1. E

    Thread [THEME][FONTS] All New Stylish Text and Fonts, Status, Emoji

    Stylish Text 2021 trending app to decorate your chats status and other texts with multiple type fonts, symbols and emojis. Tons of fonts to style your chats with one click, Download:
  2. Mior-D-Miro

    Thread The art behind the technology. Brought to life by Mior-D-Miro.

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, this post should inspire everyone to look behind the facets of a program script or an entire operating system. Here should only be the art of what we have created. Be it a logo, a colored bar, a wallpaper or anything that someone likes about a technology or something...
  3. funscreens

    Thread New way to personalize phone: a WAW

    New type of wallpaper adds a personalization twist Wallpapers have been around forever, in smartphone terms. There are two tribes to the species: Static and Live wallpapers. The static ones don't do much besides simply being aesthetically pleasing. Live Wallpapers on the other hand tend to...
  4. YASANdev

    Thread [APP] Artwalls - Artistic, Minimal & AMOLED Wallpapers

    Artwalls is all about artistic and minimalistic wallpapers. Many of the wallpapers are inspired by artworks by great artists and you can see the inspiration behind each wallpaper. Artwalls is the successor of AMOLED mnml apps which were featured on: • Android Authority • Phone Arena • Android...
  5. Au5t1n

    Thread Possible Fix | Android Is Starting | Optimizing App x of x | Log of Events

    As the title says, maybe this is why you're most likely here. I have recently experienced this issue while using versions of android with ART (Android Runtime) for almost 3 years. I have a OnePlus 2 that I've purchased in September of 2015 and am now just experiencing this issue although after...
  6. K

    Thread [HELP] Deodex for Android .. good or bad ?

    Almost every custom ROM we see is deodexed .. claiming that it has better compability for theming . :confused: and also makes ROM faster :confused: This is interesting because I saw some developers not recommending deodexing on Nougat and newer android versions, their reason is I'd love to hear...
  7. Xspeed

    Thread Unofficial Nougat module installation

    Hello fellow devs! I don't actually know if it's common knowledge or not, but it seems Nougat users should force Android to recompile everything every time they add/remove/update their modules. I noticed this on my device and also users of my modules had this issue too. Therefore a reminder...
  8. M

    Thread Art caching progress bar

    I use MIUI 8 and in dev builds the art caching progress bar is removed. Is there any way to bring it back? It would be better if it would display also which app is cached at the moment, how many apps are finished and how much apps are in total, like in any normal rom. Installing an other rom is...
  9. G

    Thread Art Theme-"Cat‘’ From “”Cute&Lovely HD Wallpapers

    Art Theme-"Cat‘’ From “ ”Cute&Lovely HD Wallpapers” Search HiDoo Cute on Google Play, you will find our free app.
  10. G

    Thread Art Theme-"Woods" from "Cute&Lovely HD Wallpapers"

    Art Theme-"Woods" from "Cute&Lovely HD Wallpapers" Search "HiDoo Cute" on Google Play, you will find our free app.
  11. I

    Thread Port ART from Android Marshmallow or Lollipop to Kitkat

    Is it possible to port ART from Marshmallow or Lollipop to Kitkat to replace the experimental ART in Kitkat?
  12. ergsan

    Thread Art Gallery ErgsArt Studio - visual art museum for artists and art-lovers

    Get Art Gallery ErgsArt Studio in the Google Play Store : Art Gallery ErgsArt is a visual art museum for artists and art-lovers. Great collections of worldwide famous paintings from greatest artists like Van Gogh...
  13. V

    Thread Looking for 5.1.1 stock ROM with mod that prevents issues with Xposed ART Bootloops

    Looking for 5.1.1 stock ROM that is modded in a way that it prevents bootloops issues with Xposed and Samsung ART. Any ROM recommendations?
  14. N

    Thread Simple mulitply and add arithmetics in the Android world

    Hi, As you know there are three types of people in the world, those who can count and those who can't. In an application I'm working on I encountered a really strange problem where I didn't get the expected output. Ok, so I'm apparently in the category of the ones who can't count :crying: . To...
  15. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread Add cool Omni ascii graphics to your updater-script, the easy way!

  16. M

    Thread Custom OEM 6P Case

    Hi Everyone, I'm am unsure if this is going to interest anyone, but on the off chance that I am able to give a fellow Nexus Owner an idea, or even the slightest bit of inspiration, then this post was well worth it. Basically, I went hundy on my OEM case (that came with the phone) using a can...
  17. I

    Thread ART RAM Consumption

    How much RAM does Android ART consume compared to Dalvik? Can ART work properly on a 768 MB RAM?
  18. H

    Thread [Completed] Android tablet that supports pressure senstivity for drawing?

