1. northmendo

    Thread [TOOL] Auto Pixel Updater Windows

    Auto Pixel Updater - BETA created by @northmendo, please do not take my work without permission. Feel free to use it for yourself as much as you like. Prerequisites: You will need a Pixel with an unlocked bootloader and a Windows computer. Preferably Windows 10 or 11. Downloads are now below...
  2. Carloskun

    Thread SM-N910S Auto Restart

    Hello, so I've flashed this rom on my N910s using TWRP and my phone started restarting by itself. The phone also does not open when it is not plugged in. The only way I can get the phone to turn on is to keep it connected to a fast charger. After doing some googling, I discovered that other...
  3. DarkShoken

    Thread Android Head-Unit for Honda Civic IX 2013

    Hi everyone, I am going to buy a 2013 Honda Civic IX, I would like to install a screen to have Android Auto and stuff. There are plenty of models but mostly it looks like there is plenty of crap. Would you have a model to advise me? Here is the original dashboard. Thank you!
  4. B

    Thread [Game][4.4+] Guess Car

    This is simple quiz. Guess car from the photo. Check your knowledge of cars. Easy to play.
  5. J

    Thread Android auto widescreen speedplay

    Hello does anyone know how go get Android auto to show widescreen on any display using speedplay Ux-999 android ai box 9.0
  6. F

    Thread No Sound Through PHONE with bluetooth connection.

    Apologies in advance - I could not find my specific issue in the forums using any related keywords. Sorry if it exists somewhere. Phone is a Samsung S21 Ultra running Android 11. Pretty sure it's not a phone issue as I've had this issue wth other phones but can't remember how I fixed it. I am...
  7. V

    Thread Auto start does not work....

    When I exercise, for example out cycling, Cycling (auto) does not start anymore. It has done this before (after 10 minutes). Do not know if I have come to change anything in setup. Is there help to be found? Thanks in advance.
  8. U

    Thread [AAWireless] Possible workarounds to get internet connection on MIUI while AA is connected wirelessly

    As AAWireless gets shipped and people are getting their device, so I think more people are running into the same problem: When using MIUI the chance is pretty high that it is possible to connect wirelessly with Android Auto, but there won't be any internet connection. Which makes AA pretty...
  9. V

    Thread Android Auto and costum apk

    Hi everyone, I'm using an open source of car system with android auto integration in my car ( I have problem with non google play apps (like spotify) on android auto there are not listed, I've already try all the normal fixes I found on internet but nothing change...
  10. N

    Thread android auto does not work

    hello I have a problem, I want to connect android auto and it disconnects and connects ... and it was fine with car stream and root. I already changed several cables
  11. E

    Thread Android Auto issue

    Hi all, I'm experiencing some major issue with OP Nord and Android Auto. I connected the device with its original cable, but my car's infotainment (specifically : Opellink, Mokka X) doesn't reconize my device, charging only. I tried other cable, and other device(U11, OP7t) too. Only Nord has...
  12. P

    Thread Mi 9 SE Auto brightness goes up and down - breathing

    I have very big problem with auto brightness on my MI 9 SE. Especially on white backgrounds brightness goes up and down constantly! I've tried factory reset but without any luck.
  13. C

    Thread auto rotation or mobile data (updates)

    Every other update there is NO reception for mobile data but I can auto-rotate screen Every other update there is good reception for mobile data but I can'T auto-rotate screen (to landscape etc) Oneplus 7pro LineageOS 16.0
  14. N

    Thread Question about Xiaomi note 8 pro and Android Auto

    Hi, I have the 8 pro v11.0.2 and when I connect the cell phone to the car it tells me an unsupported device. relic and android auto starts working. if you disconnected it and reconnect it starts all over again. I always have to do the same to grab. I don't have dual apps. thanks!
  15. S

    Thread Which apps will appear on head units with Android Auto Support?

    Hello, I would like to buy Double din Head Unit with Android Auto support for my 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. The head unit should be able to display a few apps like 'Podcast Addict', 'Pandora', YouTube , my music player etc. and gps maps. I am kind of confused about when a particular app...
  16. C

    Thread is there a way to automatically power on my PC (WOL) when connected to WiFi network?

    Hopefully a simple one! I tried PCAutoWaker which would be the perfect solution but I can't get it to work (guessing it no longer does as it's been taken off the store?) but an alternative would be grand. Cheers!
  17. N

    Thread how to modify the navigation bar AA

    hello wanted to know how I could modify the bar below AA xq I want to see the videos of you tube full, also does not let me get the publicity. Could it be hidden or transparent? I can modify it with some android editor !? Thank you!!
  18. krilok

    Thread Android Auto issues on Poco F1 Custom Roms

    On all custom Roms I've tried so far (and they've been a few), there's an ongoing problem while using Android Auto connected to the car's built-in display. Basically, if you plug in your phone and start using AA, after a while the bottom bar on the car's display will disappear, and although you...
  19. P

    Thread Automatic Brightness fix [Magisk]

    I have installed 8.12.6v2. But in low light conditions the Automatic Brightness sets the brightness to a value which is too dark - for my taste at least. So I tried the auto brightness fix from post...
  20. D

    Thread Has anybody tried android auto?

