1. Z

    Thread Question Vivo X80 Pro [Origin OS, CN Version] - Bugs & Experiences - Let's share

    Dear Forum, after scanning the x60 and x70 threads about notification issues I'm still struggling with missing notifications and badges for certain apps [in this case Signal and Threema]. What I did so far: - uninstall via ADB App Control - set notification settings correctly for...
  2. Rilouu

    Thread Question Notification Badge count and ROM questions.

    Hello everyone !! I am new here and i just got a new cell phone which is the Poco F3. I'm pretty happy with it for now but there is something that bugs me : The little badge (in red) in the corner of applications that count unread messages disapears when i clear the notifications in the...
  3. J

    Thread Alternative to TeslaUnread (Nova launcher) for Pie on Huawei P20 Pro?

    With Oreo if I saw a TeslaUnread Gmail notification of e.g. "5" and opened the app to read a single email then closed the app, the badge stayed on the Gmail icon but the number decreased by one to "4". That's perfect. But TeslaUnread has stopped working properly on Android Pie. Nova has default...
  4. L

    Thread Badge colour stuck on orange

    my phone updated yesterday and changed my badge colour to orange. no matter how many themes i try the badge colour remains orange. anyone having this problem?! i can't stand the hideous colour.
  5. Kangburra

    Thread [SOLVED] Launcher with badges = NOVA Prime

    I am a fan of Touchwiz but am open to trying other launchers. The problem seems to be the badge system doesn't work fully on any of the ones I have looked at. Do you know of a launcher which can show numeric bubbles for unread items on SMS, email, facebook etc? Lots do SMS and Gmail but I...