1. C

    Thread Full phone backup with ROOT access

    I'm looking for an app that will allow me to back up the entire contents of my phone to one single .zip file which I could then flash back if needed. It would be best if there was an app that could transfer the backup to my computer where I would store the individual backups. I should add that I...
  2. UnidentifiedBootLoader

    Thread Question How to backup before attempting to root?

    Hi! The past couple of days i've been thinking hard about rooting the phone and realised this is the best decision for me. My phone is samsung galaxy a53 5g. Android 13. The biggest fear of rooting is bricking the phone. Please correct me if i understood it wrong but if i do somehow brick the...
  3. J

    Thread Question How to backup messages if sync/Backup, Google Play inop?

    On my 5 III, Google Play services has become corrupted somehow and crashes repeatedly. I have to disable it for basic functions to work (phone, keyboard, most apps), but this prevents the Backup options, Play Store, and other things from working at all. I've tried all of the usual easy fixes...
  4. Hoponopon0

    Thread Question Backup before flash a custom rom

    Hi guys, I'm about to flash a custom rom on my LE 2115, the detail is that I remember reading that before doing so I had to make a backup of certain extremely important files (and apparently they are unique) in case things didn't go well, but I don't know or remember what files they were, I will...
  5. sleepingawake

    Thread Google Photos deleted my photos on device while back up

    I am a professional photographer, so full size is important. Google photos said my google space has filled up and recommended 7gb clean up. I thought it was opening space on Google photos by resizing, but it deleted everything. All my photos are gone on phone. I am very mad. How can i recover...
  6. Y

    Thread [CLOSED] how to change imei and backup

    how to change imei on lg v50 thanq 5g and make a backup?
  7. J

    Thread Need help for GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp

    Hi XDA, coming to point, i used GBWhatsapp since 2015 now i want to move official whatsapp because they banned my account for 2 hours for using Modded app. I take backup in GB and install Official app, put all data in com.whatsapp folder as mentioned in another thread. Also changed all folder...
  8. VistaSlayer

    Thread Nandroid backup of Stock ROM (bricked)

    Hi everyone, yesterday i unlocked bootloader + flashed twrp to my FIG-LX1 but now i can not flash system.img from since its heavier than my /system partition. My Backup seems to be faulty because when i try to restore it, i get error "extracttarfork() process ended with error 255"...
  9. D

    Thread Unanswered--Changes By Boot Unlock & Carrier First Use

    I've done plenty of searches and spent many hours reading but still haven't found some information I'd like, that is fairly basic. That includes reading mirfatif's 2 excellent posts that are collections of details on Partitions and the Boot Sequence. [U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking...
  10. niscy

    Thread Question Backup options for Stock+Unrooted+Locked Pixel 6a

    I have a new 6a here, never turned on before. I'm planning to use the stock image without root on this phone, so I can keep receiving OTAs, etc. I want this phone to just work with minimal maintenance effort. Going forward, what is the best way to back up the data on this phone? I'm mostly...
  11. m.tate

    Thread backup samsung galaxy a6+ with broken screen

    Dear All, I researched the web and this forum but i can't seem to find the solution. I broken the screen of my galaxy a6+ - SM-A605FN/DS and now i want to make a backup of the phone. usb debugging is not activated. in that case how can i make a backup please ?
  12. Jack Sparoh

    Thread China Android Head Unit ROM Backup Failed

    Hello, I'm trying to back up ROM from a head unit that uses the ac8227l chipset that with Android OS 9 (seems to use Universal Android). The brand on the market is EMBASSY, I use the SP Flash Tool v5.2112.00.000 software which runs on Windows 10. The device is not detected/read by the spflash...
  13. O

    Thread How should I back up my phone data before unlocking OEM?

