1. mikeioannina

    Thread [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for Razer Phone 2

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  2. Renate

    Thread Kobo Aura?

    I know this forum is all things Nook, but maybe you die-hard Nookies might be interested... (If it is interesting and it goes somewhere it should be a different forum.) Walmart is selling the Kobo Aura (Edition 2) for $69.99 Yup, this is the same sort of antiquated, single core Freescale...
  3. kvrjsoni

    Thread [THEME][CM13][CM12/12.1] Oceanic Aura [DARK]

    A Dark Theme made for Oceanic Fans also for everyone else This theme mainly concentrates on black as the base and Ocean Blue as a primary color Some Screens Download it from from the attachment below or from the Play Store : Here You can find more details there Do leave your reviews and...
  4. il buono

    Thread iSkin Cases for Galaxy S III

    Saw an article on this today and it looks good...not too excited about the pricing on their site or the name beginning with an "i" :D The iSkin Aura basically looks like a premium version of the Ringke Slim Lite (Which I have and is great btw). I might get it but I think I'll just wait until it...
  5. R

    Thread Stock booting animation for AURA ROM?

    Hi guys, is it possible to use the stock boot-animation on Aura-ROM? Any place, where I can download the animation? Thanks!
  6. G

    Thread [Q] Few questions about Aura ROM

    Hi, I was looking forward to install Aura ROM on my Atrix 4G. First of all, I was wondering if I can ask a few questions about how the phone will perform with the upgrade. a). Mi first question is. ¿Will Aura ROM + 1.3Ghz faux Kernel improve my battery life?. Because my battery is lasting just...
  7. C

    Thread [Q] From Greyblur to Aura Rom

    I recently flashed my Korean Atrix to Greyblur. Everything is A-OK. Problem is, I just want to try the Aura ROM. The flasher is me just can't stop flashing. Is this safe to do considering Greyblur uses the SBF method and Aura uses fastboot? I'm confident that I've already backread my ass...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] Bootloader and Root Question

    I know, i know i am a noob, but i have a question. If i root my Motorola Atrix, did that unlock the bootloader. I want to install the ROM Aura and in the Requirements: it said you need an unlocked bootloader, and i know i am rooted but not sure if i have an unlocked bootloader. Any help? :o :(
  9. D

    Thread [Q] DarkSide 2.1 and Google Maps Install Problem

    Hello All, I'm having an issue with Google Maps on the new DarkSide Rom. I noticed that the version installed is a BRUT modded version 5.10.0 and I wouldn't have a problem with it, but when I use the Navigation feature, it says the directions in a weird order like, "Continue on Left Turn to...
  10. freshlycutlawn

    Thread [Q] Contact Sync

    Hi everybody, I am running version of Aura (debloat, deblur) on my phone and since I cannot obviously sync my contacts through the MotoBlur service, is there any way I could get a 3rd party app or any other method in which I could have the option to sync my facebook contacts with my...
  11. Medraq

    Thread Atrix Aura ROM (v1.1.2) - Working Camera Installation

    I had no camera after first installing the Aura mod, so I'm posting this to give the steps I used to get my camera working. First I used the Automatic BootLoader to UnLock my Atrix & install CWM. I did update CWM using romracer's custom CWM (I had to place the .img file in the same folder as...
  12. Diviance

    Thread [ROM] Aura [GB] [AT&T] [] [Updated: 10/27] [Stable EXT4]

  13. S

    Thread [SOLVED] Sygic Aura and Cyanogenmod 7

    Hi there. I successfully managed do install Cyanogenmod 7 on my HTC Desire Z. I was pretty proud of myself since I never hacked into anything and I had to do the downgrade. I had the GPS problem, which I managed to fix using the guide on this forum by wiping a few partitions. The GPS seems to...