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  1. 7

    Thread [Magisk][Font] AppleArabic-Font

    This is a Magisk Module that will Systemlessly replaces ِِArabic font with new SF Arabic font. ✅ Compatibility: - Compatible with All Android roms (please feedback) ? Add-on: + Font fix for custom roms like (Samsung - Xsaomi - Others..) ? Changelog: - v1 2019/06/28 First...
  2. aidin594

    Thread Arabic, Persian text problem

    I have problem with Arabic , Persian text in my 46 mm Galaxy watch. The letters are showing in wrong way. Is there any mod to change encoding of the watch?
  3. kamilmirza

    Thread [MODULE][FONT] Urdu Fonts - Nastaliq

    Magisk modules to replace stock (Naskh) Urdu font with Nastaliq fonts Compatibility works on Android 10 works on AOSP/Custom and Samung OneUI ROMs - Android 9 works fine along English works on Microsoft Word and Google Docs (use any other font except Arial) can be used for Arabic Notes...
  4. N

    Thread Arabic / Persian support for Amazfit Stratos Watch

    As you may know, Amazfit Stratos Smartwatch, and probably other similar sports watches, do not show Arabic/Persian (Farsi) and Hebrew letters out of the box, and you can't read the notifications in those languages. I was wondering if it's possible to get the support on a not-custom Rom, so still...
  5. ahmed1994

    Thread FTF stock rom for xperia z4 SOV31 [MEA]?

    hi My friend has Xperia Z4 SOV31 he needed FTF stock rom that has arabic language please in such cases i search for roms with MEA (middle east - north africa ) in the name ending But i can't find one for this device help me find stock rom with arabic langauge
  6. I

    Thread Air View Dictionary or Translate [Arabic & Persian added]

    Hello guys AirViewDictionary with Persian and Arabic in Source side Note: AirViewDictionary only works on Note7 ports If you want any other language tell me DOWNLOOAD LINKS Version 1 How to Use Just flash in Recovery or Put it in system/priv-app/AirViewDictionary replace and set permissions...
  7. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200G Galaxy J2 Duos LTE

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200G Galaxy J2 Duos LTE How To Use: - Download The Arabic Firmware Zip. - Extract it to get the *.Tar.md5 file. - Run Odin3.exe - Select the extracted *.Tar.md5 file as AP/PDA file. - Put the phone into Download Mode. - Connect it to PC via USB cable. - After...
  8. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-G318MZ Galaxy V Plus Duos

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-G318MZ Galaxy V Plus Duos How To Use: - Download The Arabic Firmware Zip. - Extract it to get the *.Tar.md5 file. - Run Odin3.exe - Select the extracted *.Tar.md5 file as AP/PDA file. - Put the phone into Download Mode. - Connect it to PC via USB cable. - After...
  9. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J110G Galaxy J1 Ace Duos 4G LTE

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J110G Galaxy J1 Ace Duos 4G LTE How To Use: - Download The Arabic Firmware Zip. - Extract it to get the *.Tar.md5 file. - Run Odin3.exe - Select the extracted *.Tar.md5 file as AP/PDA file. - Put the phone into Download Mode. - Connect it to PC via USB cable...
  10. A

    Thread arabic Stock ROM for SM-E7000 Galaxy E7 Duos - Odin3 ROM

    Arabic Stock ROM for SAMSUNG SM-E7000 Galaxy E7 Duos Install: Download the ROM and extract it, Use Odin3 flasher to install the ROM into phone, Select the *.tar.md5 file as AP only, Must do Hard Reset after flashing the ROM, to get rid of the Chinese Keyboard and make it work 100%. Download...
  11. A

    Thread Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200GU Galaxy J2 Duos

    Arabic Stock ROM for Samsung SM-J200GU Galaxy J2 Duos Install: Use Odin3 flasher to install this Arabic ROM, Select file as PDA / AP only. Download: - J200GUXXU1AOI6 Arabic ROM v5.1.1: Download ( AFH Link )
  12. abdo2a

    Thread XPERIA Z Ultra (C6833-C6802) Official Lollipop 5.1.1 Arabic

    SONY XPERIA Z Ultra Lollipop 5.1.1 Arabic XPERIA Z Ultra C6833 : Build Version : 14.6.A.0.368 Customize : MEA Download : (DevHost) XPERIA Z Ultra C6802 : Build Version : 14.6.A.0.368 Customize : MEA Download : (DevHost) ----------------------------------------------------- Enjoy ...
  13. abdo2a

