1. B

    Thread Calls not working through Simple Mobile / T-Mobile network

    I'm at my wit's end on this. Calls stopped working the other day due to 3G disablement as far as I can tell. AT&T model unlocked and using with Simple Mobile on T-Mobile network. Calls would just say "Calling" for a long time and then eventually disconnect. I could switch to GSM and make...
  2. D

    Thread Question Any hope for OEM unlocking and rooting A125U AT&T??

    My baseband is A125USQS3BVB2, my region is OYN (multiregion). OEM is completely missing (developer mode enabled, past 7 days, not grayed out, completely missing). I've tried downgrading to Android 10, but it still was missing. Is there a specific version I can downgrade to that would allow OEM...
  3. W

    Thread Question Not a recognized device by ATT [SOLVED, switch to T-Mobile]

    I recently got a CN version Mi 11 Ultra after getting tired of waiting for the 12 ultra, only to find I cannot activate it on the ATT network because it is "not a recognized device". I've talked to 3 backend support people who all assured me it is not a compatible phone, they've had other people...
  4. JaySuave92

    Thread I have a rare LG Wing that was never released.

    Hello everyone. Here is a rare device i picked up from someone. It seems to be a prototype of some sort. It has edgy edges and the speaker only has 3 holes, the camera is way better and its super loud!! Way louder than the original wing. This device is an att device and i don't think it can be...
  5. E

    Thread Does anybody has AT&T V40 backup partition?

    I flashed it to unlock version but I need to get back to AT&T from. Most of the links to the qfil backup are broken, please let me know if you have any info. Thanks :)
  6. StealthyNeo

    Thread Is it possible to root and install custom ROM on ATT SM-G965U

    Hi Friends, I have a carrier SIM unlocked ATT Samsung S9+ (SM-G965U). I have switched to a different carrier and new SIM works just fine. My phone currently runs Android 10; OneUI 2.5; SPL Aug 1, 2021. I want to root my device and install custom ROM. Is it possible with my US AT&T phone...
  7. kgood007

    Thread Question [CLOSED]Carrier Firmware

    Hello all! I recently purchased an unlocked Note 20 Ultra 5G, but it was originally an at&t phone (so I have all of their apps), yet I am using my Verizon sim card in the phone. It functions, I have signal, ect. yet I am missing main features I must have such as wifi calling. Model# is SM-N986U...
  8. E

    Thread Question No 5g for my S21+ on AT&T

    First post but super frustrated with AT&T. Just moved over five lines over from T-mo (only with them 5 mos. due to signal issues). Unlocked all phones and ported 5 lines over. All lines have 5g except mine. When I called advanced tech support they ran my IMEI, sent signals to the phone and then...
  9. yygemmi770

    Thread At&t go phone unlock help

    I have unlock codes for some A32's but the phones require the ATT app to be used to unlock device. I even input some # codes to allow manual entry of unlock code but still did not work. How do you circumvent the ATT unlock app? Thanks.
  10. PhotonDispenser

    Thread Is there any way to make IMS settings permanent or stop Android from auto discovering IMS settings on boot?

    So, I've got a Galaxy S10e, with a model number G970U1, and the entire reason I bought this thing was so that I could use voice over LTE on AT&Ts network - it was one of the model numbers listed that was supported by AT&T, however, the phone itself, while being brand new, was originally a...
  11. E

    Thread USA AT&T VOLTE on G965F Exynos?

    I was hoping to avoid the 3G shutdown by going back to stock but it seems it still does not work. Is there any method of making this happen?
  12. K

    Thread Does the ATT LG V60 variant work on T-Mobile network?

