1. F

    Thread [APP][4.4+] BuzzChat App : Best Social Networking platform

    Buzz Chat is a new social networking platform providing users with a series of AI tools. Buzz Chat also provides awards system that awards you with points for every action taken in the app. Download Buzz Chat for android now
  2. Y

    Thread Question Are there an apps to install custom fonts on Galaxy S22 and be able to use them in 3rd party apps?

    The app in question is Obsidian. I'd like to be able to install fonts on the Galaxy S22+ (US, T-Mobile) and be able to use it in 3rd party apps like that. I did a bunch of googling and found the zFont app, but it requires lots of steps, can only install one font at a time, and seems to be meant...
  3. FLYeRNeT

    Thread [Question] [App] Looking for an App that blocks other app for starting automatically and stay in memory of Android

    Hello, 😀 I'm looking for an Android app which prevent others app to start automatically, because even if I set the battery saver to "restrict activity in background", uncheck the "automatic startup" and disable the notifications, the app is still starting and running in memory. My phone is a...
  4. HermeStudio

    Thread [APP] [5.0+] Talk to ChatGPT Without Annoying Ads

    Here is an AI chatbot app powered by GPT 3.5 turbo. The advanced AI-powered technology understands your questions and generates human-like responses, so you can have a dialogue with it, as with a real person. It can understand and answer many types of questions because the AI chatbot has been...
  5. Iceer

    Thread Read which exact URL an App is opening

    I'm using an app that opens a third party link when I press a button, which opens a new tab in the app itself that's basically a browser, but it doesn't show the URL that's opening. I want to know the exact URL and have looked into monitoring App network traffic with various apps as well as...
  6. Iceer

    Thread How to give an App a permission that doesn't appear?

    I'm using an xposed module that spoofs my system camera, but in order for it to work, I need to grant Apps access to view my internal files, since the camera spoofs the feed from a local .mp4 file. This works on apps like Firefox, where I can go to the permissions tab and select the "Photos and...
  7. Skyica

    Thread [APP][6.0+] App Finder: The most advanced search engine for Android apps

    App Finder Innovative advanced search engine for Android apps and games 2,300,000+ apps from Google Play are indexed, with data for all 200+ countries / regions. Get in on Google Play, or download the latest version 1.0.10b here. A web interface is coming soon. Feature Overview The features...
  8. M

    Thread Android application to save photos to server in local network?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an application that can be used on Android, connect to the folder on the network, create a new folder, take and save photos in local network folder. Can you recommend APP how can I do this? Thanks.
  9. Meko07

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Random Nano (Yet another randomized generator)

    Hi Folks, Long time no see. After a while of not working on Android apps at all, I finally got some time to get back into the Android dev world - Greetings!. Starting with Random Nano which is more likely a sandbox dev application for me and (whatever-you-want)-generator for you all, where I...
  10. B

    Thread Advice for app creation

    Hi! So i have an idea for an app. Im not looking for free programers. I would just want to ask few questions about my idea. How difficult would it be to create. More info in PM if someone could be so kind. Would really appreciate some feed back.
  11. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][6.0+] RadioTime - Listen to Worldwide Radio Stations

    Looking for a radio streaming app that's easy to use and offers a wide range of features to enhance your listening experience? Check out RadioTime! Here are just a few of the features you'll love: Over 35,000 stations from more than 200 countries around the world Easy search function to find...
  12. MaHDi2LoNE

    Thread other additional options in camera app xiaomi redmi note 9s

    Hi, My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. I have installed EU ROM (MIUI 14 based on Android 12). But more professional features for photography are not in the camera app, can I add more professional features to its camera? I mean these options and other additional options that are in some Xiaomi...
  13. KewinMalicki

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods ANativeDOC Player (My homebrew app)

    Hello everyone. i would like to share my application which is used to display ANativeDOC files (my format) to android native code. You can create alerts, buttons, and simple text documents. The application works on Android 4.2 or greater. my design of my own...
  14. SigmundDroid

    Thread What are the first five apps you install on LOS?

    What are your first 5 apps you on LineageOS to get started on a brand new phone? I got slightly inspired by this thread: What are the first five apps you install on Windows? What are the first five apps you install on LOS? Just for starters I have added some of mine but if an app is missing...
  15. lightinfo10

    Thread Chrome saying no Internet though working and Android Downloader Not downloading unless Wifi ! [SOLVED]

    Hi! I am in a trouble.😟 My mobile data works very fine. And wifi too. But, when I use mobile data, chrome says "No Internet" on the upper layer. [See attached pics] Though everything is working. I can surf every website. When I connect the wifi, it says "Back online". This issue not making...
  16. Tutorival_XIX

    Thread Background app killed

    Hello, I have a problem, my spotify app is killed when i lock my screen (after 5min). I have already disabeling battery optimisation of android and battery restriction for spotify. i use Project Elixir rom A13. Thanks
  17. Rod F

    Thread Question Sometimes apps close as soon as I open them

    I bought a Samsung S23+ a week ago. I'm really like it. It's a significant improvement over my old S10. However, sometimes when I open an app, it immediately closes. It just goes away. No error message, it just disappears. However, tapping on it again brings it up. It isn't consistent which app...
  18. S

    Thread Is there a way to check SMART via OTG ?

