1. droidlocal

    Thread Radioactive Theme for Telegram

    The Radioactive Theme is an incredible option to personalize your Telegram with a post-apocalyptic and nuclear war aesthetic. With it, you can add a unique and impactful visual to your app, making your Telegram experience even more memorable. Just install it and enjoy this immersive atmosphere...
  2. S

    Thread Paid apps now free to download for Gear Fit 2 from publisher

    We received messages that apps for Samsung Gear Fit 2 are unavailable by Samsung Apps store. Our apps too. If someone still use this nice sport watch from Samsung, can install our apps on Fit 2 for free. We attached our a few aps for Samsung Gear Fit 2 band. They should install on Fit 2. If...
  3. D

    Thread Application to clear memory data of various apps

    Mod translation: I'm looking for an application that does this execution: Clear app data. Example: I want to install an app so I can select multiple apps on my phone to clear memory data for all of them at once Note: I'm not talking about clearing the cache! Example in the image
  4. N

    Thread Question Can anyone check if these list of apps look ok and also some permissions please?

    Hey, I'm new to the forums. Decided to get the Nothing Phone 1. Seems ok atm but was a bit glitchy when first set up. Just wanted to see if anyone could have a quick look through the app list to see if all looks ok. Also I have some permissions which I'm unsure about for example on the shell...
  5. ErickSorto

    Thread [APP] After 6 months, I finally launched my Dream Journal AI app

    Dream Journal AI: Interpret and Paint Your Dreams Hey everyone, I created Dream Journal AI, an app specifically designed to save and interpret your dreams: Check it out here. Play Store only. I spent 6 months developing this app using GPT for dream interpretations and generating paintings...
  6. Z

    Thread EDITED [Q] Why is /u0026 in the names of my apps? How am I being hacked & tracked?!? Total N00b needs help!

    Scrolling through the apps installed on my phone, and it is hit or miss on which of the Android and/or Google apps have \u0026 in the middle of their names. Not all, but it seems the important ones do, that downloaded and installed in the middle of the night hours or days after the initial...
  7. AMDFenics

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Vivo X70 Pro+ debloat script. OriginOS

    Hey folks, personally i don't like all these stock roms, filled up with hundreds of apps, most of them are junk to me. So i collected the package names and wrote a small script to get rid of them. Please check before using, if u need any of these apps! If so, you can commend the lines out...
  8. C

    Thread Always update ALL apps

    Often when I open an app that I use not so much, that requests to update and I must wait to use it. There is an option to always automatic update all apps?
  9. L

    Thread Recommendations of keyboard with gestures and shortcuts with the CTRL key

    Hello everyone, I have a question, if you are so kind to help me. I would like a keyboard that supports gestures to copy, paste, move the cursor, etc. Or also that it has the "CTRL" key. I have found Multiling O Keyboard, but this have some bugs for gestures, another interesting keyboard is...
  10. brød

    Thread Camera app for LOS 18.1 for A5 2017 (A520F)

    The stock camera on LOS is horrible, is there a good one close to the stock Samsung one.
  11. F

    Thread TCL C635 any way to set app to startup at boot? Or map buttons to open an app?

    Hi xda community, I've been enjoying my TCL C635 for quite some time now and love the thing. My question is the following: Can i set an app to open automatically at boot? and/or is it possible to map a button on the remote to open an app? I've tried several apps (button mapper, launch at...
  12. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Need help installing app to Fire HD 10 (7th Generation)

    I found a bit of info on XDA but nothing worked that I've tried. I am getting a message on Google Playstore "Your device is not compatible" so I tried the apk route using apkmirror & 2 other similar tools but got a message saying parsing error. Can anyone recommend something that might work...
  13. Macias99

    Thread How to uninstall preinstalled Google apps?

    Is there any way to uninstall preinstalled Google apps on phone with Android such as Gboard, Google Wallet, Lens, Photos etc?
  14. J

    Thread Background camera app develope

    Question about Background camera app The screen recording app records both the other person's voice and my voice while the video call. If i do a voice call while filming me with a background camera, Only my voice is recorded and the other person's voice is not recorded. I tried with...
  15. Hokaidore

    Thread Rooting and custom ROM samsung galaxy s2 gt19100 w/o any bugs or mobile slowdown

    Hi, My google play store is almost empty. I have very few apps in google play store because my android 4.1.2 is Very old. How to root it and upgrade android 4.1.2 to android 7 or android 13. Thanks.
  16. D

    Thread Whatsapp changing media path to Sd Card

    i have a redmi Note 7 with an miui 12.5.1 and i want to change some apps saving destination like Whatsapp etc. to save there media files to sd card not internal storage so is that possible? i tried going to dev options and enabled force allow apps to install on external storage and still can't...
  17. Sentimental Sugarcube

    Thread What are some interesting, useful, lesser known apps on the Play Store?

