1. sudione

    Thread [APP] Off-line maps (OSM) + "Courses" from Garmin - lack!

    Dear XDA forum developers! Is there anyone on this forum who can write a simple application showing the map (e.g. OpenStreetMap) in off-line mode, which we load ourselves into the watch's memory and additionally with the GPS track navigation function (from a .GPX file)(example: "Courses" from...
  2. Anoophere

    Thread is butomy the first-ever social media app for food lovers?

    First Ever Social Media Platform Integrated with Food Commerce Order Food Online through Butomy App Food app | Kerala food app | Food delivery app | Butomy app | Trivandrum food delivery | Kochi food delivery | Kerala food delivery |...
  3. E

    Thread Do Magisk and Xposed actually root your phone? Or are they just tools for rooting?

    I just got an S22 Ultra, and I'm really missing the Now Playing feature from my Pixel (along with several others, but this is the biggest one). I'd like to try and install the Ambient Music Mod, which looks like it might be the only option for this, but it requires both Magisk and Xposed...
  4. Siddhant Silwal

    Thread Are there any ad-free 'All in one' social media app?

    I just revived an old phone and found out that youtube has stopped its support. In the past I heard of an app inside which is a collection of web versions of all social media apps, Due to the fact that it had web versions it used less storage and endless device support which would be perfect for...
  5. normvcr

    Thread Looking for closed testers for app: BtLos

    BtLos (Bluetooth Lock Synchronization) is an app that facilitates using a a hands-free device connected to your phone. If you think this app could be useful to you, and are interested in testing it, please send me your email address in a conversation on this forum, and I will add your email...
  6. Ulumia

    Thread [APP]Last Superuser by ChainsDD

    This is the latest Superuser from the official site It may be useful to someone By the name of the file it is clear what architecture it is for This version is installed from the custom recovers
  7. S

    Thread [APP] [We Newsify] We want to improve a news app. Its already published, and thousands of sources integrated. We want to improve its usuability

    Hello Everyone, This is probably my first post to xda developers. I'm not sure, if this thread reaches to anybody. Anyway, I'll just place this here. We are tiny group of developers, on our free time, we developed an news aggregator platform The app is already available in the...
  8. G

    Thread Life Alert Android watch?

    My father recently suffered a really bad stroke and no was there to help him. He was immobilized on the ground for around an hour before someone discovered him. Now he's going to rehab this week and hopefully it goes well.... I am looking to get some sort of life alert thing for him to carry...
  9. hammad.mohsin

    Thread Where to find Athan app folder ?

    Hi , Kindly help me to find the folder of the Android app "Athan". I've searched almost all folders inside internal storage but couldn't able find where this app saves it's downloaded files. Please help. Sincere Regards
  10. Nate2

    Thread What happened to "App backup and restore" app?

    Anyone know what happened to the popular "App backup and restore" by Trustlook [Apps | Security Labs] in the Google Play Store? It quit working in 2/22, v6.8.9 Was working in v6.8.3, IIRC. (App may have been mobi.infolife.appbackup years ago]
  11. fantastxmw

    Thread [APP][4.4+] DaRemote: ssh,Linux dashboard

    DaRemote is a ssh client, Linux dashboard and remote scripts manager. --- DaRemote queries system information and running status through ssh tunnels using the tools coming with Linux, and presents the data by charts on your phone. In addition, you can customize scripts or commands in the...
  12. J

    Thread How to set default video player TCL Android 4K

    Good Morning, I dont seem to have any option on settings to set the default video player on the system for VLC, is there any android apk that can do it or any way to do it? It's very annoying that even clearing defaults i cant find a way to set VLC as default. Waiting to hear, thanks for the...
  13. C

    Thread barcode scanner

    If like me you think that you can still find a use for your old Windows phone.... Here is a simple application to scan a 1D codabar and send the result to a server (HTTP POST message). Requires a Windows Phone 8.1 device. Tested on a rooted Lumia 520. Check my project: Wp81CodeScanner You can...
  14. J

    Thread Fantasy Crypto - Live Crypto Exchange Simulator

    Features: Real-Time Data 1000+ Coins Portfolio/Asset Gains Tracking Limit Orders LeaderBoard Virtual Currency Line/Candlestick Charts Market Data WatchList Links: Telegram Channel: Google Play Store...
  15. S

    Thread What could be a perfect newspaper app

    Give some ideas on this thread, maybe something special will come out of nowhere ?
  16. Kanekiads

    Thread Searching for someone to reverse engineer Tokyo Ghoul Re:Birth and make me a private server

    I'm searching for a reverse engineer who can make me a private server of the game Tokyo Ghoul Re:Birth so I can play with my friend if a reverse engineer who thinks he is capable of the job sees this please tell me what is the price going to be?
  17. DecosoftApps

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][5.0+] Decolist - Shopping List and To Do app with Live Sync and Reminders

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you my current project - a simple, but useful Shopping list and To-Do app. Easy to use The design is simple and modern, providing a friendly interface that's very easy to use. Also, the app will automatically switch to dark mode if you set it on your phone...
  18. Z

    Thread App release - Need your feedback :)

    Hi guys, I would like to share our new Android app which is called "Calendar Import & Export" Our app offers calendar export and import functionalities, from Outlook,Gmail accounts and local device events as well. I also offer backup & restore of any calendar events you exported, it supports...
  19. ThePieMonster

    Thread Is There A Android Application For Testing / Viewing Location Data?

