recorder app

    Hey, since the Huawei tossed away the built in call recorder, can someone suggest me a good app for recording calls?
  14. Z

    Thread Repackage apps from phone image

    I recently backed up my Lumia 950XL (win32DiskImage) and did a clean wipe. I missed the opportunity to use something like App Data Manager Tool (found it after the process). On the now clean phone, many of the programs that were on my windows phone previously are now categorized in the store as...
  15. Jojobox

    Thread Android Gpu info?

    Hello, I know for example that app like Cpu-Z finds the device information on the build.prop but yet I can't figure out where does it gets the information of the Gpu. And is it possible to change the Id of the Gpu just to experiment?
  16. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [PORT] [APP] [5.0+] OnePlus weather 1.6.0 for Moto E2

    Ok, so this port works on stock ROM and custom ROMs that are Android 5.0+ Tested on Moto E2 surnia XT1527 Should also work on other 32-bit devices. Download link: Direct download from XDA if attachment won't download
  17. pedroxdadevs

    Thread [Module] [2021-15-12] [1.9.7] King Tweaks Reborn

    Functions King Tweaks Reborn is a magisk module that focus on maximize user-experience by tweaking the kernel. You have 4 modes: Latency, Balanced, Extreme and Gaming, you change it based on your use by using the app (Spectrum based) that the module also installs. Modes Latency Latency is UI /...
  18. N

    Thread I built a free privacy policy hosting web app

    Hi Guys, I made a web app where devs can host their privacy policies, just paste in your app's privacy policy and deploy in seconds. Check it out:
  19. K

    Thread [APP] Corrupted Calculator (Prank/Magic)

    This is my new prank app called Corrupted Calculator. It's completely free and I already had a lot of fun with it. Sadly Google Play doesn't promote it so it get's almost no downloads. I would really appreciate it if someone could check it out and give me some feedback. I'd also be happy about...
  20. A

    Thread Huawei Files app using Wifi without any reason

    On my Huawei nova 4 Huawei files app using wifi without any reason. Somedays this app using my wifi more 2gb.i don't know what's going on. Can someone help me to solve this issue. I attached some screenshots.
  21. imneo1

    Thread My new Android App - Need your review

    Hello, I'm back :) I created a new App named AnyFace. AI based mobile application, designed to bring people together by how their look These days, when we are all mostly locked inside, it's a great way to meet new people around the world! I just released the app for...
  22. Aneel

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Amaze Walls - HD Wallpapers & 4K Amoled Backdrops [Available on Google Play]

    Amaze Walls - HD Wallpapers & 4K Amoled Backdrops Amaze Walls is an upcoming Wallpapers & Backdrops app where we post Beautiful 4K HD Wallpapers Daily. Our wallpapers are sourced mostly from our Google Photos communities. Our Backgrounds are also sourced from Reddit, Unsplash, Pexels, and...
  23. E

    Thread How to restrict apps and internet access on Android (for an teenager)

    Hi! To help someone in my family, i need to disable access to Internet for specific apps. For example, access to WhatsApp but not to any web browser (or only for selected websites). This person had an iPhone before and this was very easy to do on it :confused: I already tested Open Time Limit...
  24. C

    Thread Camera2 focus state during preview

    Hi, I have built a small notepad+barcodescanner app. Not it works, but the performance is low, as it processes all frames. It would be good if it would process only frams which are captured when the focus settled. The app uses Camera2 PreviewBulder and CaptureRequestBuilder / RepeatingRequest...
  25. S

    Thread Is it possible to backup an app and its data without root?

    While answering to another question I came to think that it might work to this situation too. So, the adb works? No use to write anything more if it doesn't... Also that app must be signed with testkeys or some other known keys...
  26. Vijay chandra

    Thread [APP] Screenie - Home Screen Setups/Wallpapers[Customization]

    Screenie: The best app to make your Home Screen Sexier. Screenie consists of various Home Screen Setup References and Launcher Backups with which you can theme your Home Screen in a Creative, Innovative Way in very less time. Making Your Home Screen Sexier made easy with Screenie. Screenie...
  27. t-ryder

    Thread [APP][Android 5.0+] Rywall UHD wallpaper app

    __________________ I got much leisure lately, so I took Jahir Fiquitivas Frames Dashboard and created Rywall - an UHD wallpaper app for Android smartphones. __________________ UHD JPG wallpapers 3840x1644 pixels Set wallpapers using the app itself or the system-tool (adjust) No ads No...
  28. N

    Thread Two questions about Firestick's apps

    Hello, I have some almost philosophical doubts :confused: Why are there so few games in the official Amazon store for the firetv ? (In the official amazon store, how many new apps have been incorporated in 2020, I think very few) The best graphics are only available in Asphalt 8: Airborne ...
  29. isratom

    Thread Built in Call Recorder Gone?

