1. astifan

    Thread Retrix Gold Universal Emulator UWP / ARM / x64 / x86

    Hello, Regarding to the old release "Retrix Silver".. the new stable, advanced version is here... Latest RetriX Gold ( Compatible with: XBOX 1 Windows 10 (x64, x86, ARM) Surface Lumia 950/XL Other Devices supports UWP Applications What's New? Analog Control Now you can use analog...
  2. D

    Thread Pop and Fly 2d Runner Balloons Game

    Do you really want to beware of obstacles? Pop and Fly 2d Runner Ballons Game: is a very simple but interesting game with a saw and balloons of different colors to pop, you have to score as many points as possible by dodging the red, blue and yellow balloon by pressing the screen to the right or...
  3. whitebbit

    Thread Planetary Jumper

    Google Play Link Planetary Jumper is a fun and enjoyable endless runner with pleasant controls, the ability to buy outfits from the skin store and other features. This game is a great way to kill some time. Simple but addictive gameplay will not let you get bored wherever you are. You control...
  4. A

    Thread Bouncing balls - new brick crushing game for Andrid

    The aim of the game is to break bricks with balls. The balls have realistic physics - when they hit an obstacle, they bounce and destroy other bricks. The more bricks a ball hits - the more damage it inflicts on collision. When a ball crushes special brick - you get an extra ball. Game ends when...
  5. T

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Top Heights - it's impossible to reach 10 scores

    Top Heights is a simple but at the same time very difficult game. Try to score at least 10 scores, but it is really hard to achieve the goal, because already at the first levels you will still hit an obstacle, and all you can do after another loss - push restart to try to improve your miserable...
  6. A

    Thread Blast ball: match 3 puzzle

    Blast ball: match 3 puzzle game which goal is to blow up all the balls by collecting combinations of three or more blocks in a row. The game is complicated by the presence of different obstacles that also need to be destroyed. The game contains over 100 levels and three different types of balls...
  7. K

    Thread [GAME][Arcade][5.1+] Space slug: get to the spaceship to escape

    Space Slug is a mix of logic game and hardcore platformer. The main goal is to help the slug escape when it reaches the spaceship. Jump between the stones, trying to get to the goal, avoid falling or meeting asteroids, collect bonus stars. With each level the task will become more and more...
  8. M

    Thread [FREE][GAME][4.4+] Planet Defense

    Protect the Planet from destroying by dangerous asteroids Goal is simple: Using swiping left and right protect the Planet from destroying Enjoy music and have fun GooglePlayLink Let me know what are you think
  9. M

    Thread [FREE][GAME][4.4+] TetrisRetro

    Tetris with some variations of it, includes modes with extra figures GooglePlayLink
  10. C

    Thread [Game] Color Up! Minimalist Jumper

    Finally! The first version of our new game Color Up is already live. It is a minimalist jumper with very simple mechanics. We invite whoever wants/can download and help us with a review and/or feedback so...
  11. A

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Minimal Bubble Shooter - Classic arcade game with minimalistic design

    Hi Folks ! I released my new game Minimal Bubble Shooter. Minimal Bubble Shooter is a remake of the classic Bubble Shooter, with a minimalist design. I should even say that it is extremely minimalistic! Pure black and white. Well... here is my take on this classic game. Feel free to give me...
  12. F

    Thread [GAME] Jelly Rescue

    Meet my new game Jelly Rescue - endless arcade game on Google Play Description: Jelly Rescue is a unique endless time killer game with numerous features that keep users entertained for a long time. Although the gameplay appears simple at a first glance, there's a fascinating adventure ahead...
  13. J

    Thread [GAME] [ANDROID] [4.0+] Stick Bunny - Arcade Game Like STICK HERO

    Hi, I want to present my game called "Stick Bunny" – arrcade game in which you have to help Bunny to go from one platform to another. Download from here: Youtube video gameplay: Funny...
  14. A

    Thread Deadroom 2: Rebirth

    Deadroom 2: Rebirth Description: And it's happened - Deadroom 2: Rebirth is alive! It's both bloody and hard, but interesting. Each level is a huge maze filled with angry robots and deadly traps. Your objective is simple - find the way out and stay alive. Explosions, robots, hardcore...
  15. E

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Space Adventures: Asteroid Rush

    Hi together, there is a new arcade game on google play. I hope you'll enjoy it. Get it from Play Store: Space Adventures: Asteroid Rush f_Ot_Lr5OtA I'm happy about every feedback :). Email: [email protected] Greets
  16. M

    Thread [Game] RPS challenge ( Rock Paper Scissors )

    Hey AndroidForums, RPS challenge ( Rock Paper Scissors ) game, The aim is to strike the obstacles coming to the player using rock paper scissor rules. For example, if the enemy is scissor, you need to change your player to stone in a short time. 1. You're free to change your character...
  17. D

    Thread Fishy Bay - my first experience in game developing

    Hello everyone, I want to introduce my first game. Called Fishy Bay. In Fishy Bay you will face the challenge of making all fishes free Avoid spikes, angry birds above water surface and deep sea monster, living in the cave on the bottom. Collect pearls and replenish you collection of fishes...
  18. F

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] JiPPO! Street – Match dice and build a street in colorful voxel world!

