1. ChromiumOS-Guy

    Thread SuperPatcherGSI Automated Script for patching the super partition (super.img)

    Hi everyone :) I have created an python script to automate patching of the super partition in A/B devices can be found here: ( important to mention that both Windows / Linux versions only work for 64-bit, I have attached how a full log of the...
  2. gfish35

    Thread Do ADB Shell only standalone OS exist?

    Hello all, I am really new to anything related to phone modding. I have a broken screen but have managed to recover all its data. The phone is neither able to display anything nor respond to touches. But now I would like to flash/boot a fresh OS that has only a terminal for writing scripts...
  3. G

    Thread Question How can I automatically mite phone when I'm at work?

    I'm been using iPhone for a while and there was a setting to automatically change to work mode when I was at work using the GPS. Is there any option to do that? I saw that you can set it depending on the time and an event in your calendar but not depending on the GPS.
  4. S

    Thread Patch boot image without using Magisk App

    Hello, I'm trying to patch my boot image without using Magisk App.(via PC) Is there any way to do this? This is because everytime I do security update every month, I have to: 1. Download factory image 2. Unzip and get boot.img 3. Put boot.img in my phone 4. Patch boot.img with Magisk App 5...
  5. B

    Thread Very Smart Text Message Automation App

    With so many SMS automation apps removed back when Google started to get more restrictive here, I was surprised to find a new app that does this with a twist. Here’s its description: CommuniqAI is a smart device automation tool for SMS text messages, calls and email that’ll help you stay in...
  6. lemniskett

    Thread [DEV] [SCRIPT] Android Kernel Actions - Easily Create an Environment and Build Android Kernels with GitHub Action

    Android Kernel Actions - Easily Create an Environment and Build Android Kernels With GitHub Action "GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows, now with world-class CI/CD. Build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub. Make code reviews, branch management, and...
  7. L

    Thread [APP][5+] Family Locator for WhatsApp #NEW

    Find My Phone app allows you to locate family members or your lost device from any device (Android, Apple, Laptops etc) through WhatsApp With the app you can create a message trigger that will send back the last location of your lost device back to you through WhatsApp and show you the...
  8. B

    Thread Removed

  9. B

    Thread [APP][5.1+] Gentlemen’s Assistant Beta 0.9 – Smart SMS, Calls and Email (with Promo Codes)

    Since we are beta testing our app, and to make certain we are on the right track, for the top 50 people that provide the most valuable and MEANINGFUL FEEDBACK to the short questions at Mod Edit: Link removed, we will happily be sending free upgrade promo codes! The app may be downloaded from...
  10. G

    Thread How to automate Android phone, with image recognition, not with an emulator and not connected constantly to a desktop?

    So not an autoclicker or record and repeat app, but a real automation software that can handle IF loops etc on the physical Android device. The device must not be connected with cabled or wireless to a desktop computer while executing the automation. For example: if this image/element exist on...
  11. plasmadan

    Thread DIN Rail Mount for Pi HATs

    I've developed a new Raspberry Pi HAT mounting board for home automation use. It's plug & play, DIN rail mountable and can be daisy chained without any special adaptors or ribbon cables. Here's an example using one of my development CTRL HAT boards with a Pi Zero. This is controlling a pair of...
  12. Abish4i

    Thread [Profile] Tasker clockwork alarm (Indian-Hindi)

    Since very long time the talking clock profile requires to get updated & Now I present to you Indian Version of talking clock with hindi speech recognition software Instruction to installation... (in case you don't no how to install) Simply try to import via App Or Try using file explorer...
  13. M

    Thread [APP] [ROOT] OnePlus Dark Mode Toggler (QS Tile, Auto-switch on Sunrise/Sunset, etc.)

    Hello XDA Community, This is my first post in the XDA OnePlus 7/Pro Forums! After many months of development, I'm finally ready to reveal my app to the world. I've already published the app to the Play Store and I highly recommend grabbing it from there, as it will ensure you get the latest...
  14. Webscratcher

    Thread Automatically boot phone (with a custom rom installed)

    Hello everyone, is there a way to bring the automatic boot functionality from OxygenOS to a custom rom system or would that have to be directly integrated into the rom itself?
  15. Brakiss

    Thread Install app into system

    Hello all, I've had a tasker automation for 4 years that is set to activate my tethering when connected to my car's Bluetooth. An Android 10 I cannot install the tether modification into the system, is there any work around to achieve that? Here is a link to the error I receive...
  16. lilphoenix

    Thread Tasker and Autoalarm

    Hello, On my previous smartphone, I used Tasker and Autoalarm to send my next alarm at my automation platform (Jeedom). Since I'm on MI9, Autoalarm & Tasker, send me wrong values. I well disable "Reliable Alarms". But Autoalarm see next alarm at each hour, I've only one alarm at 07h10 am...
  17. M

    Thread Use voice/button to open a specific page on several Android/ChromeOS devices?

