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  1. D

    Thread .backup file

    Hello, So my phone was stuck in bootloop and thus, I created a backup in my SD card. The files are shown as 13 files of 2GB size each with an extension ".backup" Anyone has any idea on how to combine these files and access the data inside on PC. The data is very important. Thank you!
  2. D

    Thread Moto E4 plus restart loop

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this platform, hope you guys will bear with my limited knowledge and help me out. So, I have a Moto E4 plus device which was working fine, until one day, I used up its entire battery and it switched off. I took it and put it on charging, not knowing what was about to...
  3. A

    Thread Backup stock revovery before installing custom recovery

    Hi all. I have a couple of SM-T813 tablets with Nougat stock firmware. I want to install Lineage OS on these devices. According to official installation instructions ( I have to write a custom recovery using heimdal. I know that with a...
  4. Andrei the Android Guy

    Thread How do I extract an archive backup on Windows directly to Android?

    I made a backup of my internal storage using this: adb exec-out 'tar --create --exclude=data/media/0/TWRP \ data/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt | \ gzip' | \ dd of=sdcardbakup-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz && \ adb shell cat /backup-errors.txt I did it this way because I want FOLDERS and FILES to...
  5. KLoNe1

    Thread Google Backup - No Backups Found (BUT THERE IS!!!)

    Hi guys, Getting really frustrated here!! Have owned a Huawei Mate 20 for awhile now and recently wanted to do a backup & restore. Made sure I backed up via Google Backup and verified on Google Drive. Went to restore this morning and it says: NO BACKUPS FOUND. When I go into my Google Drive...
  6. yui1337

    Thread could not restore backup with samsung account

    Hello, I'm trying to restore my backed up data after a factory reset, it restored everything successfully except all backed up apps and the documents. When it attempts to restore those, it gives me an error "Could not restore data. Please try again later.". Does anyone know anything about this...
  7. superbry

    Thread HUAWEI Y6II LYO-L21 Root and Backup

    Hi guys, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to rooting and flashing custom ROM's (I've done it once following a tutorial with an old Samsung tablet I had lying around) and this time, I need to backup ALL the data I have in my personal phone: a HUAWEI Y6II compact LYO-L21. It's a phone I've been...
  8. M

    Thread Screen broken and no diaplay

  9. A

    Thread Back up an app and install on another device without losing data or settings

    is there an android app that allows you back up your app and then install your apps from one device to another without losing your settings and configurations? for example back up a game, install it in a new device and then open and run from the exact same place without having to log in again.
  10. H

    Thread problems with TWRP and continuous problems in partition data

    I have a lot of problems with TWRP, perhaps due to ignorance. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Vince) ( And TWRP: 3.2.3-0 (I updated last version: 3.3.1-0) It gives me many errors when wanting to make a backup unabled to mount storage failed to mount...
  11. Gabriel1495

    Thread Unable to restore backup during configuration and cts check failed

    Hi, I have a Oneplus 6T A6013. Yesterday my phone had this state: bootloader u nlocked root installed with magisk a couple of magisk module installed latest stable stock rom (10.3.0) Then an OTA update (10.3.1) arrived to me and I installed as usual: OTA full download and installation...
  12. M

    Thread Backup for changing ROMS

    Hello everyone, If I want to flash different stock roms, changing CSC, etc. Keeping Knox at 0x0 Is there any way to backup everything in my phone? Things I want to back up: - All apps and app settings - Home screen configuration / App location / Homescreen folders - Lock screen...
  13. hercegyu

    Thread Restore wi-fi saved networks from google

    In all infos on phone it says that if you enable auto restore in Settings => System => Backup & Restore that it should restore saved wifi networks from google backup, but it dose not. Tryed also to toggle auto restore, but still no luck. Did anyone make that sync work?
  14. rzarectha

    Thread A2017g_b02_oreo_full_edl

    Hello, The Oreo update for the Global Axon 7 went live today. I have made a full EDL backup for it and uploaded it to MediaFire. Enjoy
  15. funem

    Thread Backup apps and games

    I have looked through the topics and online but cant find anyway to backup existing apps, games and general settings on the Shield TV without root. Normally I wouldn't worry about this but as Google have actually started to delete games entirely from the play store, and you cant even download...
  16. DenisEhm

    Thread Alternative to Samsung Cloud/Smartswitch

    Hey. So today I massively effed up and caused my phone to go into a non-repairable bootloop. After flashing my ROM I managed to get it back, but then the encryption got screwed and I ended up erasing all of my data. Not too bad because I had a back up. Except I didn't... Samsung Cloud did a ****...
  17. A

    Thread Backup for RCS?

