1. I

    Thread 3.28.401.6 Firmware Update Fail

    Alright, here we go... all this started due to the fact that Android Revolution HD installs, but I can not turn on WiFi at all. I have an HTC M8 Developer Edition, S-Off, Unlocked, currently just took this RUU to get back to stock and going...
  2. C

    Thread [Q] "PREPARING SIM CARD" Error

    Hi all, I have been experiencing this issue for a couple of months now and and it seems to be getting worse. Every few minutes, my phone will not be able to send / receive calls or use data, and then a message "Preparing SIM card" will pop up. Some times it will take 2 - 3 rounds of the...
  3. funCrash93

    Thread [Q] Best Daily Driver.?

    guys, what are your opinions about "Best szezso Branded ROM for a Daily Driver".? :cool: I mean absolutely fully working ROM (minimum to none bugs), with great Battery Life (at least 2 days on light to moderate usage), doesn't matter what version of Android, just wanna hear some "imho"s on Best...
  4. tip2tail

    Thread [Q] ARHD 70.0 Cant download an m7 specific app from Play Store

    Hi all, Trying to download and install the following: This is compatible with the HTC One mt and worked on ARHD 53.0. However it is no longer showing up in the 70.0 version of the Play Store. Titanium...
  5. S

    Thread [Q] HTC One w ARHD12 - how to get Three's 4G update?

    OK, so about 9 months ago I rooted my Three branded HTC one, installed CWM recovery and put ARHD12 on there and it's been brilliant. Three are now rolling out the 4G radio updates which as far as I understand is entirely separate to any ROM such as ARHD. So how do I get the radio update? Do I...
  6. C

    Thread [Q] Restore 3x3 App drawer grid?

    Hey all, I recently flashed ARHD 31.0 to my HTC One, and for some reason, I can't select a 3x3 app grid for use in my App Drawer. My only selections are 3x4 and 4x5. I'm not sure if I'm going insane and have always used a 3x4 app grid, or if I used a 3x3 app grid before I reflashed. My question...
  7. U

    Thread [MOD] Portal's Aperture Science | Statusbar Mod | ARHD [updated 05.11.13]

    After a lot of research and a LOT of errors and crashes, I finally made my first statusbar mod inspired by Portal, a game by Valve. I made several flashable zip files that gives you the following choices: 1% Battery Mod w/ Text (Post #2) Signal Mod (Post #3) Wifi Mod (Post #4) Mod combinations...
  8. Liskrig

    Thread [Q] Safely Format Internal Storage

    Hello all, and pardon the newbie question from me, as I've only really used nexus or AOSP ROMs on my devices. I was searching the forums, and I found quite a few posts that were asking for help on fixing formatted internal storage resulting in a corrupted OS, but I was wondering how I would go...
  9. max.barrett

    Thread Solved: Stuck at Bootscreen and SD not mountable anymore

    This is related to Problem: Stuck at bootscreen after installing Roboto 4.3 via Rom Toolbox Pro. I'm on ARHD 12.0. Fastboot erase cache, full wipe, dalvik wipe etc. pp didn't help. ADB-Sideload also didn't work due to a...
  10. M

    Thread [Q] NFC no longer turns on (Sinless ROM and ARHD 12.1)

    Hi, so I'm having trouble getting my NFC to turn on on both ROMs (sinless 2.2.6 and ARHD 12.1). The option is there and when I click on the option to turn it on, it goes gray as if enabling but exiting the settings app and returning, the option is left unchecked. I did a full wipe before...
  11. ashkan-khatar

    Thread [Q] ARHD 7.0 can't put any widgets on the home screen!

