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  1. E

    Thread Question LineageOS all audio plays through speaker

    Hello, I installed Andy Yan's lineage OS 18.1 treble_arm64_bv build on my phone, and everything appears to work fine, except audio always plays through the speaker, even with wired or bluetooth headphones connected. The headphones connect, and the volume control shows bluetooth, but then plays...
  2. ferry_ip

    Thread [MAGISK] [MODULE] SBC XQ Bluetooth Audio Codec and DRC Deactivator (Android 10)

    PREMISE Standard Bluetooth (BT) audio codec SBC is incorporated into all BT stereo audio devices as mandatory. It can work at arbitrary high bitrates but BT documents, however, recommend 328 kbit/s (44.1kHz/16bit) for high quality mode. This mode provides just acceptable audio quality. Meanwhile...
  3. T

    Thread Android head unit change parts

    Hello, I have bought a 2 DIN Android 10 head unit for my car. I found the only product matching with my car (alfa romeo 147) to fit properly. But I am very disappointed about what is inside. First specifications do not match (4 gb RAM instead of 8, 800x480 instead of 1024x600...) In addition...
  4. AiapaecGaming

    Thread Beats Solo3 headphones maintain Bluetooth connection but regularly lose sound

    First post so I hope I'm doing this right. I've got a pair of Solo3 wireless headphones that I absolutely love for gaming. The sound reproduction is loud, crisp, and clear and there is no noticeable latency. Everything you need for gaming, particularly games like PUBg, where tracking enemy...
  5. M

    Thread Question How do I display enhanced audio in my settings?

    Hello. I can't see the Enhanced Audio item in the settings within gamespeed booster. The first one is the eu stable version and the second one is the eu weekly version. I am using the eu weekly version 12.6 6.23. Is the weekly version not supported? Please let me know if there is a way to deal...
  6. V

    Thread Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

    Hello, I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide. Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and...
  7. F

    Thread Mekede Headunit Microphone Quality

    Folks, I'm at my wits end and hope someone here can help. I purchased a Mekede M300 Android head unit (I believe this is a rebranded Joying unit) over a month ago for my wife's Honda HR-V 2017. Installation was fairly straightforward and any minor issues that came up were able to be resolved...
  8. I

    Thread A great DAC and not being able to use it ...

    The Pixel 4a has this DAC, which as you can see is a great DAC, its specs are even better than many HIFI portable audio players. Well, for the uninitiated, android acts as a bottleneck in this case, as it always limits the audio output to 16bit 48khz (using a low quality resampler for the...
  9. H

    Thread Question Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G High Definition Audio Codec Compatibility

    Does it support any High Definition Audio Codecs like ApxHD/LHDC? I haven't been able to find any useful Information.
  10. snehasish2000

    Thread Any Dolby audio mod for Android 11 no root?

    Is there any dolby audio mod for Android 11 with equalizer such as atmos, digital plus or dolby audio without root ?
  11. BlackSunVRN

    Thread [Need help] Xiaomi Mi 10T - audio codec problem

    I apologize in advance for my english. I found out such a problem - when the device is connected to the car via bluetooth, the connection status is "Connected (except audio)". If I disable AAC for this connection, the checkbox will still return to the "Enabled" status when I close settings. When...
  12. _xenoxis_

    Thread [MOD] [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable HI-RES (24bits and over 48kHz sampling) on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9's family

    Hello, I'm going to present to you a method to enable hi-res on the DAC of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9' family. The procedure will allow to you to use the full potential of the WCD9385 DAC present (at least) in the Snapdragon 720G. Indeed, this chip can go up to 32 bits @ 192Khz for PCM stream and...
  13. B

    Thread Media sound is distorted when in call

    Hello. I have an LG G8x ThinQ (Android 10, LG UX 9.0). I have one major problem with it. If I am in a Messenger/Discord call and I open an app that uses the media volume (eg. YouTube, a music player or a game) the second app's media will sound distorted. For example in a game I can't hear...
  14. O

    Thread camera with stereo recording

    Hello, I'm using my mi mix 2 with havoc os 2.9 (android 9), that allows to record AUDIO in stereo, from apps like "hi-q mp3 recorder" if you select "raw source". As long as I know that this way, this software is using both microphones (one up, and one down) and the recordings are awesome, I...
  15. regenbar

    Thread Recover .vtdata from HUAWEI P10 lite - voice recorder temp files

    Hello, I own HUAWEI P10 lite, and I often use voice recorder application for school. But I accidentally deleted some audio recordings and need to return them. I noticed a bunch of big files in folder HUAWEI P10 lite\Internal storage\Sounds\.vtdata that match the files I deleted Is there any...
  16. AUser0

    Thread No audio and can't turn on wifi on xiaomi redmi note 9 pro

    Help! I just flashed my phone with a magisk patched image (this is my first time rooting) and now my speakers and wifi don't work.
  17. T

    Thread Nexus 7 2013 as Audio Head Unit - Best Current Solutions?

