1. _sc300

    Thread Android Headunit AC8227L no audio

    Recently bought an 8227L headunit running android 11 and randomly after turning on, apple car play has no audio. Restarting the head unit usually resolves this issue but I shouldn’t have to. Today, the audio wasn’t working so I tried going to the native radio app and it would play sound, but...
  2. JoeyIX

    Thread My iPad Air 2 (A1566) is password locked and I forgot the password

    Hi, I have a iPad Air 2 (A1566) and I didn't use this device for around 2 to 3 years. When I tried to turn it on, it seemed the battery didn't really work anymore. So I charged it for about an hour, then finally it turned back on. The password prompt then popped up. Since I haven't used this...
  3. T

    Thread Question Galaxy Watch 4 with Apple iPhone

    Hello everybody, Is there a way to use the Galaxy Watch 4 with an iPhone? Maybe to install another Rom on the Watch to make it to an Galaxy Watch 3 or something else to use it with an iPhone. Sorry if the question has already been asked. Haven't found anything about it. Thanks Technico25101995
  4. JoeV275

    Thread Speedplay APK File

    Hello, I've been trying to find online the apk file for Speedplay to connect up my iPhone 13. Does anyone know where i can find it or provide me with the file?
  5. Jawomo

    Thread [APP] dynamicSpot - iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island for android! iOS Heads-up / peek notifications!

    Hi there, with the release of iPhone 14 Pro Apple introduced Dynamic Island. As i already created a notification light app for Samsung or Pixel phones (aodNotify) i tried to port the app to something like Dynamic Island. In android we have no camera islands, but camera spots / cutouts. So...
  6. ism3ail

    Thread Question uni8581A I need to update firmware & launcher help ************

    Dear friends, I bought this Device called WINCA 360+ this is a brand name that has the "uni8581A" chip I need to update firmware but I'm not sure if the joying firmware will match with my device or no I have great DSP inside the equalizer if anyone has experience with this device let me know...
  7. E

    Thread Did magnetic cables ever damage your phone ?

    I wanted to buy a magnetic cable for my phone but a lot of people especially on reddit say that it can cause damage to your device. So I researched a little bit and I can't find any threads about any damage on the internet so I wanted to ask if it is true or just misinformation from reddit ?
  8. kidspointdotin

    Thread Series SE Alternative to the Apple Watch

    Is the NOISE smartwatch a good budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Watch?
  9. A

    Thread Want to buy Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2021

    Please do not hate, but we are an Apple household, still want to integrate an Nvidia Shield TV, preferably the latest and greatest (?) 2021 pro version of it in our household. I know it just came out (??) and therefore has very (!) little information about it, not to mention no support, rooting...
  10. noidodroid

    Thread Apple and Google to Allow Third-Party App Stores and Sideloading

    New U.S. Antitrust Bill Would Require Apple and Google to Allow Third-Party App Stores and Sideloading
  11. W

    Thread How to update iOS 14.6 with out WiFi ?

    How to update update iOS 14.6 with out WiFi? Former easy ways not working.
  12. J

    Thread What was the first phone you ever used?

    Hi guys! What was the first ever phone or device you ever used? Was it an Android, iOS or something else? Did it make you change your perception of the OS as more trustworthy? Are you still sticking to using that OS? What are your ideas?
  13. M

    Thread Making Apple's 3.5mm EarPods (partially) work with the LG V20 workaround

    The only set of 3.5mm wired earbuds I have ever tried on my H910 LG V20 that haven't worked, are the Apple EarPods that I purchased a few days ago. Wired earbuds are so cheap nowadays you don't need to worry about getting a decent pair for close to nothing; however, I like to be able to connect...
  14. Q

    Thread Get Apple's Memoji on your GBoard

    First of all, this is my first thread, so please forgive me for any mistakes. I am not related to the development of any apps below. In this thread, I'm gonna show you how to add Memoji to your GBoard This is what you need: 1. An iPhone with Memoji feature (I borrowed it from my friend) 2...
  15. G

    Thread Android iso on apple watch

    hello guys. I have been away from here for a long time and have been playing around with things. I remember years back people were putting android iso on iphones most due to the battery life iphone had over androids. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to install say samsung gear...
  16. L

    Thread Bye, Apple... Welcome back, beloved Android! -- Doubts inside!

    Good afternoon, guys! After almost two years enjoying an Iphone X and also liking the experience with an XR for work reasons, I decided to move back to Android. Following the guidance in this forum, I bought a 512gb Samsung S10 Plus... And so far I have ejoyed the speed, camera and screen. I...
  17. K

    Thread [Closed] [ROM][STABLE][athene] MIUI 9 for Moto G4 Plus 2017

    Moderator Edit: Not here.
  18. ivan290

    Thread Simple Bootlogos Collection (Miui, Apple, Google, Tecnopixel, More are comming.)