    Currently on the hunt for a android application that can display the devices location information on screen. Ideally the application will be able to display all the different location methods at once as there are several methods and API's available. Google Location Services API...
  20. G

    Thread How to take screenshots without the security policy warning?

    As the title, some apps prevent me from taking a screenshot (e.g., web browsers in incognito mode or some comic-reading apps). How to modify the app to capture the screen, one time and forever? (Specifically, Samsung internet and Kakaopage)
  21. BlackMesa123

    Thread [DEV][LIBRARY][5.0+] OneUI Design Library 2.3.0

    a library by @Yanndroid and @BlackMesa123 This library was made with one goal: allow everyone to create One UI styled apps. It contains most of Samsung's UI elements from their apps with also some custom classes made by us to ease up the UI creation process. Features Android 5.0 (api 21+)...
  22. F

    Thread Strange app listed in WiFi data usage overview

    I'm using a unrooted Galaxy S20 (SM-G981B) and a few days ago I found a folder at my storage named "****". I never created this folder, but the timestamp and it's creation date was similar with the time where I tried some timelapse apps from the play store. After some research I also found out...
  23. K

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][ROOT][MAGISK] EasyOff for rooted devices

    this simple app simulates HW Power button, so you can simply turn screen off and lock your device just with tap on app icon.
  24. S

    Thread Call Recording

    Hi guys, My mom recently bought Galaxy A12, I still remember times when we are able to record our voice calls until Google made update on his Android but, Galaxy A12 have built in system recording Is it possible that phone from middle-lower range have that upgrade, because I can't finde it on...
  25. smaybe

    Thread [APP][5.0+] FeedUp content mixer + browser

    Hello everyone, i just finished my app (in open test) it's a content mixer of content, weather, quotes, RSS, images, etc it give you an intuitive browser tabs for you social networks or whatever and a fully functional browser with adBlock more and more external plugins are coming i'd really...
  26. C

    Thread Google Privacy Settings

    This was a great (open source) app for managing google settings but unfortunately, it's no more. Because Google has removed it from Play Store. If anyone knows an alternative to it or any other way to get this app to work kindly let me know...
  27. C

    Thread Wake-on-LAN

    If like me you think that you can still find a use for your old Windows phone.... Here is a simple application to remotly turn-on a cumputer of your network (see Wake-On-LAN). Requires a Windows Phone 8.1 device. Tested on a rooted Lumia 520. Check my project: wp81WOL You can find the .appx...
  28. vikas04

    Thread How difficult is it to create a payment system like paypal?

    Building on the theme established by the other answers: it's hard because there are many speciality systems that make it happen. But if you identify each of those discrete systems then you can begin to break it down into it's unique parts. - Interface - Security - Authentication - Verification -...
  29. Ezzzz4

    Thread Hook Run 3D

    Mod edit - translate by Hi! I want to introduce my new game, Hook Run 3D. It's an arcade runner in which you have to get to the finish line using a hook. How to use it? - Check out my promotional video. By the way, there are 100 levels in the game, and it's a...
  30. A

    Thread new app for WearOs watches in Play Store Compass Navigatore

    hi mates found interested app for Wear OS powered watches called Compass Navigation from Play store Compass Navigation No internet, no maps. Tested on my GW4 and Fossil. Free but some functions needs unlock by upgrade to premium. Seems good app for outdoor activities without Internet data :)...
  31. A

    Thread Question New Free app for Galaxy Watch 4 on Play Store - Compass Navigator

    Interested news. An app from Tizen on Wear OS now. Compass Navigation from Play Store Compass Navigation
  32. SigmundDroid

    Thread SMS-Messaging only 4 Lines? Help needed...