    Unlocking OEM gives me a prompt that says it will wipe all user data. What would be the best way to back up all of my phone data (apps, configurations, music etc...) before doing this? Thanks.
  14. mateja_m

    Thread Backup contacts from unlocked and rooted OnePlus 6T with a dead screen

    Hello everybody, I have a OnePlus 6T that's rooted and has an unlocked bootloader, but USB debugging is off. I installed LineageOS on it, and it also has an LineageOS Recovery (I didn't use TWRP). I dropped it recently and now the screen is dead, but the phone is still alive... So, I'm...
  15. R

    Thread Pull app-data from Pixel 3a app without root

    Hi, I want to pull the app-data, specifically the cell_broadcasts.db database, from or (guess the first one is used) from my stock Pixel 3a (no root, no custom recovery). adb pull...
  16. iko1133

    Thread Question Unlock/Backup Locked S22 Ultra

    So my phone has been locked for 3-4 days now. I know the unlock pattern (I've had it for several years on several phones) but it just does not seem to recognize it. I know the screen and sensor are working, I can see pattern being drawn but no success... I've found Samsung's find my mobile...
  17. Y

    Thread Question Need a backup due to SP flash tool format all (Redmi Note 10s)

    I unintentionally carried out a full format on SP Flash Tool sorry. Would someone have or could make a full backup of the redmi note 10s partitions and send me everything so that I can restore it to origin ( if the files are loud you can use smash and send the link ), thank you in advance and...
  18. ruq

    Thread How to properly FULLY backup an android phone that doesn't have TWRP.

    Please advise. I really **Really** want to be sure that if I try to backup my sister's phone that I do it properly and can fully and cleanly restore it to a new ROM with no issue. (Be sure that I'll also do external backups of Photos and SMS/MMS databases and whatever else possible onto a...
  19. Catbutnot

    Thread Question Can't copy files!

    Hey Users, I recently reinstalled Windows 11, and before that, I did a full image backup using Macrium Reflect of my drives (C and D, and I want to copy only certain files to my C drive, I started with some random files, and then wanted to copy the User folder, but I want to explain, that I...
  20. P

    Thread Recovery from bootloop (and other issues)

    Ok, so... this is gonna be quite long to tell, but I need to explain the situation as carefully as possible because the problem I have seems to be very specific and potentially solutionless. So, a week ago my Samung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610, CSC: ITV, which is the Italian Country Code and...
  21. P

    Thread How To Guide DSU Sideloader for gaining temporary/permanent root, testing GSI's or installing GSI's Semi-permanently, pulling boot image, AND making your backups

    Hello, I just wanted to post this as an answer to many questions regarding not being able to use DSU to install a GSI for testing or gaining root. The DSU install in developer options is NOT what we are using for installing GSI's temporarily for pulling boot images. And wont work for that. You...
  22. B

    Thread Reverse camera no image.

    Hi There, I have installed a generic android 10.1 - 2GB (RAM)+32GB (ROM) unit and have an issue with the reverse camera. When in reverse, screen blanks out but no image. I have had the unit and the camera replaced and have had 2 experienced installers look at the problem but no fix. Does...
  23. W

    Thread [Osprey] Could not mount data

    Hi all, I had a Moto G3 for more than a year now. Until May this year I used it with the stock ROM, then my bank stopped supporting Android 6... I switched to @TheForce 's LOS 16, which worked well until now. Big up to him for maintaining the most recent and stable android for this phone...
  24. ctradio

    Thread Nandroid backup - Lineage OS 19 or AOSP 12 Pixel 5 Redfin

    I'm looking for a way to mack a nandroid backup of this device so that I need not work so hard to restore it in the event I crash it while learning how to deal with customization. I'm running lineage OS 19 (08102022 build) and their associated recovery. I don't see the feature in their...
  25. A

    Thread Sd card backup produces empty files when restored.

    I have an sd card backup of about 150GB. I've randomly tested the files, and they are real, working files, perhaps 20,000 of them, mostly images and videos! So, my sd card died. So, I decided to restore a new one with the backup on my PC SSD. First I put the new card in the Android device...
  26. C

    Thread TWRP why whole storage is not backed up?

