1. V

    Thread Why my phone updates to version 0 apps?

    Hi! Does anyone know why my phone updates to version 0 apps? Is it normal?
  2. monsiu

    Thread I made an Android App where you can get all custom ROMS and Recoveries!! (Custom-RR)

    Hey fellow software enthusiasts, I have always taken a keen interest in custom ROMS and the aspects of flashing and playing around with them but i have always wanted a single place to get all custom ROMS and Recoveries in one place. Introducing CUSTOM RR What can you do in the App? 1...
  3. aBetterAndroid.

    Thread 📲 Resolution Checker [v0.1]

    Hello, Resolution Checker is one of the many apps aBetterAndroid will release for Android. What is Resolution Checker? Simple to use and very intuitive, it will show you the resolution of the display but that's not all! There will be 3 types of resolutions: Bars Resolution - the resolution of...
  4. edna_dev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Radio Space - Listen to all the radio stations of the world in our radio app

    Listen to all the radio stations of the world in our radio app - absolutely free. Radio Space is a free online radio application with the largest selection of radio stations from all over the world. Listen and save your favorites, share and discover from more than 80,000 daily updated radio...
  5. Oshekher

    Thread [ Working ] Reverse Engineering Tools

    A collection of awesome Android app reverse engineering resources. Reverse Engineering is the practice of reversing codes without authorisation, it's done with the aim of removing ads or upgrading to premium from Android application without paying anything. GitHub: xxxxxxxx If you like my...
  6. ThePieMonster

    Thread Is There A Android Application For Testing / Viewing Location Data?

    Currently on the hunt for a android application that can display the devices location information on screen. Ideally the application will be able to display all the different location methods at once as there are several methods and API's available. Google Location Services API...
  7. LolFlasherNoob

    Thread How can I fix this app not uninstalling problem in custom ROMs????????

    I like custom ROMs very much. And this problem is regarding issues that I get while uninstalling an app in a specific unofficial rom. Let's start from the beginning: I downloaded this rom from this...
  8. alesimula

    Thread Development WSA-pacman: Windows Subsystem for Android package installer

    Greetings my fellow geeks I would like to share my small part-time project I've been working on on the last few weeks. I would've liked to post it in the Windows 11 dedicated thread, but well... there isn't any at the time of writing this :p That said, this project is still in a very early...
  9. Sharykhan

    Thread Whatapp Application For Prank

    Now creating social media memes and pulling pranks on your friends or getting better reacts and comments on your page is easier then ever. With Faked you can create fun chats and posts along with creating humorous news flashes for many social media platforms. Features: - Create fake posts -...
  10. A

    Thread Question Android Messages app stopped working

    Hello people! The app was working normally, then stopped working, it closes as soon as I tap on it. The last thing I did using it was to turn on auto-fill sms codes for authentication. Fixes I tried: Disable auto-fill, Uninstall and reinstall Android system webview, install old version Messages...
  11. Z

    Thread Fanya - A Tasks Management App

    Hi! Recently, I developed a new modern app to organize your "To-Do" list. The app has a flowless and trending user interface to manage your daily or ongoing tasks. The app is only for Android devices and live in the Google play store! Link for the app: here For any questions,features...
  12. E

    Thread How to restrict apps and internet access on Android (for an teenager)

    Hi! To help someone in my family, i need to disable access to Internet for specific apps. For example, access to WhatsApp but not to any web browser (or only for selected websites). This person had an iPhone before and this was very easy to do on it :confused: I already tested Open Time Limit...
  13. G

    Thread Xiaomi weather app not working

    Hi all, my 9t pro is locked with no root and I usually update the Xiaomi apps by using apkmirror. I've never had any problem so far, until the latest Xiaomi weather app updates. The last working version on my phone was, and after installing any newer version I am unable to launch the...
  14. P

    Thread What is the best app to clone other applications ?

    Can someone suggest me some lightweight app cloning application ? It does not have to be free but has to be good. :) Must have for me i a possibility to turn off it from background running, i don't need any notifications from cloned apps.
  15. K

    Thread authorization system applications miui 12 ?

    Hi, I just did the update to miui 12 and I notice that we can no longer manage authorizations for system applications. User applications no worries, but the systems can't anymore? So basically they can do what they want! I missed something or we have to go back to miui 11 to get a basic...
  16. M

    Thread [APP][6.0+] NotiEasy - Save Status & Notification History log

    NotiEasy Is A Cute Notification History Log Manager. :good: Main feature · Save notifications shown on notification bar for you to review later · Prevent you from disturbing notifications · Blacklist notifications from being displayed in notification bar · Keep your notification bar clean or...
  17. kalinskym

    Thread How do we get 3D Scanner app available on Note 10 series on Tab S6?