    Hey forum members, I have a question about the use of the Google Assistant to control multiple devices. For my job, I create content for social media. I would like to showcase how this content is displayed on devices with different screen sizes. I'm going to buy one android phone, one android...
  18. H

    Thread Any way to prevent LDAC bitrate from resetting after reboot?

    Is there a way to keep the LDAC bitrate setting after a reboot. Would Tasker or any other automation apps have a function for this? Rooted device running LineageOS Thanks!
  19. J

    Thread How to connect to a brand new WiFi network

    Im using Autobarcode plugin and a WiFi connecting QR code (generated in Then i managed to create a task that scan the code and obtain SSID and password into two separate variables. I want to use this variables for two things: store to create a record and for conect to that network...
  20. Z

    Thread [Help]Anyone else have trouble with Google Home?

    So I got a Google Home and and apparently there are some issues. Whenever I try to add a device to it, after the add account screen saying accounts linked, it never shows up on my device list. I've managed to narrow it down to being an issue with my phone, because when I add it via a different...
  21. L

    Thread Simple automation app like Smart Phone Lite

    Is there any app that can inherit Smart Phone Lite, which was abandoned by its developer years ago? This means: Free (or at least freemium) Simple, not a bloatware Has no extra plugins/add-ons to install "Once a profile no longer applies, the previous settings get restored." which spares the...
  22. rage77

    Thread Is there a way to set phone volume to 0 in Ring mode using Tasker? (Automated silent)

    Does anyone know if there's any way around the silent mode thing using Tasker? I know it's linked to the slider but I want to automate it. I have a profile in Tasker that is supposed to set the phone to silent mode when I have a meeting scheduled. It works fine, has always done, until I got the...
  23. LS.xD

    Thread Shortcut for clearing app data

    Hey folks, I'd like to create any kind of shortcut or automation, that allows me to clear a specific app's data with just a single click. I'm tired of navigating to the settings menu for doing so. I've already searched (google) for some valid solution, but was unable to find some satisfacting...
  24. termen

    Thread Tasker or another automate app working?

    Hi, I tried to find root cause, but unfortunately without success. Is there anybody, who using Tasker or another application for automatization of your phone without any issues? My issue is, Tasker is still "delayed" - but same rules I used before on LG G3 (Android 6.0) - but now on P9...
  25. K0media

    Thread [Completed] A way to push links or media from Pushbullet directly to WhatsApp/Telegram?

    Hello there. I'm wondering if it's possible to push links or media directly from Windows Desktop into groups or broadcasts on WhatsApp. Do I need an app like Tasker to do that? Is it even possible? :confused: E.g.: I push a link from any page via Chrome's context menu (on desktop), then it...
  26. MishaalRahman

    Thread [GUIDES] Various How-To Tasker Profiles from the Community

    Shout-outs to reddit's /r/tasker for these. I will be linking to threads and providing a brief description of each for you to try out. Each of these threads provides instructions on how to implement them as well as XML files for you to import. In case these files become unavailable, I will be...
  27. O

    Thread Best automation frameworks.

    Hey, I'm wondering, which framework would be best for testing automation. Automated tests would be written mainly by QA's, so it would be best if framework used natural-like language or python scripts. Any ideas?
  28. C

    Thread What is the apk for handling clear view cover?

    I want to automate something using tasker and I would like to hibernate(greenify) clear view apk during the process so that the action can be done. Could anyone please tell me which is the apk for handling galaxy s6 clear view cover?
  29. D

    Thread Delete me

    Please delete me
  30. M

    Thread [Q] Bot which can play games like flappy bird

    I want a bot which can play games like flappy bird. I want that bot to detect pillars and the bird and search the safest path to follow without getting it killed. Oh, and an option to stop at a certain level will be great. Much like in this video
  31. wakdev

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Droid Automation : Automate your device

    Hi there, I would like to introduce my new app : Droid Automation. This app allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive. User friendly and easy to use, It's will make your life easier ^^ Create your profile, add your tasks and select your triggers. That's it ...
  32. ascsa

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Aauuto - Awesome and ultra useful tool for device automation ;)

    Do you want to automate your Android device? But all the tools you tried are complex, confusing or simply do not work reliable .... Do you want to save some battery via device automation? But having a background service for event catching running all the time does not make sense for you ...
  33. ballzak

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Automate - automatic tasks

    Automate various tasks on your smartphone or tablet. Create your automations with flowscharts. Toggle settings like Wi-Fi or perform actions like sending e-mail, based on your location, the time of day or any other event. Automate even support plug-in apps made for Tasker and Locale. Free...
  34. ReSkid

    Thread Your Favorite Android Automation Techniques and Articles?