    Hello people! I'm sharing a few bootlogos that i made i hope you like it! Sorry for my english I'm still doing more and adding them to the thread! So come back later! MIUI 8 LOGO (FITS PERFECTLY WITH MIUI 8 BOOTANIMATION) Download...
  19. M

    Thread [iOS 10] Ringtone and Notification/Alarm Sounds by memocatcher

    Hey Guys, if someone wants the iOS10 default ringtone and some nice notification/alarm sounds of it, I made 2 zips I extracted from Alexis ROM. (Galaxy S6) Note: There is only one ringtone (most common one) in ringtone folder, sorry but I can't add more If you want the default ringtone, just...
  20. D

    Thread Apple Headphone Controllers Do Not Work

    Hey all Just bought a new pair of headphones. Unlucky for me, the Urbanears Reimers headphones I bought were only for Apple. Mic, play/pause button works but Volume up/down does not. If there any way to fix this with software? Some modified kernel? I also read that MM fixed this problem. Can...
  21. EqiiKxDude

    Thread [MOD][ROOT] iOS10 + Profession Emojis

    After months of searching for an iOS10 emoji font without success I have decided to make one from the Android 7.1.1 font file. This font has all Unicode 9 Emojis + Gender modifiers. If anyone would like to contribute to the project I'd be more than happy to welcome that. UPDATE: Apple has now...
  22. R

    Thread The Galaxy S7 MicroSD card discussion thread

    Hey guys I didn't see a thread for MicroSD discussion so thought I would start one. It would be good to have thoughts and opinions on the best price/performance cards for the S7, with a view to maximum storage balanced by good read/write speeds for UHD recording etc...
  23. S

    Thread Full iPod/iPhone music control

    I love the concept of an Android based head unit (even though I am an Apple guy), but the one feature that seems to be lacking with these units is iPod control. If I plug my iPod or iPhone into my factory car stereo via USB, I can select music by artist, genre, playlist, etc. It also displays...
  24. Jon.W

    Thread The darkside or the lightside?

    Hi there all, I know this may cause fire, burns and flames - probably all out war but it is a genuine question that I would like to ask to all without having arguments, biased comments, hate and all the other things between users. My question is that regarding the new Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6...
  25. C

    Thread iPhone 6S Clone frome China with QUADCORE cpu

    This clone i got has QUADCORE , which is fantastic because it is not buggy check this out :p:p but you Now if it is not an iPhone , it is not an iphone ;) so just to prank you friends it should be enough thanks :):):)
  26. B

    Thread Why do Qualcomm still focus on increasing core count instead of IPC improvements?

    Hey guys. Was recently reading up on Apple's new A9 processor and was slightly surprised to see it still used just 2 cores. However, the single-core performance of these bad boys is monstrous! And in my opinion, far more important than the multi-core scores when compared to 8-core processors...
  27. H

    Thread The iPhone-Camera-Application sucks but has it's own upsides and advantages.

    Hello. In my opinion, the Apple iPhone Camera Application is the worst camera application with the lowest value that a flagship has. But there are also very great advantages of the camera-app, that i'm also going to mention here. Advantages: Very quick Startup Zero shutter lag and delay...
  28. M

    Thread Is there an easier and quicker way to change bands like Apple Watch?

    Currently the only way to change bands is the conventional way through those fidley little pins... The apple watch has a decent system of quick switching... Is there a method of doing this on the moto 360? If not, i may attempt to create one, has anyone got any good ideas then?
  29. S

    Thread [rom] i os7 rom ported from iris 504q

    HEY GUYS I HAVE PORTED 2 ROMS FROM DEVICE IRIS 504Q MADE BY @UzUmAKI_NaRuTo1 TO OUR DEVICE. IOS 7 KNIGHT ROM v3.0 FOR Q1000 ROM FEATURE 1) Rooted 2) Zipaligned 3) Deodexed 4) iOS7 UI 5) iOS7 Homescreen and icons 6) iOS7 Animations 7) iOS 7 Statusbar 8) iOS7 Messages 9) iOS7 Multitasking 10)...
  30. [Fenix]

    Thread [MOD][4.4+] Apple Emoji for KitKat

    ★ APPLE COLOR EMOJI FOR KITKAT ★ ★ Descriptions ★ Hello guys! I'm glad to present apple emoji for kitkat :cool: Searching on te net, i found a thread made by angelsel (HERE) that explains how to replace the stock emoji of kitkat (I don't like sony's keyboard ones) Please smash a thanks for...
  31. fargles

    Thread [Q] [Discussion] Would you switch to Apple with an H-battery?

