1. T

    Thread Meet Buoy, a FOSS battery saver configuration tool!

    Buoy is an extension to the built in Android Battery Saver Description The built-in Android battery saver mode is actually quite powerful. The only disappointment is that none of it is configurable out of the box. That's where Buoy comes in. Buoy makes using the built-in battery saver feasible...
  2. mayker05

    Thread ZenUI Essential Port (UN-OFFICIAL)

    ZenUI Essential Port DISCLAIMER: I wont be held responsible for bricked devices or dead MicroSD and USBs. Modifications comes with no warranty, by installing this you agree doing it at your own risk. TESTED ON ZENFONE 5z EVOLUTION X (5.3 - 5.5) !!! TESTED ON ZENFONE 3 SUPERIOR OS ...
  3. H

    Thread Navigation app for android 2.1

    Hello and have a good day. I have a sony xperia X8 with android 2.1. Does someone know a navigation app for this android version so that the phone can be used as a gps? Thank you very much
  4. Ayra Hikari

    Thread [PORT][APP][5.0+] Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM

    Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM Samsung Music is optimized for Samsung android device and provides a powerful music play functionality and the best user interface. But it now working on Non-Samsung ROM, also should working on Samsung device running AOSP Based ROM. Tested by me with ROM...
  5. B

    Thread Question Twitter app doesn't recognize back button?

    It treats the phone like an iPhone rather than an Android device; the interface is different and the phone's back button (also, back gesture) does nothing to go back from clicking images, tweets, etc. Are other apps like that? Is there anything that can be done? Also, what's up with the weird...
  6. Y

    Thread [Solved] Apps aren't loading content from the internet

    Out of nowhere my Galaxy S20+ (G985F) stopped loading anything from the internet in many apps. Both when connected to wi-fi and 4G. Firefox won't load any pages, reddit app won't load anything, Steam app won't load anything, wallpaper apps won't load anything... Whatsapp and Instagram are...
  7. nihitthakkar

    Thread Mind Games

    It is said that "games can be helpful to sharpen our mind". Name some of the games from Android play store which may be helpful to sharpen our mind ? Thanks in advance
  8. Ayaz Alvi

    Thread Floating Windows (Floating Apps) on any Android phone for free!

    On Android 7, Google introduced Freeform formation in development option. In this topic, you will be able to float apps on any Android... For Android devices (below Android 7, as Android 4.4,5,6...) You need to install custom ROMs for this action... Learn how to install custom ROMs on Android...
  9. N

    Thread Star like mark on whatsapp in Samsung A50

    Tried Resetting system settings (Not factory Reset) Tried uninstalling whatsapp and installing again Still the that mark comes by default. Attached screenshot for reference. If anyone knows what this is and how to disable it , please share
  10. Kydaix

    Thread Ultimate Debloat Guide [C.36]

    → Here is my Post-Installation guide! ● I am in no way responsible for what may happen, bricked devices, etc... ● If you do this tutorial, it is your choice and your own responsibility. Here is a tutorial to help your phone. If you have any problems, simply format your phone. Find...
  11. Kinglos

    Thread OneUI 3.0 APPS PORT FOR OneUI 1.0

    Tested on a Samsung S8 with several OneUI roms. With all of them I had the same issue. OneUI 3.0 Dialer and Contacts require a different imsmanager.jar to work, but using the one included cause the imsservice.apk to constantly crash, causing a huge battery drain and a horrible lag. In addition...
  12. I

    Thread [Q] Not able to install big apps e.g. games

    Since moving from Android 10 to the open bèta's I have problems installing big apps, games and such. Did a factory reset and installed android 11 stable, but still the same. I saw that there were 2 internal storages and parallel storage (999). I'm using dualsim. Anyone an idea or solution?
  13. H

    Thread What Apps are not working in Android 11 and work around to fix them

    What apps are not working on the Pixel 4 XL with Android 11 (R) OS? - Please, post apps that are not working on the Pixel 4 XL with Android 11 (R) OS. - If you have a solution or work around to fix it, post that too. Titanium Backup Hangs Crashes System - Work around - Deselect Media Storage...
  14. xzyk

    Thread De-bloat, any suggestions?

    Hi, I know 1+ does not have much bloat on it but anyone have any suggestions for apps they've adb uninstalled with no adverse affects ? Obviously the google stuff is the usual candidates here but any other suggestions will be most welcome. thanks.
  15. V

    Thread Google Play services hogging all ram.

