1. J

    Thread disable android 11 APP_DATA_DIRECTORY_ISOLATION system wide (breaks app2sd linking)

    yes, (dead brained) android developers again broken the file-system access.... as lot of users that have an old device, I use app2sd app to move my app to sdcard (because adoptable storage is a sh..t, that don´t even care about partitioning a sdcard to still allow to use it to store data that I...
  2. J

    Thread disable android 11 APP_DATA_DIRECTORY_ISOLATION system wide (breaks app2sd linking)

    yes, (dead brained) android developers again broken the file-system access.... as lot of users that have an old device, I use app2sd app to move my app to sdcard (because adoptable storage is a sh..t, that don´t even care about partitioning a sdcard to still allow to use it to store data that...
  3. C

    Thread Video frame buffer?

  4. BryanByteZ

    Thread [HOWTO] TWRP/ROOT/Magisk/App2SD/Xposed on your 4a

    Disclaimer /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL * before flashing it...
  5. D

    Thread Does LineageOS on N5 support app2sd or link2sd?

    Hi, My N5 is 16GB version, and I am almost running out of storage. I want to try to move some apps to an external SD card through a OTG cable. But I found the "APP2SD" option is gone. Then I turned to the link2sd app, but I could not get it to work. I have formatted my SD with 2 primary MBR...
  6. _LLJY

    Thread [TUTORIAL][6.0+] Enable Adoptable Storage on ANY MM Device!! [Simple][NO ADB]

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR DEVICE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND DO NOT SHOUT AT ME FOR DAMAGING YOUR DEVICE thanks to androplus for figuring this out in the first place Prerequisites 1. APKtool 2.1.1 1.1. Java 2. Framework files 3...
  7. R

    Thread Is there any way to run link2sd with CM13 or CM14

    I tried Link2sd and Apps2sd all in one and the problem is still there, it fails to create or recreate scripts, also Folder Mount fails to create its script, so I think the problem is how to make those scripts work. I heard that I should modify boot image to set selinux to permissive on boot for...
  8. M

    Thread Getting storage related Problem with apps after partitioning sdcard with app2sd in CM

    I have installed cynogenmod 13 on my Android one device and make two partition in my sdcard with app2sd partition tool. 1st partition 25gb fat32 And 2nd partition 4 GB ext2 And then created mount script with app2sd. App2sd works fine but my problem is 1. I can't take screenshot 2. Unable to...
  9. C

    Thread [Q] How to make SD storage appear as Internal Storage?

    Hi all, It's been a few years since I did this. My first device I rooted and did stuff on was a HTC Wildfire S. However Android has changed a lot since then. With that, I was able to select how much to partition through the recovery and it would work. Is that still possible with Lollipop...
  10. C

    Thread Where is OBB files in Android Marshmallow OS?

    Hello, I'm lost. Running on CM Android 6.0 but I can't find OBB files of applications. Where are they? .Apk seems to be "/data/app"
  11. V

    Thread App2SD function on Marshmallow?

    I updated my classic Shield Tablet (LTE RoW) to Marshmallow and decided to stay with my SD card formatted as portable instead of integrated, because of the ... portability... reasons... :eek: However, now the native App2SD functionality is not available any more. Is this by design? Even if I...
  12. vickybonick

    Thread [TRANSLATE] Apps2SD: All in One Tool to manage your device and link apps to sdcard

    Hi all, I'll be glad If you can help me translating Apps2SD to your own language. About Apps2SD: Apps2SD has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one app with many cool features. You can read more about Apps2SD on the official thread: Apps2SD[2.3+]...
  13. S

    Thread How do you overcome the 16GB storage limit?