    Thread XPERIA Z1 (C6902-C6903) Official Lollipop 5.1.1 Arabic

    SONY XPERIA Z1 Lollipop 5.1.1 Arabic XPERIA Z1 C6902 :Build Version : 14.6.A.0.368 Customize : MAA Download : (DevHost) XPERIA Z1 C6903 :Build Version : 14.6.A.0.368 Customize : MEA Download : (Google Drive) ----------------------------------------------------- Enjoy .. SamSony.net
  14. A

    Thread ready to help translate apps to arabic

    Hello developers if anyone need help to translate his apps from english or french to arabic i am ready to help him.
  15. E

    Thread [Q] Arabic language for HTC 1 M8

    A Syrian guy bought HTC 1 M8, it still new, so I don't know what's the android version but it's the default one. He came to me for help. He wants the whole system to be translated to Arabic, and that language isn't available. According to this video, if we just force stopped customization...
  16. crazydeepman

    Thread Note 4 arabian users ( WhatsApp group )

    hi... as note 4 has a WhatsApp group ... i have an idea why not there be a WhatsApp group for note 4 arabian users that to talks about problems or news with Arabic i created it and all your are welcome there and i like to all XDA members to be there if you want to join just pm me with area code...
  17. Mysteryagr

    Thread Physical/External layouts

    Hello XDA Members This application is based on Tialaramex - BritishKeyboard Orginal APK / Thread source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-chacha/general/arabic-english-keyboard-layouts-settings-t2825415#post55937289 Layouts are taken from here (cyanogenmod) I found it easy to decompile /...
  18. Z

    Thread Arabic language for Samsung E1200I ?

    I bought the Samsung E1200I in the UK and it doesn't have the arabic language package (obviously). Does anyone know how I can get it on the phone if at all possible ?
  19. K

    Thread [Q] any rom that supports arabic keyboard ?

    hello there is there any good room that supports arabic keyboard for the s5830i ? I really need one I tried to find the CSC folder to edit the default.xml so that i can add the arabic support manually but i can't thanks for any help
  20. anuloid

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Racing Game - Gravitire 3D

    Hello XDA Community Presenting an amazing and unique Racing Game - Gravitire 3D (v. 4.3.0). More than 800.000 downloads, more than 6500 rate, score 4.2 Number of Levels - 19, Multilingual support - English, Russian, Arabic Download here F9uamvr8LGw Play and enjoy !!!
  21. screamwork

    Thread ROOT does NOT work when your device is set to ARABIC language?

    Hey all I wanna make this short, I've typed about this problem a dozen times and I'm being ignored everytime I do. However, I am quiet sure that it is not from my device or my installing. I rooted 4 deffirent HTC ONEs and tried to run root apps when region is set to Arabic but they don't...
  22. L

    Thread Need: Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean… OFFER: Ukrainian, German and Russi

    Hi ! I NEED to translate my program ("LS Phone Cards" on Google Play) to Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, and possibly other languages from English, German or Russian. I OFFER a translation into Ukrainian, German and Russian languages! Leo P.S. While only enough to translate the...
  23. wanam

    Thread [APP][My Language][1.3.0] Set your Android device language

    My Language is a simple Application which let you set your Android Device Language, this application supports all Android devices, and it does NOT require Root for older Android version 4.1.2 and bellow, Root is required for Android 4.2+ because the Permission to change the Locale configuration...
  24. AhmedElsharkawy

    Thread windows phone 7.8 Internet explorer Arabic pages Problem

    windows phone 7.8 Internet explorer Arabic pages Problem for more info see attachment or open any Arabic website like "www.electrony.net " on IE and open the same url on pc and see the problem Question is all windows phone 7.8 devices have the same problem ?? Device info : HTC HD7 OS version...
  25. Ankhwatcher

    Thread [Q] RUU For Arabic Regions

    Hi! I have a HTC Desire HD UK/IE edition running stock. I need to test an application for deployment to Arabic speaking countries and I can't switch the language to Arabic on the device. Is there an alternative RUU I could flash to this phone which will allow me to change the language to...
  26. A

    Thread [ROM][aroma] ELASYS ROM V3.1 Arabic For Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

    Elasys ROM v3.1 Arabic Edition By : Ali M Borsan The Best and first custom Arabic ROM for Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300. Elasys ROM was always the best custom ROM for Galaxy Pocket . But does not support Arabic except in web browser. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2387563...
  27. E