    HI I am interested in buying a 8-9 inch tablet that supports pressure sensitity throught the screen or a stylus. I know about Galaxy Note. However Samsung does not seem to offer a 8inch model that supports Spen. What Android devices are out there that supports pressure sensitivity? I tried...
  19. H

    Thread [Q] Samsung Stock Music Player Album Art Issue

    Hi, when I skip through my music either with the widget or in the music player inside, some of the album arts would not be displayed fully and pressing prev/next and going back to the song would fix it. I only have this issue on my note 4,both 4.4.4 and 5.0.1 had the same problem . I've tried...
  20. J

    Thread dalvik or Art

    Hello, does your s6 with android 5.0.2 uses the dalvik or art runtime? Because some software reports that mine uses dalvik runtime. Regards Jorge
  21. M

    Thread Moving dalvik-cache from /data to free up some space

    Hi guys ! I wanted to share some thoughts on more efficient dalvik-cache placement. There are two paths we can take here: - move some or all of dalvik-cache to /cache partition, - increase size of cache partition using other, unused parts of or flash. I'll write all the stuff in order from...
  22. R

    Thread [Q] Personal opinions - ART

    I am curious to hear of people's personal opinions of ART over dalvik on the galaxy note 4. I have recently just switched to it myself and have noticed an improved response time on my N910G. I am running stock Android 4.4.4 XSA firmware with TouchWiz. Please post your experiences with ART...
  23. M

    Thread [Q] Can't change to ART

    I have a rooted Docomo note edge. I want to switch to ART but the option isn't present in my developer menu. I had xposed installed but I have since removed it.
  24. StratOS_HTC

    Thread ART enabler for GC2 G355HN

    Been messing arount for couple of times for that. Since GC2 stock rom doesn't have integrated modules for ART or options to enable it like other KK 4.4+roms (, and framework core-libart.jar ). I have made a update zip for it. It copies the needed dependency files...
  25. Uqbar

    Thread [Q] How much part of Android is native code?

    I am wondering how much of the Lollipop version of Android is being run from native code executables and how much is not. I know that with ART (Android RunTime) application byte-code gets "compiled" into native binary executables at installation time. But what about the whole OS? Why not getting...
  26. C

    Thread [Q] How to enable ART in KitKat?

    One of the reasons to upgrade to KitKat was to use ART instead of Dalvik. However, running rooted S227_ROW, I have enabled the developer options, select ART as runtime, phone reboots, but it's still in Dalvik mode. Cannot seem to switch to ART, am I missing something here ? Thanks!
  27. M

    Thread Switched to Dalvik from ART on Moto G 2014 and now phone will not power on.

    Got a Moto G 2014 from WIND Mobile last week. Allowed updates to go through, finished at 4.4.4. Switched to ART assuming it would improve performance. It did not, and I had an issue where every time I boot up it would optimize every app. This made bootup take about 10 minutes. I decided to...
  28. StrifeSoldierVII

    Thread Null.

  29. Mibuix0r

    Thread [Q] Can't switch back to ART after uninstalling xposed

    I opened the xposed app, hit the uninstall framework button, restarted, uninstalled the framework installer app, switched to ART in developer options, it rebooted and It still says davlik. Is there a better way to remove the framework or something? Why won't it let me switch back :(
  30. S

    Thread [Q] ART vs Dalvik on Custom ROMs

    I've just read about ART and Dalvik, since ART replaced Dalvik completely on Lollipop a question popped-up in my head. Is the ART option on CM 11 based ROMs are working? Are they supported natively, apps that does not work with ART? Any idead devs.. I wanna use ART since it's a new technology...
  31. ergsan

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] ArtGame - Learn famous Paintings at a glance !

    Hi, I introduce you "Art Game" by ErgSap, a game app to learn paintings with entertainment ! 60 000 artworks are available from 500 artists and high resolution pictures are available ! There is room for the discovery of amazing masterpieces ! Two games are included : a "Hunting" game to...
  32. soNburst

    Thread ART Issues

    Having some issues after changing to ART: - The phone keeps upgrading/optimizing apps upon reboot. - S Health keeps crashing. Should I go back to Dalvik?
  33. kevdliu

    Thread [Q] Does Odex/Deodex still matter with Android Lollipop and Art?

    Hey guys, I was playing around with my Moto X 2014 running Android Lollipop and saw that there are still .odex files corresponding to each system application's .apk file. I have also seen Android lollipop ROMs here that says it's deodexed. Now I'm confused about the difference between odex and...
  34. S

    Thread [Q] A question on Android RunTime and Dalvik compatibility?