    Hi again, I arranged all my widgets as I wanted at the very start, when had just installed ARHD 7, but now after a few hours, I cannot drop any widgets on the homescreen, "Personalize" force closes! I cleared htc sense's data, as well as re-flashed the rom smartflash enabled; still the same. :(
  12. jakmeister

    Thread [Discussion] Compatible Mods for Android Revolution HD ROM (Updated 03/03/2313)

    Since a lot of people (myself included) have been asking about mods that are compatible with our beloved ARHD ROM, I thought I’ll compile a list of mods that people have been reported to be working on this ROM, with a few descriptions. RULES: First rule of Fight Club, we DO NOT talk about...
  13. anks257

    Thread [Q] Music on device not being recognised. (Solved)

    Hey guys, I was initially running ARHD 15.0. But then I switched to android 4.2 AOSP build. But as the build is not 100% usable yet.. I reverted back to ARHD 17.1. So I moved all my data back to sdcard from sdcard/0. The problem I am facing now is that the media files are not being supported! I...
  14. Jeanjacq

    Thread [Q] How to remove "Quick Settings" from status bar

    Hi Sensation community. I'm sorry for the noob question but I'm running ARHD 3.6 and I was wondering if there's a mod to remove "Quick Settings" from my status bar?
  15. M

    Thread [Q] Differences between ARHD & CM

    Hi there, as title says, could someone please tell me, in a "schematic" way, the main differences/pro-cons between latest android revolution hd (6.8.0) and the latest CYANOGEN MOD both stable (9.1.0) and nightly build for HTC Sensation XE (w beats)? Thank you very much!
  16. FreexZx

    Thread [Q]Gaming on ARHD 6.8.0

    i can't play any 3D Games like Nova 3,nfs hot pursuit etc, but minecraft works.. Im using ARHD 6.8.0 with Faux Kernel 10b4
  17. Dizy801

    Thread [Q] Wiping/Flashing

    I did a little looking around but honestly couldnt read the million posts about flashing there was just to many information out there and i didnt know where to start looking.. :P sorry but my question is i want to upgrade my custom rom from ARHD 8 to ARHD 9 and was wondering if i dont do a wipe...
  18. D

    Thread [MOD][BETA] ARHD Aroma Installer

    BETA ONLY Firstly thanks to mike and the team for a great rom, and also to amarullz for the great aroma installer. Spent many hours on this and I think it is ready for beta testers.I need people to test.Its an aroma configuration script for ARHD.It also has mods included.If you find any...
  19. I

    Thread Question adout car battery charger not working

    Hallo, i have a question about my car battery charger: I was on ARHD 6.6.3 with Bricked-3.0-v1.31-ics kernel, and all was working fine. My car charger has 2 1000mAh each ports and charged the phone as fast as the wall charger... It was beautyful! Since I upgraded to my actual configuration (you...
  20. adilliano

    Thread [Q] signal reception on jellybean

    hi.i am using ARHD jelly bean and facing problem with mobile network signal reception since i switched over to this the radio problem?does anyone know of a rom with great signal reception???
  21. StephanSch

    Thread [MOD] NFC on screenoff and lockscreen - HTC One X ICS & JB

    With this mod you can enable NFC at screenoff and on keyguard on the HOX in an easy way. You have the choice of three apk for the state to use NFC (unlocked is always the original version): screen off lock screen unlocked USAGE Rename the Attachment to Nfc.apk Backup your...
  22. S

    Thread ARHD T-Mobile Questions

    I currently have a HTC Sensation on T-Mobile US and I was wondering what are the differences between the ARHD T-Mobile ROM and ARHD 6.6.5XE (My current version). Is battery life, reception, or data improved in any manner? Would I lose Beats audio?
  23. G

    Thread [Q] Phone Randomly Shuts off on Wake - ARHD GB to ARHD ICS

    Trying to diagnose a problem with my Brother's phone. He got his Amaze about 8 months back, no issues whatsoever on the Stock ROM other than a backlighting issue on the bottom buttons that HTC is aware of. Since installing ARHD Gingerbread, he gets random, and frequent phone shut downs when...
  24. E

    Thread [Q] Newest Stock kernel needed

    Hi guys, I need to resolve my flickering with the original stock kernel that came with the 1.29.401.11 OTA/RUU. I am currently on ARHD 6.0 with faux beta3 kernel&modules. I need to be sure that I get the newest (official) kernel and modules back. So how can I know which version (kernel and...
  25. wisefreakz

    Thread [MOD] ARHD 4.0.x | Modded Battery % | Update: 17/05/12

    If you use ARHD 4.0.x it's because you look to get as close to stock as you can. Many of this users misses the possibility of at least have their notification battery a little modded. So, i'm glad to bring you (for now) 2 possibilities: 1) Stock Battery With % 2) Circle Blue Battery with %...
  26. S

    Thread [Q] Sensation ICS Temple Run problems

    Hey I'm running ARHD 6.5.3 and I just installed Temple Run but it's really really buggy. It won't register any of my touches except to make the guy jump and it just really doesn't work. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but nothing has worked. Have any other people experienced...
  27. brandonair95

    Thread [Q] Best way to "sample" a rom?