    I’m currently in the process of replacing my car’s audio head with my 2013 Nexus 7 and I’d like to know what current options there are for any ROM/app solutions since all the threads that I found on this topic were from 2016 and earlier. I personally don’t need Android Auto integration (at...
  18. MamaKhan123

    Thread Which is good Add Background Music To Video android app

    If you want to make your memories more beautiful, then make your videos song and add music to your videos. Add audio to video easily with background video app. You can create your own videos with the music video editor. Add background music to video audio video mixer allows you to add any music...
  19. A

    Thread Help with microphone audio noise

    Hi all, I'm writing here in the hope of getting some better understanding of how microphones works, and maybe some hints on how to fix the problem I'm currently banging my head on. :) I'm porting the Xiami Redmi Note 7 Pro to Ubuntu Touch, and I'm facing an issue with the audio recorder from...
  20. _Yank

    Thread [MODULE][AUDIO] Jackshi Audio (improve the volume levels n moar)

    Yo there. Brief summary My previous device was a Mi A1 which packed some punch on its audio jack output. It could go LOUUUUD. Obviously I found X3's sound very lacking in that regard but very good in other audio aspects. Upon inspecting MIUI's mixer_paths, I found out that qualcomm's codec ULP...
  21. D

    Thread [Question] magisk modules for vendor on A11

    hi guys, just wondering if anyone have been able to create or run any magisk modules on android 11 that involves modifying the vendor partition? ive created an audio module to install some additional/replacement libs which under A10 was no issue but when trying to install in A11 (crdroid/poco...
  22. W

    Thread Hi-fi DAC compatibility issue with Poweramp, please help

    I have a Nex 3S 5g. Vivo phones since android 10 got rid of system audio effects and is messing up the hi-res compatibility with Poweramp. In Poweramp, hi-fi mode turns on automatically only through OpenSL and AudioTrack outputs, however that locks the audio at 16 bit 48 khz which isn't what I...
  23. D

    Thread Odd sound phenomenon

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. And I have noticed a strange phenomenon that occurs with the sound whenever I try to screen record using the built-in screen recorder. When playing a game the sound sounds like a normal phone... However, when I start to screen record the sound all of the...
  24. darkinvader7

    Thread .

  25. Z

    Thread Nexus 6P speaker and Mic troubleshoot

    Hi! I've recently been facing a issue with my Nexus 6p running Android 8.1.0 Oreo Stock. My phone's speakers and mic aren't working. When I connect a headphone jack the audio is able to come through just fine. The issue started when I had flashed a aptX enabler module in magisk while running...
  26. Moze666

    Thread Audio is too low through USB-C

    Hello, I just bought a pair of really good headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO, and the sound is very low on max setting. I don't know why, I don't know how... My other Bluetooth or other headphones work great and sound is there, but with these and AMP/DAC Dragonfly RED and a Dragontail (USB...
  27. peter.schwake@gmail.com

    Thread Xnext™ WalkMan v1.4.0 *Bug Fix*

    I proudly presents you: Xnext™ WalkMan This modification is made to give the best possible audio experience on Sony Xperia Devices. Unique features ALSA custom sound control, crosscompiled with Qualcomm Compiler updated opus, vorbis and flac codecs stripped audio effects, for reduced...
  28. X

    Thread N920C Audio Issue through wired Headphones/Earphones

    I am tired of finding a solution regarding audio output My device was N920T i changed its motherboard with N920C ... charging strip was exact N920C model worked great With N920T .. I changed motherboard with N920C now .. everything is working fine except wired headphones ... weird thing ...
  29. I

    Thread Note 4 list of all bluetooth audio codecs?

    Does anybody know all the bluetooth audio codecs this phone supports?
  30. xdafly

    Thread Which ear plugs do you like / recommend ?

    Looking for suggestions of ear plugs / headphone to use with our S7's ? Microphone is not needed but just a way to silently listen to a program without speakers DAC supported type C Headphone / 3.5 mm Dongle ? Or wireless via Bluetooth ? Are all these dongle adapters compatible, like this one...
  31. Z

    Thread How to change Bluetooth Audio Bit rate, codec, Sample rate in developer option?

    Hi. I use Bluetooth airbuds. recently i found in the developer option that i can change the following settings: 1. Disable Audio A2DP ( OPTIONS ARE: enable/ disable) 2. Bluetooth audio Codec (OPTIONS ARE: SBC/AAC/Qualcomm aptX HD/ Qualcomm aptX HD Adaptive Audio/ Qualcomm aptX TWS+ audio/...
  32. A

    Thread Apps can't use microphone

    Hy guys, I'm writing here because my OP 5T's microphone isn't working in apps that use it, except for phone app, in which it works properly. Doing recs in whatsapp, telegram, and IG results in a rushy noise and even in my guitar tuner app the phone doesn't hear sounds. On the contrary, during...
  33. kyddox

    Thread Zoom Meetings Audio Issue in custom ROMs

    Hi, my daughter has been using my tablet to atend the online school, before, i have been using resurrection remix and lineage os but when we tried tu use zoom we noticed there is no audio output on the tablet, i have not tested another meeting apps but with other apps like youtube, netflix...
  34. S

    Thread Pixel 4a - Headphone Jack Max Volume Inconsistent

    Has anyone noticed the max volume out of their headphone jack is typically very quiet, but at times will top out at a normal max volume? I use an aux cable to hook into my car stereo and always have my phone set to 100% volume. My Note4 and Note8 both play at identical volumes with the same MP3...
  35. Crazy Seed

    Thread Module to Boost Headphones and Calls Volume

    Hello Mates. I got great news for you :) I was able to finally create a Magisk Module to Increase the Sound Volume, in this case i just increased Calls and Headphones because Speakers are already too Loud in this Phone. Notice: In mine it got stuck at the first reboot, but then when you press a...
  36. V

    Thread Any Audio Processing for bluetooth or cable?