    Are the two runtimes compatible in a Mult-ROM/Boot setting? Could I have a ROM running on Dalvik as my main driver and then have a secondary ROM on ART? Specifically the MultiBoot recovery that is in Android Development. I also wonder if that would not work, would changing the main ROM to ART...
  35. Towelie90

    Thread [Q] How can I detect ART?

    Is there a terminal command or any files or something to be certain that ART is running? Device: Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Android: 5.0 LXR21O
  36. ZangetsuSX

    Thread ART Runtime VS. Dalvik Runtime

    I have just activated developer mode on my S5 and have changed to ART runtime to give it a test drive. I'm at the "Android is upgrading..." screen and it says "Optimizing app 103 of 379". Let's see what happens. Apparently ART is supposed to have a faster and more battery efficient runtime than...
  37. B

    Thread Post your HWBOT results on Lollipop ROM

    How does ART affects on Hwbot prime test score? Mine G2 one is way too low
  38. C00lBeanz

    Thread [Q] Did Anyone Try ART Mode On Tab 4 8 Inch?

    I tried it on Tab 4 7 inch and it bootlooped... Can someone confirm if it is working on the 8 inch version? Thanks :)
  39. P

    Thread [Q] Note 4 vs N6 (SD805)

    So with both phones packing the same CPU+GPU combo, does this mean the (American) Note 4 is Android L ready, by that I mean is it ready for ART? Because if Google is packing the 805 in the N6, it should be 64 bit ready right? Can this be said about the Note 4 as well because of the identical...
  40. Phalcore

    Thread I can't switch from Dalvik -> ART

    After reboot when i choose ART it's back to Dalvik. I have rooted stock ANG7
  41. xDroidZz

    Thread [SHARE][ROM][crDroid 4.4.4][CAF][CM11][No more updates]

  42. gehx

    Thread [Q] How to enable ART on VK810 4.4.2 build number VK81022B???

    Just as the title says, How to enable ART on VK810 4.4.2 build number VK81022B??? There isn't an option in Developer options to change the runtime??? confused....can anyone point me in the right direction?
  43. M

    Thread [Q] which rom performs best with ART?

    I dont notice much difference on dalvik vs ART. Will ART perform better in the future when done developed? which rom supports ART best (is some)? Thanks! :o
  44. D

    Thread [Q] ART on OnePlus One & CyanogenMod

    Has anyone tried enabling ART instead of Dalvik? Any bugs? Does it run smoothly? Any noticable changes? What about future full CyanogenMod integration?
  45. shultz11588

    Thread [APP][4.0+] PixelBomb Beta - Create awesome glitch art

    Update 9/20/14: Implemented some features a lot of people were asking for: GALLERY VIEW - view, share, and delete your images from directly within the app. RECENTS VIEW - quickly switch back to frequently used images Some minor UI tweaks and bug fixes. New icon! Update 9/15/14: I've just...
  46. Meuuks13

    Thread [pros and cons of android runtime (art)][also how to enable it]

    So as we know ART(Android Run-Time) is the new runtime introduced by Google to replace Dalvik( this is just to ensure that Google is a female as it displays its trait of dumping :p ) and is currently very expermetal and has high risk of bugs.So, let's not waste much time. Note - As of now the...
  47. BlackArtsInc

    Thread [Q] Android is optimizing apps on every reboot (ART mode)

    Well,I installed AOKP Build 9 ROM in my Xperia M (C1905) and switched to ART mode. I had to convert a bunch of user apps to system due to problems with low memory but everything went ok. The problem is I m getting the dreaded "Android is optimizing apps" at every reboot which is really annoying...
  48. E

    Thread [Q] switch to art runtime

    hi i have lg g pro lite wiith android 4.4.3, in developer options i don't have a runtime option. So i have tried to change it manually, i modified /data/property/persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib and to build.prop i add this: dalvik.vm.dexopt-data-only=1 After that...
  49. I

    Thread [Q] How to turn on ART?

    Hammerhead (KTU84P), rooted. I tried to turn on ART by going to "developer options" and under select runtime, select ART, then it will ask me to reboot. But after reboot, I come back to the developer options, it still shows "Dalvik". Anyone can tell me how to turn on ART? Thanks.
  50. @SidDev

    Thread Doubts on Android L on moto e

    For all people out there worried about Android L update, Our device specs definitely supports L. The only problem is the less internal storage we have As Android L will run only on ART more storage is required and upgrade will consume more memory. We will have less internal storage. One good...