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  1. B

    Thread Anyone experience any positive effect through the Ainur Narsil audio mod?

    The mod is available on Magisk and is still in development. Their website is: I tried it and didn't notice any difference in audio quality. Just curious to know if anyone else has tried it and noticed any difference.
  2. Seyaru

    Thread [MODULE] Dual Speaker Audio Mod for Xiaomi

    DUAL SPEAKER AUDIO MOD FOR XIAOMI I am not responsible for any damage to your device! Use this mod at your own risk! Based on vendor files from Xiaomi. The mod is based on the firmware: 9.11.7 for Mi 8 9.11.7 for Mi 8 Pro 9.10.24 for Mi Mix 3 Previous versions...
  3. P

    Thread [Mod] [8.1] Viper4+SoundMod+Dolby Digital/Karate

    Hi everyone and root lovers:) We have a good speaker in our k6 series and I think it's good when used with dolby, I tried so hard but dolby didn't work on oreo rom or I couldn't.. For those who want to try, I get the best sound for headphone and phone speaker this way: System equalizer should...
  4. Horayken

    Thread JamesDSP audio mod Working on P20PRO

    Hello all! I've just follow this thread and find that works perfectly on my P20 Pro .I was looking for this for a while. Give the thanks to him i just share this. Can confirm that is working with Bluetooth The only issue that i have found is that you can't listen to whatsapp's audio while...
  5. intoxicated.mad

    Thread **Post Your Viper4Android Audio Effect Profile here**

    Hello buddies let's share our awesome V4A audio effect profiles here!! I've attached a few the profile modified by me below. How to apply this profile>>> >Unzip the attachment >Copy the folder to >Internal/ViPER4Android/Profile/ (in case folder doesn't exist create yourself :cool: ) > Open...
  6. M

    Thread [REQUEST] Latest Xperia X Sound System from it's Nougat ROM

    Hi everyone. I was exploring between ported stuff from Xperia X and I suddenly remembered I had flashed a ported sound mod from Xperia X which can be found here. Now the thread is dead. We all now that the device was updated to android Nougat. It might also receive Android O. The point is, Since...
  7. Raul11198

    Thread Audio Mod's for Nougat Based ROM's on Kenzo

    Can anyone tell me a sound mod which would work on :rolleyes: Android Nougat for Kenzo(Redmi Note 3)...... Thank You in Advance.
  8. A

    Thread [SOUNDMOD][KENZO][VOLTE Working]DivineBeats

    DIVINE | BEATS Divine Beats break all the chains which are binding your phone from offering you the ultimate sound. Moreover it is integrated with Viper4Android which gives you the power to control the mod. Also sony walkman. Dolby Atmos is there for you to play music with DivineBeats. It...
  9. CrsMthw

    Thread [Audio mod] [V2] Viper4Android [Nougat]

    Hey guys!! so earlier I have come up with Dolby Atmos mod for Samsung Nougat devices, but it still bugged me that Viper4Android was not working!! So after countless hours of brainstorming, I finally got viper4android to work on Nougat!! :D So here you go!! Also works with my Dolby Atmos...
  10. I

    Thread Sound processing incompatibility: Hi-Res Poweramp vs Viper4Atmos

    So, with the new Poweramp Beta, there's an option to fully take advantage of the hi-fi DAC on our phone, called "Hi-Res Output". However, by enabling it, it turns off Viper4Atmos (V4A + Dolby Atmos). Is there any fix to this? I really want both at the same time...
  11. Boomshiva

    Thread [Ainur audio] [ZenFone 5] [Any custom Rom]

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to flash /install Ainur audio mod on ZenFone 5 on any stock or custom Rom . Tried downloading and flashing Ainur audio mod Pandora version but twrp gives error 255 Edit: after extracting the zip there was runme file , so basically it needed a PC not twrp ...
  12. J

    Thread maxx audio on moto g3 running on stock MM

    I've been searching on the internet for maxx audio a lot but couldn't find any working mod. I'm running on stock optimised MM rom. So anyone know any working maxx audio mod please let me know. I'm not looking for viper4android or extreme music mod. I just want maxx audio or audio fx from cm13...
  13. dryla

    Thread [4.4.4][Audio Mod][YKG] Beast v1.6 Dolby Digital Plus, all Sony audio settings & more

    [4.4.4][Audio Mod][YKG] Beast v1.6 Dolby Digital Plus, all Sony audio settings & more Your speakers sound terrible? You want better sound quality and true bass? You can feel this now. I presenting you my first audio mod called: Beast Quality, Power, True Bass and Stereo My audio mod is a...
  14. monivan

    Thread [MOD]StereoMOD™ Achieve Real Stereo Speakers on Z/ZR/ZL[Aroma][JB,KK,LL](11/03/15)

    I am happy to present my StereoMOD based on „Dontbelieve MOD” from Xperia Z1. I did tweak Xperia Z’s „snd_soc_msm” file among others in order to achieve real stereo speakers on a mono speaker phone like XZ, ZR and ZL. Compatibility range 4.3 – 4.4.4; Android L – stock roms, custom stock-based...
  15. M

    Thread [MOD][TUTORIAL] How to enable Viper4Android on non-stock based ROMs for Tunein etc.

    Hello, It is a mandatory for me to have Viper4Android installed, so I've always used it on every device. Norally, enabling Viper4Android for Tunein Radio app was quite easy, as we simply had to install this mod (I can't find the thread where I've downloaded it from, if You can, please send me...
  16. bradxnght

    Thread [Q] Viper4android

    To start i am running EclipticOne v1.3 ( sense 5.5 and 4.2.2 ) i want to install viper4android , i have downloaded the correct APK for my version of android. it installs but if you use it you know it is required to install the driver, i go to install the driver, reboot and the driver does not...
  17. B

    Thread [Audio Mod] eXtremeBeats Aural Maximizer™

    Please subscribe to my YouTube, for awesome tech content â–º Via extensive EQ techniques Beats Audio increases the bass frequencies for a more fun and exciting listening experience â–ºBeats Audio can enhance high frequencies to add definition and detail â–ºVocals now become warmer, and cleaner...
  18. Driggity420

    Thread Awesome audio app

    Seen this app on XDA youtube channel and works beautifully on the note 3. Im running it on Knoxraid. My headphones finally sounds decent!
  19. leolawliet

    Thread [Q] ViPER4Android FX on P769, does it work?

    Here's the original thread for the mod: This has to be the best audio mod I've ever used, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried it out on our devices yet? Admins if this thread is in the wrong section please feel free to move it, my...
  20. Misledz

    Thread [MOD] [GNEX] BEATS+XLOUDER! 4.3.1/4.4.2 [16/12] ☆ #BangonPhilippines! ☆

    aWRjSKz-g1A Notice: Flashables are divided into Post #1 and Post #3. Post #1 will contain all the information, misc & flashables for 4.1.2 and Post #3 will contain the flashables for 4.2.1/4.2.2, take note all the latest will be the most recent upload What This Mod Does: The Galaxy Nexus GSM...