    So what would be the best way for me to sample a rom but keep a backup to my current ARHD rom that I ciuyld just go into recovery and restore it just in case I dont like the new rom? Im thinking just to make a backup now, superwipe + flash new rom , and if I dont like it just restore into the...
  28. mike1986.

    Thread [ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3

    [ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3 Proudly presenting you the most popular ROM for HTC One X... "My phone is now perfectly smooth, fast, stable. I do not expect much more from my phone!" DarkAdrien "This release is amazing! ROM feels...
  29. mike1986.

    Thread [ROM] HTC One X *STOCK* ROM | 4.18.401.3 | Jelly Bean | HTC Sense 5.0

    This is the latest *stock* Jelly Bean & HTC Sense 5.0 UI build 4.18.401.3 for HTC One X (codename: Endeavor) Details: Completely stock Not rooted with possibility to root (with Rooting Tools) No busybox included with possibility to add busybox (with Rooting Tools) 100% pure stock ROM from HTC...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] [ARHD] Problem with OC

    Hello. I have very specific problem when I'm trying to overclock. If I overclock to 1.5GHz and run CPU StabilityTest it wil work OK. Tried for 12h and no problem. But since I'm using Daemon Controller and CPU speed jumps to accomodate use I get bootloop. I found that the problem is with...
  31. S

    Thread [Q] HTC Stock Kernel

    So after months of using Faux and Bricked kernels, I want to go back to the stock HTC kernel because I honestly feel like it gives the best battery. I'm using ARHD 3.6.13 (Gingerbread) and I don't really like the Gingerbread Insert Coin ROMs too much. Does anybody know how I can flash the stock...
  32. GladiatoRiley

    Thread InsertCoin vs Android Revolution HD?

    I am currently looking around for a good ROM, and I was wondering what your opinions on these top Sense ROMs are. Pros and Cons?
  33. F

    Thread Locations & Navigation not working

    Anyone else still having problems with locations? Facebook doesn't work properly (can't check in, no places found), weather doesn't (says 'Isle of Man') and neither does the navigation (says 'Navigation to your destination is not avaliable') GPS works and syncs fine (now I did the spring...
  34. CursedBat

    Thread [Guide][25th Feb 2012] Noob's Guide in Flashing ARHD 6.3.x

    Noob's Guide in Flashing ARHD 6.3.x (UPDATE) Hello there, I have noticed that many of the noobs like me are having trouble in flashing the newer ICS ROMs, Particularly mike1986's latest ARHD 6.3.0 XE ROM. It's OKAY if I don't get recognition for my work. But my ultimate goal is to help Noobs...
  35. D

    Thread Sense 3.6 l Features l Changelog

    Ive just seen on Mike1986s ARHD thread that he has a rom in it with Sense 3.6. Having googles and had a good search i find no mention of this new iteration so i thought id start a thread for people to post new features and changelogs. Ill make a list of features and things people find in the...
  36. S

    Thread ARHD Sony Bravia

    Hey so I'm currently running ARHD 3.6.13 and I installed Sony Bravia Engine and I don't feel as if it has made a difference in the screen quality. Is it automatically used or do I have to enable a setting to actually get the difference? I'm only saying this because I can see a real difference on...
  37. mahdibassam

    Thread [Q] How to Flash Radios when on the New ICS Firmware ?