    Hello Android gamers! tl;dr: JiPPO! Street by Kiemura is out now on Google Play: :) GxRAfJ5TpUk The game is a mix of dice, match-2 and city building games set in a world of 8-bit colored voxels. Your goal is to swipe and match...
  19. andixlm

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] metearth 1.0

    Hello everyone (: I've recently completed developing a game. Just for fun, you know. What's the deal? Seven meteorites. Two portals. The only Earth. You're the one to save it. Description: How to play: Download: Google Play P.S.: you're gonna love hate this game.
  20. A

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] SPEEDY RACER - Free Retro Arcade Game, new updates every week!!!

    Hello Everyone! I'm the guy that made this game for Android, check it out, it's Free! Download here: I wanted to make a little time waster that everyone could enjoy, this is a not too easy but fun game. You will enjoy this...
  21. F

    Thread [Game][4.0+][FREE] Gopher Attack

    Hey All, I'd like to share with you the most fun game i have ever build... its called Gopher Attack and its completely free and its a super addictive casual style game with one tap action It has cute graphics and sound. Fun fact about this game, it was build in C# in...
  22. C

    Thread Red Ball Evolved - new android game (free)

    Hi. The game is inspired by the Red Ball series. It is 100% indie game. Download from here nnhTZsZnpJk
  23. A

    Thread [Game] Speedy Racer - I need you to help me test my new game!

    Hello guys, my new game Speedy Racer for Android is almost finished! :victory:, please join the beta testing program and download the game here: I appreciate any feedback that you can give me, thanks! Update: Beta testing is over, play...
  24. W

    Thread [Game][FREE][Arcade]Space Rush Shooter

    Hello, i am an indie-developer and i just made a space arcade called "Space Rush Shooter" Google play link: Screenshot: Trailer: o6D9AzCXKrM Overview: Classic space arcade "Space Rush" is a game in old traditions of space games...
  25. T

    Thread [APP][GAME] Runfinity - How far can you get?

    Runfinity - How far can you get? What is this? This is an arcade game that i created How to play? Tap on the screen and let the ball jump, but watch out! If you jump too high, fall too low or touch a black block, you lose! What do the colored blocks do? Let yourself be surprised, some are...
  26. primaelq

    Thread [GAME][4.4+] Wavy, a new beautiful & minimalistic arcade game [Give Away]

    Hello guys, I just finished making this game and published it to the Play Store. Here's the link to it : Unfortunately the game is paid as I didn't want to include any ads. It will be on sale starting from...
  27. S

    Thread [GAME] Memory Ball

    Hello, I'm happy to present you my new game Memory Ball ! You will embody a navigator ball using a virtual joystick. The concept is simple, reaching the bottom rightcorner of the screen without touching the obstacles ... which become invisible as soon as you move! Video Demo ...
  28. B

    Thread [GAME] [3.0+] Pin-Pon - Free code included, take you chance!

    Dreamed to train the reaction? Do you want to pass the time with benefit? ​ Pin-Pon is a game for an amazing workout of your reaction at any time and anywhere. The goal of the game is very simple, by touching the screen you need to move the platform under the character without letting it fall...
  29. A

    Thread Noble Run dynamic Arcade

    Noble Run is a beautiful and aesthetic game with Gorgeous visual effects. Avoid the obstacles and survive as long as you can to see more and more stunning visuals and beat your high score! Main features: * Interesting and challenging control, based on reaction; * Each level contains it's own...
  30. P

    Thread [Game][4.0+] Square Jump City - Endless jumping platform game with colors matching.

    Welcome to Square Jump City, the endless run and jump arcade game. Tap on color buttons to change color of the Square shape hero that matches landing platform color. You can double jump from platform or even jump in the air when falling. It is also possible to change the color while jumping if...
  31. S

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em!

    Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em! Description: Get ready to defend world as a horde of zombies is about to invade it! Those walking dead creatures are back, and it's up to you to keep these undead brainless. The rules are very simple - slay the endless waves of zombies or have your brain eaten. Use...
  32. K

    Thread [GAME][3.0+]Christmas Adventures

    Christmas Adventures is fun and an addictive arcade game. Please see demonstration video : VyFKVoMPwvk Try It
  33. K

    Thread [GAME][2.3+]Games for Christmas

    A set of 8 arcade and action games for Christmas. Please see demonstration video : dMczZ3HpAqw Try It
  34. artouiros

    Thread [GAME][4.0.3+] Space Destroyer 3D - An Infinite Space Arcade

    Space Destroyer 3D - is a 3D arcade-style game, where you destroy asteroids clearing the space. Many effects, good graphics, boosts, leveling, online leaderboards. G-Sensor or Touch Input control. You are playing a comet in the infintie space, where you should destroy asteroids to survive. Fire...
  35. A

    Thread [GAME][3.1+] Flag Arcade Trivial

    Flag Trivial Arcade is a fun filled game that involves matching each country with the correct flag in an arcade game. Guess flag, and win more points. Recommended by teachers, learning through play. This game reinforces your knowledge and exercise your memory, having fun. Guess the flag and...
  36. I

    Thread [GAME][4.2+] Toyville Heroes: Overleap - endless jump arcade (NOT only for kids!)

