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  1. T

    Thread Question How do I make a full system backup?

    How do I make a full system backup including the currently installed firmware version? I would like to do this before I root the device. I have Global C61 and can’t find a full installer for reinstall of anything newer than C48. Thanks
  2. Not Luigy

    Thread Question Mi cloud

    Hello,yesterday i accidently deleted a bakcup from my mi cloud.It was from a previous phone i had with a few photos,there is no way i can recover them right?
  3. B

    Thread S20+ backup and modify

    hey guys I’m relatively new to this phone hacking but I managed to remove a work profile that had locked admin writes on an ipad running ios 15. It used a program called Icopybot. It seemed pretty simple, take a full back up of the iPad, modify the backup by removing the user profile, then...
  4. CitizenStile

    Thread Question Full backup before unlock bootloader without root?

    Is there a way that I can do a full backup of all apps (including work profile) prior to unlocking the bootloader and the subsiquent factory reset? I've done an ADB backup, but from what I've been reading it likely did not backup all apps. Some of the apps that I've looked at are: Helium -...
  5. Kryss.4y

    Thread Backing up and recovering Whatsapp data from 2 devices?

    So it's a long story short but my main phone (Mi Poco X3 pro) bricked about a month back and my dumbass had only backed up my Whatsapp data until Jan or so. So I switched to my backup phone (a galaxy grand prime) for the time being which is unbearably slow and when I tried to recover my backup...
  6. D

    Thread Question Question-Help || Backup phone to pc for downgrade

    Hello all! Hope that's the right place to post that question i want to downgrade my phone from android 12 to android 11 (Asus rog phone 5) because it's very unstable. i read on the google site that the google auto-backup doesn't support downgrading, so i need a recommendation for software from...
  7. T

    Thread Alternative for Titanium Backup on Android 11?

    Hi, I'm looking for an app with which I can have what I have with Titanium Backup (unfortunately works suboptimal on Android 11), so not only the backup function, but also "freezing" / disabling certain apps, even system apps like Gmail & Co. In Swift Backup FAQ I read: "Can I use the app...
  8. Nate2

    Thread What happened to "App backup and restore" app?

    Anyone know what happened to the popular "App backup and restore" by Trustlook [Apps | Security Labs] in the Google Play Store? It quit working in 2/22, v6.8.9 Was working in v6.8.3, IIRC. (App may have been mobi.infolife.appbackup years ago]
  9. E

    Thread Backup apps for 1+ 8

    I have to do a backup of my phone as it has developed a charging fault. It is not rooted. What is the best option to save all data on the phone? I have a huge audio collection on it what I want to retain including playlists. Is using phone clone my best option or is Google drive a safer bet? The...
  10. Y

    Thread Can I backup & restore including appdata with TWRP?

    In the past I've always backed up my complete ROM incl. appdata with twrp. I didn't have to competely setup my device if flashing went wrong and reverted to stock. I had some bad luck flashing roms because the A/B slots are new to me. I now have my bootloader unlocked and everything setup on...
  11. B

    Thread TWRP - Backup successfully, but with errors in the log

    Hi, it's the first time I use TWRP to make a backup of the rom before changing it, the backup was done correctly but I get red errors in the log file. TWRP 3.3.1 unofficial Zenfone 5 ZE620KL I start the system backup, selecting everything except the section: "Data (archive excluded) 0MB" (fails...
  12. J

    Thread Create a backup, root phone and unlock bootloader, restore the backup?

    Hi, I would like to root my phone with Magisk, however I know that I'll have to unlock the bootloader. When unlocking the bootloader, all my data is wiped, so it's obvious to create a backup first. How should I create a backup? I would like to make it so that I can easily restore the backup, and...
  13. A

    Thread Lost All Data. Any Way To Recover ?

    Hello All, Recently i applied local update on my one plus 8t and it wiped all my data everything is lost. Backup to drive and oneplus cloud was also NOT turned ON. Any way to recover files ? I already tried Wondershare and few other applications but none of them worked. One of my friend...
  14. Paras Lehana

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Device Settings Menu | Part V - Account, Accessibility, Management, Developer

    Device Settings Menu Guide, Tips & Discussions Part 5 - Cloud and accounts, Google, Accessibility, General management, Software update, User manual, About phone, Developer options If you're new to this series or want to see the index, please read the Introductory Post first. Accounts and...
  15. T

    Thread ("Solved") Ideas on recovering files from bricked locked cepheus global after OTA update to stock 12.5?