    Hi, Has anybody tried using Motorola one with a car and/or android Auto? My phone does not even charge when I connect it to the car. I have tried it with two other phones, both functioned properly.
  21. J

    Thread Android Auto Slow, Sluggish, Unresponsive

    Has anyone used Android Auto with this phone? I've been using Android Auto for a few months, first on an 8.1 ROM (FireHound) and now on a 9.0 ROM (PixelDust). It has always been pretty sluggish for me, taking a while to load up on my car's display, the map view has a very low framerate, buttons...
  22. manudroid19

    Thread [APP][root] Android Auto 3rd party App Enabler

    Since Android Auto 3.0, third party apps have been removed from Android Auto despite having Developer Options and "Unknown Sources" checked. Some developers have came up with a root workaround to allow these apps to show in the menu. This workaround is dependent on current AA version to work...
  23. A

    Thread Android Auto and Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

    Hello. Recently I have decided to upgrade my fathers aging phone (a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE) to a custom ROM in order to support Android Auto. I have tried multiple variations both stock ASOP and CM based, Lollipop and Marshmallow, but I have a persistent issue. Android Auto works correctly but...
  24. A

    Thread Active noise cancelling

    Hi, I'm reading more and more often that modern cars have an accessory called active noise canceling / reduction inside. Informing me of this technology allows the reduction of internal noise with a very simple active system. Thanks to the microphones, the background noise is recorded, such as...
  25. H

    Thread Headunit from EGK (HongKong) - 8core (PX5), 4GB, 32GB - MCU:TP69EA - Android 8.1.0

    Hello, i got this unit yesterday from the seller autoradio-1001. It is equipped with a dvd drive above the screen. SO far it is working, but getting high temperatures by stock cooling (45°C inside / 100°C cpu in idle) whilst having 32°C outside temp. The board is soldered and not changeable...
  26. S

    Thread Xtrons PB7890BP - BMW E90

    Hello, Not sure how common this unit is, but I'm just trying to gain some details about it. I bought it at the weekend, it arrived yesterday and I am keen to work out what is going on. Hopefully some of you experts can help. 1. The instruction manual states that I must connect the long yellow...
  27. TewSlo

    Thread Automated TWRP Nightly Backup

    Love flashing Travisholt92 's Custom ROMs but want to make sure you have a backup on hand? Here's your solution. 1) Download Tasker 2) Open Tasker, under profiles tab click the + button in the bottom right corner 3) Click Time, set a time you'd like to perform a backup. (Both start and end...
  28. TewSlo

    Thread Automated TWRP Nightly Backup

    Love flashing Travisholt92 's Custom ROMs but want to make sure you have a backup on hand? Here's your solution. 1) Download Tasker 2) Open Tasker, under profiles tab click the + button in the bottom right corner 3) Click Time, set a time you'd like to perform a backup. (Both start and end...
  29. Hoerli

    Thread [Solved] AA not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    I downloaded the App from Google Play and try to start it, but every time i got the message, that the Google Play-Service is no working. I reinstall my phone a view day ago with the stock Samsung Rom without root. I use the normal Android 8.0.0 for the Note 8 (Duos). This is the message (in...
  30. ibCurlyFry

    Thread [APP][4.1+] TextAssured - Auto Reply with deep customization

    TextAssured Auto Replies With Deep Customization TextAssured allows your device to automatically respond to incoming text messages and phone calls so that you can continue eating, driving, working, or simply relaxing; giving you uninterrupted and anxiety-free enjoyment. Please disable...
  31. D

    Thread How to change default music player to not be YouTube Music but Spotify?!?

    Configuration: - 2017 Audi A4 - Google Pixel 2, direct from Google, latest February security update (8.1), rooted Usually, I Just use Spotify as my Android auto music app. Since Google Play Music is part of the Android Auto suite of apps, and because I don't use it, I simply just freeze it in...
  32. B

    Thread [FIRMWARE] Xiaomi Firmware Updater

    XDA Recognized Developer yshalsager released the Xiaomi Firmware Updater tool, which puts the power to update Xiaomi device firmware in users’ hands. Check out the original XDA thread for more details. Tip: post #2=Downloads.
  33. T

    Thread [GUIDE] How to use Android Auto without Google Play Music (use existing music app)

    I've been searching for a way to use Android Auto without Google Play Music ever since I got my new car which supports Android Auto. I mostly want to use AA for the map functionality, and to use my phone's default music player (Samsung Music, since I'm on an S8) because I absolutely hate Google...
  34. B

    Thread Possible to disable dual sims

    Hi, wondering is there is a way to disable dual sim, so its not even an option. Reason: Android Auto - Phone features wont work properly, affects sending and receiving calls. Android Auto doesn't support dual sims, so wondering if I can make Android auto think its a single sim phone...
  35. H

    Thread Google Play Music isn't working with all songs thru Android Auto, no idea what to do