    I've been reading so many things on both sides that the ATT unlocked phone will and will not work on the T-Mobile network. I know for some reason the V50 will not work due to modem issues, but also read that the V60 might. Yet there is no information on this for some reason. Why is nobody...
  13. V

    Thread SM-N960U - Request for Android 10 ATT official stock firmware version N960USQS6FTL2

    Hi there, I currently have "Stock Official Android Pie ATT_ODIN_N960USQU1CSAA Note9" installed on my phone. I am looking for latest Android 10 ATT official stock firmware version N960USQS7FUA2. Could someone please help? My phone is: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960U Thank you.
  14. D

    Thread Update to Android 11 issue

    I'm using an ATT carrier unlocked S20+ on the Verizon network. I keep checking for an OTA update but nothing has come through. This is my first carrier unlocked phone so I'm not sure how I'd get updates or where they would come from. I've included some screen shots. Would I be able to flash the...
  15. S

    Thread Should I return the ATT version?

    I am junior here at XDA and am aware of the protocols for posting (search, search, search before asking), My query doesn't match anything I looked for because it is a combo of different things. Hence, this new thread a) I've bought an ATT G020J on Ebay that will work with Cricket (that's what...
  16. M

    Thread April Security Update for V60 on AT&T

    I got the system software update yesterday afternoon. Android 10 Android Security Patch Level: April 1, 2020 Software Version: V600AM10h This is the first update since I got my phone on April 1st, and it shipped with the February 2020 Security Patch. Just an FYI for folks on the fence for...
  17. cubano2031

    Thread Looking for the AT&T LG G8x firmware.

    Hello i just got the unlocked version but the only way i can get volte and Wifi calling is with the room from att .... Thanks
  18. C

    Thread Lg V40 ATT still on android 8.1

    Hello, I have bought an LG v40 ATT unlocked some months ago. I cannot update to android 9 via OTA none via LG Bridge because I think it needs an ATT account or sim card for it to update via the ATT network but I live in Europe. What can I do to update it to Android 9? Thanks in advance
  19. H

    Thread Galaxy watch and note 10+ N975U1 factory unlocked cannot use the ATT number sync

    I was using the Galaxy S10+ factory unlocked (bought it from Samsung, same as my note 10+) and I was able to use number sync with my galaxy watch with no issues, I have read many threads saying I need VoLTE and WiFi Calling, but I didn't have that before and the sync worked flawlessly, now with...
  20. R

    Thread How to OTA update Cricket phones with ATT prepaid sim card

    For a long time, you could simply buy an ATT prepaid sim card for a couple bucks, stick it in the phone, go through the activation process and cancel out right before payment. It would still activate enough to allow your cricket phone to update.... although the sim would expire in 30 days...
  21. mammothjojo88

    Thread Help with converting an ATT Razer 2 to Unlocked Model

    Hello all, I am trying to convert an att Razer 2 to the global unlocked model. All the drivers are correct and I can see it in Fastboot mode. But when I right click and run the flash all.bat in administrator it get stuck at <waiting for device>. The phone is in download mode also (adb reboot...
  22. G

    Thread [ROM] dotOS 2.5 Oreo (Unofficial)

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 2.5 Device: ZTE Trek 2 (jasmine) Maintainer: none Build Status: Unofficial Code: Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take...
  23. S

    Thread Carrier Firmware Sonim XP8

    Hello All, I know this handset hasn't hit as popular by any means but it is a decent handset for emergency services and industrial applications. I recently purchased an unlocked Sonim XP8 that was originally purchased on the ATT network. I am wondering if there is any way I can get the Sprint...
  24. M

    Thread Wrong networtimezone/time after using ATT sim card for i9500 and installing LineageOS

    My ATT S4 broke (just went dead and could no longer be started up despite trying different batteries--I hadn't change/flash anything. If I take off the battery and plug it in, on occasion it would show the bootloader for a few seconds but shutdown right after). Anyway, I have a T-Mobile...
  25. C

    Thread LG Phoenix 2 Google lockout on my phone thats my wifes thats been off a year

    It keeps asking for the original email it was setup with. I cant set it up to any email. I am able to get it to do a verification but it wont take the email or password. I have been working at this for weeks now. Well not 24/7. It is active with my ATT sim card in the phone. I even try the...
  26. N