    I am using 2gb ram version. I have hard time keeping even 2 moderately heavy apps running together. Also play services using lotsa ram. I am using arvanasoft stock rom andro 6 miui 10 and have also debloated my phone with this Szaki /XiaomiADBFastbootTools . Cannot afford new phone for at...
  16. Wattsensi

    Thread Play Store - Missing apps when using a non-OpenKirin GSI

    Solved Hi everyone. I installed AndyYan's LineageOS and flashed OpenGapps on top to experiment on it, the problem is that when I am done configuring the device, the Play Store hides some apps from me. Some of these apps are WhatsApp, Soundcloud, banking apps, Discord and some local apps. They...
  17. C

    Thread The apps you love and use on Huawei phones without Google services

    Hey What's up guys, So following on from my banking segments i thought id cover off Popular apps next. So some of the top apps i have successfully been able to install and run without side loading GMS. This again has been done via Phone Clone, Huawei App Gallery, Petal search which draws...
  18. SlickStretch

    Thread Titanium Backup cannot restore any uninstalled apps

    I have granted root access with Magisk, and I'm using the paid PRO version of Titanium Backup. The app can freeze/unfreeze apps fine, and it (seems to) backup apps fine. But, whenever I try to restore an uninstalled app, it says "Restoring App+Data" and never progresses further. I have to force...

    Thread [APP] Hub of premium tv

  20. T

    Thread Block app installation

    Hello, I have a daughter and she's using the Galaxy S2, with LineageOS 16 (Android 9) as her phone. I want to block app installation from unknown sources completely, since this is a security threat and she can install anything. I've scavenged Google for about 2 hours and can't find a way to...
  21. A

    Thread [APP] [4.4+] [v1.1] Apps Nested Folders

    Create nested folders for your apps. Easily reach & open your apps using one hand thanks to its design that gives you the ability to instantly switch between Left & Right alignment. Swipe left to perform Back / Exit from any folder. You can manually arrange apps and folders using drag & drop...
  22. D

    Thread Google Play Store stuck "Download Pending" or "Waiting for WIFI" HELP!

    Google Play Store stuck "Download Pending" or "Waiting for WIFI" HELP! I have a new Galaxy S20+ that I've been using for about a week. Great phone but lately I noticed that I'm unable to download or update apps in the Google Play Store. It keeps telling me "download pending" or "waiting for...
  23. D

    Thread Android 10 and Storage access

    Hello I recently upgraded to Android 10 and it seems like a lot of my apps have issues with storage permissions now. I've read they changed it to storage scopes but when I open some of my apps the first time I get prompt about it being built for an older version of Android, the app asks for...
  24. T

    Thread What's your Watch workflow?

    I'm currently a GWA2 owner, former S2, S3, GW, and GWA owner. And through all those iterations, I honestly haven't found a useful workflow. The watch serves primarily as a notification Notifier for my phone (S10+). My initial dreams of having the watch and phone work seamlessly haven't come...
  25. G

    Thread Recent Apps & Google Assistant

    Hey Guys, My phone has been upgraded to Android 10 but currently I am facing two issues : 1. I noticed recent apps is missing from the apps section actually it was available after the upgrade. 2. At times Google Assistant throws an error can't reach at Google the moment, it was working fine...
  26. S

    Thread Is there any ROM that has native blocking of applications by fingerprint as in MIUI?

    Is there any ROM that has native blocking of applications by fingerprint as in MIUI? But other than miui, the miui system bored me
  27. Z

    Thread List of apps that support dual screens

    This is a list of android apps that work well with dual screens. Most apps will not look as nice in single screen landscape mode, however. For this list I will refer to having a screen on the left and right as landscape and a screen on bottom and top as portrait. Why? Because that's how it works...
  28. R

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+][GPLv3] APKUpdater 2 - Get Updates for your Apps!

    APKUpdater 2 APKUpdater is an open source tool that simplifies the process of finding updates for your installed apps. It will provide similar functionality to an app store, making it a very useful app for those who want to run Android without Google Play. It has been rewritten from scratch with...
  29. AlphaBravo

    Thread Unique utility Apps

    Hi friends. Please share here what unique apps you're using in your Redmi Note 8 Pro and what utility/benefit you're getting from those apps
  30. KIBS2173

    Thread Android Cleaners like Clean Master does it really work?

    Okay people, We've always came across this very same question in our minds , does these so called android cleaning apps work?
  31. E

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] ⚡ Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter *Free REAL Promo Codes*

    Network Speed Monitor your network speed in real time on your status bar or floating widget You may obtain your promo code below Xhf_4xls4s4 Download (Play Store) QR Code...
  32. tallymatty

    Thread List of Samsung apps to disable

    Is there a list of all the Samsung apps/services, preferably with descriptions of what they're for, that can be disabled (via ADB , Package Disabler, etc) on the Note 10+? This is my first Samsung device since the S4, and I feel like there's so much bloat. Thanks!
  33. T

    Thread Usage Scenarios

    I'm a big traditional pen and pad type of guy. I have the Galaxy Tab S4 and plan on getting the S6. Note 10+ on the way. What are some typical, and out of the box usage scenarios you can describe using the S Pen and Note Screen? Notes: We have the obvious hand writing input, photo editing...
  34. Mr.LOVER

    Thread when i switch user account, are all apps or services still running from main account?

    here is the question i can't find the answer to. When i create a new user account in android (i have android 9 LineageOS 16 on OnePlus 3T) 1. and switch to that account, is my main account still running in background with all its background apps and services? or only root apps are running? or...
  35. S

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Hot Apps Nearby - Find out the most popular apps in your nearby region!

