1. stifilz

    Thread Sim Unlock - Honestly FREE

    Hi all. IMPORTANT S7 T-Mobile and S8 T-Mobile are Qualcomm based and MY METHOD DOES NOT WORK. I WILL UPDATE WHEN/IF IT DOES :) UPDATE 27.01.2018 MAGISK........ I am having trouble unlocking on phones with Magisk installed for ROOT Nothing against Magisk, I personally use and love it. Feel free...
  2. C

    Thread ZTE Blade V7 / Unbrick / ROOT / JAQ_ROM / XPOSED

    Here all files for unbrick and root ! feel free to use thx goes to Jan Bra User from | | an myself ckrypt0r aka Joel Jaquet
  3. fitchpuckman

    Thread Google Pixel/XL Shipping Status Discussion

    Kicking this off, because we all know we're going to be crazy-obsessive about every fractal second of the pre-order/processing/shipping/delivery process. Might as well put it all in one place... Stats: Device: Pixel Color: Quite Black Size: 32GB Order Date: 10/4 Shipping Status: Pre-Order...
  4. J

    Thread [APP][4.0+] LoopWall - set your wallpaper as looping gif! (Add your own gif!)

    LoopWall offers lots of different and unique cinemagraphs and looping gifs which can be set as live wallpaper. Select from many categories to update your screen now! Try it now! Features: Option to add your own gifs Many unique...
  5. G

    Thread 100s of Themes Now Available, the Newest and Best just need a test!

    Hey guys just need a tester to verify for me that my Theme Park or the individual themes I've ported work for the Note4 as well. Theres over a 100 to choose from: You must have S6 Apps or be using an "S6 Ported" ROM to have really good results otherwise results may very as to how well or full...
  6. Neo

    Thread [ROM][5.1][SENSE-7](¯`'•ADRENALINE-2.3•'´¯)[10/08/15][LOLLIPOP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, permanent VoLTE loss, * or you getting fired because your alarm app failed. Please do * some research if you have any concerns about features in this * ROM prior to flashing it! You alone are choosing to make these *...
  7. M

    Thread Collection of wow! - the most awesome apps and tips for android wear!

    With the apple watch release, comes the hoards of apple enthusiasts taking the crap out of android wear products! I am looking to create a collection of the best and most AWESOME apps and tips for android wear to blow the mind of others and demonstrate how much more amazing android wear is than...
  8. M

    Thread [Q] What are the most AWESOME and AMAZING apps in your opinion?

    What are your favourite apps for android wear, not talking the usual ones everyone knows about... Share the unique and exciting ones you have discovered yourself! Love to hear about some more apps to show off my watch and how awesome it can be!
  9. iharryghuman

    Thread [AWESOMENESS] [THEME] [CM12 THEME ENGINE] Day N Night Theme

    Hello Note: It only works in ROMs with CM12 theme engine. This theme gives is a strong and colorful look to your smartphone. Its called Day N Night theme bcoz when you open settings its bg is white..but if u go further in settings its dark .. i.e. both light and dark theme in one ;) see:- :p...
  10. H

    Thread Best of Unicode Characters/Symbols

    Post your (best) Unicode Characters here ;) Here are some: ? ? ? ALT CODES: ☺☻♥♦♣♠◘○•☺0◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼▼ X!#"$%& etc. I will also post 67 340 more Unicode Characters later on. They look awesome. Take Unicorn Characters from everywhere you know, if you want. (Instagram/Skype/etc.) And...
  11. Neo

    Thread [ROM] [5.0.1][SENSE-7](¯`'•ADRENALINE-2.4 (Port Final)•'´¯)[05/01/15][LOLLIPOP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * or you getting fired because your alarm app failed. Please do * some research if you have any concerns about features in this * ROM prior to flashing it! You alone are choosing to make these *...
  12. iharryghuman

    Thread --New Theme-- [Theme] [CM12 Theme Engine] Ora-Blue Theme

    Hello Made This theme free on playstore ( changes will take effect in few hours ) :) ;) This theme is exclusively compatible with latest CM12 Theme Engine The theme contains: - Eleven Music Player - Widget - Filemanager - Wallpapers - Slim Font - Modded Bootanimation - Settings - Calculator -...
  13. iharryghuman