    I have 16GB phone and wanted to do a full backup but it's size is 11768MB which I think should be more, look at the calculation: it's 16GB phone (in decimal) which in binary is 14.9GB. (16000/1074) so main internal storage in digital computation is 14.9GB. my system partition+data partition...
  27. janekjan899

    Thread Backup of the entire phone

    Hello, How to do backup of the entire phone? I mean entire system with data like passwords, apps etc? What I wants to achieve something similar to VirtualBox on PC like Snapshot so I install basic version of android system with all aplication I need then I do my job and when something goes wrong...
  28. Beliathal

    Thread QFIL Helper v1.0.0.559

    QFIL Helper is a console app created out of the necessity to automate the process of partition backup with QFIL utility. As one of the “lucky” owners of the sprint branded LG v50, I was faced with the grim prospect of making manual backup of every available partition, every time I’d want to...
  29. S

    Thread Stock ROM/Backup (twrp)

    Hi... I have no idea how exatly how, but I might have bricked my galaxy. I installed LineageOS 19 and got the recent update and ofc. it didn't boot after (bootloop). I wiped it using twrp and installed the "first" version I tried again. Will boot untill I try installing gapps. I have looked...
  30. XibalbaM

    Thread Question Google backup

    Hello, I want to root by phone, but in order to do that, I need to unlock the bootloader. My question is : Is a google backup sufficient to restore phone to his previous state ? Thanks by advance
  31. TheMystic

    Thread Why is Android not providing backup of app data?

    Hello community! I think this is the best place to ask this question as this is a forum of default for all developers. Why is Android not providing backup of app data? On iOS, factory reset and restore is a breeze. The process is extremely simple, and there is absolutely no user intervention...
  32. D

    Thread Has anyone designed an app that keeps track of currently installed apps, along with installation info and historical app installations/deletions?

    I am currently looking for an app to bookmark apps I have installed at the present time with the ability to export a list of all installed apps or select specific apps for which I would like to be able to find later. Nice to have items would be * a persistent favorites list * a long term list...
  33. K

    Thread How to access files in Android 6.0 "Downloads"

    I have an old Alcatel Pixi 4 with Android 6.0 from which I'd like to back up my files. I've already copied all files from the internal storage except those inside the "Downloads" folder, which actually appears to be an app rather than a folder...and it's an utter mess: One can only open...
  34. MiniFreeza

    Thread [Apk + Data = Apk] How-to ?

    Hello, I've been searching everywhere for this, but couldn't find a good answer.. I've found Titanium Backup Pro that does that, but doesn't work anymore (keeps crashing). I've found Migrate, Neo Backup, Swift Backup, ZBackup.. but they all backup each individually (apk / data). The only one...
  35. TheMystic

    Thread Question How to backup Watch4 app data and downloaded watch faces?

    Hello community! The built-in backup feature is extremely limited, and almost useless because it essentially backs-up only the Quick Settings screen and a handful of other Settings. All downloaded watch faces as well as other apps (and app data) are excluded from the backup. I have sideloaded...
  36. Reicoler

    Thread Question Help me google pixel 6 users

    Can you send me the sound amplifier apk?
  37. B

    Thread How can I recover my Whatsapp chats?

    In January of this year I changed my number but I forgot to restore the backup with the old number, and the mobile operator told me that the number is disabled (for a long time of inactivity) and that they can no longer activate it because it no longer belongs to them. I only have these files...
  38. A

    Thread Backup and update to version 10?

    I have an S8 active and it's not rooted but developer options are unlocked (because I knew how to do stuff at some point). I've hit a wall with my banking app of all things and I have to update to Android 9.0 or higher. Is this possible? Also, what's the best way to backup my phone to a Linux...
  39. Kryss.4y

    Thread Backing up and recovering Whatsapp data from 2 devices?