    Thread [ROM] Xperia Acro S LT26w 6.2.B.1.96 ftf Middle East & North Africa

    Xperia Acro S LT26w 1265-3909_6.2.B.1.96 GENRIC - user Middle East and North Africa (MENA) ftf File Phone SI 1266-4247 Product NO. 1266-4247 - LT26w/Mobile Phone/NT1-1/Cust SA/White Packed by Flashtool from Sony Update Service Screen Shots: Download...
  28. sulja rock

    Thread [Q] how can i add arabic support to 2.3.6 roms ?

    hi , every one i was wonder :rolleyes: , if i can add Arabic support to any custom ROM with 2.3.6 android v . and i have liked this ROM , and i really want to add Arabic to this ROM "TouchWiz Nature UX V3 FINAL" and i have read a thread for Galaxy Fit from here so i f you Can help me , i will...
  29. E

    Thread [ROM] Xperia Mini ST15i 4.1.B.0.587 ftf Middle East and North Africa

    Xperia Mini ST15i 1244-2098_4.1.B.0.587 GENRIC - user Middle East and North Africa ftf File Phone SI 1250-6516 Packed by Flashtool from Sony Update Service Screen Shots Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/77t92619ok9lpdd/ST15i_-_4.1.B.0.587_-_Middle_East_-_emadido.ftf.7z
  30. andro-SYR

    Thread [TRICK][SONY,SE] add arabic, persian language to any ICS,JB stock based ROM

    many of Arab and Persian wait for months for their turn to update there devices just to continue using their devices with local languages while the latest FTF is already here at XDA, or if you want to try a custom ROM with your own lang. so here is the right place for you: Only for Sony and...
  31. andro-SYR

    Thread [ROM][JB][Xperia E Dual] deodexed,rooted,maltilang 11.3.A.2.1

    hello there, I recently got my E dual, its great but as most of u here , we don't accept less than perfection. so if we wanna mod our dev , we need the firmware to be odexed so here we are: first of all disclaimer: I can't be held responsible for anything that happens to you, your...
  32. cabloomi

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Enable Hidden Languages In Settings HTC/Sony/Samsung 4+

    So Languages in android are hidden because of your CSC, location, region, or carrier but not all Firmwares. just most for the sony and htc its the same guide but for samsung it diffrent. lets start off with sony and htc Use a root explorer or a root level file manager or you can just use adb...
  33. cabloomi

    Thread Remove Mods, Thread Moved

    Please Remove
  34. cabloomi

    Thread [GUIDE] 4.1.1 How to get you device running any ATT Stock rom without any problems

    ok, most of you might think what is this good for, i like to have the arabic language on a samsung rom, not a cyangenmod rom or anything like that , this is also good for many languages. SCREENSHOTS OF LANGUAGES BELOW, and its good for you people who have switched from att to t-mobile, and want...
  35. AliAlsuhail

    Thread [Q] Arabic Rom?

    I tried to update my Xperia T to the JB firmware with PCC, But it was buggy and the download was really slow, So I flashed a central-europe rom, assuming that 4.1 has built-in arabic support (for the UI). But it didn't :( Arabic was removed from the system's Interface Languages. Tried to...
  36. F

    Thread [Q] arabic support

    Hi guys, is there anyway to install full arabic support for hd7, i have deepshining rom 7.8 please help and thanks in advance
  37. alidroid2012

    Thread [Q] alcatel one touch 995 support arabic?

    Hello What can i do so alcatel one touch 995 support arabic? Are there any way ? If i install ics will i have arabic? And how can i install arabic then ??
  38. medo18

    Thread [APP] LG Optimus 2X keyboard (Eng,Arabic,Fr...)

    Dear, This Lg Optimus 2x Keyboard. Support: English Francais Deutsch Itliano Portugues Espanol Turkce Nederlands Japan Indonesian Malaysian Arabic Farsi Etc..
  39. Ba7rani123

    Thread [APP] Samsung keyboard 4.0.4

    Samsung Keyboard 4.0.4 About: I am computer geek(NOT a developer).I live in the middle-east and require an Arabic keyboard especially for news. I always liked modding(PSPs and even Nokia :eek:), the Full Arabic support isn't necessary for me So I use European ROM's and I don't like the stock...
  40. Halim2k

    Thread [FIRMWARE][FTF][Xperia S (LT26i)] Generic: 6.1.A.2.45 Arabic - 6.1.A.2.55 Arabic

