1. C

    Thread Question Bluetooth Audio won't work after swapping roms

    After swapping from PixelOS (Android 12) to Pixel Extended (Android 13) I've had some hickups that I've fixed (Google Wallet didn't let me add cards, Instagram call audio didn't seem to be working amongst other bugs) however I can't fix the bluetooth audio problem for the life of me. I use...
  2. Nyaooom

    Thread GPS makes phone freeze when playing any media.

    Hello everyone, DEVICE Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro Custom ROM : Pixel Experience Android 13 ( : "") Used Apps : Youtube / Youtube Music (I also tried with other media sources on internet) &...
  3. N

    Thread Question Bottom speaker turns off when opening protected app (banking, etc)

    Hello, I noticed a issue when using my Nothing Phone. When using my phone's speakers to play music or a media, and opening apps like banking, the bottom speaker of my phone turns off and music plays through the top speaker in a low quality (similar to how voice calls audio are managed). I have...
  4. P

    Thread [HD10 PLUS] Audio static and pop using the 3.5mm port when I pause audio

    I got a new HD 10 plus last week and have noticed whenever I pause audio there is some static and then a pop noise for a few seconds. This only happens with headphones connected via the 3.5mm port. I don't like using Bluetooth headphones for watching videos so this isn't ideal for me. I have...
  5. B

    Thread Question Pixel 7 Pro : Weird audio cut off during calls, sound comes back after pressing dialer

    Hi ! I recently got a Pixel 7 Pro and I'm not experiencing a lot of a bugs with it, which is great, but the only one that I have is really bothering. The thing is that when I call certain people (or when they call me), I can ear them during 0 to 10 seconds before audio cuts out. After this...
  6. S

    Thread Constantly audio recorder

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that constantly records audio and save file (last Xmin i could configure) after hiting button or something like that. Nice to have - app record audio to some max size and then removes old files. I found only typical recorders without contant audio recording with option...
  7. Aresiel

    Thread [OPEN] Force audio mode for specific application? Rooted device.

    Does anyone know if there's any way to force all audio from an app to use a specific audio mode? My device is rooted, I'm on a Xiaomi Pad 5 EU with latest ( miui. I'm referring to the audio modes here (...
  8. F

    Thread Mic/speaker/Bluetooth - no sound

    need some help. I suddenly lost all audio on my phone (Pixel 4a 5g). I don't know what happened, but now speaker/Bluetooth and the 3.5mm jack don't work anymore. When I try and change the volume it won't show the Bluetooth icon on the volume icon (even when my headphones are connected). The...
  9. Uguuubear

    Thread Question Poco x3 pro Audio balance a11

    Maybe someone can help how to make the audio balance work in android 11(aosp) when in landscape mode because in gaming 2 speakers work
  10. S

    Thread (S20) Can't watch anything while on a WhatsApp call, any way to fix it?

    Everytime I'm on a call I can't use Netflix, Star+, and similar apps, cause when I open any movie or show it automatically pauses, and I'm unable to unpause. I try to hit the button but it doesn't work. Any thoughts? It started recently. As you can see in the video, and the image is from...
  11. S

    Thread emulating connected headphones

    Is it possible to set the system so that he can see that headphones are connected and the sound itself comes out of the loudspeaker?
  12. bigzks

    Thread Samsung a51 audio not working

    I don't know if I'm in the real place, I'm really new here(about posting something) So I got an a51 from my brother, it was rebooting constantly and wouldn't play or record audio. I tried a bunch of things that will be listed further. But you know now what I know. I can't tell when it started...
  13. BixZod

    Thread I have a bug, can anyone help me fix it? [S21 FE]

    Hi, every time I watch a video on YouTube, listen to WhatsApp voice messages or my mobile phone plays any other sound, when any notification arrives, it happens that for 1 second it goes into do not disturb mode, I put the link of the video of what happens. Anyone know what it is?
  14. S