    Hi, guys, I have problem with my phone: MI 9 cepheus global Locked bootloader No xiaomi account ever connected to the phone In a boot loop after OTA update from stock 12.0.5 to stock 12.5.1 adb sideload update failes every time I know that I can flash the phone via EDL or wipe the data and adb...
  16. tenqucha

    Thread A Mistake in Using WA

    Hey there, folks! Some years ago, back in the high school I'm starting to using WA again. Back then I was using it for anything, personal chat, school related chat, selling things, etc. Then when going to the college I'm starting to realize the needs to differ between personal life and...
  17. G

    Thread Restore Whatsapp from msgstore.db

    I tried to backup/extract my whatsapp database using this tutorial. The extraction also worked, however the restoring afterwards failed and now I have an empty whatsapp, a decrypted whatsapp chat and lost all information of the last 7 years. Is there any way of restoring whatsapp fron the...
  18. Oshim

    Thread TWRP Nandroid Backup and Restore with or without Root Status

    Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to Rooting and Flashing. Recently I rooted my Samsung Galaxy M20 device with Magisk after flashing TWRP Recovery with Odin. Now I want to take a nandroid backup (full rom backup along with all system settings and apps data). 1. On Backup menu of TWRP...
  19. Cyqo_3

    Thread My Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T715) is stuck in LineageOS Recovery Mode

    I am pretty new to this rooting stuff but i wanted to try few things on my old tablet. This is what i have done so far: I went developer mode, after too much research i found out I wouldnt need to activate OEM bc its auto activated, then i installed cf autoroot with odin in download mode if i...
  20. V

    Thread Help with backing up/restoring apps + app data

    Hello, I've been searching endlessly for countless days now, I want to restore my app + app data from my Huawei Y9 Prime (unrootable), to my Moto G Stylus 5G (rooted). I attempted abd backup, but upon restoring it on my new rooted device, it installed/restored absolutely 0 apps, and of course no...
  21. S

    Thread Sprint A10 G8X QFIL Dumps

    hello ppl, actually i got all the Android 10 Sprint fw backed up with QFIL (DUMPS), i want to help people with bricked phones or whatever they want to do with their phones, i will share the link tomorrow BUT, i want to preserve my personal info safe, like userdata, IMEI, wifi MAC adress...
  22. A

    Thread Question Backup and transfer Data and Wifi/BT Settings

    Hello, since Titanium Backup which I used for years seems to not work anymore, I am now looking for any other possibilities to transfer my apps+app data and also some system settings like wifi passwords/APN data, BT connections and such. With TB this was always well working for me. What I have...
  23. J

    Thread Why didn't my apps install on my new U11+ ?

    I just bought a U11+ as an upgrade to my U11 and am configuring it, which is taking longer than I expected because neither of the two backups I did (htc's and Backup Your Mobile) installed most of the apps (or their data). Also, I've had two System updates in the last two days. I got my custom...
  24. K

    Thread Question Need help urgently, can't restore backup

    Please help anyone. I was using old version of MIUI on Redmi 5A. I did backup from setting then I copied to my PC and installed new MiUI fastboot ROM after unlocking but now when I'm trying to restore, everything is getting restored except Apps and it's data. I really need those apps because it...
  25. A

    Thread Best way to back up non root

    I have plans to go back to a locked bootloader once Android 12 is final. I have an older Pixel 2 XL and I was wondering if it would be possible to copy all apps data and settings to the older pixel then restore them back to the 5 after the bootloader relocking. I was originally going to do the...
  26. M

    Thread Going from Stock Android 8 --> Android 6 + Transferring all app existing data

    I'm currently on the stock Android 8 ROM. I'm planning to go back to the Android 6 ROM. Does anyone know whether there is still a method to achieve this? Is there a way for me to backup all apps + their data and restore everything in the new ROM? Not sure whether I need to be rooted before a...
  27. P

    Thread TWRP restore not working

    I've replaced my broken phone (with the same model as the previous one), reinstalled TWRP on it, and now I want to restore my last backup. However, it is not working. I have the following files on the SD card in the TWRP/BACKUPS directory: . └── ZY22C3QCR5 └──...
  28. mkanet

    Thread Looking for light-weight app to backup/restore an app's "appdata"

    I have a couple of apps that take a very long time to configure; unfortunately, they don't have any ways to backup their settings. The same holds true for saving game progress. I'm looking for an app that allows me to backup/restore any app's "appdata" either on the same Android device or...
  29. Samg381

    Thread Full system image backup?

    I cracked my Pixel 4XL, and have a brand new replacement beside it. I'd like to completely clone the damaged one to the new one, preserving root, all personal files, settings, applications - everything. Ideally in one single file. Is there a way to accomplish this? I remember some sort of...
  30. Y

    Thread Moving to Android 10 Moto from Android 11 Pixel3?

    Hi, I was just reading that you cannot restore a backup from a newer version of Android to an older version of Android. I just got the Motorola One 5G Ace and I'm about to activate it. My old phone is a pixel 3 which already has Android 11. My Motorola came with Android 10. Has anyone had any...
  31. A

    Thread Lumia 1020 32\64gb all Backup

    Lumia 1020 32gb [/spoiler] Lumia 1020 64gb [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  32. B

    Thread Can I recover from a total backup with Titanium Backup without Root?