    Thread How to install updates on carrier unlocked ATT S8 without ATT sim card

    This has probably been asked before... but I can't find any clear answers. I have a carrier unlocked ATT S8 and I'm living in Canada. However, I am unable to receive security updates (latest updates is from Feb 2018, from when I manually installed Oreo), when I check for software updates it...
  27. G

    Thread [FIRMWARE] Stock firmware

    Stock Firmware ZTE Trek 2 Versions available : K88V2.0.0B17, B15 = Nougat. K88V1.0.0B31, B33 = Marshmallow. Downloads: Google Drive Mediafire Mega 4Shared the version K88V2.0.0B17 and K88V2.0.0B15 should extract and pass it in micro sd or use pc method adb sideload K88 SD Card...
  28. S

    Thread AT&T Firmware On SM-N950F

    Hello there, I have an international Galaxy Note 8 that I am currently using on AT&T here in the States. I have only been able to get H+ (3G) and using the NextGenPhone APN will not connect. I was told by AT&T that I need their firmware running on my device in order for it to work. This is a...
  29. M

    Thread S9+ AT&T stock firmware

    Anyone know if this is available yet? Trying to flash a Verizon phone to ATT so I can use Wi-Fi calling and other carrier-specific stuff for ATT, thanks!
  30. E

    Thread droid turbo 2 from a friend (verizon to att)

    so i picked up a droive turbo 2 from a friend. basic verizon build with all the stuff, but i'm a att guy. what's the best path to take with this phone.... i'm trying to stick with moto software, maybe get rid of the verizon extras as i dont need them. definately an upgrade from the phone i...
  31. S

    Thread Oreo for AT&T out now!

    It's about time :)
  32. OptimuSlime

    Thread Wouldn't we all like a Rom for N950U!?!?!

    If that got your attention then I need your help. If you have a USA NOTE 8 then you currently have limited ROM options. Some will tell you it can't be done, but there is already a solid rom for the S8+ (which also has a locked bootloader). Basically if you have a TMOBILE, ATT, VERIZON, SPRINT...
  33. H

    Thread Another attempt to bring Note 4 Back to life (ATT - Unlocked after contract was over)

    So experts, Currently I am on S7 but I do miss my Note 4. After Marshmallow update it started lagging, shutting off etc.. all known problems. To fix it I downloaded wake lock app and it worked fine but drained battery a lot. I tried to flash it through odin etc... (not a technical guy I am...
  34. M

    Thread LG G4 AT&T Custom Rom advice

    I have LG G4 AT&T H810 running Android 5.1. I have not rooted it. It has all kinds of preinstalled bloatware about which I am not happy. I am looking to root the phone and install a minimum and smooth custom rom on it but a little research on Google and XDA Forums does not give about rooting and...
  35. A

    Thread ATT Update for people outside US

    Hello Guys, I have run into the service menu, I have found some URL for FOTA servers check. with this one, I get redirected to and it is asking for username and password, there is no username...
  36. CB620

    Thread T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Order-Waiting-Shipping Room

    If you are familiar with this thread: Be prepared for a joy ride :D:cowboy: Today is the day ladies & gents. This thread will be updated periodically. **************** Trade in deal for Note 7 users; Get $425 trade in credit towards your purchase...
  37. N

    Thread (G935A) - Restore full stock ODIN files G935AUCU4BQF3

    Odin files for people who want it. This are 100% AT&T stock files with June 1 2017 security patch. Unzip all the way to .md5 and use ODIN 3.12.5 or 3.12.7 to flash. Download are here : G935AUCU4BQF3 or here G935AUCU4BQF3 Good luck
  38. XCnathan32

    Thread ZTE Maven root (Z831)

    Here's how I got my zte maven 2 (ATT) rooted. Disclaimer: This method worked for me but may not work for others, I am not responsible if your device is bricked as a result of this. Also, this method does seem to be a bit finicky and inconsistent. I rooted this phone twice, and it took about...
  39. G

    Thread best way to use sprint s8 on att s8?