    Hello XDA peers! Hot Apps Nearby is a new way to discover new apps on Play Store that are popular with users around you. It works by anonymously getting a list of installed apps on people's phone around you (that also have this app installed). ☆ An innovative, localized way to navigate the...
  36. E

    Thread Enhance App User Experience With Push Notifications

    Push Notification Service is the best feature in mobile apps. It allows the app to send messages to the mobile device. There’s a significant advantage of this feature. It is a feature that allows apps to keep the user informed. It can be about any changes, offers, or even the status of their...
  37. T

    Thread Apps after Titanium Backup restore keep quiting

    Hello Guys I'm having Problems with the most of my apps.. They keep closing after opening. If I update the work fine again, but I can't access the Google Play Store, cause he is also one of the affected apps.. I think its something with Permissions or something, but found nothing which repaired...
  38. beemerTPPC

    Thread Is there a way of sending data to the stratos watch face?

    I'm thinking on changing my aging Sony SmartWatch 3 for an Amazfit stratos but I'd like to create my own watch faces showing weather information and so on, like I can do in Android Wear. I have seen this post...
  39. AeiT

    Thread App and data recovery trough download mode

    Ok I decided to post here as its general section. The problem is with my Galaxy S9+ that failed OTA Pie update whole topic is here Im on stock firmware, non-rooted. The phone is currently...
  40. acervenky

    Thread [NOROOT]ZenMode & OPScreenRecorder Apps

    Install as normal apps. Extracted from OnePlus 7 Pro OOS 9.5.3 dump. Download : Github Screenshots attached below. Credits : gururoop (Stock firmware) Regards, acervenky
  41. D

    Thread Remove "All Things Google" (Moto E5 Plus) (Hannah)

    This question has probably been asked before but is there a way to remove "everything" Google related? I'm using stock rom. I have MetroPCS. I know that by removing some Google apps will cause dependency issues but is there any way to do this with no problems whatsoever? Thanks
  42. V

    Thread Samsung Contacts + Google Contacts\SMS\email - syncing issues are getting annoying

    I have never minded using both Samsung and Google's services since the system-level apps for Samsung cannot always be uninstalled. I have found many Samsung apps to actually be better than Google's, especially with the OneUI update and some of Google's in a mess, but right now I am reaching a...
  43. S

    Thread [PROBLEM] Google Camera and Apps to display in fullscreen

    Hello everyone, lately i've had some problems related to: 1º: Google camera app, sometimes the shutter is activated and does have the animation of being active but it doesnt capture a pic at all. (Does it have any version with perfect functioning?) 2º: My "Apps to display in fullscreen" is...
  44. energyspear17

    Thread [APPS] [MOD] [FLASHABLE] Googlify for Poco F1 aka Pocophone F1 (Beryllium)

    ______________________________________________ Replaces inbuilt AOSP apps with Google Apps - For AOSP based custom roms only !______________________________________________ Features : Google Dialer Google Contacts Google Messages Gboard Clock Calculator Logo (Quicksplash) - Replaces Stock...
  45. G

    Thread Cannot install Snapchat from Google Play (detailed) ||

    I own an LG G6, updated to the latest firmware provided by LG (Oreo). Not rooted. Google Play continues to tell me "Can't install Snapchat" in a dialog box every time I try to install it. I have also tried installing via an APK, but that results in package manager just stating "App not...
  46. lbsilva

    Thread [ROOT] [Discussion] Safe-to-remove System Bloatware/Googleware

    Since there's no thread related to safe-to-remove system bloatware/googleware, I decided to make one. I'm counting on your help to expand this list. :D Tested Chrome Alternatives: Firefox, Brave, Waterfox. Or you could simply uninstall it as a system APP and reinstall it as a user APP. There's...
  47. H

    Thread Media sorting problem on social media apps.

    I have noticed this for the gazillionth time now that every once in a while (not sure whether a new app/system update triggers it) my media files (images and videos) are sorted in a messy manner within Instagram and other social apps. It's like when you want to send an image to a friend through...
  48. ShadowOBS

    Thread J2 Pro (2018) Oreo or Theme Support workaround.

    Hello. I bought this phone since my Galaxy Note 4 SIM slot is destroyed. Is a pretty decent phone and it run good for all the things I use on it. But the only thing I am wondering is, If this phone will have Oreo Update? On some pages like GSMArena is mentioned that is planned an Android 8.0...
  49. D

    Thread How can I make it so that my android will stop auto closing certain applications?

    I am using a Moto G6 Play (Boost Mobile Variant) and I run a few apps like discord, snapchat, and messenger. Sometimes I'll notice I haven't received a notification in a while, then open the app to see that it's been closed automatically some how. I read around and I think it has something to do...
  50. H

    Thread Twitter and Twitch Notifications Dozed

    My Twitter and Twitch app notifications are being dozed, and every time I move my device(s), it would surge with those notifications that should have came earlier. Both of those apps are white listed and set to Not Optimized, but it is still not giving me notifications until I move the devices...