    Thread ~~New Theme~~ [THEME] [CM12 Theme Engine] Purp'L Theme

    Hello Its Free NOW :) This theme is exclusively compatible with latest CM12 Theme Engine The theme contains: - Semi-Transparent Notification Bar - Eleven Music Player - Widget - Filemanager - Wallpapers - Slim Font - Modded Bootanimation - Settings - Calculator - Browser - Documents -...
  14. iharryghuman

    Thread ~~New Theme~~ [THEME] [CM THEME ENGINE] Darkness Redefined

    Hello A new FREE theme Requirements - This theme is exclusively compatible with latest CM12 Theme Engine The theme contains: - Wallpapers - Slim Font - SystemUI - Framework - Audio recorder - Equalizer - Music player - Settings - CM file manager - Google keep - Calculator - Browser - Documents...
  15. alonsoch

    Thread [Theme]#Globe CM11 [New, Minimal, Clean]

    #Globe Globe is designed for make your phone awesome and different! Pictures [SIZE="6"]Downloads
  16. B

    Thread [Share] Very stable 5.0 Port for all Find7 variants!

    Good news everyone! The superfantasticawesome Nameless ROM dev team currently has a very solid 5.0 port currently open for testing! You can find it at . Be sure to say thank you to them, and give them the feedback they...
  17. I

    Thread [Game] Agent Awesome

    NJpHlTbCizo Awesomeness is about to knock your door and you will experience the best videogame in the observable universe. November 20th is the awesome date! Get ready for: 12 levels of PURE AWESOMENESS. EXPLOSIONS, BULLETS, ACTION, MURDER AND KOALAS ! Deep TACTICAL GAMEPLAY. Kill everyone...or...
  18. P

    Thread Awesome Smartphone Lifhacks

    Turn your Smartphone into Awesome Beast! checkout this cool video which shows you how to use your smartphone with tripod. How to use mobile as a mouse and a keyboard. How to make a tripod for smartphones. How to Control your PC Remotely with your Android Smartphone Watch Videos Comfortably...
  19. sriss

    Thread Note-4 or Note-4 Edge ????

    Samsung just unveiled the galaxy note 4 and the note 4 edge !!!! Specs: GENERAL= 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network= HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 4G Network= LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 SIM =Micro-SIM BODY Dimensions 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm (6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 in)...
  20. samueldewit

    Thread [SHARE] Bootanimation Collection (QMG-files)

    Dear Mega users, Recently I found a great thread with a huge list of working bootanimations. The original thread can be found here: Original Bootanimation Thread Big thanks to KachowPow for the collection. Give the thread a thanks if it helped!
  21. D

    Thread [CM11S][K2O] CyanogenMod 11S Optimized

    Info: This is CM11 M8 + OnePlusOne firmware additions to reflect it as CM11S for the Nexus 5 and ive added K2 Optimizations! Features: - CM11s Base - HDR Fixed - Snappy K2 Optimizations Screenshots: CM11s UI: CM11s Benchmarks: CM11s K2...
  22. D

    Thread [SCRIPT] Quick Boost v1.2 ~ On the fly performance boosts!

    Quick Boost Features Instructions Source-code Credits Enjoy :)
  23. rompnit

    Thread [ROM][MOAR][NE5] v2.2 / The Next Level / Wicked Sick / Endless Customization[11.9.14]

    … Proudly Presents … [M]other [O]f [A]ll [R]oms ..aka.. MOAR Take control of your phone Huge Thanks tdunham and CNexus for their Contributions Under the Hood Based on NE5 firmware // Knox free Mod Control with a ton of different mods! // See list below On the fly theming // Choose...
  24. taichiswag

    Thread [UPDATED][NEW] Xperia Walkman App 8.3.A.0.2 for all 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 tested!