    Hello, I am about to purchase a used sprint s8. Several questions: 1. I am planning to check the esn against swappa's checker. Should I do anything else to verify that it isn't stolen/locked? 2. Do I need to go through an unlock code to use sprint's s8 in att network? 3. If I do need an...
  40. italynstylion

    Thread Root for SM-t377a (ATT Galaxy Tab-E)

    Is there a way to root the galaxy tab E that comes from AT&T? I've found a TWRP image for the SM-T377P version but nothing for SM-T377A which is what I have. I was thinking they might be cross compatible but if they were, I'm sure TWRP would have listed it on their site. The option to OEM...
  41. selw0nk

    Thread AT&T Microcell on Custom Roms

    Has anyone got AT&T Microcell to work especially on custom roms? I am currently on Invicta Os.
  42. C

    Thread [I Need] S6 AT&T Stock recovery 5.1

    As it's mentioned in the title i need an AT&T stock recovery for my phone ( G920F it's written on the back ) (and G920V on the download mode) but im blocked with a blue screen which says "System Software not authorized by AT&T" so i need to get back the stock recovery
  43. Mexickano

    Thread SIgnal

    It's so common to get a weak signal after flashing a new ROM? I've been using RR since a few months, I'm a G4 regular owner and AT&T user in Mexico, I didnt use my phone with stock rom enough time to say if there's a big difference between after and before. I just did: 1- Unlock Bootloader 2-...
  44. E

    Thread STOCK ATT S5 update to Marshmallow 6.0.1 hanging on ATT logo

    Hey Guys, I'm running my kid's stock Samsung s5 (ATT) as it upgrades (just released today) to Marshmallow 6.0.1, but it's hanging on a white screen with the ATT (blue globe) logo for a couple of hours now. I know you folks here are hard-core, so I thought perhaps you could suggest a path...
  45. N

    Thread Can't login to Snapchat after stock firmware flash...STILL

    Let me give you the quick version of what happened. I wanted root on my S7 edge (AT&T) so I rooted it. Figured out Snap chat wouldn't login after for whatever reason... So I re flashed the stock firmware successfully. The unlock logo is gone during boot, root checker says im not rooted...
  46. mocsab

    Thread ATT VOLTE on G935F ?

    I have wanted to find a way to get VOLTE working on ATT ever since I got my S7 EDGE (G935F). I may be wrong, but My understanding is that you have to have an ATT Device in order to get it on ATT. I am wondering if anyone has found a way to make this happen and if so, what steps could I follow...
  47. M

    Thread AT&T just blocked my N910T3 running full Note 7 rom

    Warning / FYI: After installing and running Nemesis Note 7 Rom, AT&T suspended my service tonight and also blocked / blacklisted my imei. Mind you I am using an N910T3 and have been flashing custom Roms on this note 4 since January of this year. I installed the ROM yesterday and have been...
  48. K

    Thread SMG935A Branded to Unbranded Firmware

    I have ATT branded firmware on my phone. Is there a way to make it unbranded because I feel like ATT is going to delay a update for MM (Nougat OTA Update) It is also unlocked with branded in it. I need replies! Please help!
  49. S

    Thread ##G920AUCS5DPJ1 ## Firmware Download | Oct 1, 2016 update

    Here is the file for the Oct security update, as usual flash using Odin. AP_G920AUCS5DPJ1_CL8851614_QB11138657_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 BL_G920AUCS5DPJ1_CL8851614_QB11138657_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 CP_G920AUCS5DPJ1_CL8851614_QB11138657_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5...
  50. CerveCesar

    Thread Replacement Note 7 Catching Fire; AT&T and T-Mobile halt sales...

    October 9th, 2016. Samsung halted production of their flagship production in Vietnam, as a result of the 4th Note 7 replacement catching fire in the U.S.