    Hi all, I am on Android Revolution HD ICS V6.0.2 . I have flashed the new ICS firmware as everyone else did, and as you know it doesnt allow you to use Fastboot commands in command prompt and ETC to flash radios. So i was wondering, How can i flash radios such as the one recommended in the...
  38. S

    Thread Choosing ROMS

    Hey everybody. Right now, I'm trying to choose between ARHD 3.6.11 and InsertCoin 3.4.5. I'm not entirely ready to switch to the new ICS ROMs until they have more stable and featured versions. It would be really helpful if people would like to compare the other two ROMS between battery life...
  39. L

    Thread Questions about ARHD 6.0.1

    Hello, I have a few questions about ARHD 6.0.1. First, I get randomly a FC message about the CS Engine. After pressing ok i guess everything it's ok. What's this service about? Second, the HTC navigation it's not working, i get the message that "... Locations has stopped." I've tried what...
  40. R

    Thread [Q] live wallpaper freezes at ARHD

    hello, first a big thanks to mike1986 for his excellent ROM! I've found that my live wallpaper (I've tried two) freezes when I e.g. go to the app menu, then open an app and leave this APP by pressing the HOME button. :confused: BACK button twice works... After freezing, pressing twice the...
  41. S

    Thread ARHD Video Problems

    So I'm running ARHD 3.6.7 with Bricked 1.5 kernal. Video playback is very smooth, even with 1080p files but whenever I exit the video, the phone freezes up and I'm forced to do a battery pull in order to use it again. Any solutions?
  42. B

    Thread [Q] isl29028_wq

    Hi, I'm experiencing lately sometimes more battery drain, when the screen is turned off. When I look at CPU times of processes I'm seeing that about 30% of time is taken by process called "isl29028_wq". At XDA I've read that this process (without "_wq") is associated with low power ambient...
  43. B

    Thread [Q] May be im doing something wrong? 3D effects, weather lock screen, rosie scroll

    HI guys, sorry for this, ive been looking everywhere to find an anser but i think its so simple no ones asked kinda new but these guides are awesome, rooted the phone and for the first time im trying different custom ROMS, so far ive only done the ARHD and now the leedroid v4 beta 3.0...
  44. Wacco001

    Thread [INFO] WaccoPedia - Sharing is Caring

    Sharing is Caring - Caring is Helping - Helping is Sharing Purpose of this thread is to share some useful basic information as gathered using my (rooted) HTC Desire HD, and is meant as non posting/replying reference only thread. Thanks to all who've posted useful info, helped me with all my...
  45. K

    Thread [Q] Android Revolution HD 6.1.5 -WiFi disconnecting from time to time

    Hey guys, since I have ARHD 6.1.5 installed, my WiFi connection is disconnecting after about 15 minutes, e.g. when I listen to a radio stream. I've to disable/enable WiFi to get it work again. With the stock rom before, I've never had this problem. Any suggestions? I use the radio image given...
  46. K

    Thread [Q] Battery Use shows no apps [HTC Sensation, ARHD 3.6.7]

    Hi HTC Sensation I installed ARHD 3.6.4 initially, and upgraded to 3.6.7 (with Cache + Dalvik clean) a few days ago. Been keeping an eye on my battery life and consumption, but in Battery Use, it only shows a handful of system services (Display, Wifi, Cell Standby, etc.) and never any apps I...
  47. FatRocker666

    Thread [Q] QuickLaunch for ARHD

    Hey, Apologies if this has already been asked, but I have spent hours searching and haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. Does anyone know if I am able to get QuickLaunch to work on ARHD 6.1.5 on my DHD? If so where could I find the .apk or flashable file. Cheers \m/ >_< \m/
  48. H

    Thread [Q] ARHD 6.1.5 Phone getting laggy

    Hello, always went thru all the posts on the forum never really had a problem which i wasnt able to find a solution here. As the Title states i rooted my phone with acehack and flashed 6.1.3 ARHD ROM after a while updated it 6.1.4 after a superwipe everything was working perfectly fine on the...
  49. N

    Thread [Q] wifi issues with ARHD 6.1.X

    Before the 6.1.x series of inspire 4g had awesome wifi connectivity. Has anyone else experiencing issues scanning, connecting, and signal strength with the ARHD 6.1.x? I've notices my signal strength is at least half of what it used to be. Most of the time I have to turn off...
  50. M

    Thread [Q] From stock to ARHD

    Hi all, I tried some searching, before I started this one. And I allready want to offer my apologizies if I overlooked something. There is so much info on these boards. Anyway. I have a Sensation which I've S-off'ed with the Revolutionary tool. After that I changed CID and installed a stock...