    New Walkman App 8.3.A.0.2 :fingers-crossed: Screenshots: Instruction: 1. Flash this zip via any recovery CWM/TWRP. link: 2. Turn on your cell normally then install this apk as normal. link...
  25. xpirt

    Thread [ROM][29.07] Team Venom presents: ViperSV 1.6.0 - welcome to the future

    xpirt | m0narx | ivicask .. .. XDA:DevDB Information [ROM][29.07] Team Venom presents: ViperSV 1.6.0 - welcome to the future , ROM for the HTC One SV Contributors xpirt, m0narx, ivicask ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean ROM Kernel: Linux...
  26. MrKalach

    Thread [FREE][LiveWallpaper] Very Simple Live Wallpaper

    Very Simple Live Wallpaper Play market link: Very Simple Live Wallpaper This is very simple and very beautiful live wallpaper that makes you feel relaxed! How to use: * Long press home-screen -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper -> Very Simple Live Wallpaper OR * Home screen -> Menu -> Wallpaper...
  27. G


    gogolie's gDux v1.1.1 Change Log (This is basically redone from the ground up a completely different ROM!) Fixed as many issues as I could find from the 1st release... including Camera (on old slim versions), Restart issues when using benchmarking app, RomControl, doubles of apps and apps that...
  28. Jawor245

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][AOSP] PolishBlood Discontinued

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Features: -Pure AOSP like in Nexus line. -Modified partition board. -Lightweight Instruction: 1. Flash kernel from zip or any other jb kernel. 2. If you use kernel...
  29. hexitnow

    Thread [TOOLKIT] Shield Root and More! [Shield RAM V1.1]

    Shield RAM V1.1 <<< Shield Root and More >>> I'm happy to present my first release. FEATURES: ◄Unlock Bootloader► ◄Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery/Stock Recovery► ◄Root► ◄Debloat System► ◄After all it's a gaming console, who needs calendar's and...
  30. DesertHawk

    Thread [ROM] [MIUI] MIUI V5 - DLX - 4.1.24_47

    MOD EDIT: OP wishes to make it known that this ROM is no longer supported due to the fact that he does not own this device anymore. The ROM, as it is, still works and can be used if one wishes, there will merely be no more updates due to the fact stated above. Features - MIUI V5 based off...
  31. D

    Thread [Q] mods for signal strength of wifi and cell

    so im just wondering if and one has ever moded the signal bars for the wifi signal or cellular... more than just the numerical db meter more like what we have for clocks and battery. i know in some you can change the color like in carbon rom and others. just curious as im not a coder and have no...
  32. D

    Thread [REVIEW][README] I-Blason Armor Box SUCKS

    Hello guys, i just recived my I-Blason Armor Box about an Hour ago and its amazing!, Their havent been any reviews on it so far that are clear so i will make one now, :) I wanna start of with features, now these are some ive added: - Fully protected Nexus 5 - Sexy Look (if u choose it in...
  33. mocool05

    Thread Xperia Play Interchangeable Back Covers: DIY EPICNESS

    I hate stock. I hate being restricted and as exactly the same as everyone else. That's why I chose Android. And the Xperia PLAY. Recently, I purchased an awesome clear case that I adore. Its much more durable than most that I've tried. also the longest lasting. A few days ago, It occurred to me...
  34. D

    Thread [Q] Setup for a New Comer!

    Hey guys, i just wanna ask for a good rom, i want a rom with Good Battery Life, Better performance than stock also a good Kernel for all this, ive searched and so far majority of people ive seen run P.A and Franco's Kernel, however P.A is on 4.3 and i would love to hop in with 4.4 :), also it...
  35. cooluday

    Thread [Funny]_I-Phone vs Android boot animation_by_ud@y_

    Hello all:laugh: I have brought you a very new boot animation:good: It is really Very cool...try and give your views: Steps: 1) Reboot phone to recovery, 2) choose install zip from sd card 3) choose...
  36. C00lBeanz

    Thread [Q] Cyanogemod themes?

    Anyone knows any super blue and flashy themes for Cyanogenmod that themes nearly everything? Right now i am using 5UBZ3R0 theme, it's awesome but not flashy enough for my tastes. I tried cobalt too, not flashy enough. I also tried Jellyblue X2, pretty flashy, but not enough. Also tried Extreme...
  37. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread A better FM app

    I wasn't very impressed with Sony's stock FM app, so I loaded up Spirit FM from a dev here on XDA. It works perfectly with or without root and offers quite a few new options. I'm very pleased overall with how nicely Sony plays with FM. It was a feature I missed dearly on US Samsung devices...
  38. sepiroth887

    Thread [APP] Enhanced notifications aka ATN Manager <[v1.2.3.1_pre] NO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT>