    So it's a long story short but my main phone (Mi Poco X3 pro) bricked about a month back and my dumbass had only backed up my Whatsapp data until Jan or so. So I switched to my backup phone (a galaxy grand prime) for the time being which is unbearably slow and when I tried to recover my backup...
  40. janrichtercz

    Thread Galaxy Note 4 dead - I need data

    Hi everyone, situation of my phone is bad I assume. My Galaxy Note 4 is completely dead. Phone just doesn't work, cannot be charged, cannot be connected to PC (nothing happens if I connect it via USB). My question is if there is any chance to copy data from this dead phone (photos etc.). There...
  41. VR25

    Thread Tarb, A Backup Solution for Android, With Recovery Mode Support

    Backup/restore apps and respective data, SSAIDs, runtime permissions, generic system settings, Magisk modules, and more. Works in recovery mode as well. Refer to the upstream repository to get started.
  42. L

    Thread How do I create a full backup in lun0, lun1, ... etc. form? (Excluding IMEI and SN and such)

    I saw this video: Which has a link to this "" which is AT&T Android 8.1.0 V405UA10l: The backup is in the form of lun0 through lun6 and it was really useful for unbricking my V405UA since this appears to be...
  43. K

    Thread [EDL] Is it possible to back up a phone's memory via rawprogramX.xml?

    We can flash a firmware directly via EDL and its Sahara protocol, it's also been a while since we can also access the device partition list and back them up through QFIL while in EDL mode. Xiaomi firmware for fastboot flashing also contain descriptions of the partition table(s) the device has...
  44. W

    Thread How To Guide How to backup your partitions with command line (requires root)

    How to backup partition images with dd on the command line (root required) We don't currently have a working custom recovery for the Xperia 10 III, but if you have root there's a simple method to dump partition images. This is a very good idea and you should do it at least once, especially if...
  45. cjvzla

    Thread Help making a Backup before installing magisk+twrp OP8 IN2015 - already unlocked bootloader.

    Hello! I've been rooting and installing custom ROMs for years but it's been a long while since I last did it, I got a oneplus 8 global (IN2015) late last year, unlocked the bootloader as soon as I got it out of the box since I knew eventually I would want to flash some stuff. but I have kept it...
  46. Ulumia

    Thread [BACKUP]Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i Preservation Project!

    After a while, links to ROMs, add-ons and the like are getting scarce. So I decided to create an archive with different content for our smartphone! Look elsewhere for installation instructions If you find other content for our PDA let me know! OneDrive I will no longer be able to pay for...
  47. V

    Thread Recover Data from a broken device

    Hi Everyone, I am turning to you for help in a dire situation. I've recently dipped my OnePlus 7T Pro a bit too much into the water, and turns out, waterproofing works both ways. To cut it short, the device is operational, boots into the OS, but immediately freezes on boot completition. I've...
  48. R

    Thread TWRP Lineage18.1 backup fail permission denied

    Hi, when I try to backup whole ROM in TWRP , backup fail at 55%. Phone is rooted with Magisk, everything else work like a charm , including Magisk modules, Lineage 18.1, installed 3rd party apks...wonderull, everything works ecxcept full ROM backup. If nothing please advise some other full ROM...
  49. L

    Thread Open Source SMS/MMS Backup

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year ;) ! I was just given a NON-rooted Galaxy J5. I would like to recover the SMS and MMS to return them to its former owner in a readable form (HTML or individual files and also extract the images from the MMS). I just tested Epistolaire under F-Droid and I...
  50. ProtoDeVNan0

    Thread [BACKUP] HTC Sensation Preservation Project!

    HTC Sensation (XE) Backup So! Our phone just became 11 years old.. it was my first Android phone that I ever had and one that got me into android development in the first place. Recently I found a great deal on local craigslist equivalent and decided to get it for dirt cheap. Everything went...