    If you haven't heard by now, there's been some strings in the Android Messages app indicating that there are going to be some new features coming to the app, potentially including RCS enabled by Google. That sounds all fine and dandy; there's a number of benefits to rcs over sms. One problem...
  18. T

    Thread Complete Backup Image of Chromebook

    Hello I want to do a complete backup image of my Samsung Chromebook Plus - meaning the OS as well as the programs I have installed - both from chrome store and Play store. I know there is the Chromebook Recovery Utility in chrome store. What I want to know is, will this backup my programs also...
  19. rebel377

    Thread huawei backup restore

    hi my phone got stoled now i have an xiaomi mi5s is there any possible way to restore an app+data on my new phone? i really need that data
  20. steadfasterX


    This thread is superseeded by: NO FURTHER SUPPORT HERE! DLM Backup is a NANDROID BACKUP IN DOWNLOAD MODE! (DLM Backup = [D]own[l]oad [M]ode Backup) The following does not require an unlocked device and so even no TWRP. Believe it or not but you are able to...
  21. T

    Thread app backup

    Any one use a backup app that works on this device? Long time titanium backup user. Restored apps don't seem to work. I swear lineage su don't quite work right on this device. "ES file Exporer Files manager" root option don't work to. I love changing Roms but hate having to setup/login on all...
  22. B

    Thread transfer back up to p9 from p9 lite

    i had a huawei p9 lite and now im getting a huawei p9 can i take the back up (from the built in backup app) and restore all the data from the p9 lite to the flagship p9
  23. DenisEhm

    Thread Google Back Up - App data or no app data?

    Ok so I've scoured the net and Android docs and seem to find very conflicting info on this. It is however a pretty simple question: when backing up "data" to your Google account, does it back up App data as well? Reading the description, it says it does, or at least leads me to believe it...
  24. G

    Thread How to image/“nandroid” an unrooted nexus? (dd? adb? something else?)

    I've been trying to find information on how to make some sort of restorable image of my stock phone (nexus 5x) before I do anything to it. I don't want to root it so that seems to really limit my options as most of the imaging options seem to involve rooting. I was hoping to be able to use...
  25. D

    Thread [Q] TWRP DATA Backup - file replacement

    Some weeks ago I accidentally deleted something (I think a file in data/overlays) and after rebooting SystemUI kept FC, besides my wallpaper nothing was showing, so of course I had to re-flash my ROM but before that I did a TWRP Backup of my data because I had some very important files moved in...
  26. A

    Thread [SOLVED] Cannot restore Helium backup (nor adb backup)

    Hi all, I'm trying to transfer all my apps and data from my previous (non-rooted) phone to my S7. I used helium backup before, so I went ahead and backed up everything, but restoring fails. I then discovered that all Helium does is call the equivalent of "adb restore", so I decided to try the...
  27. S

    Thread How to clone from one N6P to another one -- exactly

    Hi, I might have to send my N6P (64GB) in for service and before I do I'd like to copy its contents onto my other N6P (32GB). I just upgraded and am confident I am still under 32GB of usage. I wonder what the fastest and easiest way to securely copy from one device to the other would be. I have...
  28. robbinh00d

    Thread Finally taking OTA updates. Now how do I do a full backup?

    S-off, Super CID, and unlocked. Just wondering if there's a way to create a backup of my newly OTA-friendly M9+ just in case I decide to root and install TWRP again in the future...which breaks OTA updates. :rolleyes: Is it possible? Thanks!!!
  29. N

    Thread How to take backup of custom rom using external application

    Hello everyone, I want to know is there any external application for taking custom rom backup, because i have mess with my cwm recovery and i have also overwrite philz recovery. So problem is whenever i put my phone to recovery its never turn on unless and untill i flash the any recovery image...
  30. rajatgupta1998

    Thread [N_7.0][NPJ25.93-14][TWRP][Boot]TWRP Backup of Stock Boot Partition

    DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT LIABLE TO ANY DAMAGE THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE BECAUSE OF DOING ANYTHING WRONG. MOTO G4 PLUS [XT1643] This is for those who had flashed a custom kernel on their stock ROM and now want to revert to stock. REQUIREMENTS: 1. TWRP 3.0.3-n2 by Shreps ...
  31. suprkain

    Thread Backup Bluetooth pairings

    Is there a way to backup and restore bluetooth pairings when flashing new roms? I've tried titanium backup but that didn't seem to work.
  32. georgedao123

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Introducing YUH's Backup: Messages and Call log.

    Hello there. Thanks for reading this. Hope you guys are doing well. I'm a very new Android developer. I have made an app that helps users to back up and restore sms and call log. It's very suitable for flashaholics who love trying new ROMs. Just do back up before entering recovery and restore...
  33. D

    Thread Can I restore a TWRP backup to another Note 4?

    I took a TWRP image backup of my now broken Note 4. Can I restore that to a new Note 4 or are there things in the backup specifically for a particular phone (MEI, serial, MAC, etc.)? Is there any gotchas or things I have to change, reset, or parts of the image backup I should not restore?
  34. T

    Thread cannot restore stock backup or rum cm11 with texting and ussd

    Okay guys I am now tired of searching I just made a backup of my stock ICS with Twrp when I restore it stucks at 4GLTE screen SMS and ussd are not working on cm10 and cm11. Cannot download RUU due to my weak 2g connection please help me and gimme a solution to any one of these problems
  35. M

    Thread How to fully backup apps with data and settings (no root)?