    After using the phone for a while, even if you don't install lots of apps, the 16GB internal storage area will eventually get full. Facebook, chrome, twitter etc develop large caches on the device. The thumbnail file balloons to several GBs. Even if you have a microSD, Google these days limit...
  14. vickybonick

    Thread Apps2SD All in one tool[2.3+]: Partition SD card and Move/Link Apps to SD card [ROOT]

    Hi all, This is my first post in XDA but I've been a regular reader as a guest. I've developed an app(Apps2SD) to move/link apps from internal storage to external SD card with lots of other cool features. Apps2SD has evolved from being an app which moves app data to sd card to an all in one...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] Apps moves to phone after updating

    After 5.1 update,whenever i update an app that i have move to sd card,it automatically gets back to phone memory & again i have to move it to SD card.Anyone else facing the issue?
  16. L

    Thread [Q] app2sd with stock lollipop 5.0.2 buggy concerning app updates?

    hey there, some days ago i finally upgraded ota to stock lollipop 5.0.2 from stock kitkat 4.4.4 on my z3c. afterwards i "moved" most of the apps available for app2sd under "apps" to sd-card. since then i realised that after updating those apps (via play store), which are actually supposed to...
  17. hinxnz

    Thread [MOD] SD-EXT Boot MOD for CyanogenMod

    SD-EXT MODs for CyanogenMod Created by hinxnz Expand your Data Size! Welcome! These mods will setup your CM ROM to use your sd-ext partition. Supporting ivanich's CyanogenMod 11 | 12 | 13 ROMs *Please refer to note for different CyanogenMod versions. Your sd-ext can be any size - I...
  18. bigas

    Thread [Q] Can we move apps to external SD on Lollipop?

    I'm sorry this can appear as another lame demonstration of lazyness, but I searched everywhere and I just can't understand what is happening with my cellphone. So I grab my Moto G 2014 8GB yesterday. It asked for Lollipop upgrade right out of the box, which I followed instantly. So I can say I...
  19. marceloterorist

    Thread [Q] List of Moto E App2SD ROM Support

    Is there any ROM's list for Moto E having support for App2SD? I'm feeling 4GB internal isn't longer enough to me, and I want to get some information about our ROM's. If someone could help me, I can change this thread into a list for all ROM's and versions.
  20. J

    Thread mounts2sd - increase internal storage

    I have saw some requests here for increasing internal storage and only few solutions. Because needed to use similar tool in the past on mini defy with only 512MB ROM I've tried the same tool - Mounts2sd - also here on C1905 running cm11. All what was needed was prepared microSD, init.d script...
  21. W

    Thread [4.1+][App]How to let the APP 100% move to MicroSD or USB OTG device by LetsGoApp?

    USB OTG Helper v6.6.1 download EaseUS Partition Master download MiniTool Partition download Attention: You create your MicroSD partition must be carefully ! The MicroSD have write times life,if you over-write it。 Whether MicroSD or OTG,it's strongly recommended to choose SanDisk(High...
  22. J

    Thread Is it possible to move/install apps in Android 4.2.2+ to external SD card any more?

    Hi is it possible to install apps to external SD card in Android 4.2.2+ any more? I'm sure I remember I used to be able to do this in older versions of android. I tried the ADB method: adb shell pm set-install-location 2 but I get an error message saying: "insufficient storage available" I...
  23. SscoootzZ

    Thread [Q] External Storage Woes: exFAT vs FAT32 For My N900V

    Hi all, I'm starting this thread because I didn't see something quite like what I was looking for to answer some questions I had about exFAT vs FAT32. The question is, essentially, which file system is best to use with this high-cap SD card? If this thread is redundant, please let me know...
  24. Lilith

    Thread [Q] Move to SD missing from Titanium Backup

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is a problem, or just an annoyance, but when I want to move any app (movable or not) with Titanium, there's no option for that.. :confused: I can back up apps on my external sd card, so I know that the card is writable, I just can't move them. I can with Link2SD, though...
  25. spinks420

    Thread [Q] app2sd support for atrix hd on 4.4.2 cyanogenmod11?

    hey guys i am currently running my atrix hd on cyanogenmod11 4.4.2 rooted with an unlocked bootloader and philz cwm. is there anyway i can get app2sd support? i only have 4gb of internal memory to use and a 64 gb external sd card anywy i can swap those? i cant hardly install any apps anymore...
  26. JiraffeLeung


    Hey everyone, I know that there are quite a few users like myself who are running into a very annoying issue, it's called the "INSUFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE" error on our OPPO devices. So I looked into a very easy fix. This error happens when the original APP partition in our internal memory is...
  27. N

    Thread [Q] Can we get App2sd working?