    Dear XDAnauts, I don't recall always having this problem but nowadays the LOS app for messaging and SMS/MMS shows only four lines while typing: And no matter how many lines you have typed, the window does not get bigger than 4 lines. Well, how shall I put it without using swear words...
  33. B

    Thread Updating my app

    Hi there! I want to update my app, but How can I be sure that the new code doesn't harm full code?
  34. Schteinbrenner

    Thread My First App for My Website

    Hi all. My name is Vladimir. I recently made an application for my website. This is my first experience. Very much I want to know the opinion of outsiders about my work. The application is a generator of ideas for drawing.
  35. simowL

    Thread Audio Equilizer app

    Hello Folks! Is there any General Output Audio Equilizer App that works without root on Android 11? I did some test on some Google play Apps but they are not working. I need to EQ all my audio and not only Music.
  36. Wkronix

    Thread TS7 Color app

    Hey guys need help with the TS7 car radio android, i reset it to factory settings but the “Color” app got deleted and now the buttons are not lighting up, Can anyone please help me to get the app, also I have problems connecting my latest IOS hotspot, save the hotspot bit keeps resetting, that...
  37. M

    Thread [Andorid APP] Dating & Hookup Finder App for Adult Friend: Xdate

    Tinder now has, frankly, 90% of the social market, but there are a lot of great dating apps out there in terms of experience. Xdate is an excellent and outstanding social dating app. Unlike traditional dating apps, each person can label themselves when signing up for the app. Yes, those labels...
  38. alesimula

    Thread Development WSA-pacman: Windows Subsystem for Android package installer

    Greetings my fellow geeks I would like to share my small part-time project I've been working on on the last few weeks. I would've liked to post it in the Windows 11 dedicated thread, but well... there isn't any at the time of writing this :p That said, this project is still in a very early...
  39. itsdrnoob

    Thread [APP][v1.0][6.0+] Data Monitor: Track all your data usage - at one place

    Data Monitor allows you to track your data usage, providing easy access to the amount of mobile/wifi data used in the form of widgets and notification. You can view the amount of data consumed by all apps and for different time period. Currently supports viewing data usage history of 'Today'...
  40. P


    Hello Everyone, Can anyone please upload or give me link to the stock Always-ON DISPLAY APP from XIAOMI 11 LITE NE 5G (GLOBAL VERSION MODEL NO:- 2109119DG) if you have not updated to MIUI 12.5.5(which just ruined always on function for always on display) Please help me.!
  41. LaceeWearsPrada

    Thread [HELP!][APP][11+] Latest Sony camera app

    Hi! Here's the latest camera app, it's for Android 11 or newer. The only problem is that when I install it on the Xperia 1, it could work but it force closes after 2 secs. Could someone fix it, please? Thank you...
  42. L

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Paintarium: discover paintings of the greatest classic artists

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce my new app that should be great for every art enthusiast. With Paintarium you can browse through about 500 classic painters, like Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne etc. Browse the painting collections of the best classic artists with detailed biography and full gallery...
  43. Pasquiindustry

    Thread Development [App][v1.2.9][08/10/2021] Live Tiles Anywhere - Custom Live Tiles and widgets

    Hi! I've released a new app called Live Tiles Anywhere. LTA is the app that allows you to create not only working custom Live Tiles, but also add Live Tiles as widgets on your Desktop. Featues Create custom Live Tiles and add pin them on the Start Menu, on your Desktop as an icon or create a...
  44. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [1.5+] App Mate - File Manager / Manage Your Phone

    Hi!!! I have the App Mate!!!! The App Mate is File Manager and Manager On Your Phone!!! MANAGE YOUR FILES ON PHONE OR MEMORY CARD (SD CARD) INFORMATION ON APP: App Name: App Mate Version: 1.1.8 Size: 437 Kb
  45. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [1.5+] App Installer

    Hello!!! I have The App Installer!!! The App Installer is the application where you can install all the apks you have on your phone or memory card!!! INFORMATION ON APP: App Name: App Installer Version: 1.6 Recuire: Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and up Size: 28 Kb
  46. Pranav Pandey

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Barquode | Matrix Manager [3.4.1] [08/04/2022]

    Customizable matrix codes Built with Material Design guidelines by Google Barquode is a tool to create, capture and manage a wide variety of matrix codes including Barcodes and QR codes. It is highly customizable with a dynamic theme engine to match your style. Let's give it a try to explore...
  47. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [2.0+] Andro Instruments

    Hello!!! I have the Andro Instruments!!! The Andro Instruments is the app you can play piano music!!!! RECUIRES: Android 2.0 (Eclair) and up Permissions: No Permissions DOWNLOAD
  48. Riard

    Thread [APP][v.1.4.7] Warehouser - Smart warehouse

    Hey guys! I have been working on this Android app for a while and am now ready to start officially showing it off and get some feedback! The simplest application for keeping records of things at home and in small business. Put things in order in your business and closet, manage it from your...
  49. JO Developer

    Thread [App][Beta] Priver: A social network where you have the control.

    You can choose who can see which information and posts of you. That your boss can’t see the same as your friends. Priver is a place where you can make new contacts or write to existing friends. Create a post and decide who can see it: - Everyone - All your friends - Friends you choose...
  50. Stefanos53


    HELLO!!! I HAVE THE WISEPILOT!!! Wherever you want to go, Wisepilot takes you there Want to navigate all over the world for free? Wisepilot makes your wish come true! The app’s turn-by-turn navigation, voice guidance, and speed signs together with speed limit alerts will make sure that you feel...