    Hi, Here is the firmware 6.1.A.2.45 Arabic - 1257-7770-R6G for Xperia S (LT26i). http://www.mediafire.com/?246uai1y5pemqyg Use Flashtool to flash from here http://androxyde.github.com/ md5: 334607E5D26E2889393AE1B790F9CF09 EDIT: Here is the new Firmware 6.1.A.2.55 Arabic - 1257-7770...
  41. H

    Thread [.FTF] [Links Updated ] ICS 4.0.4 Generic World for Xperia P

    Hello everyone., I made this flashable .ftf file in a while when i updated my P ., But i couldn't post it because the number of my posts :D So., here it is.. Device : Xperia P lt22i Software: Android 4.0.4 Generic World 6.1.b.0.544 & the latest for the ME .54 Customization version ...
  42. xbiggyl

    Thread How to make SXL read ARABIC without flashing new ROM

    Hey guys, SXL on 2.3.5 does not display arabic font properly. I have researched this issue and the only solution I found was to flash a special rom then apply a patch. However, what I'm looking for is a workaround/patch/app that would allow SXL to correctly "READ" arabic, without the need for...
  43. Tefanym

    Thread [APP] GB samsung keyboard with arabic support working on ICS

    i have tried to push samsung keyboard with arabic support from wanamlite's arabic rtl patch made for GB on an ICS rom and it worked , so i wanted to share that with u, as i am one of those who missed the arabic support in the ICS samsung keyboard ( the languages this keyboard includes are...
  44. alkhafaf

    Thread [ROM][GB][JW8] MesoROM v2.0 SGS3 THEME 10/21/12 Ultra light-smooth-beauty

    Update(10/20/12): SGS3 THEME. Enjoy the best SGS3 experience on GB. check the themes section. Update(9/4/12): MesoTheme updated, U GOTTA SEE IT !!! check the Themes section. Add-ons section updated, Tweaking add-on v2 added. Update (8/31/12): Messaging Hack has been added in the addons...
  45. A

    Thread Problem: Only android mobiles receive Arabic messages, others receive it encrypted ??

    Hi guys : I updated my mobile to costume android 2.3.3 but my problem is I can send Arabic messages to androied mobiles. Other mobiles receive Arabic messages as symbols, squares or encrypted !! Androied version : 2.3.3 Baseband version : GAUSB1A135100-US Kernel version : OEM...
  46. andro-SYR

    Thread [Firmware][WT19i][ICS] 4.1.B.0.431 Arabic and Persian Display

    so its the official Lww ICS firmware for middle east & north africa, - Arabic and Persian Display - ftf file - its the official so its not prerooted installation: download the both files 1- WT19i_4.1.B.0.431_MENA.zip.001 2- WT19i_4.1.B.0.431_MENA.zip.002 join them with hjsplit...
  47. omar302

    Thread [MOD] Arabic Stock Fonts

    For those using Arabic on their non-stock phones, you might have noticed that in the stock Arabic ROMs (1.28.415.9 & 1.29.415.11), Arabic had two different fonts, ICS "Naskh" & Gingerbread "Kufi". The font was also displayed in both "Regular" &"Bold" styles. But in custom roms, this was not the...
  48. alkhafaf

    Thread [Q] Help about the LIB files and framework.jar

    Hello everyone I am facing a serious problem, if fixed, then it will be a big acomblishment I am trying to make RTL patches (for arabic,hebrew) on odexed ROMs. The problem is I couldn't apply the patch ( which is made for deodex only) to these ROMs but just in one case: Deodex the whole ROM...
  49. E

    Thread [ROM] Xperia Mini ST15i 4.1.B.0.431 ftf Middle East and North Africa

    Xperia Mini ST15i 1244-2098_4.1.B.0.431 GENRIC - user Middle East and North Africa ftf File Phone SI 1250-6516 Packed by Flashtool from Sony Update Service Screen Shots Download http://www.mediafire.com/?ng45o7stfwnootd Mirror #1...
  50. gepengmilan

    Thread Successful (RLT) Arabic Rom XXLM8 & DXLM3 Deodex Only

    NOTE : Please perform a backup of your system before attempting to use. DOWNLOAD : ROM XXLM8 http://db.tt/4ZCEhHHa ROM DXLM3 http://db.tt/YQSsHUod Instaling via CWM or Put manual : Replace file framework.jar in /system/ framework/ Replace file libandroid_runtime.so in /...