    I use a few external ssd drives via OTG with my Android tablet, and wanted to know if there is a way to check SMART values from my tablet, without a PC (e.g. an android app equivalent to gsmartcontrol) to know if the drives are failing. Thanks
  19. Mohitash

    Thread [APP][MAGISK ROOT] Android Tweaks App for Android 11/12/13

    NOTE: Requires Magisk Root [Important] Features: - Advance Power Menu - Display Refresh Rate - Custom Window Animations Scales - QS Background Blur - Disable/Enable GMS Trackers - Dexopt-Job - Disable/Enable HeadsUp Notifications Features Details: 1. Advance Power Menu: Provides Options to...
  20. brød

    Thread Camera app for LOS 18.1 for A5 2017 (A520F)

    The stock camera on LOS is horrible, is there a good one close to the stock Samsung one.
  21. d1xenotime

    Thread Question Manual mode for Pixel 7 - camera app

    Hi everyone. I have been wondering for a while after using the Pixel 7 for 2 weeks. Is there a way to force the Pixel 7 to operate in a manual mode that enables us to control the WB, focus, ISO, and shutter speed? If not, what would be a good third-party app that does? I came from a OnePlus...
  22. kakihilang

    Thread Question need help about camera access in certain apps

    so, ive installed pixel experience rom into my poco f3, and most of the times, they are fine. I found this problem whenever i tried to access certain apps ( or website ) that require camera access. for example when i tried opening a form that requires an access for camera in chrome, it wont open...
  23. B

    Thread Get notified for the latest apps and games updates

    The Update Software Latest app will help you automatically check for pending updates to all your downloaded Apps & Games and system apps at regular intervals. Features of Update Software Latest - Auto check updates - App and games update notifications - Caller ID - Phone usage information -...
  24. A

    Thread [New App] Camera Opus for Garmin Watch

    nice new free app to fully control phone camera by Garmin watch called Camera Opus: on Garmin Connect IQ store
  25. coder-x64

    Thread migrate app to Android 12

    i've an old Android app "com.example.package" that works fine until on Android 9, on Android 10 i've never tested, but on Android 11 & 12 no longer work this app - on first launch after installation - needs to download additional data on...
  26. CAVBR

    Thread [XAP][REQUEST] Samsung RSS Tiles, Photogram, Family Story, Artistic Effects, Fun Shot (WP8)

    Does anyone have the XAP file for these apps? - RSS Tiles: - Photogram: - Family Story: - Artistic Effect...
  27. H

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Easy Slider - Edge gestures to control volume, brightness and launch apps

    Adjust volume, brightness and launch apps with edge swipe gestures any time. Easy Slider enables the easiest and most comfortable way to adjust volume and brightness of your device when browsing videos or playing games. It also lets you launch your favorite apps or switch to recent apps...
  28. P

    Thread Should I upgrade my iPad Air 4th Gen to iPadOS 16?

    Has anyone tried this new os version on their iPad 4 or 5 gen? Is it worth it or should I rather wait for more updates? Does it fix the lag every x seconds when playing Youtube videos through their official app?
  29. Z

    Thread Question Director’s view - with all 3 lens output, photo & video mode

    Camera app which views all the lens view. Is there an app that consolidates all the lens views on the screen simultaneously and saves multiple photos when clicked? Something like the DIRECTOR'S VIEW. The problem with the ‘Director’s view’ is that it uses only the mail lens and outputs 3...
  30. Retrial

    Thread [App][8.0+][Guides]▶️ReVanced & ReVanced Extended📚

    ▶️ReVanced & ReVanced Extended📚 (Apks, Guides & Useful Links) This thread is "Unofficial" ReVanced is the successor of the legacy Vanced app. It's a tool which can build a modded version of YouTube with AdBlock+SponsorBlock and has almost all the Premium YouTube features plus more. Here you can...
  31. Y

    Thread [APP] Google removed Goals from Google Calendar today. So I created Goaly, a complete replacement and more!