    I've been curious as to what apps other people know about that many others never checked out or even heard of (i.e. under 100M+ downloads), since I have my own list, too. This is the list of interesting apps I've come across: Boost for reddit | It loads faster, doesn't crash as much, has...
  18. B

    Thread [APP] Wear OS Apps Repository. Why are there so few apps available for Wear OS in Play Store?

    Why are there so few apps available for Wear OS in Play Store? In the origins of Wear OS, when it was still called Android Wear, between 2014 and 2017, hundreds of apps created for these watches were published in the Play Store, during that time and shortly after it was already evident that...
  19. malikin

    Thread How To Guide Debloat list

    Attention: During this debloat proceess you can lose some of data. Do not continue if not sure. Recomended to do after you unpacked and updated software on your NEW device without copying your personal information. 1) download ADBApp Control (please buy if you like it) 2) activate ADB on...
  20. A

    Thread Old Windows RT apps?

    So if I'm not mistaken, Windows RT used APPX files as well when installing from the Store. The issue I'm having is that a lot of devs removed their apps from the Windows RT/8.x Store. Just wondering if there's somewhere to download the old apps? Like for example: Amazon Store; Lara Croft GO are...
  21. T

    Thread Android Emulator Performance is Extremely Unstable

    First of all, hopefully this is the right place to post this type of question - if it isn't, do let me know. I have a relatively new PC with 16 GB RAM, 10th Gen Core i3, 4 physical and 4 virtual cores (hyperthreading), I do not have an SSD. It runs Linux Mint and uses the KVM. The first year...
  22. green throne

    Thread WhatsApp app

    Withdrawing my number from the telecom company to another person, will they be able to see my previous WhatsApp messages?
  23. P

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A53 root - Apps - Device Info

    Hi everyone, i finally managed to root my Galaxy A53 with magisk and odin. I was currently looking for an app that can fake the device ID, model, MAC address, IP, Imei and other device information only on specific selectable apps and not on the whole system. Anyone have a useful guide? link...
  24. Samster255

    Thread wp8.1 apps dir

  25. D

    Thread Application that denies clipboard access to some apps? Who was the first developer to release?

    In a world where privacy is so exploited an app with this functionality would be very useful, there are many "spy apps", most of the time we need to copy some sensitive data through the clipboard, I heard news about the beta version of Android 12 with this functionality. But the verdict is: is...
  26. GreenMan2022

    Thread WorldTV Client 1.1

    Hi all. I made for myself a small catalog of playlists with channels from all over the world. Thought it might be of interest to you. The catalog is divided into several sections: Languages, countries, topics. Management is simple. Select the desired section, say the country of America and a...
  27. A

    Thread Jumbo - Privacy + Security.

    A personal assistant to protect your privacy online. - Google Play. - App Store.
  28. A

    Thread beta.edvanza - personal carrer advancement platform [ Early access ]

    Achieve your career goals with AI powered insights & personalized recommendation. - Google Play.
  29. C

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Code Scanner - a FOSS Android app for scanning and creating codes

    Code Scanner Scan, view and create codes whenever, wherever you are. A FOSS Android app for scanning and creating codes. Open-source link: Play Store link: View the Play Store link for...
  30. J

    Thread Third-party apps and install files for iPhone. Websites and stores.

    I am on a easter hunt. Don’t have too much to go on just clues and such from others. It’s an app, third party. Comes in in an install that downloads multiple files and use them to create an app. It could be found on on of the stores too but websites would be better. Don’t have the name, begins...
  31. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Decolist - Shopping List & To-Do App with Live Sync and Reminders

    Decolist is a simple list app that lets you quickly create a shopping/grocery/to-do list on your phone, keep items organized and also share the list you've made. You can also set reminder notifications so you never forget to buy something and share lists with other people to see real time...
  32. A

    Thread Bugjaeger : Mobile ADB and USB OTG.

    Bugjaeger tries to give you the expert tools used by Android developers for better control and deep understanding of your Android device internals. which means you can debug and run ADB commands without PC. - Google Play .
  33. W

    Thread [NEW] Installing apps on a Gabb Phone Z2?

    YOU CAN NOW ACCESS THE INTERNET ON YOUR GABB PHONE. However, you still can't mod or get apps on it. Here's a tutorial on how to access the internet. Video Tutorial made by Hezy: Tutorial may not be current, so check the text tutorial. Text tutorial Open settings Go to networks The wifi Tap on...
  34. Vivek551

    Thread [APP][5.1+] SnapWalls

    Snap Walls provide Photos and Wallpapers SnapWalls provide a wide range of free opensource images with Unsplash API Thousands of images Updating every hour Different categories High-resolution images Create an account with Facebook or email Then you can add images as favorites...
  35. D

    Thread Android 12 problems

    Hi I got the s21 Exynos. After the android 12 update many of the apps keep crashing. They are all up to date. I cant seem to find any solution to this problem. Am i the only one with this problem ? Cant find any other info about this issue.
  36. L

    Thread OP5, app updates not working.