    Thread Transforming LG V60 into Bitperfect Network Streamer

    I am not responsible for any damages that may occur during the installation or after it. !!! IMPORTANT !!!: If you want author to get home - please donate to Armed Forces of Ukraine and help to stop war...
  15. A

    Thread Question Terrible audio in videos only

    Hey all. Been traveling for a few weeks so taking a lot of videos. For the past week or so the audio has been terrible for recorded videos. Some 3rd party apps like what's app and Snapchat have no audio when I record, but the main camera app does and it does really muffly and quiet. What's odd...
  16. Evil.God

    Thread Question Best speaker EQ settings for S21 FE

    Hi everyone! I recently upgraded to S21FE from S10e, however I am a bit unsatisfied with speakers compared to S10e. Does anyone have good EQ settings to improve the speaker audio? also dolby atmos? Thanks in advance :)
  17. JoeKis

    Thread Bluetooth Audio Options Wont Stay Put

    I recently got a good quality bluetooth dac (Fiio Brt5) for my rooted lg v20 (Lineage os 18.1) I want to set the sample rate and the bit rate but it always reverts to the highest settings when disconnected. Is there any way to make the settings stay the same after I set it? It really is...
  18. Mike-mei

    Thread Audio Editor Kit, a Library of Special Effects

    Audio is a fundamental way of communication. It transcends space limitations, is easy to grasp, and comes in all forms, which is why many mobile apps that cover short videos, online education, e-books, games, and more are integrating audio capabilities. Adding special effects is a good way of...
  19. J

    Thread Audio clipping in normal video recording

    I recordered a lot of videos with my Note 10 and Note 8 when i go to a concert i i never had any problem, but with the last update, the audio is always clipping with the bass. The only way to record is using pro mode and put the volume to -12 but in pro mode i can't use zoom :( I have disabled...
  20. T

    Thread Vastking Kingpad K10 - No default system EQ, stand-alone EQ apps have no effect on audio (Android 10)

    Hello. I got a new tablet and the audio is outright painful without an EQ. ( In some music apps, there is a built-in EQ which can make the audio decent. But I need a system-wide EQ and I can not get free options on the Play...
  21. Ahmed

    Thread [HELP] Bluetooth audio frequent connection drops

    I have been facing this issue since the beginning. No matter what bluetooth audio device I connect, it frequently drops the connection. Sometimes it reconnects automatically, sometimes it's not. The whole process is repeated throughout the usage session. Interesingly enough, once an audio has...
  22. android-floppa

    Thread LG G8S G810EAW - Audio broken, causes System UI to crash

    Hi everyone I recently started playing around with my old European Unlocked LG G8S (G810EAW) and noticed that the phone has major issues with playing back or recording audio. Now usually (on Android 11 at least) after a reboot I get a popup message that the process "System" Crashed, followed...
  23. lafreantz

    Thread Question Sound in games cuts out/disappears in Poco F3

    For some reason, when I open most games, the sound always disappears when I start playing. But I can still hear the voices of my teammates through mic. To be clear, the game has sound when on the game's menu screen, it only disappears when I start playing until the end of the game. And the sound...
  24. O

    Thread System wide parametric EQ

    Hi, i am looking for system wide parametric EQ for android that also works on built in speaker mode. I do have root access on my device and i already tried Viper4Android and JamesDSP but Viper4Android does not have parametric EQ and even it has convolution EQ as far as i know, i does not seems...
  25. A

    Thread Question [APP] Voice Recorder for samsung GW4

    Nice new app for GW4 in play store Voice Recorder Finally recording without time limits and easy file transfer to phone and computer by Bluetooth or Wifi networsk. My record 8 hours constant recording in background ;) what do you think? pic from play
  26. A

    Thread [APP] Voice Recorder - NEW app for Wear OS watches

    There is new app for Wear OS smartwatches called Voice Recorder. Download from Play Store Voice Recorder The project consists of 2 apps. One for watch and 2nd companion app for Android phone. VR Companion app allows to receive files via Wear OS sync engine (Bluetooth) and extra engine to...
  27. A

    Thread "Absolute" audio output level

    As far as I understand, the sound level of any file containing audio, such as music or video files, is defined in the file itself. Thus, setting the sound level effectively changes the percentage of the max sound pressure defined in the file. (Please do correct me if I'm wrong) My question: Is...
  28. G

    Thread Question [SM-S901U] How can i change the bluetooth bit & sample rates and turn on HD audio in the dev options?