    Guys, I am really looking to find a solution for a device without root / TWRP / Titanium Backup: How (the hell) or which application does a full backup of the apps with their data? Titanium Backup was the place to go, and also Nandroid backups were great. But since I don't have root any more, I...
  36. W

    Thread Titanium Backup Pro Schedule Issue

    I have the latest Pro version of TB. I can't change time for scheduled backups. I hopefully attached a png image. It' set to run at 2:00pm. I can only change the AM or PM. I click on the hour or minute displays (numerous times) and nothing. There is no up-down arrows or keyboard. I can change...
  37. W

    Thread Backing up/ restoring /Data partition manually

    Hello everyone! I would like to know if it was possible to backup and restore /data without a custom recovery, like, manually 1-Copy pasting /data to an SD card or PC 2-Reset my phone 3-Copy pasting /data I know these three steps only didn't work for a friend of mine who tried it, so.. could...
  38. fizzingbees

    Thread twrp recovery :technical question

    hello guys . i have a some technical question regarding twrp recovery backup components -can someone tell me in detail what does system and data partition are? -what do each of these store? -are system apks backedup in system or data? Also user apks in data or system(none of user apks were made...
  39. Wiltron

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Full Device Backup and Restore on a PC?

    Hello! I run a computer repair company up in Northern Canada, and I get about 3-5 Android devices a day which are mostly requiring screen repairs. As part of our policies here with desktop/laptop computers and Mac based systems, before any work is done we clone the OS Drive of the machine for...
  40. A

    Thread Help me finding the Device Storage Location in the extracted TWRP Backup!

    I have extracted TWRP backup files to my hard-drive. Since there are too many paths and folders, it's been so difficult to find my 'Device Storage' location where I stored my personal photos, My movies, Camera Folder, Cymera folder, Downloads, Music etc.. I tried using windows search but I...
  41. T

    Thread Android Tablet (Teclast X98 Air III) - make a backup to use if i "brick" it

    Hi all, following a recommendation of Droidriven, ( i post my question here: I just ordered a "Teclast X98 Air III USA Version Intel Z3735F 1.83GHz 9.7 Inch Dual Boot Tablet" at Banggood and i want to do things like rooting...
  42. B

    Thread Removing photos from cracked device.

    So i had a nexus 6 and shattered the screen on wednesday. Silly me, i didn't back the photos up with google photos. So i was thinking i would just plug it in the Pc and transfer photos. But i forgot Marshmallow has the USB options now. So if I activate Google photos on my new Nexus will it...
  43. DenisEhm

    Thread Google app & settings backup

    Hi everyone, In the last 6 months I've been going back and forth between phones a lot (mainly because of a temperamental GS6, that got replaced by a GS7 last week). To be honest, I never really cared about backing up anything on my Android devices in the past because I would still use an iPhone...
  44. M

    Thread Is there any Android backup solution cross-compatible between devices? I guess, no

    Let's see iPhones first as an analogy: say, you backed up your old iPhone, you bought a new one (new model), you could more or less restore your data from your previous model iPhone to your new model iPhone. More or less. The thing with Android is, first, you never know if your next Android...
  45. A

    Thread [Guide] Factory reset your device the right way!

    So, we all know factory resetting in the easiest way to improve your battery life and performance, and is usually a good idea after major software updates, or every 6 months or so. We've usually thought of resets as chores, though, and it often takes a LONG time to get your stuff back to normal...
  46. Aethera

    Thread How to back up my factory ROM?

    Just got a new unit and would like to make a full backup of the factory ROM before proceeding to try out different ROMs. I did find an old thread from 2011 [HOW-TO]Create Custom ODIN Images for Backup/Restore but I'm not entirely sure if this is still accurate advice. Also, it says that the...
  47. Uqbar

    Thread How to backup and restore dial/SMS blacklist and clock alarms under CM?

    While most of the other settings get backed up with Google, the dialer black list and the clock alarms don't. It happens that I have a lot of both so manual backup and restore is a pain. I am running CM 12.1, but am not sure this matters. Thanks in advance.
  48. markokrstic

    Thread I need N900T backup file to restore

    If any of you have backup file uploaded somewhere pls send me link to download it. Ty in advance
  49. S

    Thread [Q] Help restoring External App&Data via titanium backup pro

    Trying to restore the external backup app+data to my new Micro SD Card . I was able to back up all the app+data using a samsung OTG cable with the new card mounted on it. Backing up on either internal or old external card is not possible as there is no space on either one and the backup is...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] Is Helium still the best "rootless" Backup solution for pre-factory reset restore

    [Q] Is Helium still the best "rootless" Backup solution for pre-factory reset restore I've updated to 5.0.1 on my N910G and I'm having a couple of little odd issues. I've yet to factory wipe after the upgrade via Odin so I know I need to do that to get the best performance/behavior, but I...