    Ny way to revive it? If not, what's the best external App foe call recording on this phone?:confused:
  30. B

    Thread Help with Magic Info/Tizen app for TV Monitor Touch

    I have a very simple problem that i need to resolve. We have a magic info monitor installed at a point of sale, which is meant to display a website we developed solely for this monitor touch. However the website needs authentication to access it, and we need a way to keep the device logged in...
  31. B

    Thread Help with Magic Info/Tizen app for TV Monitor (Social)

    I have a very simple problem that i need to resolve. We have a magic info monitor installed at a point of sale, which is meant to display a website we developed solely for this monitor touch. However the website needs authentication to access it, and we need a way to keep the device logged in...
  32. T

    Thread [APP][4.2+]Control your Android's sound volume from a browser (free noads opensource)

    Hello everyone, my application is (and will remain) free, without ads, and open source. It lets you control the sound volume of an Android device remotely from any other device that has a web browser, Android or not. Therefore this also includes non-Android devices (such as PC, Mac, iPhone and...
  33. keaukraine

    Thread Need help testing an app on Shield TV

    Hello, I need help testing my app on Shield TV. App has been marked as ineligible for Android TV distribution because of crashes which I cannot reproduce on my Xiaomi MiBox S device. Please DM me for a link to APK. Best regards, Oleksandr
  34. methuntt

    Thread [App] Video Downloader- Instagram,WhatsApp,TikTok,Fb,Twitter,Like

    ? Want to save your friends' story/status? We are here to make your life easy ? Video Downloader helps you to save WhatsApp status, Instagram Private account stories , Instagram posts, Facebook video and images, TikTok videos, Twitter images and video easily. ⚡️ One click to download all...
  35. U

    Thread Looking to follow-up with some existing ZeroTier users

    Hey all. I've been on here on-off for the better part of the decade; mainly to try phone rooting. I started working for last week, and the company has a paid Android app on the marketplace. I've already had one person trying to reach out to me offering to do some code...
  36. A

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Reminder Cat 1.16

    Published on Google Play Yes, it's one more reminder app! Simple and convenient. Take notes and set a reminder in two taps. Advantages: * Quick start and work * Easy to use * No additional permits required * Selecting a reminder color * Selecting the notification sound * Voice input * Adding...
  37. R

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] ContactMap: Find your friends' homes on a map

    LINK: At a place with some free time to kill? Wish to make a quick visit to a friend who lives close by to where you are now? This app will show you all your contacts that are in the vicinity based on your current location...
  38. mbze430

    Thread App that can control Horizon Light?

    I am new to OnePlus phones. But is there an app that can control the Horizon Light? Most of my previous phone has a LED indicator light that I use to glance over to know what type of notification is waiting for me. Since the the OnePlus 8 Pro doesn't have that light I like to see if there is...
  39. X

    Thread Fonts for ONEUI2 - non Root

    I found this app on playstore- zFont free 200 fonts compatible with ONEUI 2. just download the font and install it, then choose it under "settings--Display--Font" enjoy
  40. K

    Thread [Verge] Aptoide app works

    I was testing some apps to amazfit verge and aptoide works! I can install working tic tac toe from there and chess. It lags and 70% of apps/games doesn't works but it works.
  41. C

    Thread Recomended apps for small screen Android phones, including PVG100

    Hello, I don't (yet ?) own a PVG100. Therefore, I cannot help with PVG100 hacking. But I may be of some help nonetheless : I have been (and am still) using a tiny Android phone (Sony-Ericsson Xperia Active, 3 inch screen) for 8 years. I want to share the best apps I found for small screen...
  42. B

    Thread [APP] Google Camera by Abhi OnFire

    This is a custom Google Camera made for Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 CC based on Google Camera 7.3.020. It supports main, telephoto and wide-angle lenses as well as all Google Camera features. Known issues: Slow-mo not working on 710 or 845 Snapdragon devices Some icons have issues in the light theme...
  43. A

    Thread Back up an app and install on another device without losing data or settings

    is there an android app that allows you back up your app and then install your apps from one device to another without losing your settings and configurations? for example back up a game, install it in a new device and then open and run from the exact same place without having to log in again.
  44. T

    Thread auto s

    Hello Is there any way I can allow auto scroll for pdf files in either acrobat or xodo apps? Or any app which allows auto scrolling? Thanks ps: I am having trouble with login and other text boxes on this website, and same is with the title text box for messages. Due to this, the title for this...
  45. B

    Thread PC software that acts as an Android phone dock?

    I'm looking for a software which does this: Plug your phone into the PC and the software presents the PC as a desk-type dock, so instead of just charging and giving you a popup to select connection mode (MTP, PTP etc), the phone thinks it's on a dock and the screensaver action associated with a...
  46. I

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Touch Counter with holding time

    Scope of using: Helps you to count anything you need with high precision just by clicking CLICK. For example, when you do workout, then save results and give it a name. Features Simple-to-use. Free and Ad-free. Holding time of each click. Create, edit and delete unlimited amount of...