    Hello, We all are aware of the mighty Tasker and everyone of us like Automation. So am trying to discover new ways to Automate Android. Would be great if you all would share your favorite tutorials or articles that you used to automate your Android. It doesn't have to be about Tasker, it can...
  35. F

    Thread [Q] line call recorder

    Hi, I'm looking for a call recorder that records the line itself, and not tries to record the call through the mic (which usually results in poor quality and low volume). I know the SGS5 has this feature built in, but I want an app that starts the recording automatically, maybe for selected...
  36. tarvoke

    Thread [HOW TO] Plex and super-automation of tv torrents

    (NB: I started messing with plex thanks to Luxferro and some others on here. you know who you are. you know what you did!!!) this is not exactly firetv related, but it sure simplified my tv-life a lot, and while none of it was difficult to figure out, a lot of the documentation was outdated...
  37. D

    Thread Tasker Help [In-App Voice Control]

    BTW before I get yelled at lol. My provider is Fido/Rogers but phone is originally koodo/telus which is why i post here. Ok so ive been working with tasker a lot lately. The one thing im not able to figure out though is in app voice controls. Ie. Telling it to scroll up or down, zoom in/out...
  38. Muzikant

    Thread [GUIDE] AutomateIt Plug-in Development

    Prerequisite Don't know what is AutomateIt ? Read more on this thread. What is AutomateIt Plugin ? Plugins are applications that by installing them, you add new actions and triggers that you can use within AutomateIt. Sounds easy, right ? Each plugin can provide additional triggers and actions...
  39. F

    Thread [Q] Can I make a .img of the /userdata partition?

    I'm currently working on setting up a number of 2013 N7 LTEs (in the several hundred range, with possibly more to follow) with a specific set of apps. I'd really like to reduce the actual human interaction involved to a minimum (USB debugging activation at the start if possible) so I've been...
  40. NemesisRE

    Thread [TOOL/SCRIPT] Dinner - An easier way to build roms

    Android Dinner ...if you have no time to breakfast, brunch or lunch. What is Dinner? Dinner is a build script for comfortable and automated building of Android Roms. More or less it's a wrapper for breakfast, repo sync and brunch... But Dinner is more than that. It uses configs to...
  41. G

    Thread [Q] Use wallmounted N7 as ip cam, but can't make it work w/o displaying cam

    Hi, So, I have wall mounted an original Nexus 7. It have it running some cool wall mount apps, and I am doing some home automation with it. I would love to be able to use the camera on it as a webcam, and I have found a few apps that would let me do it (IP Webcam, IP Camviewer, Wifi Camera)...
  42. F

    Thread [APP][4.0+] SwiP - Switch profiles intelligently 0.2.7 [Beta]

    Hello there guys! After some hard work we've finally reached a state where we'd really appreciate some reviews, publicity and feedback for our project. Most of all some feedback would be nice as we don't actually have a wide range of devices to test on. Basically what we wanted to do is to...
  43. Enddo

    Thread [Q] can tasker be automated to turn off location completely?

    is it possible to get tasker to automatically turn on GPS when when screen is on, and turn off GPS when the screen is off(or the device is locked) i tried for about 2 hours yesterday and ended up giving up :( the most i could get it to do is just toggle the location settings
  44. P

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Condi (previously Mini Tasker)

    This is the official thread for the Condi app. Please post your feedback here and I'll do my best to reply. Condi (was previously listed as Mini Tasker but pent asked us to change the name) is an automation tool for Android 4.0 or higher. It's completely free. It's our first attempt at android...
  45. justmalhar

    Thread Automation with Tasker and Tasker Plugins

    Tasker is an app that allows us to automate things on out phone like automatically start or turn off WiFi based by location, Increase brightness while using apps like YouTube or MX Player etc. So lets share how we use Tasker and how can we improve our use with Tasker. There are preety cool...
  46. O

    Thread [GUIDE] NFC-AAAC (NFC Assisted App Access and Control)

    NFC-AAAC or NFC Assisted App Access and Control Pretext: I have 2 children under the age of 3, all of their content (audio/video) is digital accessed. This created a disconnection for them, as they are not able to play /change the content unless my wife or I change it for them. I know there is...
  47. M

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Bluetooth Car Mode Starter

    Bluetooth Car Mode Starter is a simple application that allows you to start car mode when your device is connected to a Bluetooth device. Similarly, car mode is disabled when that device disconnects. Screenshots: Compatibility: Tested on the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500), should work on all devices...
  48. D

    Thread [Q] weebo compatibility?

    was checking out weebo from the avatar thread under o-dev. just curious if it's only compatible with that rom or other cm based 4.2.2 roms or if it should function just as well on sense as well?
  49. osm0sis

    Thread [TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis' Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms]

    osm0sis' Odds and Ends -- Misc./Batch Tools, Flashable Zips, Scripts, etc. General Information In a nutshell, I just wanted a single thread to gather links to some of my other, larger projects, but also serve as a spot I could put some smaller scripts and zips I've created that I don't think...
  50. T

    Thread Microsoft on{x} help, recipes & discussion

    This thread is a place to discuss the new Microsoft on{x} app. Main goal is to share recipes and help each other learn how to use and create scripts. Microsoft has released a new app for Android (only:D) that allows us to set triggers to initiate actions. The app seems very similar to Tasker...