    The included RealSound only works with realme apps and i haven't even tried that with BT any recommendation for Sound processing a'la ViperFX (which doesn't work unfortunately) that also work with bluetooth?
  37. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Module to Increase Sound Volume

    Hello Mates. I feel that Earphones and Calls on this phone is not Loud enough for a Powered Audio Device like this. So i was wondering: since there's no working flashable supersu.zip, and Magisk doesn't let me edit System Files, in this case i'm talking about Mixer_Paths.xml on the folder...
  38. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Audio issues

    Hello mates. Is there any way to test if the phone calling quality and volume are correct?. Being this a phone with great audio, i feel that call quality is a little muddy with voices not being deep enough to understand every word and the volume is just average and not very loud. Connecting...
  39. supertiger1234

    Thread AOSP Roms headphone call volume too loud

    Heya, so I always wanted to use AOSP roms on my S7 edge since i bought this device but I always had this 1 little problem that makes me go back to Samsung stock. The call audio being too loud while wearing headphones. Is there anyway I could fix this? I tried changing some things in the...
  40. PivotMasterNM

    Thread {REQUEST} help me make a simple Module for permanently setting LDAC bitrate

    Heyho! I've been researching everywhere but have not found a viable solution to permanently set the LDAC bitrate on an android Device. I have extremely basic coding skills, so I'd love someone to help me out and make this together. PROBLEM When using Headphones that support the LDAC audio codec...
  41. R

    Thread HDMI audio output problem on android x86

    Hi, I've recently managed to install android x86 8.1 r5 on my Dell Latitude E6530 and got video out through HDMI to TV using LVDS-1:d via grub. However I'm unable to get audio through HDMI. Can anyone tell me why? Here is what I get on terminal: x86_64:1 $ su x86_64:7 # cat...
  42. B

    Thread Audio test

    Would owners of the Exynos S10/S10+/S10e mind taking a few minutes of your time to download and play the below 30-second long BS EN 50332-1 'Program Simulation Noise' through the phone at maximum volume with Google Play Music (all system EQ and sound enhancements off) and record its output...
  43. L

    Thread audio quality

    hi all, thinking of getting one of these to use as mp3 player, I've heard the audio quality is to very good, 32-bit/192kHz. being quite old now I would first be thinking of a good custom rom. what worries me though is would i be losing audio quality with a custom rom? any thoughts, ideas welcome!!
  44. 4

    Thread Audio output impedance

    I have a passive 3.5mm adapter (one without DAC or amp) and looking for a wired headphone. However, I cannot find detailed audio specs of OnePlus 7 Pro, especially regarding to output impedance (ohms). VE Monk Plus is what I want to buy but since I don't know how much impedance OnePlus 7 Pro...
  45. husen4u

    Thread Best Sound Settings for Pubg?

    I am using Logitech G432 Headset. I am looking for some EQ settings for pubg. Please share if you are using some good settings. Thanks
  46. C

    Thread USB Audio out?

    Hi guys, I've noticed that when I connect my DAC to the type-c port on phone there's no audio. Is there no sound routing through this interface? Can it be enabled? Thanks
  47. X

    Thread Viperfx isn't working properly.

    I have Viper4Android installed in the phone, and it works sometimes, but for reasons I don't know, the app sometimes just don't work at all, or turns off, and it's really hard to turn it on back again. Anyone knows how to make it so it never turns off? The app itself doesn't have too many...
  48. P

    Thread How to increase USB-C volume?

    Hello, I have a USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter that I have been using with my OnePlus 7 Pro. It works, but the volume is extremely low. When hooked up to my car stereo at max volume (on the stereo and on the phone), it's about 1/4th the volume of the radio or my iPod or Pixel XL. I followed...
  49. A

    Thread Issue with detecting audio device

    Hello, My phone fell off the car stand once with a cable inserted, which I assume broke some pins in the jack. This made it always detect that there is an audio device with mic inserted. After a few weeks, during which I've been using one of those switch apps to make due, I replaced the audio...
  50. Jt380p

    Thread [MOD][FIX] Audio Bitrate Increase For Redmi Note 9S

    Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any damage to your device! Use this mod at your own risk! What's this? This mod increases the audio bitrate on video recording from a disgraceful 96kbps to a respectable 320kbps. Thus, giving a richer, more pleasing audio quality. Still confused? Click here...