    This is the method I tried on Tab S6 which didn't work: 1. Tap Camera 2. Tap "Bixby Vision" at the top left 3. Slide the slider at the bottom from "Lens" to "Apps" (that's the trick) 4. Tap 3D Scanner to download I downloaded APK available here...
  18. PLoK

    Thread App update failing, after applying new OneUI update to GW46mm

    Yesterday I applied to current upgrade with OneUI to my non LTE 46mm GW. All worked fine. After that I got a notification that several watch apps need updating. Updating was succesful for majority of them, save Samsung Health. Even after multiple tries, the update fails. Phone downloads the...
  19. danielaniq28

    Thread Old video app instead of tv&sideview

    Ia there any way to enable the old video app and not use the new sideview because it suck.
  20. and-roid007

    Thread [Question] can anyone help me installing Huawei backup on resurrection remix ?

    hello friends I urgently need Huawei backup(because I have backed up my apps and notepads using hisuite) now I need my notepads but I can't restore backup since I can't install Huawei backup o resurrection remix android 8.1 I installed magisk module xmlpak but unfortunately it doesn't help...
  21. W

    Thread Debloat Huawei Mate 10 Pro

    I have recently rooted my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. And have attempted to use multiple root uninstall applications to remove some bloat (system applications) from my device with little success. For example - Root Uninstaller Pro - An error message appears stating - "Rooted, but can not grant RW...
  22. Atronid

    Thread [SAMSUNG] Where to find Java code of a system application?

    Hello there! Today I'm asking this question because I didn't found a question like this on XDA, and I was wondering why. However, this is not so obvious in my opinion! I know that you can find the Java code (in some sort) in the apk file. But I checked some system apps (i.e. TouchWiz Mass...
  23. habaka

    Thread Phone hangs

    Hello, I have a problem with my ROM. I have mistakenly removed the system app that shows the error "Application stopped!" Should my device not show that error anymore that it immediately crashes!Can you tell me what the app name is for me to recover? Thanks!
  24. M

    Thread I'm looking for an app that automatically disables WiFi & Bluetooth every night

    I was wondering if there's an app available for the Gear S3 that automatically disables the WiFi and Bluetooth of the watch on certain moments or at least at night so I don't have to do it manually every night? That would be so great you know...
  25. DroidXAce

    Thread Delete/Hide applicaton Contacts from Huawei ?

    Hello, There is a way to remove / hide the Contacts application from Huawei (I do not like it) to replace it with that of Google? It is not possible to disable the Contacts application (such as the Phone application). Thanks.
  26. Z

    Thread Implementing A New Language in the App

    I am developing an Android Application that involves two languages - English and Punjabi(Regional Language of Punjab, India). I have implemented the texts in both Punjabi and English and it is working fine. However, when I put it into testing, I discovered that some phones do not support Punjabi...
  27. Giuskiller

    Thread [APP] [+4.0] Whatsapp Web (Tablet/Phablet)

    WHATSAPP WEB HI everyone! I bet that a lot of us have a smartphone and a tablet, maybe for work, for gaming, or maybe just to have a better experience with a large screen device. it depends. Everyone also has Whatsapp to get in touch with friends on their phone, but i know that a lot of people...
  28. D

    Thread Hey Cortana on Windows 10

    I've uninstalled hey Cortana app from my Lumia 1520, anyone has the appx/xap? maybe this works with Brazilian Portuguese version of Cortana
  29. cra3y

    Thread [Q] An App, that control charging process for enlarge battery lifespan?

    Hey First, please read this article: TL DR A Li-Io or Li-Po battery charging cycle like charged to 100%, discharge to 15% and repeat, will have only 300-500 charge/discharge cycles battery lifespan, while a...
  30. cra3y

    Thread An App, that control charging process?

    Hey First, please read this article: TL DR A Li-Io or Li-Po battery charging cycle like charged to 100%, discharge to 15% and repeat, will have only 300-500 charge/discharge cycles battery lifespan, while a...
  31. mfmuam

    Thread Download Dual or Multi Instagram

    Someone who needs more Instagram account must be difficult if they always logout then login then logout again and then login again and continiously. Now, a man named "yos4ever" who a member of xda developers has find the solution. He made 5 Instagram can be installed in one device and he say he...
  32. Hacko132

    Thread [18yo Greek Dev] Near - Check Who's Nearby App [Testimonials from google,twitter+]

    With Near – Check Who’s Nearby™ You Are NEVER ALONE! Map - Locate who is Near you & Get Connected Instantly! Are you still waiting... For the facebook check-ins to see who's, where !? - TESTIMONIALS - • "Really Nice App! Actively Supporting!" , Stefanie Amini, Mentor For Startups @...
  33. ParitoshBh

    Thread [APP] Zymky - Zesty way of financing

    Managing your finances should be easy. You shouldn't have to learn to use an application just to record your day to day transactions. Zymky is an endeavor to provide a clean and efficient way of managing money matters. As of writing this thread, Zymky can perform these functionalities, *Ability...
  34. H

    Thread The iPhone-Camera-Application sucks but has it's own upsides and advantages.

