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  1. J

    Thread Question Stuck in bootloop after editing build.prop

    So I recently installed arrow OS on my device and rooted it. Everything went fine except screen mirroring didn't work anymore, so I tried to fix it by adding just one line in the build.prop file (I don't remember what this was) and it got stuck in a boot loop. When I turn my phone on, it works...
  2. M

    Thread Revert Arrow OS 12 to MIUI Vayu

    I wanted to revert to MIUI 12 on my Poco X3 Pro but I couldn't. Even using MiFlash Tool I couldn't revert back to MIUI It seems to have errors with data encryption. Can someone help me please?
  3. kubersharma001

    Thread Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

    ArrowOS for POCO X3 PRO (vayu|bhima) ABOUT ArrowOS is an AOSP/CAF based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. Website: Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links Github: Code Review: E-mail...