    It wont let me change these settings, regardless of if im connected to a bluetooth device or not. Do i need to have other settings enabled/disabled before i can change the audio settings under the developer options menu? I have the U.S model with the Qualcomm snapdragon chipset, running android...
  29. Sidaryan

    Thread Looking to understand: How to add an Android screen to an Audio Amplifier.

    Good day everyone, I am not an engineer or a programmer but me and my cousin make analog amplifiers. I recently saw this - and products they offer. So i was wondering if someone among all skilled members here could advise the path on : How to add an Android screen to an Audio...
  30. braindrainoh

    Thread Low aux/audio volume output compared to g7

    Hi all, has anyone experienced low auxiliary/audio/mp3 volume with their moto g power 2020? I have messed with moto audio and equalizers and it still produces lower volume than my old g7 phone. Not finding much on this or what I could do. Thanks
  31. M

    Thread Question Viper audio on Pixel 6 - works sometimes

    Anyone had success getting Viper working? I installed Viper4Android FX, used SELinuxModeChanger to enable permissive mode, and set legacy mode to on in Viper's settings. Usually it works but sometimes it just doesn't. Any idea why some songs don't play through Viper?
  32. Mike-mei

    Thread How to Add AI Dubbing to App

    Text to speech (TTS) is highly sought after by audio/video editors, thanks to its ability to automatically turn text into naturally sounding speech, as a low cost alternative to human dubbing. It can be used on all kinds of video, regardless of whether the video is long or short. I recently...
  33. Z

    Thread Does anyone know how to completely remove MIUI sound effects?

    On official MIUI, if you just adjust the volume to 50%-60%, everything is fine. But once you go above 60%, you can easily hear the bass being cut. So I tried to remove the sound effects that come with MIUI, I have tried including but not limited to the following - Remove MiSound APK - Remove...
  34. I

    Thread s10+ weak very weak mic?

    I'm on Android 9, I noticed my phone's mic is very weak during phone calls, audio recording apps, and the stock camera app. On the stock camera app, the left audio channel sounds way louder than the right. its like the mic has been damaged. Alternatively, am I missing some sort of option in...
  35. A

    Thread Question Bluetooth Audio Quality (Headphones)

    Curious as to your thoughts on Bluetooth audio quality on the new Pixels? Pro and non-pro (I have the 6 pro) I have read a variety of issues elsewhere from poor AAC to LDAC only supporting the 330 option etc. I have B&W PX7s, Sony WF4s and Bose NC700s. It is hard to put my finger on it but my...
  36. H

    Thread Question Anyone experienced a change in Bluetooth audio quality since Android 12?

    Sup guys, After updating to Android 12 I immediately noticed a difference in audio quality when connecting my Fold3 to my car via Bluetooth. It sounds like I'm in a big concert hall. Dolby Atmos was always on auto, before and after the update. Right now it sounds just bad. I can't listen to...
  37. S

    Thread Is there any kind of separate app sound app for non samsung Android phones?

    I would like to know if currently there is a way to get Samsung´s separate sound feature like this one on other Android phones, in my case an OnePlus phone. Also, if it´s possible to modify android to also allow multiple audio app playback (like playing spotify and youtube at the same time). Is...
  38. A

    Thread TCL L55C6US To hear the sound, it requires restarting with every turn-on

    Hello, I have TCL L55C6US, Chassis MT58CU-AP, and Firmware version V8-T658T01-LF1V820 With every turn-on, it requires a restart to activate the voice! There is no sound after the first start, and after restarting it works normally. Tried a factory reset, and firmware update but to no avail...
  39. simowL

    Thread Audio Equilizer app

    Hello Folks! Is there any General Output Audio Equilizer App that works without root on Android 11? I did some test on some Google play Apps but they are not working. I need to EQ all my audio and not only Music.
  40. P

    Thread Question Can I still use 120hz refresh rate and Dolby Atoms audio after installing Pixel Experience-Plus?