    Hello. In my opinion, the Apple iPhone Camera Application is the worst camera application with the lowest value that a flagship has. But there are also very great advantages of the camera-app, that i'm also going to mention here. Advantages: Very quick Startup Zero shutter lag and delay...
  35. S

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Feather Quotes 2.9

    Feather Quotes has a collection of great quotes from great people. The application has been designed for good readability & has social features like sharing a quote via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Gmail etc. The Card Maker feature enables the user to create colorful cards & it comes handy when...
  36. Hermantje

    Thread Camera applications A vs. B: compared

    The other day I wrote an article about camera applications, questioning if one is really better than another (full article here). Since my blog doesn't get many viewers I figured it might be helpful to post my results here as well for more coverage. I try to prove that various camera apps aren't...
  37. ParitoshBh

    Thread [Feedback Requested] Zymky - Android app for Managing Finances

    Hey! The last time I created an android application, XDA community helped me out in fixing bugs, conveying healthy feedback. I am once again requesting the community to lend their support and help me out iron the bugs and further improve the application. The motivation behind developing this...
  38. vivekkalady

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Exprso Imaj [DEV][15/7/2015]

    Hello Guys, I am developing an application to create images from text. Users can type the words and find a suitable image for that word and make a sentence by choosing different images from the database and create a final image and share it with friends on any chat application like WhatsApp...
  39. S

    Thread [Q] Mini alarms for Android

    Hey Friends Is there an app that gives mini alarms or audible notifications. Most of the alarms including the stock Android app have alarms that either need to be snoozed or dismissed else they keep on ringing disturbing every one around me. I just want to hear a two second chime without...
  40. Thunderbottom


    Check out Cornowser, started as a project by fellow developer of UBP. UltimateBrowserProject This Project has officially been discontinued. The reason is that I don't have time to work on this anymore. It was actually started as a fun project just to learn new stuff about programming...
  41. S

    Thread [App] [Tutorial] Learn to make a Compass Application

    Hello, I create this post to present you a video tutorial showing you how to create a compass application for Android steps by steps. This tutorial lets beginners to start with sensors on Android and also to discover how to get GPS Location with default Android services. Tutorial is here ...
  42. vincebay

    Thread [Q] Auto-Start with CM

    Hi I plan to use a Nexus Player as Media Center with Plex App. I would need it to autostart at start of Nexus Player and in case of crash that Plex app restarts by itself. I would need the Nexus Player to keep stuck running Plex and that's it. Is it possible if I install CM12*on it ?*Looks to...
  43. mrbabyman

    Thread Best Must Have Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular device is Samsung Galaxy Series. This device comes with amazing specification and feature which give neck to neck fight to the Android device released in 2015. Samsung Galaxy S3 is an overall brilliant smartphone, there are some features missing in...
  44. K

    Thread [FREE] First Android Application

    I have created my first android application following material design. The application focuses on people who want to get back in shape and stay healthier. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is welcomed.
  45. maxado_zdl

    Thread [APP] [2.3.+][Material Design] EuroMillions

    Hi all =) Please check my new app and give me some feedback. This is probably :) the most beautiful Euro Millions application available on the Play Store. If you find any bug, please report! Thanks The app allows you to have de Euro Millions results always on your pocket. The main...
  46. A

    Thread Help !! Help

    Hello Guys this is Axit from india. I have to Represent My College in TechFest Event. and i got Project of android app development and i have to give presentation their in front of more than 1000 Audiences. So, please refer me any free open source app. so that i can understand the coding of...
  47. joplayer

    Thread [Q] [DEV][Gradle] How to make a modular Application ?

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on an app for a company that asked me to make it modular. Actually the app contains different features and the company would like to be able to compile the differents flavors of the App via Gradle. If I understood correctly the current flavor solution offered in...
  48. H

    Thread [Q] Android-Manifest.XML Backup

    Is there a way to backup all Android Manifests.XML? Every app has an Android Manifest. I'd like to backup the Android Manifests of all Free Apps Paid Apps ...and System Apps Please note, that my device has a locked bootloader so Nandroid /w Backup isn't available. :( I hope to get a...
  49. reza310

    Thread [Q] Super Low On Stroage

    I bought a Xiaomi MI 3 16gb 2 montsh ago and i never regretted my decision (best phone ever).. but sadly i've been having problems with my storage.. out of 13.39 GB space available now i only have 440 mb left but dont know how the hell did it get so little .Music = 2.86GB Images=1.39 GB the...
  50. S

    Thread [App][Tutorial] How to create an Old School Rotary Dialer ?

    Hello, I create that post to present you a tutorial explaining to you how to create an Old School Rotary Dialer application from scratch. I made a video tutorial available here on Youtube : sWdc0s7QQZQ Tutorial has the 8 following steps : Images Draw the Rotary Dialer Animate the Rotary...