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce our first f2p game: Toyville Heroes: Overleap. It's a simple endless arcade game about toys and jumps, where you need to play for a cute toy characters and jump from one column to another. But you need to accurately calculate your jump, otherwise you will fall...
  37. L

    Thread Space Invaders is back new version

    I would like to present my 100% free game with 0% pub, it's Crazy Invaders a game based on the most popular Space Invaders You will go to the desert, to the polar world even in a manifestation, cats and a mouse will find themselves in a dark street, you will dive into the ocean where a fish will...
  38. K

    Thread [GAME][3.0+]Pumpkin Arcade

    Collect money and jump over obstacles! * Simple and intuitive interface * Colorful and vivid graphics * Fun and addictive * Fit for all ages * Exciting music and sound effects * A lot of levels * The game is designed for phones and tablets Ideal for boys and girls of any age. The game...
  39. M

    Thread Blast AD, Arcade Shooter, 25+ enemies onscreen,insane powerups, now on googleplay

    Bringing the action back to action games!! Blast AD is an arcade action game where you controls an invincible spaceship which is earth's last line of defense. - Awesome powerups like blazing buzz saw and nuclear space blast -Action packed with ton of enemies up to 25+ onscreen at once -Mission...
  40. T

    Thread [GAME][2.4+] Top Heights - Crazy difficult game

    TOP HEIGHTS DOWNLOAD ABOUT Top Heights - just download this game arcade on your smartphone or tablet, and many exciting evening for the passage of the game you provided. Although a simple, but very funny and bright...
  41. T

    Thread [GAME][2.4+] Top Heights - Crazy difficult game

    TOP HEIGHTS DOWNLOAD ABOUT Top Heights - just download this game arcade on your smartphone or tablet, and many exciting evening for the passage of the game you provided. Although a simple, but very funny and bright...
  42. G

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Alice in Wonderland: Run Alice Run

    Alice in Wonderland: Run Alice Run The colorful hardcore runner 'Alice in Wonderland: Run Alice' is new unusual interpretation of world famous story about Alice. The Queen said: “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run...
  43. Marurban

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.1+] Jumper

    Hello everyone, I would like to present you my first but certainly not last game written in Unity. About game: - free - arcade - simple but challenging - perfect to play during a short break, eg. in the bus, tram, train or waiting in a line Do your best and jump as high as you can ★ Unlock...
  44. rahulchowdhury

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Lift - Game Testers Needed, Please Help

    Challenge your reflexes and brain power with this unique new game. The task is simple - -> Watch out for the word that comes on top -> Decide if that object can fly or not -> If it can fly then keep your finger lifted from the screen -> Else keep it pressed on the dot at the center -> But...
  45. P

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Rolla

    Rolla is a challenging, addictive, arcade game. Android version A5ONC15oXrE It is based on Unity3D template project. Let me know what do you think and how would you improve the game.
  46. U

    Thread [arcade][cooking] addictive cooking game

    Do you aspire to become a cook? Grill? Run Your Own Menu? Cook your way to the top and become "The Lord of the Grill" Face the ultimate challenge of becoming LORD of the GRILL! Keep your customers satisfied by cooking and grilling tasty meals! Mix and unlock amazing Ingredients and upgrade your...
  47. M

    Thread [Game][4.0+]Catastrophe - Angry Tom Cat - Arcade Game HD

    Hi All, We are the indi game studio which specializes in well-designed high quality HTML5 games. Our first project on Android. Download for free: Description: CATASTROPHE! Angry Tom Cat decoyed kittens into his...
  48. B

    Thread [GAME][2.3.3+] Dot Direction

    Title: Dot Direction Genre: Adventure Description: Dot Direction is easy to start, but hard to master. It will take you few seconds to learn, so why not to try? Become the best player in the world. You can play Dot Direction for a few minutes, when you're waiting for something or someone. It...
  49. A

    Thread [Game] Deadroom

    Deadroom Did you miss the hard and addictive game? "Deadroom" - that, what you need.You have to go thirteen unique and hardcore levels, a sea of blood, and extremely angry enemies, who are just waiting for the case to tear you apart. Each level of the game is a tangled maze,that is filled with...
  50. S

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Drone Defense - New Arcade Shooter

    Drone Defense In the vein of the classic arcade shooters, fight your way to the highest score and unlock medals as you progress. Clear the waves of enemies to earn bonuses, from speed boosts to score multipliers. Download on Google Play...