    Hey Guys, i suffer from the fact that link2sd and app2sd do not work on my photon q. is there a way to get them to work? i searched on google and the forums but couldnt find anything to this topic. every help is appreciated. thanks
  28. N

    Thread [Q] Best Cyanogenmod for Galaxy Y

    What Cyanogenmod for Galaxy Y is the most stable. I'm using the Percy's Cyanogenmod RC2, but when i install S2E and restore all my backups the Android gets too much slow, I don't know why. Anybody knows others Cyanogenmod that is stable? And is there anyway to make Android faster when using...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] APP2SD Not functioning correctly in android JB 4.3 HELP!!

    Hi, Is anyone having problems with app2sd working correctly on their i9305 jb 4.3 stock rom? As you all know app2sd function was re-integrated back into android from jb 4.2 upwards. The problem is when i move any suitable/movable apps to external sd card wether through stock option or third...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] Move apps to usb storage

    I need to perform a NANDroid backup but I only have 1GB free. I can free up space by moving an app to the external microSD card. When I go to Settings>Applications>[any app], I see the words ''USB Storage App'. Does this mean that I can put apps on a flash drive via OnTheGo cable? If so, how?
  31. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung App2SD Update???

    Good day I'm planning to get a S4 Mini soon, likely the 3G version, but I don't want to root so I was wondering whether Samsung has added Apps2SD ability to it yet. When they updated the full S4 Samsung said they were also going to add App2SD ability to the S4 Active and Mini and I was just...
  32. S

    Thread Having trouble writing to external SD card/moving apps to external SD card.

    I just had to delete all my app/system data backups on Titanium Backup Pro because I literally had no storage space left internally and could not find a way to move my backups to the external SD card. I have root and Titanium Backup Pro, but I can't choose my SD card as a destination to save TBP...
  33. WhoDunnit

    Thread [HOWTO] Expand storage space with Link2SD and SDExt2Mounter

    I guess everybody would like to expand the Ouya's internal memory. I tried the usual tools, and although DirectoryBind is working, it doesn't help much because there are no obb or data directories to be moved for Ouya games. However, Link2SD works just fine! Prerequisites: Installed...
  34. R

    Thread [Q] Apps moved 2 external SD not accessible

    Hi, I'm unable to access some apps moved to my external SD. I think the card is corrupt, what will happen if i format it? will i loose my app data that i moved? will i loose my saved game states? please note that i'm unable to write files to external SD even via a USB - PC connection! but i...
  35. gremlininthesystem

    Thread [Q] how the hell do i Save apps to sd how ?

    So i know its a feature of 4.2.2 to not allow you to move apps to sd ... but i'm sure theres a work around ? can someone guide me on how to do this ? do i need to root my phone first ? I have a class 10 sandisk ultra micro sd :) so hopefully thats not to slow
  36. SirChesterfield

    Thread [Q] Titanium Backup problems.

    So i had to root and install Titanium backup on my s2 and the grilfriends s3. Need to clear som space by moving apps to sd card. This now works like a charm(again) on my s2 but the option isnt even there on the s3? Am i missing someting here? After hours of googling and serching this forum i...
  37. gdjindal

    Thread Good News for JB users

    Hello Friends, Have anybody noticed that JB allows us to move apps to SD card. Moving Moved Lots of memory free on internal sd Some app could not be moved to sd hope someone from devs will solve this also :p Sent from my LG-P760 (Actually it's P765 :D :D:D) xda premium
  38. cognus

    Thread Cure for disappearing homescreen icons?

    I use the stock ICS launcher. it seems that apps moved to sd lose their icons [or they become invisible]. I've read a lot of threads about the problem, but not about solutions. anyone solved this? new launcher? if so is it safe to remove the embedded launcher?
  39. G

    Thread [Q] Best way to quickly learn about android?