    [APP] Enhanced notifications aka ATN Manager <[v1.2.3.1_pre] NO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT> LATEST VERSION: v1.2.3.1_pre Installation: I stopped developing and distributing this app due to the latest Gear firmware release which brings full notifications to all apps. This is far superior to the ATN...
  39. ktempleton

    Thread [ROM][Official]DirtyUnicorns,4.4.2 [version 6.0],Galaxy S Blaze 4G, 2/27/14

    Dirty Unicorns (DU) is a custom ROM originally based off AOKP but now OMNI-ROM, brings you a great mix of stability and customization. The idea to start a ROM like this was purely out of boredom but later turned into a form of an addiction, a good one. We began to have fun while still doing...
  40. igotlostintampa

    Thread From Sprint Evo LTE to the Tmobile S4!

    Hey guys, I made the decision to jump ship on my contract for an s4 and..well, you know, some places at least. Sprint said Hey, your phone is melting because of our update :D have fun for a year. SO, i paid them out and bought the awesome phone this section of XDA is devoted to on...
  41. Cl3Kener

    Thread [ROM][4.3.1] ReVolt | LINARO 4.8 | AWESOME Kernel | Unofficial

    Features Built from ReVolt Sources | Based on Android 4.3 JellyBean Revolt Sources include parts of every ROM. The best way I can describe it is PA based with parts of CM, AOKP, and more! (It kind of reminds me of Bam but it has a CARBON Fiber-like menu) ROM Control Features (from AOKP)...
  42. xpirt

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM] InsertCoin 2.2-0 | Stable | Mods | Performance | SVN [31/03/2014]

    Requirements #include /* * Unlocked Phone @ HTCDEV or S-OFF * Custom Recovery * Common Sense, Brains and logic */ License Agreement By downloading and flashing InsertCoin ROM for HTC Desire X (protou) you agree to the following: Your warranty is now void. I am NOT responsible for bricked...
  43. MasterAwesome

    Thread [ROM]Safari for Canvas 4(A210)

    Safari, Its a true adventure What's up folks! Thats right I've come up with my new rom for our beloved canvas 4 Here are the features: Based on Android 4.2.1 S4 TouchWizard Launcher S4 Task Manager S4 Wallpapers S4 Music S4 Widgets S4 AccuWeather Samsung Bootanimation S4 Fonts S4 Battery...
  44. DesertHawk

    Thread [Note III] Full Note III Thread - S-Note TIME!

    Dear Respected XDA users, I am happy to open the one and only Galaxy Note III thread. I know y'all excited posting wallpapers and stuff but I am making this thread for applications, wallpapers and more misc from the Note III. Thread index - Post 1 : Introduction Post 2 : Applications Post 3...
  45. doga.ozkaraca


    I started patching touchwiz rom with miui for more stable rom..And i will join miui contest with some chance :) I will post all things here. It's still Alpha. MIUI CONTEST CALENDAR EDIT : TIME EXTENDED !!! Port:Aug.1—Sep.15, 2013* Contestants port MIUI ROM in compliance with the rules...
  46. ElectroPug

    Thread [DEVELOPMENT]Ubuntu Touch

    (8.4.14) Alright, this is the current status: - The script was removed due to outdated / non-existant files and links. - I'm trying to get this project done, but could seriously need some developer's help because our device is not officially supported by CM which makes things even more...
  47. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread 20% off at Office Max

    Found a link to a 20% off coupon for Office Max. I used one a few weeks ago exactly like this to get a price match at Office Depot, since it's closer to me. That how I got my 32GB Nexus 7 2013 for just over $200. Tablets and ereaders are specifically included on this coupon, so go nuts. Office...
  48. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread 80% off sale at XtremeGuard

    Ok, so there is a 25% off sale going on, but you can apply coupon code XtremeSALE to get another 80% off. I just picked up a pair of Note 2 screen protectors for $2 shipped to my front door. Oh yea, did I mention shipping is free? Because shipping is free.
  49. nolinuxnoparty

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2] MoKee Open Source [DEV][15-08-2013][UNOFFICIAL]

    This ROM is based on CM 10.1 and made from MoKee Open Source About MoKee Open Source Mfunz/Mokee os Official page Developers Statistics: Github: code tracking...
  50. CrashTestDroid

    Thread [ROM][JellyBean][4.3.1] Unofficial BeanStalk - thread closed.

    Future Beanstalk builds for jflte will be here. I will not monitor this thread any further.