    I am looking into installing Pixel Experience Plus for my MI 11x and I wanted to know if I am still able to use 120hz refresh rate for my display and Dolby Atoms audio on my device after flashing a custom ROM or maybe even root my device to enable it
  41. Tommy0000

    Thread [SOLVED] Help on Android 12 [GSI] Pixel Experience [Alpha] and TWRP

    Hi, I did some experiments with the GSI PIXEL EXPERIENCE ALPHA that might interest some developers. It works properly as is on nairo (moto g 5g plus) except for a few things. - TWRP recovery gets broken, i think we need a newer version for this phone to work with android 12. - The audio doesn't...
  42. H

    Thread Audio Mods Magisk for Mi 10T Lite 5G

    I have a Mi 10T Lite 5G running dotOS( droid on time) 5.2 and I'm asking if anybody with dotOS has any good audio mod. On my old phone I had Dolby Atmos ported from Razer Phone 2( for the Dynamic mode) but it doesnt work on it. I was in bootloop. So if anybody uses any audio mod and could...
  43. Mr.Nade_426

    Thread LineageOS 18.1[UNOFFICIAL ROM] SM-G920F Bluetooth audio not working

    Hi, So I've been using this ROM for a while as a daily driver, but for all this time I've been forced to use the mighty headphone jack, which i don't mind using, but on the bus it would be very convenient to not have a cable in the way. The problem is that the headphones connect but the audio...
  44. E

    Thread Question LineageOS all audio plays through speaker

    Hello, I installed Andy Yan's lineage OS 18.1 treble_arm64_bv build on my phone, and everything appears to work fine, except audio always plays through the speaker, even with wired or bluetooth headphones connected. The headphones connect, and the volume control shows bluetooth, but then plays...
  45. ferry_ip

    Thread [MAGISK] [MODULE] SBC XQ Bluetooth Audio Codec and DRC Deactivator (Android 10)

    PREMISE Standard Bluetooth (BT) audio codec SBC is incorporated into all BT stereo audio devices as mandatory. It can work at arbitrary high bitrates but BT documents, however, recommend 328 kbit/s (44.1kHz/16bit) for high quality mode. This mode provides just acceptable audio quality. Meanwhile...
  46. T

    Thread Android head unit change parts

    Hello, I have bought a 2 DIN Android 10 head unit for my car. I found the only product matching with my car (alfa romeo 147) to fit properly. But I am very disappointed about what is inside. First specifications do not match (4 gb RAM instead of 8, 800x480 instead of 1024x600...) In addition...
  47. AiapaecGaming

    Thread Beats Solo3 headphones maintain Bluetooth connection but regularly lose sound

    First post so I hope I'm doing this right. I've got a pair of Solo3 wireless headphones that I absolutely love for gaming. The sound reproduction is loud, crisp, and clear and there is no noticeable latency. Everything you need for gaming, particularly games like PUBg, where tracking enemy...
  48. M

    Thread Question How do I display enhanced audio in my settings?

    Hello. I can't see the Enhanced Audio item in the settings within gamespeed booster. The first one is the eu stable version and the second one is the eu weekly version. I am using the eu weekly version 12.6 6.23. Is the weekly version not supported? Please let me know if there is a way to deal...
  49. V

    Thread Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

    Hello, I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide. Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and...
  50. F

    Thread Mekede Headunit Microphone Quality

    Folks, I'm at my wits end and hope someone here can help. I purchased a Mekede M300 Android head unit (I believe this is a rebranded Joying unit) over a month ago for my wife's Honda HR-V 2017. Installation was fairly straightforward and any minor issues that came up were able to be resolved...