    I am the kind of person who likes to get into an operating system to see what it can really do and have recently rooted my P5110 - I went for the tablet first because I didnt want to "learn" on my more vital device, my S3. After few false starts I got it rooted. However coming across so many...
  40. sancho21

    Thread How good is App2SD?

    I've been using DT-A2SD (Dark Tremor) app 2 SD. I'm satisfied enough. But, since it's not developed anymore, I'm looking for another alternative. How good are those app 2 SD scripts? In my HTC WFS: - DT-A2SD eats internal memory 126MB for 369MB SD-EXT (Dalvik cache is on SD-EXT). This makes...
  41. V

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 - Move apps to SD Problem

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562. (Android OS, v4.0.4) I am trying to move the apps installed to SD but its not happening there is no such option i tried the well known apps on play store for this task but they also don't have any such feature when installed on my phone. One of them...
  42. aanonymoushuman

    Thread Apps and Data to External SD

    Can I download Bard's Tale? Wild Blood? How do I move apps to my SD card? I have seen this question several times, and all those times no one could give a clear answer. So I decided to post a thread on this. In this thread I will explain how to use two great apps capable of moving your apps and...
  43. E

    Thread [REQ] & My 1st Day with GT-N7105 (UK)

    *Edit: request on Page two* Hi all, So today was my first full day with my new device an Orange Note 2 LTE (GT-N7105). The device is locked to Orange, has the usual Samsung bloatware and the EEsim app. So I started today with mini battery test, from a 100% charge I dropped 18% in 3 hours...
  44. m0e_03

    Thread How To: Make use of EXTERNAL_SD as a secondary storage partition - Translated

    Every now and then .. many ppl are asking, how to use external_sd to store movies, big files, or big games cos of insufficient internal memory or simply not wanting to make use of internal phone memory. This tutorial will help you to make use of your external_sd card as a secondary partition in...
  45. rsngfrce

    Thread [Q] Flashing a stock kernel? (FI03 app2sd issue)

    I am using stock rooted FI03 with AGAT 5.4 kernel and I cannot move any apps to my external SD card (tells me there is not enough space). I want to try flashing a stock kernel with Mobile Odin to see if this will fix the issue, but I want to make sure there are no consequences of doing this that...
  46. vivekchamoli

    Thread [CM10(JB) / CM7.2 (GB)] App2sd , Services.jar MOD and init.d Tweaks.

    Hi All , Here are some of my Performance mod for CM10 (JB) / CM 7.2 ( GB). Included in the signed ZIPs. - Modded services.jar - init.d performance tweaks - App2sd script (no symblink ) - seprate script for ondemand and lagfree - Taskmanager App included USE HOLO...
  47. T

    Thread [INIT.D][10-05-2012]Super APP2SD Script [MAJOR UPDATE][BETA]

    UPDATES, WARNINGS, AND INSTALLATION STEPS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE 2ND POST WHAT DOES THIS SCRIPT DO? * It is the only method, that I am aware of to have apps trully run, and be installed directly to the external storage without completely switching the internal storage with the external...
  48. zedomax

    Thread [ROM]HighOnAndroid "Flyin High" ROM! [App2SD][Custom Boot Animation][GT-N8013/WIFI]

    [ROM]HighOnAndroid "Flyin High" ROM! [App2SD][Custom Boot Animation][GT-N8013/WIFI] 4UaeF3mlYIo Hey guys, Here's just a ROM I have been messing around with called HighOnAndroid "Flyin' High" ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi GT-N8013. Since there's no ROM out now for Wifi versions, here's one...
  49. iomega311

    Thread App2SD now working on S3!

    I just received an e-mail from Zeedomax over at with a fix for the App2SD problem on the Galaxy S3! This will allow you to install apps to your SD card on your GS3. I just picked up a 64gb SD card and will be enjoying all the extra space for my apps! Here is the link...
  50. Zen Arcade

    Thread [REF] Info on sd-ext, App2SD, and differences between RAM and Storage on the Infuse

    What is sd-ext? Why is it on the GB recovery menu? Do we have App2SD support? I've seen these questions posed a number of times so I figured I would post a thread with some detail on this. App2SD is an enhancement intended to address relatively small data storage partitions on early phones...