    TL;DR: I created an app that schedules your goals automatically at the best free time in your Google Calendar. This is a complete replacement to Goals that leaves Google Calendar tomorrow. Android Download iOS Download Feel free to open issues on the app Github page. That would help me keep...
  32. lemagedurage

    Thread [TOOL] CloneMyApp - Android APK Cloner

    I couldn't find a straightforward way to clone Android apps, without watermarks and such, so I created to do just that. Features Upload an APK file, choose a name, wait, download the cloned APK The clone APK has a new package name, which allows for installing the clone alongside...
  33. xvadsan

    Thread [APP] MySafe: secure storage

    MySafe is a safe storage of documents, cards, discount cards and notes on your phone. The application works offline and has a nice interface 📄📱💳 🗒️ The main difference from competitors❓ 1. The application works completely offline. All information that you add to the application is stored only on...
  34. O

    Thread Whatsapp control from another app

    Is it possible by a third party app to block incoming communication from some contacts on Whatsapp, or is it possible to externally (from another app) force Whatsapp to block contacts? More technically is it possible to use specific Whatsapp API for this particular activity? Is using Whatsapp...
  35. Hesse Draak

    Thread I need help, with Magisk Hide

    I have a problem my cell phone is rooted, apparently with Magisk but modified so that it can recognize SIM, when entering any banking app it does not allow me as you will know, when entering magisk it appears like this. By the way my cell phone is a Samsung A21s, well if I...
  36. Byzehirx

    Thread [CLOSED] Android X-Spy build app apk Byzehirx

    X-Spy Apk Build Project Application will be constantly updated and shared. Github: {Mod edit} BETA application In New Version Trojan APK in scenerio APK name Text Label Background Colors Icon Hiding and hiding and many more features may come Android X-Spy Apk Build No data is requested by the...
  37. SigmundDroid

    Thread 2022 What are the first five apps you install on LOS?

    What are your first 5 apps you on LineageOS to get started on a brand new phone? I got slightly inspired by this thread: What are the first five apps you install on Windows? Even though I despise Windows ;) that thread is a very good idea and has many nice things covered... just it's not...
  38. Tnoff Apps

    Thread Screenset - Curated Wallpapers for Material You

    I am an independent developer, and I have been working on my app: Screenset for the past year. It is finally finished! I would love some feedback on it!
  39. A

    Thread Question [CLOSED][App] Voice Recorder for Huawei Watch

    Installed on my watch voice recorder app. it consists of companion app and app for watch in appGallery. Android app helps to sync recroding files and play and share them. {Mod edit} Probably first app with plugin to syn recordings with computer too by wifi network.
  40. K

    Thread Question .qtidataservices draining battery

    <Moderator Edit>: See the solution in this thread here. Greetings, my almost brand new Mi11i has a problem with battery drain since the first day it was bought. It has latest updates and battery saving has been turned on but no change. I followed debloating tutorial and what to uninstall via...
  41. Denkitsu

    Thread Kafer Hub | Read This 😉🤯

    UI for Adb & Fastboot Created by me
  42. S

    Thread File Manger App With Samba Support, Remote Thumbnailing, Sort By Date, Folders-First, AND Screenshot Prevention/Protection?

    Does this already exist, even as a source repo?
  43. GalaxyA325G

    Thread How does an OLDER version of an app know to ask for a NEWER version? (Cellular-Z)

    1. I noticed the latest versions of Cellular-Z seems to have ads even though the Google Play Store page for it says it doesn't have ads. Cellular-Z by JerseyHo Free, no ads, requires GSF, rated 3.9, 1.77K reviews, 100K+ Downloads...
  44. Anonynoose

    Thread Tecno pova 2 questions

    Q1: Hi there im new to this forum and i wanna know if Tecno pova 2 is getting android 12 or not if you guys have info please tell me, I bought this phone like not a year ago and was thinking since its relatively new release that would get an android 12 upgrade Q2: On my old phone (android...
  45. T

    Thread Installing app failed

    Greetings everybody. I will start by saying i was never into android modding because i never had any needs so far, neither i have knowledge, it would be time wasting to teach myself a lot for just problem with 1 app since my work does not need that knowledge(well until now :D). So, theres an...
  46. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread You should try this Huawei music player

    For a long time I had been looking for a music player that was simple, universal, lightweight, elegant, practical and ad-free, a music player that you could actually put in your custom ROM or just install it to replace the ugly Android stock music player that your phone manufacturer keeps...
  47. pranshullol

    Thread How to include into my Gradle build

    Hey, noob developer here. I'm trying to make an app as a privileged module because I need to access a few files on the device that I can't access using a normal app (with no privileges and permissions). I have an (its located at {packagename}\app\src\main) with the command...
  48. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][4.4+] ScrollWatch - Streaming Guide for Movies & TV Shows

    ScrollWatch is a free Android app which lets you explore new, trending and top rated Movies and TV Shows. Browse through millions of titles, apply custom filters and view cast details, trailers, streaming providers and so much more! Features: View lists of popular, trending, top rated, airing...
  49. Ulumia

    Thread [APP]Sony Ericcson Walkman from the latest official ROM for Xperia W8

    Unlike the music player from the latest ROM for the Xperia X8, this music player allows you to create playlists without third-party programs I'm not sure it will work on newer versions of Android
  50. pedroTN

    Thread Change Radio App on a Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hi to everyone, I explain you what's my thought since a month. I have a chinese radio head unit and the original radio app it's a little bit bugged and doesn't work well. My question is if there is an other app that I could install on that head unit or if I can change something from the system...