    Okay, so a few years ago (2011) Apple put in a patent for using hydrogen fuel cells as a portable power source. To my knowledge this was just a patent on an idea however, if they are able to get this working they are claiming weeks of battery life. It has been almost 3 years so I believe it is...
  32. V

    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.3+] Grab The Apple

    Grab The Apple is an arcade game where the player has to collect only the red and yellow apples in his basket. Don't collect the green ones, this will cost you one life and the brown ones make you loose two lives. The magnet helps you in collecting all the good apples into your basket. Also...
  33. bibhu60

    Thread [BootAnimations] For Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 (320 X 480)

    New Boot animations are added below.. These are some boot animations for ace plus and soon i will be posting more. How To Install-- 1)Reaname 'bootanimation" to "" .Then Copy the to your sd card 2) Then using root explorer or Es file explorer copy...
  34. R

    Thread Apple going to release iTunes for Android

    Latest Rumour- Apple releasing iTunes for Android Give it a read and share your views.
  35. hugo.gabriel999

    Thread [BOOTANIMATIONS] Simple Apple [Several Resolutions]

    Preview: V1 - Download V2 - Download V3 - Download How To Install : DO THIS IN ANY ROOT BROWSER / EXPLORER 1. Go To system/media and backup your original "" 2. Now Go To The Folder Where You Have Downloaded The new bootanimation and rename to...
  36. Gandalf

    Thread [GUIDE] Setting Up A Build Environment on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

    Hello everyone, I've come across, and been asked, a lot of questions regarding how to properly setup a build environment on OS X, so I'm going to make this guide on how to setup a build environment on OS X 10.9 Mavericks. this is only for setting up the build environment, and since most ROMs...
  37. B

    Thread LG quality

    So, I'd like to continue that discussion and try to get a more distinctive clear picture based on thousands of xda members' opinions. Based on your brands products' quality experience please vote in the poll and tell us your opinions You know the major brands... Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Sony...
  38. O

    Thread [Q] Accepting Apple Headset Button Input?

    Hi, I was just thinking about how the only reason android cannot accept input from apple headsets is because they send signals through different parts of the headphone jack, and as far as I know the headset signal is accepted in the kernel. So my question is whether you can modify the kernel to...
  39. B

    Thread [NEW] iOS 7 for Goophone i5 Lite/N2 ROM v1.1

    iOS 7 Rom for Goophone i5 V.1.1 [CENTER] Hey guys, its Jairo. This is the one many people have been waiting for, having iOS7 on your Goophone i5. Now unappealing as it may sound, some people might enjoy the look. This Rom comes with a 3-page setup as well as a lock screen, full of all the...
  40. A

    Thread iOS 7 Wallpaper for Nexus 4 (HD)

    I just made these wallpapers recently and I wanted to share them with those of you who like the iOS 7 wallpaper. There are 2 versions, the Big one is for multiple screens (scrolling) and the small one is for one screen (non-scrolling) Dimensions: Large: 1536x1280 Small: 768x1280 Cheers :D...
  41. marquavious

    Thread [Q] Apple Technical support job

    So I have my last interview tomorrow for a technical support job at apple working from home. The interview is conducted over skype , and it will cover more technical questions etc. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever had this job or one similar and can tell me what type of questions I should...
  42. MHousos

    Thread [Q] Thoughts on IOS7?

    Hey guys, what are your thoughts on IOS7? Do you think it will be up to par with the experience we get on our S4?
  43. nyyankees1237

    Thread [DISCUSSION] iOS 7

    Being the centerpiece of the Android community, I would like to see what my fellow Nexus owners think of iOS 7. I did not create this thread for "flame wars" or any thing like that but rather a place where we can all maturely discuss our thoughts on Apple's new mobile operating system...
  44. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation][S, Acro S, ION] Pear (Apple logo) bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on any ROM too... It's...
  45. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (Apple logo Parody) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on a CM ROM, should work on aosp too... It's mainly a...
  46. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (apple) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on Sense too... It's...
  47. CedArctic

    Thread [Bootanimation] Pear (apple) Bootanimation

    Friends trying to make you jealous with their iPhones and iPods? Showing you that big Apple logo in your face? Are you pissed of by listening to them? OK, now I had free time (a lot of it) and I made this cool bootanimation. I have tested it on an AOSP ROM, should work on Sense too... It's...
  48. S

    Thread [Q] Nice Labs/Vidify bought out?

    Since I got my HTC one various members of my family have been asking me if there is a program equivalent to the HTC Zoe highlights feature available on the PC. So far I haven't been able to find anything, the nearest I've come is the iPhone app vidify. No problem, most of them have iThings so I...
  49. P

    Thread [Q] HTC Sync Manager for Mac - contacts and calendar - does it actually work?

    Hi, Just a quick question. For my work I use an MacBook Pro and Office for Mac 2011. Previously when I used Windows PCs I used to sync my HTC Sensation (and Desire previously) with Outlook 2007 - this worked really well. But since having to work on an Apple I haven't been able to sync my...
  50. galaxys3lover


    Hey! .. sometime back i read how to make bootanimations from different sites including xda (thanks to anbech) and to (despotovski01)...and i made some using some videos i found online (all credits goes to the animators) .. just thought i ll share them incase some people are like me and like to...