    OnePlus 5, OxygenOS 10.0.1. Updates keep messing up. No root, no customization or anything. I uninstalled and try to install snapchat anew. But cannot install any version past the And now the other apps are getting similar error.
  37. chrisofMI

    Thread Question Secure/Lock/Hide Apps

    So I've been able to hide/secure/lock apps in some way on my past Samsung and OnePlus phones. When this is done the apps do not show up in the app drawer, show no details on notifications, and have to be unlocked to view. I've yet to find a way to do this via the Android 12 default launcher. If...
  38. aviavinas

    Thread Doubt Go- Doubt Clearing & Online Class

    Hi guys, my friend has developed a free doubt clearing & online class app, where students from class 1-12th & jee aspirants can study free from online class and if they have any doubt then they can ask it immediately. The app is still in the beta phase and we need your feedback/suggestions. App...
  39. A

    Thread Storage limit for apps

    Hey, I remarked the excessive use of storage from many apps on my phone, such as Instagram (1.2GB), Tiktok (1GB)... Does someone know how to limit the use of space for specific apps ? I know that somehow, android tells the apps when there's no space left Maybe someone can clone this...
  40. K

    Thread Question List over bloatware safe to remove

    Hello. I'm receiving my new z flip 3 tomorrow (happy! ) and I want to remove as much bloatware as possible before I start to use the phone. Do anyone have a list of apps that are safe to remove? I hate it when apps are crashing because I removed something that I shouldn't have removed..
  41. J

    Thread Why there is no a Facebook Mod free ad apk yet?

    I already saw a lot of apps modded on xda forums like Twitch and Youtube. But the only Facebook modded apk i found is one from 2017 outdated, can someone explain why there is no a modded version of Facebook yet? Just like Vanced Youtube or something like that, is it hard to mod a Facebook apk...
  42. D

    Thread [TOOL][ADB][WIN] List Installed Apps ( system and 3rd-party ) and Export list

    An image says more than 1000 words Download:
  43. James_patageul

    Thread [Solved] Search for a timer with TTS (speech) android apps.

    Hi everyone, I'm using since a long time this apps : Interval Alert Timer but she is not maintain anymore and bug under the latest android version. Meaning that the TTS will not kick when the screen is off (even if the apps is set as "No battery optimization" in the android settings.) I almost...
  44. haniya ch

    Thread Android best live cam - live earth cam hd - live satellite view

    Live cam - World Maps app is the best for 3D maps and live satellite view. With a free satellite map app, you can discover famous places around the world and see the nature of beauty. With this most popular app you can share your current and the location of any city, town, parking, work and...
  45. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Want to root and unlock - what's the quickest way to get back installed all the apps I currently have?

    Question as per title. All my photos, music, videos are cloud based anyway. The only thing I'm concerned about is apps. What's the quickest way to reinstall my apps? Last time I chose to restore from a Google account, it started to install ALL my apps, even ones that weren't installed when I...
  46. A

    Thread [5.0+][v1.4][FREE] Apps Nested Folder

    This's a full version, not trial nor restricted features. If you like it, please support me and Buy the paid version from Google Play. Also you can support me further by making a donation at my PayPal account. Create nested folders for your apps. Easily reach & open your apps using one hand...
  47. J

    Thread Kia Optima 2016 and sideloading

    I can get into engineering mode on my Kia. Would like to know if anyone here knows if things like Viper4Android or other similar apps can be sideloaded I love the sound from V4A and would like to be able to have it applied to all sources in my car. Sorry if this is the wrong sub
  48. sumukh_rao

    Thread What are the first five apps you install on macOS?

    If you have been a Mac user for a long time, there surely are a few apps that you cannot live without. These are the apps that you would install as soon as you get a new Mac and would probably recommend old as well as new Mac users to try too! macOS does come with a bunch of pre-loaded apps to...
  49. Stefanos53

    Thread [APPS] Superuser (ALL VERSIONS) by ChainsDD

    Hello!!! I have almost all versions of the "Superuser" application of ChainsDD WARNING: FOR CyanogenMod Roms Use The Superuser 3.2!!! ** DOWNLOAD **
  50. I

    Thread Article What are the first five apps you install on Windows?

    Getting a new PC can be a magical moment, and turning it on for the first time is always a fun experience. But that can all take a backseat once you have to start setting everything up how you like it. New PCs don't come with all the apps you use, so you have to start all over again. That begs...