    I was looking at doing a complete backup. (I already have a backup but not like a 'full' one that I can do whilst rooted.) However I'm not sure if it is worth my time, as I have my phone numbers, pictures, passwords, 2FA keys etc, already backed up. If I were to unfortunately completely break...
  33. M

    Thread Missing back-up/phone locked/weird sd-card behaviour

    Hi together, just as a disclaimer, I don't really have knowledge in this field (custom roms etc), but I'm willing to learn and understand what is going on. I have the Moto G5 as my daily phone with the unofficial lineage 17 from the xda-forum. It's not rooted. Now i saw that the g5 got...
  34. D

    Thread .backup file

    Hello, So my phone was stuck in bootloop and thus, I created a backup in my SD card. The files are shown as 13 files of 2GB size each with an extension ".backup" Anyone has any idea on how to combine these files and access the data inside on PC. The data is very important. Thank you!
  35. D

    Thread Moto E4 plus restart loop

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this platform, hope you guys will bear with my limited knowledge and help me out. So, I have a Moto E4 plus device which was working fine, until one day, I used up its entire battery and it switched off. I took it and put it on charging, not knowing what was about to...
  36. A

    Thread Backup stock revovery before installing custom recovery

    Hi all. I have a couple of SM-T813 tablets with Nougat stock firmware. I want to install Lineage OS on these devices. According to official installation instructions ( I have to write a custom recovery using heimdal. I know that with a...
  37. Andrei the Android Guy

    Thread How do I extract an archive backup on Windows directly to Android?

    I made a backup of my internal storage using this: adb exec-out 'tar --create --exclude=data/media/0/TWRP \ data/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt | \ gzip' | \ dd of=sdcardbakup-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz && \ adb shell cat /backup-errors.txt I did it this way because I want FOLDERS and FILES to...
  38. KLoNe1

    Thread Google Backup - No Backups Found (BUT THERE IS!!!)

    Hi guys, Getting really frustrated here!! Have owned a Huawei Mate 20 for awhile now and recently wanted to do a backup & restore. Made sure I backed up via Google Backup and verified on Google Drive. Went to restore this morning and it says: NO BACKUPS FOUND. When I go into my Google Drive...
  39. yui1337

    Thread could not restore backup with samsung account

    Hello, I'm trying to restore my backed up data after a factory reset, it restored everything successfully except all backed up apps and the documents. When it attempts to restore those, it gives me an error "Could not restore data. Please try again later.". Does anyone know anything about this...
  40. superbry

    Thread HUAWEI Y6II LYO-L21 Root and Backup

    Hi guys, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to rooting and flashing custom ROM's (I've done it once following a tutorial with an old Samsung tablet I had lying around) and this time, I need to backup ALL the data I have in my personal phone: a HUAWEI Y6II compact LYO-L21. It's a phone I've been...
  41. M

    Thread Screen broken and no diaplay

    Hi Have honor 8 Pro. Screen broken and no display but phone is on only. Need to take backup. Adb don't show devices. Can't accept USB debugger External display via type also don't work. Mtp is not getting enabled when connect cable
  42. A

    Thread Back up an app and install on another device without losing data or settings

    is there an android app that allows you back up your app and then install your apps from one device to another without losing your settings and configurations? for example back up a game, install it in a new device and then open and run from the exact same place without having to log in again.
  43. H

    Thread problems with TWRP and continuous problems in partition data

    I have a lot of problems with TWRP, perhaps due to ignorance. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) ( And TWRP: 3.2.3-0 (I updated last version: 3.3.1-0) It gives me many errors when wanting to make a backup unabled to mount storage failed to mount...
  44. Gabriel1495

    Thread Unable to restore backup during configuration and cts check failed

    Hi, I have a Oneplus 6T A6013. Yesterday my phone had this state: bootloader u nlocked root installed with magisk a couple of magisk module installed latest stable stock rom (10.3.0) Then an OTA update (10.3.1) arrived to me and I installed as usual: OTA full download and installation...
  45. M

    Thread Backup for changing ROMS

    Hello everyone, If I want to flash different stock roms, changing CSC, etc. Keeping Knox at 0x0 Is there any way to backup everything in my phone? Things I want to back up: - All apps and app settings - Home screen configuration / App location / Homescreen folders - Lock screen...
  46. hercegyu

    Thread Restore wi-fi saved networks from google

    In all infos on phone it says that if you enable auto restore in Settings => System => Backup & Restore that it should restore saved wifi networks from google backup, but it dose not. Tryed also to toggle auto restore, but still no luck. Did anyone make that sync work?
  47. rzarectha

    Thread A2017g_b02_oreo_full_edl

    Hello, The Oreo update for the Global Axon 7 went live today. I have made a full EDL backup for it and uploaded it to MediaFire. Enjoy
  48. funem

    Thread Backup apps and games

    I have looked through the topics and online but cant find anyway to backup existing apps, games and general settings on the Shield TV without root. Normally I wouldn't worry about this but as Google have actually started to delete games entirely from the play store, and you cant even download...
  49. DenisEhm

    Thread Alternative to Samsung Cloud/Smartswitch

    Hey. So today I massively effed up and caused my phone to go into a non-repairable bootloop. After flashing my ROM I managed to get it back, but then the encryption got screwed and I ended up erasing all of my data. Not too bad because I had a back up. Except I didn't... Samsung Cloud did a ****...
  50. A

    Thread Backup for RCS?

    If you haven't heard by now, there's been some strings in the Android Messages app indicating that there are going to be some new features coming to the app, potentially including RCS enabled by Google. That sounds all fine and dandy; there's a number of benefits to rcs over sms. One problem...