    So i recently got a new phone, and while AA worked perfectly great with my Galaxy S7E, it seems to have a few issues with my Huawei Mate 9 (purchased from Best Buy's website, unlocked US version i assume). It seems its a UI issue Huawei has a problem with across multiple devices as to why phone...
  36. dudekiller

    Thread Android Auto with Android head unit

    hey guys, i just found out android head units exist and it makes me excited. that being said i have a subaru legacy 2015 and all ive wanted was the ease of use to have the address pulled up on my phone and have my head unit automagically have it and give be turn by turn directions on its screen...
  37. B

    Thread Suspended for security reasons after enabling developer mode

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right section, anyways a few time ago I enabled developer mode on Android auto for curiosity, but after that when I navigate in the music apps, included Google music, I get this message "suspended for security reasons" and the app ui voices of the menus get...
  38. SpeedFire-

    Thread Fcc Car Launcher [official thread]

    Hi, all! Welcome to the official thread for FCC Car Launcher - a customizable auto launcher for android head units (Rockchip MTCB/MTCD+ and FlyAudio) as well as android smartphones/tablets. Its major features: - Full function launcher with supports of all standard third party android widgets -...
  39. oldwolf613

    Thread Nite Mode doesn't automatically stop at sunrise

    I have Nite Mode enabled & use the default on/off criterion of Sunset & Sunrise. For the past two mornings, unlike previously, I have turned on my fone (abt 8:30am) to be surprised that apparently the Nite Mode S/W doesn't know how to tell time. Yesterday I just clicked the "Turn off" button in...
  40. N

    Thread Waze Beta on Android Auto for Everyone

    Hi Guys, I am not an official Waze Beta tester, but I was able to find all the Waze beta versions on apkmirror. I found out that the only beta version that works with Android Auto is the I did try the versions which came afterwards ( and but they do not seem to...
  41. loomism2

    Thread A-Media Auto (1024x600) 5.1.1

    I just bought and installed this unit in my 2010 Prius from a seller on Ali Express I want to install a custom ROM on it but first I want to make sure I can successfully boot into recovery in case something goes horribly wrong. The seller REALLY doesn't want to share that information with me...
  42. T

    Thread My camera is not focusing (auto/manual)

    Hi there, my camera is having a real trouble right now. I take my phone from the box and get the update from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3. I did it. Then I used like my daily phone but... the camera didn't Focus, manual or auto focus, just can't focus. I did a wipe... Still the same problem. I did a...
  43. 5

    Thread Auto Screen Rotation bug?

    Hi Has anybody a bug like mentioned above? My FRD-L09 with the latest fw b131 has that bug. After rebooting it works as usual but after some time it stops rotating the Screen. The Rotation is enabled in the Settings. Tested with many apps like google fotos, the stock foto gallery, even chrome...
  44. RED ZMAN

    Thread Android Auto 2.0 - Go to main/home launcher - Solutions Found!

    So, I finally updated to Nugat last night, and now Android Auto 2.0 has a few annoying 'features' I needed to fix. I figured them out, so I'll share here. I could no longer get to my main home screen. This used to be really handy, as I could plug in my phone, get everything setup, tap recent...
  45. B

    Thread Android Auto and LG G4 Marshmallow Fix ?

    Wondering if anyone has a fix for this issue? From Android Auto Help: Maps stops refreshing The Maps and navigation screen may stop updating on longer trips. To update the map, switch to another screen (eg. the Home screen or the Music and audio screen) and then return to the Maps screen. LG...
  46. A

    Thread [MM][MOD] Media/Volume buttons in the navbar for Car installs By @7786

    Was browsing Nexus 7 2013 section and found this useful mod. link to thread: Disclaimer: i am not the creator, all credit goes to 7786 as quoted by the developer "Updated for Marshmallow...
  47. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Automatic Scroll * PROMO CODES *

    Automatic Scroll Automatic Scroll allows you to scroll automatically the content on your screen by a simple touch on a widget, and you can also jump to top or bottom of the page. This new feature will be added as a system-wide functionality so it can be used with all other apps, and can...
  48. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [7.0+] Automatic Scroll (Without Root! )

    Automatic Scroll Automatic Scroll allows you to scroll automatically the content on your screen by a simple touch on a widget, and you can also jump to top or bottom of the page. This new feature will be added as a system-wide functionality so it can be used with all other apps, and can...
  49. gagan.u20

    Thread Mashup - Music player that mashes your favourite songs

    Hello folks, After a long time, I am back with a new android app for all of you. I Gagan Singh, Recognized Contributor/Developer of XDA and the developer of this android app, proudly presenting you my new app Mashup Player This app is in beta stage, so you might get some crashes or other...
  50. H

    Thread Where are default brightness values stored? (Event 85)

    The purpose of this question is related to an intermittent problem that I experience on my Eonon with the Malaysk 444 rom, which results in the screen going blank. I suspect that it is "stuck" in auto brightness mode, and as a result some of the auto brightness values, for whatever reason, do...